The TV Thread: Wait, you can use TVs for NOT video games?

Hello, TV watchers. Do you like some TV shows? I like some TV shows, too! Let’s talk about TV shows we like. I’ll leave any specific shows out of the OP so as to not accidentally make this a thread about one specific show I like, so instead I’ll lead off by asking what series you’re most into right now, or what the best show you just binge-watched is.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine, it’s scratching the itch I’ve had ever since Parks and Rec ended


I’m glad you brought up Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which is delightful), because if you want another show that’s in that vein, check out The Good Place. It’s created by Michael Schur (co-creator of both Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and it’s one of the most consistently funny, thoughtful, smart comedies I’ve ever seen. Somehow Kristen Bell manages to play a horrible person and a human ray of sunshine at the same time. Also Adam Scott shows up for a few episodes and plays the greatest douchebag possible.


Yeah, that show’s great.

I’ve been watching the Arrowverse shows and Agents of SHIELD, and I’ve been binging Star Trek whenever possible. At the rate I’m going at now, I’ll have watched every episode twice before Discovery gets a release date.

I’m here for the game shows. So Jeopardy!, Wheel, Price, etc.

I’ve been watching The Wall lately. It’s “Plinko on Steroids” according to comments i read.

Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix is extremely good. The second season just came out a couple weeks ago and it is extremely good.


I’m mainly a cartoon person, with my most recent watches being the new Voltron animation and Miraculous Ladybug, both of which are on or will be on Netflix soon so thats kinda like TV right?

You’re The Worst is a great show that I don’t really see people talk about much. It’s funny and surprisingly sweet, but it also gets very real and sad at certain points. Maybe the only comedy to make me cry A LOT on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS.

I don’t watch as much TV as I used to but I recently found out about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it’s been a fun ride so far.

the ending of Voltron made me go !!! and i’m super excited for the next season.

other than that…i don’t really…i don’t really watch much tv anymore.

I recently watched all of CW’s The Flash that was on Netflix as well as the first season of Supergirl and I surprisingly really enjoyed them both. Besides that, I’m very, very into How To Get Away With Murder which honestly deserves a discussion thread of it’s own since it is too much most of the time.

(Also the first episode of Riverdale was something else and I can’t wait to see more of that trainwreck)

I tend to watch a solid amount of TV these days. I keep up on Brooklyn 99, Bob’s Burgers, The Good Place & various Comedy Central offerings on Hulu, the Marvel stuff and various original series on Netflix, and now the CW app for their various DC related shows, The 100, and now apparently Riverdale as I’ve heard it’s Twin Peaks for #TEENS.

I’m eagerly awaiting for season 3 of Better Call Saul to start up. I’ll re-sign up for Netflix for that, so I’ll probably use the time between Saul episodes to catch up on season 2 of Voltron as well, and probably some other stuff. Maybe Arrested Development, I never got around to watch that.

I don’t watch that much TV. The only current shows that I am watching at the moment are Game of Thrones and Veep.

That being said, I recently finished watching Babylon 5 for the first time. It was amazing.

I’ve been obsessed lately with the netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events adaptation. It’s just so unique and stylized and gripping and I only read like 3 books when I was a kid so I’m hyped for season 2.

If you’re into cooking/cooking shows and the science behind it (and if you can find it), Good Eats can satisfy that craving. Love Alton Brown’s approach to it.


Man, I am still watching Cutthroat Kitchen where Alton Brown plays this evil Mad Sciencist forcing contestants to get their ingredients by digging for them in a graveyard. Somehow there is always a pineapple.

Also I am now watching HUNTED on CBS

Contestants have to stay in hiding for 28 days as a team of FBI, CIA and Surveillance OPs have to track them down. Essentially one giant game of Hide and Go Seek.

I might have accidentally binged the entire first season on the last three days based on this recommendation.

I certainly did not regret the time spent.

Specially because of the finale. If anybody is reading this, you deserve to let yourself watch the entire show. I don’t think I’ve seen such a well crafted finale since Elementary Season 1.

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I may or may not have done an actual, real-life fist pump when they announced the show was renewed for season 2 a few days ago. I haven’t wanted a second season of a show this badly in a while.

NBC gives their sitcoms a surprising amount of rope, ratings-wise, and they really like Michael Schur after Parks and Rec. I think people are still mad that they canceled Community when they did, but it was insane that it got as many seasons as it did in the first place. And they gave 30 Rock, a niche sitcom that spent a significant portion of each episode mercilessly making fun of NBC, seven entire seasons. So I have a reasonable amount of hope that The Good Place will get all the seasons it needs to tell its story.


I finished watching The Magicians on the weekend!
I don’t know why I did cause it was horrible. They literally took the idea “Harry Potter but for adults” and just added tons of “edge”.

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