The Truth Is Out There - Let’s Play The X-COM Files

Welcome, one and all. My name is DSKdev, and I’ll be playing the X-COM Files.

The X-COM Files is a mod for OpenXCOM Extended developed by SolariusScorch, inspired by 90s sci-fi paranoia and 80s horror which overhauls almost every aspect of the game. The title is a not so subtle reference to the X-Files. I’ve played through this before on an old version and have made many unsuccessful attempts in more recent versions.

I hope you enjoy the ride.
And remember, the truth is out there.

File 001: Case of the Billhook Brandishing Gopniks!
File 002: Case of the Farmstead Bovicide!
File 003: Case of the Wiemar Wolfman!
File 004: Case of the Chhattisgarh Chupacabras!
File 005: [CLASSIFIED]

FILE 001: Case of the Billhook Brandishing Gopniks

1st of January 1997.
I’ve spent two nights here since getting off of the flight I’m still feeling a bit woozy. This base is cramped and claustrophobic.
Two days ago I was given the position of “Director of the Unexplained Phenomenon Investigation Commission.” Or for short Director of X-COM. (Unxplained…Commission). Basically it boils down to being the head of this joint. In charge of signing people’s checks and micromanagement.
Our organization was founded when the world powers were confronted with undeniable evidence of the paranormal. You know, the stuff you see in tabloids and on the shadier parts of the web?
Ritual murder, flying saucers, ritual murder summoning flying saucers, flying saucers committing ritual murder. The whole 9 yards.

Our headquarters are made to be very self sufficient. Our staff eat, sleep and if it comes to it, will be buried in the base. This is to maintain total secrecy.
We’re based somewhere near Lyon, France.

I hire four more agents and purchase some more equipment.

I introduce myself to the Chief staff in the base.

I have our analysts working on Basic Operations and Non-Standard Weapons deals.

I’ve separated our 6 agents into two field teams with two agents in reserve.

Bronislav Vlcek and Demeke Alemu are assigned to Alpha Team.

Imre Szemere and Ognjen Pavlicic are assigned to Bravo Team.
Jose Mota and Ximena Esquivel have been assigned to reserve.

I’m woken up at 4 in the morning. We’ve received reports of mutilated cattle at a farm in Oregon.

We’re informed of possible cultist activity in Odessa, Ukraine a few hours later.

Bravo Team arrives at the scene.

Szmere and Pavlicic are both equipped with Glock 18s, a stun baton, a stun gun and a trauma kit.

Pavlicic and Szmere spot a suspect who appears to be brandishing a billhook.

Szemere moves closer to the suspect to get a better look. The suspect charges forward.

Pavlicic moves in and attempts to subdue the target with his stun gun. It lands but the suspect is still very much concious.

Szemere fires and lands another shot on the suspect.

He charges at Pavlicic and attempts to slice him with his billhook. Pavlicic dodges the attack and subdues the target using his shock baton.

Case Closed.

Szemere and Pavlicic are promoted to Senior Agents.

FILE 002: Case of the Farmstead Bovicide

I re-prioritize two of our analysts to the interrogation of the suspect. Early efforts show he is uncooperative and violent. This is going to take a while.

Alpha Team arrives at the site of the cattle mutilation.

Bronislav Vlcek and Demeke Alemu are both equipped with the standard field kit.

Agents Vlcek and Alemu arrive at the scene.

Alemu and Vlcek move in on the field.

Vlcek spots a farmer at the second floor of the farmhouse.

Alemu heads into the farmhouse to get to the farmer.

The farmer charges at him with bare fists.

Alemu subdues the farmer with a stun baton.

Case Closed.

The Abducted Farmer is returning to the base with us. Hopefully he’ll give us some insight on what happened.

FILE 003: Case of the Wiemar Wolfman

I direct one of our analysts to talk to the farmer. He also seems to be more cooperative than our gopnik ganger in the cell over, although he’s suffering from a form of amnesia.

Four more agents arrive at the base.

We hear news of a maulings at a farm in Germany.

Bravo Team arrives shortly thereafter.

Jose Mota and Ximena Esquivel are both equipped with a Mossberg 590 and a stun gun.

Mota and Esquivel arrive at the scene.

We spot a civilian wielding a baseball bat in a state of distress.

Esquivel spots what appears to be a…wolf man?

The wolf man charges at Esquivel.

Esquivel takes out his stun gun and fires off both charges.

Mota fires at the wolfman two times with his Mossberg 590 before it fall over.

Case Closed.

We’re returning home with the “wolfman”

FILE 004: Case of the Chhattisgarh Chupacabras

Our chief intelligence officer submitted the interrogation report of the farmer.

While the farmer, identified as Harold Clayton, was very cooperative he appeared to be in a trance of some sort when he attacked our agents. The only thing he remembers is his pet chicken, Matilda. Considering she was not sighted at the scene, her current whereabouts are unknown.

One of the analysts is redirected to study the wolfman we subdued.

The interrogation of the red dawn ganger is complete.

This is…concerning to say the least. The so called “Red Dawn” present a massive threat to international security. If he was just a grunt and took 2 stun gun shots…
Thankfully he’s spilled the beans on a few of his friends, and we’re ready to peer deeper into the Red Dawn Network.

I’ve redirected our main priority to the study of the recovered “werewolf”
Hopefully the analysts can figure out just what the hell this thing is.

More monster related mutilations reported in India.

Vlcek and Alemu are both equipped with the monster response kit.

Alemu and Vlcek arrive at the scene.

Alemu spots what looks like some sort of spiny dog-like creature.

Alemu and Vleck move deeper into the jungle and spot more chupacabras.

Vlcek subdues one of the chupacabras with a stun gun.

Vlcek fires off 3 shots and misses all of them.

Alemu kills a chupacabra with 2 shots.

Alemu fires off 3 more shots at a distant chupacabra and misses.

Alemu reloads.

Alemu empties a magazine into the chupacabra, finishing it off for good.

Vlcek spots a chupacabra.

Alemu finishes the job.

Case Closed.

We’re returning home with the four “chupacabra” subjects. Once we finish with the werewolf I’ll have our analysts look into them.

The save has been corrupted and I cannot continue with the game. However I have an extensive backlog of screenshots from around 70~ missions. If you would like to see them, please respond. (Do keep in mind most of them are extremely repetitive and short and will not provide much content.)