The Thank You Thread

Hello, there’s been a lot of crappy things happening lately so I thought it would be nice to have a thread for showing appreciation for other people who are doing right by us lately. Please use this thread to thank your friends and acquaintances and let us all know what they’ve done to help you out.

And, if you haven’t, show that person some appreciation offline too if you can. It gets really easy to forget to do that sometimes, especially when you’re having a rough time.

I want to thank my very good friend @Jenner for playing games with me lately, it has helped me feel much less isolated and has given me things to look forward to between the drudgery of work days. I appreciate her a lot. :sparkling_heart:


I like this idea. It’s very wholesome, and we need more stuff like that.

I want to thank @ChipCheezum and @Ironicus for getting me into LP’s in the first place (Their LP of Killer7 was the first one I ever watched).
I want to thank @Voidburger for showing me that a subtitled LP can be just as good.
I want to thank my folks for all the love and support, especially since I know not everyone gets that from their parents.
I want to thank my girlfriend for believing in me, even when I’m pretty sure I’m a miserable failure.
I want to thank @heyboots for starting this thread.
And I want to thank @bob for starting this forum.

That’s a lot of thanking, but I don’t think I do it enough, so yeah. Cheers.


Thanks to my boss for letting me home early today. I hate my job, so every minute I have to spend there less is much appreciated.

At this point I think I also have to thank Chip and Ironicus for making an LP (it was MGS2 at the time) I thought was actually good and got me interested to check out more LPs and, eventually, to make my own.

Also, thanks to all those who believe in love and peace.


I want to thank you for being you.

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Thanks for thanking me :3

Thanks @bob for being so good at everything!! You’re a great bud, an amazing and inspiring video editor/content creator, and and all-around funny guy that I feel lucky to know :slight_smile:
Also @ChipCheezum and @Ironicus for making high-quality stuff where it’s so easy to phone it in… and being a positive influence in general - y’all have really good fans, which is hard to do these days. And especially thanks @ChipCheezum for being a super awesome boyfriend who is so supportive of me :’)
Thanks 2 @SuperGraffiti for being a beautiful person who makes beautiful art <3
Thanks 2 @Geop for always poppin in my mentions with a pun outta nowhere.
Thanks 2 @Hbomberguy for making sanity-affirming videos in a ridiculous world that needs them.
And they’re not on this webzone, but Shaun and Jen are lovely and hilarious people whom I treasure~
And thanks to my bosses for being REALLY COOL by not only acknowledging that streaming is my second job, but also being savvy to internet goings-on/sympathetic towards social issues. Feelin’ blessed 2 have cool bosses that actually pay me for my work, give me time off when I need it, AND know that nazis should get punched, lol.
Thanks 2 my parents for being amazing and also sending me NYC bagels in the mail sometimes :toot:

I’m also super thankful I have fans that are, generally speaking, very kind-hearted and funny. It’s so easy for fans to be jerks, I’m glad y’all are sweeties <3 PAT URSELFS ON THE BACK, NICE PEOPLE. YOU DID IT!!!


I would like to thank all of the amazing content creators, whose works have helped me through some though times, and made the good ones even better! So thanks to @Voidburger, @ChorpSaway, @FutureFriend, @LotusGramarye, @TheJayOfSpade, @micolithe, @Fiendly, @Montecristo, @DeviousVacuum, @Sugar-Junkie, Bob, ChipCheezum, Ironicus, Scruffy, Geop, Bearpigman, ShawiniganHandshake, GenghisKait, KalonZombie, Vicas, and ChaosArgate (hopefully the amount of names doesn’t make this sound less sincere, but this thread made me realize that I don’t thank people for the entertainment they provide as much as I should :sweat_smile:).

Thanks to my friends, for being there when I’ve needed them, they make me strive to be a person as good as they are.

And finally, thanks to heyboots for making this thread, it’s good to think about the things one is grateful for, and expressing that doesn’t need to be confined to a single holiday (looking at you, thanksgiving.)


thank you hoobastank for getting me hella laid in college


Thank you to everyone who reads my various Let’s Plays, whether live or from the archive. I’ve been doing them for over six years now and all the thread participation and great comments and even just the lurkers who read without ever showing up are what make this dumb hobby worth still doing. It’s especially awesome when people say you’re a major reason they decided to do their own Let’s Plays, and it makes me feel that my dumb writing about Final Fantasy games has some weird positive impact on this world, somehow.

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Thanks you alcohol for helping my forget my pain and some of the fucked up shit I’ve seen in the medical field.

OK real answer thanks to Vicas, Kuvo and MiniFoo for hangin out with my squad in Hoboken a few weekends ago it was rad

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I love you too you big fart.

I want to thank @Breadmaster, @LoakaMossi, @Fefnir and @heyboots for playing that game with me and giving me something to look forward to as well as everyone who watched Revolutionary Girl Utena and Princess Tutu with me because it helps me with my loneliness.

I also wanna thank @Voidburger and @ChipCheezum for making good streams for me to turn my brain off on. And for playing Overcooked

Finally I wanna thank @Ironicus for inspiring me to be a better GM with his podcasts and @Micolithe for opening the furry gates.



I want to thank, once again, everyone who read through my LP.

I also want to thank @unpronounceable by name for being my unofficial co-LPer for that thread. I meant to thank you in the final post, and I completely forgot! Hope this late thanks is enough!

And I want to thank @Jenner for starting an RPG and letting me join, and I want to thank @Breadmaster @Fefnir and @Heyboots for being fun to play with. Y’all rock. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. :ocelot:


Yo, this is seriously some nice shit and some great company to be in, so thank you!

This forum has changed my life in surprisingly significant and positive ways, so thanks to everyone who started it and keeps it going with their tireless effort, patreon donations and posts/likes.

And permanent thanks to @dijondujour for making the :reasons: emoji, a fine and worthy contribution to the world if ever there was one.


I want to thank @Jenner @Fefnir @Heyboots and @LoakaMossi for RPG times (though now I feel late to the thread). I really appreciate having a regular role playing group, as I moved back home this year and left my regular weekly group behind. Being able to play games like Ryuutama means a lot to me, so thank you all!


thanks james murphy for reuniting lcd soundsystem

Thanks to the two people who support me on Patreon and have put up with me not making anything for months and months, that means a lot.

And I guess thanks everybody I’ve ever collaborated with for an LP. I’m pretty sure those were all pretty decent people.

I’m still thankful for my gaming crew and also for my amazing spouse who isn’t on these forums.


Thanks 61% of Australia for not letting us down last week, in particular my home town, probably the most left-leaning city in the country.

THanks Eli Roth