The stance on short/one-off Let's Plays?

By short Let’s Plays I’m thinking of a games that may take 1-4 videos to play through. For instance, a lot of old NES games, while hard, are actually quite short when you strip away the deaths and retries the LPer may do, maybe about 1-2 hours of playtime needed. Would LPing such short games be seen as a waste of a thread? Should we have some sort of limit or rule in that regard?

It might be worth making one thread and just putting them all in there.

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Eh. Threads aren’t a limited resource. Unless you’re gonna do a lot of these things and flood the forum, what’s the big deal?

Feel free to make a short thread! It’s no problem! We’re not going to make a rule to enforce an archetypal Let’s Play format.

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