The Song Mashups Thread.

DeviousVacuum asked for mashups on Twitter but I’m too shy to spam her too much. Instead, I’m gonna post some of the best mashups I’ve got here and subtweet her like a coward because her request inspired me to search out more mashups. This has always been kind of a passion of mine and we are now on a journey together, friends, to compile a thread of song mashups. You are encouraged to post mashups too, good or bad.

I’m coming out the gate with some BotanicSage who is probably on the highest tier of mashup creators and has some of the best stuff around. But my favorite of his will always be this mashup of K.K. Slider’s song Cruisin’ and Ice Cube’s Today Was a Good Day:

I also like this mashup of Miles Edgeworth themes and Happy:

Next from my grand mountain of mashups is this blend of Stage 2 from Parappa the Rappa and 99 Problems:

Here’s a mashup I’ve always been fond of, Sonic Lost World and Hot in Here:

Here’s a link to the legendary mashup of Yoshi’s Island and Eminem’s Without Me:

This one is really fucking good and if you click on nothing else I link in this thread you owe it to yourself to listen to this one.

And no mashup thread is complete without a link to the viral as fuck mashup of Snoop Dogg and Kirby:

Let’s step away from rap (though I really like rap) because I remember SnarkCookie not being able to even this song in ChipCheezum’s Peace Walker LP, but someone fixed it:

Yes I am a big baby coward who is too scared to at anyone.

Steering away from video game music mashups here’s Slipknot and Justin Bieber:

Visitors + Rolling in the Deep:

Miley Cyrus and Mumford and Sons:

Nirvana + Lady Gaga:

Here’s some mandatory Quad City DJs remixes.
Metal Gear Solid 3’s Shagohod battle + Space Jam:

Kerbal Space Program + Space Jam:

(The video for this one is amazing.)

Ornstein and Smough + Space Jam:

JoJos + Space Jam:

To close out, we go back to my gatehouse of video game mashups, here’s 22 Hideki Naganuma songs mashed into one 5 minute mix. :sunglasses:

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Just imagine I posted all of Neil Cicerga’s mouth albums after this


Here’s a really good one I found a while back:



Right, now that’s out of the way, I’m rather fond of this mix of Bon Jovi and JoJos that I stumbled on a few months back.

And this mix of buttrock and classic cartoon always makes me smile.


I actually am friends with a guy who makes mashups as a hobby, so I’m just gonna post some of his horrors here.

Also space jam.


omg just seeing this thread, truly I am blessed in the realm of social media

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I only recently discovered the Mouth trilogy, but it’s collectively one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

(Does this count? It does have some Full House at the end.)

(This one is my absolute favorite!)

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Making this thread was your first and last mistake!


He has so many good tracks.
This may not count as a mashup but it’s real special:

Also check out his music channel
He’s posted up some new stuff, maybe things that didn’t make the cut for mouth moods

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This is my favourite mashup. Kids & Explosions is really good.


Thanks to you guys putting up BotanicSage I found another real good mash of his:


space dandy mashups and stuff

I also really like this Sonic and Jet Set Radio mashup

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Macross Delta x Earth, Wind & Fire. It works so well and I can’t hear either song without thinking of this now.

Also, SiivaGunner has kinda devolved into a weird mess of dumb meta memes that don’t make for good or interesting mashups at all, but there’s still some gems that came out of that whole thing. Here’s some of my faves (a couple of them existed before being uploaded to the channel though, I think).

Flat Zone x Taylor Swift

Soldier game x Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (this is so good if you are in the tiny niche of people who enjoy both Jojo’s and Love Live, like me)

A bunch of Persona 3 songs x Justice

Megalovania x Megalomania x more Justice

Cutie Panther x Drowning Pool (this one’s so dumb but extremely well done, I love it)

And this one’s only 25 seconds long but it’s a masterpiece.


Hey so apparently Persona 5 mashups fuckin’ rule. Who would have guessed?

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You people have posted my favourite artists (triple-Q, Psycosis91 and Neil Cicierega,) and more artists I don’t know but I have a few songs from them I want to add to this list. First my favourite undertale mash up of all time…which literally hits me right in the feels:

Second to get your spirits up after that - what there isn’t enough of Will Smith Mash ups:

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No one mentioned Team Teamwork? Wh-

(Should I TW for language? Be careful, everyone!)

and this incredible creature

I also have a soft spot for Death Grips mashups