The Power of ZOOK compels you! Let's Play BATTLE NETWORK ROCKMAN CRYSTAL!



So. It’s time for this. A bootleg fangame.

Rockman Battle Network Crystal.

It was developed by Vast Fame, as the capstone to the Zook Hero Series, but they ran out of money and collapsed shortly before production ended. The game was released, but most references to Vast Fame were scrubbed. ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’‘Based’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ on the Megaman/Rockman X games, it tells the tale of Zook and his fight against…people who have a grudge against him for unexplained reasons. The game spans eight levels of incredibly bone-headed GBA hack jobs, including two genre changeups. Being a bootleg, several enemies are taken from Rockman X and Rockman 8, with the bosses being either recycled from previous Zook Hero games or being no-effort edits from other official Megaman games. The main character’s design is ‘’’’’’’‘based’’’’’’’ off of X. plus Terra’s fabulous hairdo.

Fun Facts!

This game reuses so much content it actually even reuses bosses from previous Zook Hero games.
A good chunk of the music used in the game are terrible remixes of songs found in Super Fighter 2001 Alpha, although there are a few new original compositions made for the game.
The English release ( for some incomprehensible reason) seems to have slightly different instrumentation for its music than the Chinese release's.
Although it's never used, the game features a V.Fame logo hidden away within the ROM's tile graphics, confirming Vast Fame as the developer of this game. 

So with all that out of the way. Let’s begin.

Let’s Play Battle Network Rockman & Crystal #1: The Rise of Zook


Challenge for today’s video: What game is the midboss from?

[Let’s Play Battle Network Rockman & Crystal #2: Zook’s First Mission


For a game where you only take a single bar of damage per hit, it sure seems like it’s hard to survive considering how some of the enemies home in on you hard and the questionable platform and wall detection. Good thing enemies can potentially drop entire e-tanks since this game also emulates the Megaman enemy respawn mechanics.