The "None of My Friends Bought Switches Yet, I Need Friend Codes" Thread. Switch Friend Codes!

Hey there everybody, I’ve been playing my Switch and it sure is fun. But Puyo Puyo Tetris and Mario Kart are out next week, and my friends are waiting to get Switches.
So I just figured I would catalog all the friend codes that are posted in this thread. Just in case anyone was also in the same predicament. Just post it below and I’ll try to keep up with updating this with a list of everyone’s, so people won’t get lost on the forth page.

(pictured above) Finally getting a Switch but none of my friends have one yet.

frozentreasure- SW-3505-3374-9318
LoloDePuzlo- SW-7579-8299-3479

kevlarSweaterVest- SW-2743-0112-8919
RadicalEddie- SW-4033-5693-7909
Copperama0- SW-4640-8558-1312

Hey, now this is something I can get behind. My friend list is a little lacking, too. My code is:


Posting in here so it shows up in my updated threads feed. This’ll be important when ARMS comes out, probably.

I’ll post my code later, because my switch lives in the dock.

Whoop, forgot about this thread.
I’m SW-2743-0112-8919

Feel free to own me in puyo puyo.


I got PPT


I’ll hopefully be getting both Puyo Tetris and Mario Kart this week. And surely ARMS and Splatoon when they come out.