The New York Snark Exchange: Not as Edgy as it sounds we swear!

Do what now? It’s a weekly stream, as myself, @Bearpigman, our friend Ray and rotating chums and pals play everything from Triple A games to indie nonsense while shooting the shit. We usally do Overwatch and Jackbox Games once a month, with the other weeks left to random nonsense, like Alex Jones running around in Mass Effect.

Do you guys bring the jams? Yes, if by Jams you mean Smash Mouth and Third Eye Blind.

Alright when do you suckers stream? Every Wednesday night at 9pm EST here. We’re doing a Gal Gun stream tonight (2/15/2017) because we are the worst.

You have any old crap I can watch? We have a fine selection of garbage here


Can we bump threads? Is that legal in the LP Zone?

Anywho, we’re back tonight. Jackbox Games, which hopefully will not be full of dick jokes like last time (spoilers, it will). 9 EST, tune in and let us know if you want in for a game, etc.

Weekly Bump time

What we’re playing at 9PM EST over at : Mass Effect 2: Renegade Alex Jones Run

What we’re talking about:
Shirtless Alex Jones
Brianne Wu Space Rocks
Everyone fucks in 2017: Zelda and Mass Effect edition
Nintendo Switch Battery life

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