The Most Boring Man in Fallen London (and Sunless Sea)

What follows is a slightly unconventional sort of Let’s Play: an account of the experiences of the most tedious, unadventurous, home-loving, risk-averse man in Failbetter Games‘ browser RPG Fallen London and its tie-in game Sunless Sea. That man is Doctor Taupe-Wainscot, a Suffolk-born general practitioner in his late fifties, who has spent much of his life ensconced in various English enclaves in South and South-East Asia, and consequently knows next to nothing about the gloomy, monster-haunted subterranean world that now houses the city of his youth.

As Fallen London is an online game, other players can contribute to the doctor’s narrative. As a rule, passages written by others are printed in italics, and include a link to their character profile where appropriate. Invitations for in-game actions can be directed to the doctor’s account, though there may be a delay before they are accepted, depending on the state of the narrative. (Once the doctor’s practice is re-established, too, requests for treatment can be made via in-game messaging.)

The adventures of The Most Boring Man in Fallen London were inspired in no small part by George and Weedon Grossmith’s classic novel The Diary of a Nobody. Also, thought it was not a direct inspiration, it would be negligent not to mention the influence of Christopher Livingstone’s excellent Let’s Play project, Living in Oblivion.

Fallen London is © 2017 and ™ Failbetter Games Limited: This is an unofficial fan work.

Part One - In which the doctor is mistaken for a notorious felon.

Part Two - In which the doctor is taken in by a kindly widow.

Part Three - In which the doctor has a difficult breakfast.

Part Four - In which the doctor is a social benefactor.

Part Five - In which the doctor reviews the morning post.

Part Six - In which the doctor enjoys a game of chess.

Part Seven - In which the doctor helps host a modest gathering.

Part Eight - In which the doctor is chummy with a vicar.

Part Nine - In which the doctor goes out of an evening.

Part Ten - In which the doctor meets a lady-friend.

Part Eleven - In which the doctor does some light gardening.

Part Twelve - In which the doctor enjoys a pleasure-cruise.

Part Thirteen - In which the doctor visits an ailing colleague.

Part Fourteen - In which the doctor attends a country fair.


Whoa sweet. I hate playing mmos (especually browser based ones) but the Fallen London universe is really interesting, this is awesome thanks!

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My most recent alt has sent the good doctor his calling card. (This is my third Fallen London character, as I wanted to pursue a new Ambition and see the early stuff again. I love this game.)