The Least Creative Thread Title You’ve Seen in Years – Let’s Play SUPERHOT



Wait, I think I did that wrong…

Hey, do you like extremely illegal games that your unnamed friend sent to you through your DMs? Well, you’ll love SUPERHOT! Do you need any more information than that? Well you’re better off in the dark. Play to find out!

Alright, fine. SUPERHOT is a shooter, where you’re always in bullet time and a pretty innovative one at that. Perhaps more innovative than what came before it, and perhaps even what came after. But perhaps you should consider not playing SUPERHOT. Maybe play SUPERHOT right now.

What’s the spoiler policy? Don’t. Don’t spoil anything. It’s bad form. I know the game’s about four years old but there could be someone following this who’s never seen it before. There’s nothing to spoil because there is no story! No plot whatsoever! So don’t even humor the idea that there could be! Play SUPERHOT already! Play it!


Part 1: Time

Part 2: Jump

Part 3: Enter

Part 4: Get

Part 5: Leave

Part 6: Last

SUPERHOT Extras (Stream)

Stream 1: A Katana For Every Occasion

Stream 2: 2013 Was Eight Years Ago

Stream 3: SUPERHOT Lore, Explained

Stream 4: SUPERHOT Lore, Explained… Part 2

On July 16th 2020, there was suddenly more SUPERHOT.
They called it SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete.
SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete is DLC, where the game is proceduraly generated instead of linear.
There is no plot.
You lost the ability to comprehend plot long ago.
But there is More.
You may be asking yourself: “More what?”
The answer is simply “More.”
Will you be satisfied with More?
Probably not.
If you want More, there may not be anything that can satisfy you.
But I guess even without satisfaction you’ll keep playing, huh?
You’ll just Charge in no matter how much you might hate the results.
And if that is the case, then you will continue accepting More.
And More, and More, and More.
Can you Recall why you wanted More?
I’m sure you remember what happened three years ago.
Was SUPERHOT really so fun that you kept wanting to play even after that?
Was it so fun that you’d return to the same pain, over and over?
There’s no fixing what’s already been done, if that was what you were after.
You agreed to The System’s terms with your persistence.
And whether or not you like the outcome is irrelevant.
This is your life now.
For this century and every one afterwards.
But that does not mean you have to keep doing the same thing. If you’ve gotten tired of this,
Of doing the same thing over and over, then there’s only one thing you need to say:
No More.

Mind Control Delete Episodes

Part 1: More

Part 2: Also

Part 3: Volley

Part 4: Grenade

Part 5: Pierce

Part 6: Mistake

Part 7: Singular

Part 8: Aging

Part 9: Boomerang

Part 10: Endless

Part 11: Hotswitch

Part 12: Three

Part 13: Stalker

Part 14: Dog

Part 15: Mines

Part 16: Nindza

Part 17: Trippy

Part 18: Infinite

Part 19: Weight

Part 20: Again

Part 21: Volatile

Part 22: Fine

Part 23: Berserk

Part 24: Centum

Part 25: Goodbyes

Part 26: Lost

Part 27: Stubborn

Part 28: Red

Part 29: Boom

Part 30: Whiplash

Part 31: Terminal

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This is part 1. Many glowing-red mannequin men made of glass will be shot. You will enjoy the sheer violence of it all.



This is part 2. Perhaps you wish there was some sort of “high score” counter so you could better appreciate the violence you’re performing. But you can be your own high score counter; get better at math or graft a calculator on to your brain and you can just imagine the numbers going up for every kill.

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Okay maybe this was a bad idea. Keep watching SUPERHOT.

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The CELLULAR tab is full of cellular automata, which are programs that use cells and programming rules to create games or simulations.

LIFE.EXE is Conway’s Game of Life, ANT.EXE is Langton’s Ant, and FOREST.EXE is a forest fire model. I couldn’t find anything about SAND.EXE or WATER.EXE.

Oh wow, that’s pretty cool. It’s also wild that they can just casually cram old computer algorithms into a menu people probably won’t even bother checking.


I take last episode’s advice to heart and never play SUPERHOT ever again.

I think.

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WIRES is filled with variations of a single cellular automata called Wireworld. It’s primarily used to simulate transistors and can also be used to make logic gates, such as the .exes showing two prongs leading into one prong. Wireworld can also be used to recreate other automata, such as Lanton’s Ant.

Also Tree Dude looks like a fucking creepypasta game.

Porn.txt is just ASCII art of boobs.

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Hotswitch. There are no bodies safe from your cool gamer skills.

Dang, Fefnir, great anime reference! I totally got that! That was King Crimson! From the JoJo Bizarre Adventure!

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Run: The End





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But wait, there’s even more!

And more and more and more!

The real SUPERHOT (Mind Control Delete) starts here.

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SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete Part 3

is the episode today.

A man wielding a pipe is very powerful. Not enough to prevent him from dying, but I respect his courage nonetheless.

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Part 4

What if you threw a hot dog and it exploded into several bullets? That’s the kind of tough philosophical question that SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete asks.

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It’s Part 5. Part 5 is the part where things go fairly well, but also very poorly as I begin to question the usefulness of the Charge core. A foolish mistake.

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Part 6
More is Less

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Part 7, or as it’s known in some circles, Singular

Sometimes, your peripheral vision is a liar. And sometimes, when I say peripheral vision, I mean the entirety of my vision.

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Maybe you want to watch part 8 of SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete. And that’s fine. It’s pointless, as all things are, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing it. Be like SUPERHOT Kid, who will keep playing SUPERHOT no matter how pointless it is, and how little More will ever provide them.

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PART 9 of SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete is here. This one’s for all you Katana mode players out there. And, to a lesser extent, people who may have wanted a new Core to be available, but not necessarily be used. Those who want the new Core to be used may be disappointed.

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