The Hideo Kojima Kid's Club: It's nanomachines all the way down

Here comes Hideo Kojima, everyone’s favorite video game auteur!

You may know Kojima primarily as the creator of the Metal Gear series, but he’s also produced many lesser-known classics such as Snatcher, Policenauts, and Zone of the Enders. A huge movie fan, Kojima typically injects his games with a heavy dose of cinematic weirdness, resulting in a pretty unforgettable and often divisive experience.

Love him or hate him, you gotta give him kudos for his monumental contributions to modern gaming.

Now that Kojima is off of Konami’s leash, he’s signed a contract with Sony to develop what’s likely to be his oddest and most ambitious game yet, DEATH STRANDING. What do you guys think it’ll be like?

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Death Stranding is going to be a really surreal game. I am incredibly excited to see what they’ll be doing more of, and what else Kojima is going to do with it.

He’s been really into Doctor Strange lately, so I wonder if we’ll see influence from that / Benedict Cumberbatch involved in some way?

I don’t really understand a single thing about Death Stranding but I’m excited for it. Some of my favorite parts of MGS are when things get spooky and weird, and the trailers for Death Stranding give me a whole lot of those vibes!

No one understands anything about Death Stranding. Not even Kojima.

At this point, Death Stranding could be a dating sim and I’d still love it. Gimme that Kojima (and del Toro)-brand weirdness.

The greatest love story ev-

Wait, no, that’s the one between Ocelot and Big Boss. The second greatest love story ever told!

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Yes, hello, hi.

I’m here to represent the Boktai crew. Please excuse our crying, we just want a new solar cowboy vampire slaying norse myth game thank you very much.

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@iGestalt I was sincerely excited about witnessing the blossoming of Ocelot’s crush on Big Boss in MGSV and was bummed that we didn’t get this :weary:.

@Grasslamb I remember eyeballing Boktai in Gamestop back in the day and being really fascinated by the sunlight mechanic. I had no idea until recently that this was Kojima! Was the gameplay fun? How did the plot shake out?

KMy freind, you just asked the worng person about this. I will never stop talking about the Boktai games because I love the games with a burning passion. So feel free to ask me about Boktai.

The gameplay remains the same though Boktai 1-3. It’s an action-adeventure game where you use the built in solar sensor to shoot your gun (Gun del Sol) or magic depending on which game you play, effect the environment itself, or using the pile driver to literally kill Immortals (the in game term for vampires) with sunlight. The game runs on a real life day/night cycle as well. Much like Metal Gear, the same has sleath mechanic as well.

Story wise it the most tame Kojima game. Without spoiling much it boils down the your dad the Solar Boy died so you as his son are the next Solar Boy. Go kill some vampires. Also you have a twin brother. Also the undead are back so you might want to fix that as well.

Fun fact about this game, our boy Snake shows up in 2 and 3 as a merchant!

I didn’t know there were THREE Boktai games! That sounds really cool! And I’d forgotten about the realtime day/night cycle. The GBA had some pretty amazing games. It’s what made me fall in love with handheld gaming. (Though I did have a GBC, those games are classics but just can’t compare to how “modern” the GBA felt.)

There’s actually four, if you include Lunar Knights for the DS. I don’t know if that game’s any good, though. I know it abandons the sunlight gimmick, so there’s that.
I often forget that Boktai is a Kojima game. I used to think it was a Capcom game, given how hard the later Mega Man Battle Network games pushed it. I thought it was really cool around that time, even though back in the day there were hardly any videos of it on Youtube. I think I might have known about Boktai even before MGS.

Lunar Knights is…okay. It’s not horrible but it’s not good either, but one big solid meh for me compared to the other three games. Fun Lunar Knights fact though, you mentioned that they ditched the sunlight gimmick which is sorta true. If you plug in Boktai 1-3 each one will have different effect using real sunlight! Boktai 1 heals energy, Boktai 2 does health, and Boktai 3 restores your Trance.

Funny thing about Boktai 3 because sales where poor for 1 and 2 they didn’t bring 3 over to the states. Their is an English patch floating somewhere on the net but I don’t think it’s 100% done.

Looping back to Lunar Knights it had a cameo in one of the Metal Gear games! You can use one of the main character’s gun in it.