The Fairy Fountain - Fae Makes Things

Hi I’m Fae and I make things. A lot of things. I crochet, I knit and I cross stitch and I like to post these things on the internet for people to see because I love taking pictures of my artistic process and I’m a glutton for praise I guess. So I guess this is my nice little hidey hole to post things that I’m doing/ have done so people can see 'em!

Finished Projects

A scarf for my girlfriend! This thing is taller than I am, and I am not a small lady.

The Dark Bum from the Binding of Isaac!

a Chao!

In progress…

I realised that the pixel sprays from Overwatch would make a great cross stitch pattern so I charted them out and my current project is…well, here’s some progress pictures!

Outline done, time for colours!

Aaaand this is where I left off a couple of days ago! Haven’t had the energy to do any work on it today so I’m still partway through the red parts! No doubt I’ll post more in progress pictures as I make more progress!


I never touched base with you about it, but I got the frog cover/hat for my Blue Snowball and love it so very much =]

ahh I’m glad you like it! I now have several friends with frog hats on their mics and it makes me smile that I can brighten up people’s recording setups!

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I love that Chao.

Fae, your crafts are always so cute and they brighten my day to look at them!

I was just thinking how those overwatch sprays need to be put into cross-stitch. Pharah is definitely a good choice. I’m excited to watch your progress!

Frog cover? Mic hats?!

I suddenly feel like I’ve been missing out on something all my life.

Any examples?

(And incredible work, by the by!)

I needed a pop filter for my blue snowball but I hate how they look so I crocheted a hat for it instead and fashioned it into a happy frog! I posted them on twitter and people loved them so I started making them for sale!


I can attest, the frog hats work as pop filters perfectly. They do the job and make my snowball look nicer at the same time, and that’s a bargain.

I finished Pharah today! Here’s some in progress shots of the final colours!

and finally, the finished product!!

My apologies for the crappy lighting, I’ll get another picture in more natural light tomorrow!


Finally got some natural lighting to take pictures of this thing in, and it looks a lot better in the sunlight!


I’ve been experimenting with some new Patreon rewards and ended up making this!