The Discord Directory

Thiz could probably go in a few categoriez, but I figure it’z most appropriate for those doing LPz. As hip gamerz who love putting Zs on the endz of wordz, let’z keep a list of Discord serverz people use for LPz, in-game chat, or just general conversation!

If you have or are on a Discord server that the owner is happy being open for others to join, post an invite link here with a description and probably the server owner as well? Post all that and I’ll add it to a list up the top here.

If you’d like to just post your Discord info for others to add you for PMs, you can do that as well! But, of course, please be respectful of people if you add somebody on Discord, don’t harass them with your direct line of communication; if you add somebody, it’s probably a good idea to let them know in your first message who you are, and that you’re from the Zone.

I don’t know if that’s actually totally applicable, but as far as I know, you can PM anybody without needing to have them added as a friend. Maybe you do need to add a friend if you aren’t sharing on a server with them already? Somebody let me know about that, I don’t use Discord for 1-on-1 communication that much.

##The Directory


You have to be either friends or sharing a server to direct message on Discord. I once booted someone while he was trying to explain to me who he was and why he’d sniped a server invite meant for someone else, and the conversation ended immediately.

I’m Nidoking#3252, if anyone wants to friend me for some reason.

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I’m IGgy#1980 on Discord, feel free to add me.

IGgy’s LP, Stream and All-Round Dump (owner: Me!) - A server I made about a year ago for an LP we ended up using a different Discord for, recently repurposed so I can have people on while streaming. If I’m streaming and in the Party Mode channel feel free to just hop on in. I’ll give you voice if I know you.

Score Attack (owner: @RealSovietBear) - a server dedicated to general banter and video game discussion. Also contains channels dedicated to my streams and Let’s Plays. New people should post a message before a mod can give them voice chat privileges (which is off by default).

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Hi, I’m Great Joe and I’d like to give a shout-out to my main Discord hangout, LP Supergroup Hank.

Great Joe#8595

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The server I hang out on the most frequently is a secret.

I’m mateo360#7336 if anyone comes looking for me.

I’m Lolo De Puzlo#0766

Sufficiently Advanced Mumbling is my server where I post random things sometimes and post stuff related to my streams.

Yapping Eevee#7111 if anyone wants to get in contact.

No room to share, because I mainly hang out with the Warframe goons.