The Cool Crime of Robbery: Let's Play Persona 5


Part 43

Part 43: 6/4-6/5

Music: So Boring

It takes an hour to do my hair due to the humidity, and it’s a bother deciding what to wear when it rains. But for you, June is a month with no holidays and no events. Now that I think about it, you’ll be switching to summer uniforms next week. I don’t want everyone forgetting, OK? Don’t charge out the door in your blazers. On that note, Mr. Hamiru. The original blazers were named that thanks to a certain quality they had. Any idea what it was?

Excellent! Our blazers are black, of course, but the original ones were a bright, vivid red. It was mostly used to refer to the jackets worn by a British boating club in the 1800s.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Somewhere along the line, I suppose the style got lost with the name’s original meaning. After all, just look at us. Nowadays, blazers don’t have to have any color at all…
Not that that’s a bad thing. I think black is pretty stylish…

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

I’ve been thinking a lot since then though… Do you have time to talk?
>Hang out with her
Thanks. Does the diner work for you?

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

And you know what she did? Laughed! She couldn’t stop talking about how tough she thought Mika sounded.

I feel like the Shiho Ann talks about and the one we saw are very different people.

Honestly though… it was kinda refreshing. I’m not even mad anymore. I guess you really just need someone to laugh at you if you want to feel better.

I’ve seen the truth of that saying firsthand… But anyway, even though I’m trying to strengthen my heart… Shiho’s the real strong one here.

I went to one of her rehab sessions the other day… She said she wanted me to be there… So I agreed without thinking much of it, but it ended up being… pretty overwhelming.

Music: Alleycat

It was a lot tougher than I’d ever imagined… It was horrible. She was dripping with sweat, teeth clenched… She was clearly in a lot of pain… Apparently… she can’t even move her feet. She said it feels like her legs are filled with sand… But she dragged them along, legs swollen with blood… I wanted to just make her stop… By the time it was all over, she was in tears. It was really tough on her… She said she wanted to give up… And that’s why she asked me to come… To keep her motivated. The whole time she was complaining about things in ways she normally never would… But even with that… she finished her session…

I didn’t have to go through that… …Is it because I’m weak?

You’re wrong. You know, even through all that pain, I thought Shiho was so cool… beautiful, even. Despite all her complaining… she still tried incredibly hard. Strength is more than just not getting fazed… It’s the power to fight through adversity. So I was thinking, and um… what can I do to help Shiho?

How can you help Shiho? Well, have you tried making the problem about yourself?

…Yeah, I’ll do just that. I’m gonna give it my all…! You know Maaku, being with you really helps me see things clearly. What I should do, the true meaning of strength… Well… thank you for that.
I sense a heightened motivation from Ann…

Ugh, my nose is all runny…

Wh-What are you looking at me like that for? Pretty girls get runny noses too, you know! Well, see you around.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m sure it’ll be fine. So far nobody’s come charging us with anything, yeah?
But wouldn’t he wait to press charges until AFTER the exhibition? What should we do if someone contacts us about it tomorrow…?
Try asking Yusuke. He’s still staying with Madarame, right?
Oh, that’s right… Where is Yusuke? I wonder if he’ll be OK with Madarame…

I believe he is preparing for a media announcement. I didn’t hear anything about pressing charges.
Guess we just gotta wait then.
Let us meet in Shibuya tomorrow.
OK! See you then!
The exhibition is finally ending tomorrow… I’m sure things will work out fine this time too.

The earth-shattering appearance of a new leader! Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode… “His Name Is Feather Red.”

I was about that age when Power Rangers was a thing so these fake sentai shows make me nostalgic.

Sadly, yes.

Have you been studying? Don’t start slacking off just because you’re done with exams, OK? It’ll cost you 5,000 yen to request me, but this time I’ll be sure to do an extra good job!

Don’t make me change my mind.

I’ll be heading over right now then… It’d be helpful if you can clean up a bit before I get there so that it’s easier for meeee. :heart:

Wait, what? Fuck, I’m already kind of doing you a favor just by paying 50 bucks to hang out with you.

Music: What’s Going On?

If it’s for you, Master, I’ll happily be covered in dust! But then, doesn’t it pain your heart to see such a cute maid all dirty?

I so wish I could pick the second option just to keep with the running theme of Maaku’s exasperation with this whole mess but alas.

I’ll go ahead and get this over with then!

And now, cleaning is complete!

Music: My Homie

…… I’m not allowed to work overtime during weekdays, so I rush to my part-time job after class ends. On my off days, I have to prepare pop quizzes and homework assignments… And today, I had to clean bathtubs and walk dogs before coming here. There’s no time to rest… Oh, speaking of pets, this room smells like a cat… I feed a lot of strays around my house… …I was surprised that you requested me. I didn’t think you actually would.

Why, I never!

I know I’m in a maid outfit, but I’m still your teacher, so don’t get any funny ideas. Besides… I try not to get too involved with my students, so… yawn …I need a nap… Sorry, just give me five minutes… Maybe ten…

This is embarrassing for all of us, Maaku.

…Oh, hey, do you know of any part-time jobs that pay well? I assume you make a lot, since you can afford a maid service… Well, let me know if you do.

Well… uh…

She’s sick so I need money to pay her medical expenses…

Yes, I made the transfer…

Music: Suspicion

N-No… Yes, I understand. OK, goodbye…

Oh! W-Wrong number!

I’d get annoyed that she clearly thinks Maaku is an idiot, but she saw his exam scores so I can’t blame her.

Hey, sorry to ask you this out of the blue, but… Do you happen to have one hundred thousand yen I could borrow…?

Uhhhh, what?

Wait, n-never mind! Owing one of my students money would be the worst… Hey, you may have some money, but be mindful of how you spend it. You shouldn’t be wasting it on services like this.

Again, I’m doing you a favor here.

…I need the money, so I do appreciate you requesting me. However, you’re my student, so if we were to get involved further, things would get complicated… I did warn you! The rest is your responsibility! You’re a high schooler after all.
I can sense Kawakami’s trust in me…

sigh Three more to go… …Well, I’ll see you later, Master!
Kawakami left…

Is he crying…?

Music: Regret

Plainly put… I, um… plagiarized work…

This is one of the best portraits in the game. It’s just so absurdly over-the-top.

…And that was from the urgent apology conference by Madarame that took place just a moment ago. After reporting to the association, Madarame has agreed to the police’s request to turn himself in.
Wasn’t he on TV the other day?
On top of charges of abuse to his pupils, Madarame is under suspicion of claiming their works as his own. Some doubt the validity that his maiden work “Sayuri” was stolen, believing it was used for fraud. This large-scale criminal act has caused a great shock to the art world, and…
That old man’s done for.
After the conference, Madarame was taken to a police hospital for interrogation due to his age. However, initial psych evaluations state that he is mentally sound and likely responsible for his actions.

They churn those psych evals out quick, eh?

There’s no need to be nice to an old geezer like that.
Why’d he spill the beans himself? Doesn’t that seem weird?
Also, a group calling themselves the Phantom Thieves posted a dubious note at Madarame’s exhibit. The police will investigate their relation to this case, but for now, did not identify them as suspects.
Phantom Thieves? Do these bandits have somethin’ to do with that old geezer’s apology?
Ohh, I’ve heard of them before. They supposedly steal evil hearts; it’s why the culprits apologize.
Wait, what? Steal hearts? That’s impossible though.
But I feel like I saw somethin’ about that online too. They sent out a calling card for real.
So it was like, “We’re going to take your heart?” That’s impressive if someone really did that.

Music: Break it Down

Man, this is startin’ to get interesting… If we do it right, we can change people’s hearts. With this power… we might be able to do more than just gettin’ back at society. It’ll be a big deal!

Let’s keep pushin’ on then! As for me, I hope we just keep gettin’ more and more famous!
Something like this happening twice is massive too. It’s too great a coincidence to occur normally.
If we continue doing this, we’ll definitely be able to give courage to everyone who needs it.

Two men walk up.

…We may want to quiet down a little.

Music: Disquiet

Do you know them?
You moron! Those’re attendance officers!

Ah, yes! How can we help you?
That monotonous acting of hers never fails to send a chill down my spine.
What are you all doing here? Are you friends?

What’re you gonna do about it, cop?

Hm…? What did you say?
A-Ahaha! Th-That was a joke! He didn’t get much sleep last night.
Well, all right. Just make sure you disperse before it gets too late, OK? There have been some odd happenings lately, and the news about that artist has caused quite the stir.
We’ll be careful!

Hey, don’t go making stuff up on the spot like that, OK…!? I totally panicked ‘cause of you!
…From now on, we’ll need to be even more cautious than before. Look at us! Right after the second Thieves incident, both prior victims are meeting up.
Wait, you mean people might be listening to us…?
Eh, it’ll be fine. Look around. We’re the only people worryin’ about it.
I guess you’re right…
By the way, Yusuke… You able to get anything out of Madarame? Remember how he was talkin’ about that suspicious person in the black mask?
Well… I pressed him for answers, but he doesn’t even understand what happened to him to begin with.
It’s not like he actually saw his desires get stolen, after all.
It’s rumored that he may be sent to prison. In that case, gaining information will be difficult…
So, what’re you gonna do now?
I’ll be leaving that hourse. I can’t draw in such a place anymore.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Do you have somewhere to go?
The school dorms. I can stay there free of charge thanks to my fine-arts scholarship.
A scholarship!? Wait, you’re that good…?
Although, Takamaki-san’s house would do as well.


…Wait, WHAT!?
You know, you could ask her to model for you whenever you wanted!
You moron!
Then again, now that Yusuke’ll be livin’ alone, it’ll be easier for us to meet up whenever we want.
For the time being, we should wait and see how this case plays out.
And it’ll prolly take some time findin’ a target as big as Madarame.
Anyway, we should just act like normal students while we look for our next target, OK?
We’ll be entrusting that to you again, Ryuji.
All right. Guess it’s just more prep ‘til then.

Makoto leaves. Maaku looks over his shoulder before leaving with the others.

Music: Interrogation Room

You were sent away twice, almost reported to the police… and yet you still wanted to save him? Moreover, you ended up in a museum instead of a castle this time… You’re still going to maintain this rubbish about changing someone’s heart by stealing their Treasure?

Very well. The truth behind this tale of yours will be clear once your conspirators are in custody. Now then, tell me about this new member who joined your group. There’s no point in being stubborn. It will only damage your position. The identity of Madarame’s pupil can be easily discovered with a little investigation.

Fuckin’ do it, I don’t care.

So you won’t sell out your accomplice? …Fine. There’s still much more that I want to hear. It was around this time that the Phantom Thieves began to truly gain popularity. Lies flooded the internet—things like “The Phantom Thieves saved me too” or “I got a calling card”… For heaven’s sake… those lies made the collection of intel take almost ten times longer. Now, your next target was this man…

He doesn’t compare to the previous two. Even the police had been struggling to apprehend him. So, exactly how did you take down such a well-guarded criminal? Tell me.

Music: Disquiet

A full psychiatric evaluation will be performed to further investigate the crime’s details and motives.

I’ve found a number of points of commonality between the two. Both, for example, were sent a “calling card” before their unforeseen changes of heart.
…I see. But isn’t tying their cases to the series of psychotic breakdowns jumping to conclusions? Furthermore, the police will frown upon you stepping into this…
Now isn’t the time to be worrying about things like jurisdiction and honor…! We need to dig deeper and find a correlation among the incidents these past two, three years.
Very well. I leave it to you… However, you must not let this interfere with your regular duties.
Thank you, sir.

Sae leaves.

Oh shit, this guy’s a politician!?

I shall continue to put forth great effort so that every citizen can live with peace of mind.
Not only are there these Phantom Thieves to worry about, but if that is exposed…

There’s more going on that we don’t know about…

Part 44

Part 44: 6/5-6/7

Music: Beneath the Mask

I heard customers say it’s gotten pretty dangerous over there. Don’t let yourself be a target, got it?

I most certainly am not. I must express my gratitude earnestly.
You’re one of us now, man. We’ll be counting on you, mkay?
Of course.
And if anything comes up, we won’t hesitate to lend a hand.
Thank you. Well then, see you.
Well, there were a lot of ups and downs, but we still pulled off our first job! Yusuke joined the team too, so let’s continue reforming society like this!

He has admitted to selling copies of his famous painting “Sayuri” as the genuine article. Police intend to thoroughly investigate Mr. Madarame for fraud…
Madarame is on TV! This is getting to be major news.

It’s Sunday, you know what that means! Maaku gains Charm +1.

I can’t take it anymore, man! Guess I gotta change the world myself, buuuddy!

…Partying as hard as I can at the club, m’dude! Oh yeeeah!

We all handle these trying times in different ways.

Someone finally exposed Madarame for stealing art. What will happen to the pieces themselves?

Do they even have any value? Sorry, just curious. I used to be really into art. Maybe now my art can live on unsullied… S’pose I owe the Phantom Thieves for this.

Info has started pouring into the Phan-Site too. I’m gonna be a busy bee!

Yeah, it was right at the end of the exhibit. It’s obvious that there’s some ulterior motive.
They spent so much money on all those ads. The people backing Madarame must be panicking.
It’s every man for himself in this world. It’s pretty rotten when I think about it.

I even hear there’s a bunch a thieves on the loose! C’mon, lemme take ya home.
You’re overreacting. Besides, the Phantom Thieves are on our side.

We haven’t seen these two before because their conversations haven’t been terribly relevant or interesting, but they’re engaged in a game-long argument about him wanting her to return home to the countryside.

Please know that you can direct your criticism and outrage at me! I, Toranosuke Yoshida, will someday find a way to address your concerns in Nagata-cho… Oh, Hamiru-kun. How’s your schoolwork? By the way, what’s your opinion about our current government? I feel that they’re wrong, so I plan on addressing that during my speech. I’d like you to listen to it, so you can give me your honest opinion.
>Help him out
Really? That would be helpful. Well then, let’s get to it.

However, the current administration refuses to discuss their plans for the future… Can we really accept such an utter lack of transparency!?

So he’s just echoing another politician’s criticism of the government?
Apparently. Tch, whatever…

Music: Suspicion

Stop talking all big, you ex-convict!
Urgh, It seems I’ve drawn the ire of the audience once again. So he’s claiming those who have made mistakes in the past shouldn’t get a second chance? What can I say to that?

Wh-What’s up with this kid?

But that has nothing to do with my arguments! These are things I learned from all my hardships.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

The highlight, though, was your yelling.

Conveying your thoughts with such conviction. I wish I had done that in the past… …OK, that is all for today.

…I’ve been wrong this whole time. Even though someone has failed in the past, it doesn’t mean that person can’t try again. Th-That’s all I wanted to say!
Please wait! Thank you! …That is all I wanted to say.
You’re a strange one, just like that kid.

I have a bad habit of getting flustered whenever someone calls me No-Good Tora. But you see me as someone of value, so I refuse to cower to criticism in front of you. Today you taught me that I must have more confidence in my arguments.

My way of thinking changes when I’m with you. Perhaps it’s the influence of your youthful sprit. Ah, my apologies. It seems we’re out of time.
I feel like helping with the speech has served to increase my Charm

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Good work today. I’ll see you again soon.

Anon: i just can’t
Anon: What about the pupils?
Anon: they can’t catch EVERYONE
Anon: they’re just making threats

And just like that, our percentage doubles.

Anon: It’s just a coincidence…
Anon: ppl who buy this… -_-
Anon: thieves are the bad ones
Anon: good time killer here
Anon: pics or it didn’t happen

This game’s got some good dated internet slang.

That’s a calling card from the Phantom Thieves, right?
The way it’s written seems pretty legit…
Have they really stolen people’s hearts?
I can’t believe the Phantom Thieves actually exist…

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

The response to Madarame’s press conference was huge! Everyone’s talkin’ about the calling card. Girls are checkin’ me out today… Maybe they can’t help but sense my overflowin’ phantom thief charisma? Oh shit, am I finally startin’ to be popular with all the fly hon-- …Oh no!

Maaku takes a moment to thank the universe for preventing Ryuji from speaking the phrase “fly honeys” in Motherfucking TYOOL (Whatever Year This Is).

Of course there is! My uniform, man! My uniform! We’re s’posed to switch to summer uniforms today! I knew people were lookin’ at me… Oh, goddammit! I gotta go home and change, so you go on ahead!

Ha, “Pallid Fella.” This game likes to get cute with the random NPC titles sometimes.

Watching that famous artist cry his eyes out over all the artwork he’s stolen… The same thing happened to Kamoshida, right? Both got weird calling cards, too… If you ask me, the same person is behind all this.
The news this morning said a group called #Millennials are the ones behind the cards. I wonder how they get people to confess. I mean, they can’t literally be “stealing hearts.” …Blackmail, maybe?

Music: Disquiet

I have nothing to report yet…
Nothing at all? How many students are there who could provoke a teacher?
I’ve already narrowed it down. I just… can’t get any solid evidence.

That’s pretty sad, considering how bad we are at hiding it. Our hideout is in a public, heavily trafficked location, for crying out loud.

You knew, didn’t you…? About Mr. Kamoshida sexually harassing students.

The principal looks away.

What will come of you asking that?
This investigation is for a just cause, correct?
I believe I understand how flustered this must be making you. I’m sure it was truly shocking for you as student council president to see a peer attempt suicide…
We must provide a school environment where all students can feel at ease. That is the most pressing issue we have to tackle at the moment.
So that’s your reason behind this investigation on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts? We don’t even know if they truly exist. Why are you–
You heard about the incident with that Madarame fellow, I assume?
…They said there was a similar calling card to the one used in Mr. Kamoshida’s case.
I wish to believe that this is unrelated to our students.
That is where I stand. I suggest you devote your energy to the task at hand, not unnecessary questions.


Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

You mean that guy who was all like, “How could I possibly… apologize for what I’ve done… Aaaah…”?
Think it was really those phantom thieves? You know, the whole stealing your heart thing.
That… There’s no way. But then again… it seems too convenient for it all to just be coincidence.

I just started lookin’ yesterday. No way I’m gonna find one that quick.
Oh yeah. I guess that’s true. By the way, I decided on the TV station. What about you two?
Huh…? Oh crap, the social studies trip! Ugh, I just wanna ditch it…
You’d better go to your school activities. Didn’t I tell you not to draw attention to yourselves?
Wouldn’t me suddenly turnin’ into a good student stand out more?
Quit bickering and go.

I heard we’re gonna get to watch them tape a show! Maybe there’ll be actresses there!

Oh well. Not like I got anything better to do than waitin’ for info to come in online. Plus, Morgana’s right. Showin’ up’ll keep the teachers from gettin’ all suspicious of me. All right, I’m gonna head back. (to self) TV, huh… Maybe I should get a haircut…

Look at his big dumb idiot grin.

That guy is such an idiot… I hope nothing happens…

Music: So Boring

Madarame is the only topic of conversation at my school. And as I’m his pupil, most of my peers have chosen to ignore me.
For real? That’s bullshit.
Are you going to be OK?
There is no need to worry. They had already been treating me differently from others as it stood. This is nothing new to me.
OK then…

Great idea!
I will keep myself free. Please tell me if anything comes up.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

That’s a secret.

As funny as this is, it’s not actually him.

Anyway, here are the details. The girl acting like a queen is Hikari Shimizu. I wonder if it’s more likely that a girl will turn out like that if she has S as an initial… Well, I already posted the warning, so you should take it on when you have the time! Hopefully you don’t end up an M!

Morgana’s so pure and innocent.

Anyway, it seems like she’s a worthy target. Let’s find time to consult the others at the hideout.

We’re not actually going to head into Mementos today, because we need our night period.

You think maybe the Phantom Thieves go to our school? That’d be exciting, wouldn’t it?
That’s great and all, but I’m more excited by something else. Our field trip is coming up, and I want to go see the TV station!

Nearly every single person in the game has had their dialogue update, so we’ll be doing a lot of checking on various people today. Now that #Millennials have made their debut, there’s a lot of buzz, especially around the school.

I kinda thought they were fake, but maybe they do exist after all… Y’know, that logo’s actually pretty cool. Did he draw that? Is he a fan of theirs? I never would’ve expected it from a stern guy like him…
Our name’s starting to get out there. I’m excited to see what happens next!

The other blackboard has updated once more.

What have Sakamoto-kun and Takamaki-san been saying about that shocking Madarame case? O-Oh, um… never mind. I was simply curious. I-I should start heading home too. If you’ll excuse me…

Let me get your opinion on this. What do you think is the Phantom Thieves’ objective?

There’s a lot of bad guys in the world, so I’d like to support the Phantom Thieves too. For the newspaper club, I’ll continue to watch for what the Phantom Thieves will do next.

Next, we head over to the guy who’s being stalked.

Oh, yeah, when I looked up the Phantom Thieves online, I found this weird blog by a crazy person. Her blog’s called “Phantom Thieves want to Steal My Boyfriend.” She mentions “blood storms”… a lot.
Whoa. She really sounds deranged. I feel bad for her boyfriend, whoever he is.

After that artist, though, those Phantom Thieves might come back to steal Ikesugi-kun’s heart! If they come, I’ll show them no mercy. I’ll make them bleed… It’ll be a blood storm! giggle

Wow! Maybe we know them!
I dunno. Everyone here is so… ordinary.
Maybe, but with all the other crazy stuff that’s gone on at Shujin, nothing would surprise me now!

With all the attention I’ve been getting, I’ve got no privacy. You can’t possibly understand. But there’s no time to relax. On the Phantom Thief fan sites, so many people need saving. The world is filled with villains. It’s up to the heroes to get rid of them! Yes, it’s my destiny…

You’re too nice, Sensei. Who cares about their feelings if they’re bad guys?
By the way, are the Phantom Thieves still big news? Our school doesn’t need more bad publicity…

I’m really grateful to them for saving me. If they really exist, I’d like to cheer them on…
Why don’t you try posting online on a fan site? You never know, they might be checking those out.


Such a disgrace. A famous guy like him, exploiting his own pupil. But I want to know more about the Phantom Thieves. They did the same thing to Kamoshida.
What if they actually went to Shujin? I wonder if they’d join the basketball team.

No thanks. I’ve had enough of them balls for a lifetime.


Haha, I knew you’d say something like that. Maybe you should see if you can join the Phantom Thieves.

It’s better that it’s early, idiot. There’s a lot more high schoolers around this time of day. People are more careful at night, too.
I get you… Meaning there’s more idiots who’d fall for our scams.

That seemed shady. Better not tell anyone about it!

Maaku gains Knowledge +3 and Guts +1.

Music: Beneath the Mask

You don’t look half bad. Hard to tell you’ve got a criminal record.

Aww, thanks Soji.

She’s still stalking me, does that count?

Miss Honor Student must be busy kissing ass somewhere.
You don’t have to be so harsh…
What is this about a student council president?
The one at our school has kinda been keeping tabs on us. I think she’s suspicious of us.
Are you sure it is not merely a result of Ryuji’s general misconduct?
Though to be honest, the three of you most certainly stand out. Do try to be careful.

I’ll make sure to keep an eye on Ryuji too.
Why do you gotta single me out…?
The others kinda overshadow you sometimes, but don’t forget: You’re famous too.


Just make sure you’re careful, OK?

There’s also reports of a strange letter from a group who call themselves “#Millennials.” Police are carefully investigating whether this group may have any relation to the case.
Oh, they’re talking about the calling card we sent! And they said our name on TV!

Time to feed our plant. Maaku gains Kindness +2.

Oh, my son! He shtole paintings, s-scammed innashent people. Saying sorry… S’not enough! What c-can I dooo…? What do I hafta do sho you fergive meee?

Let’s explore all three options here.

Tha’s too cruel… Pleeeash, I’m beggin’ you… He usedta be such a good boy… He’d draw all the tiiiime, sho many pretty picturrrres… He was… jus’ like a potato…

Oh thaaank you… You made, me, hish mother, shooo gradeful! How could he steal hish own mee-other’s painting!? Mee-other. Meeeee-other. Meeeow. Meow, Meow!

retch A-Are you serious? Ya leave me no choish. I’ll bare my body and sh-sh-soul. My shekshi body! Muh ultra soulll!

I love this guy.

Yeah, I can only watch the news, too. I wonder what else they’re gonna do to make us study harder.
It’s so boring. Even if I turn on the TV, all they show is some old guy crying like a baby.
Oh! I made my teacher laugh when I pretended to cry like that old guy. I hope I get extra credit!

Maaku gains Charm +3.

And while he’s at it, he ranks up!

Anon: C’mon, more sacrifices!
Anon: news was hilarious tho lol
Anon: ppl rly believe this? lmao
Anon: plz get all the bad guys
Anon: what a joke

You’re in high school, right? I know a good part-time job…
They still haven’t caught whoever sent that calling card?
I’m actually a phantom thief. Wanna go grab some coffee?
Did some idiot leak pictures again?

Anon: What’re they after?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Now for today’s Train News. Today’s headlines are… “Calling Card at Madarame Exhibit!” The police are evaluating whether this is a true threat or a prank. “Scam Outbreak in Shibuya!” Students are the primary victims. Organized crime is suspected here.
Students getting scammed? That’s scary… You should be careful when you go to Shibuya.

It says they’re looking for information. I heard Principal Kobayakawa put it up.
“Please consult the student council president if you have any details.”
So we can go to her for anything? Why the student council president though? What does she have to do with Principal Kobayakawa?
I mean, Niijima-san is his favorite. Maybe that’s why he asked her to do it.

Music: So Boring

He was someone who represented Japan. They probably trusted him based on his name alone. Indeed, we’re easily manipulated by the names we see. However, this world is filled with fake names. For instance, this creature, which you know well. It’s called the red king crab, but it has a form that a crab should not have. Hamiru-kun, look at this picture. What are red king crabs most biologically close to?

Hehe… not bad. That’s correct.

The direction the legs unfold is reversed too. Typically they face forward, but a red king’s do not.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Incidentally the tomalley of a crab isn’t its brain, as some people say. It’s actually the crab’s liver and pancreas. As you can see, the world is full of deception.
I saw some kind of paste like that in the fridge at Leblanc… but it’s not often you see real crab meat. Hey, why don’t we get sushi for our next celebration?


Please don’t. That may seem like a fun idea for now… But what good would come of telling people our identities?
Maybe they’d at least start treating us with some respect.
Well, I can understand why you feel that way…
That’s just how things are now, but if we keep doing stuff like this, that will definitely change.
We simply need to devote ourselves to the cause. Our praise will come later.
What he said! I’m sure some people out there will understand.
Ugh, I guess we just gotta act like modest heroes for now…

Music: Disquiet

Principal Kobayakawa put that up without my–
We’ve already received some anonymous information. “I heard some students are getting threatened. I’m so scared… Please do something.”

“They have dirt on me, and they’re demanding money. I can’t go to the police… What should I do…?” Isn’t this talking about the crimes that have been rumored to be occuring in Shibuya…?
So there are victims even at our school… What should we do…?
This isn’t the responsibility of the student council. This is frightening for us too… Principal Kobayakawa called you in yesterday, right? Did he tell you anything about this?
Well, no… He’s out today, but I will ask him tomorrow. Please wait on this for the time being…
If you say so…
…My apologies for the confusion. Don’t worry. I’ll do something about all of this…

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

But first we need a new target. I hope we can find a good one…

Apparently there’s a group of burglars terrorizing Shibuya. From what I hear, they only target restaurants and break in after they close for the day. Someone online was asking if it was the work of the Phantom Thieves…

Yeah! You guys are way better than those jerks! Anyway, I heard they’ve been running away without leaving even a trace of evidence. That’s all the information I have on them right now… Sorry. For now, I’ll make a post on the Phan-Site and ask for any more details people might know.
Man, being famous really brings its own unique set of problems… But we don’t really have any info. We’ll just have to wait for Mishima to get a more solid lead.

Oh, hey Yusuke. Wanna hang?

By the way… do you have any business here?

chuckle You must have a wealth of free time if that is your decision. After what happened with Madarame, I have come to realize the two-faced… complex nature of mankind. People are… difficult to handle. It makes for an interesting theme. That is why I intend on people watching here for quite some time. Please contact me if anything important comes up.

Oh boo, we can’t form a Confidant yet. Well, even if we have that request we can’t fulfill yet, we should head to Mementos. Why? Well… I won’t mince words. We need a lot of money coming up. There’s a few massive (and unfortunately, totally unavoidable for the sake of maximum efficiency) expenses coming up, including getting at least one SP Adhesive 3 from Takemi before the next Palace, which is both extremely long and very short on safe rooms. If we use most of the SP items we’ve stockpiled, we might not need it, but I’d prefer not to do that. How much do we need? I’ll tell you in the next update. Just know… it’s a lot.

Is that site safe to look at? I won’t get a bunch of ads trying to scam me?
You’re worrying too much! Just ignore that stuff.

Makoto is now waiting by the hideout. Maaku thinks nothing of this and never tells anyone that their base of operations is totally compromised, because who gives a shit, I guess.

Were you perhaps… going back to the scene of the crime…? U-Ummm, this book is so good. I just can’t stop reading it. I hope the next volume comes out soon…

I don’t know if she’s just lying, but I choose to believe that she’s not and she’s been actually reading and enjoying that book while attempting to stalk us, because it’s pretty adorable.

Next time, Mementos!


I’ve never really been the most observant player, so I’m not surprised I never noticed Makoto’s awful spying.

I am, however, very disappointed in myself.

Part 45

Part 45: 6/7

This is going to be a Mementos day, because we needed to do that eventually, I guess.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

This intel is on a sadistic student. It sounds like she’s been treating a particular male student as a slave against his will. For example, she’ll give him degrading orders, or berate him in public…
So she’s acting like a dominatrix to a guy who doesn’t want that… That’s horrible. I think we’ll need to whip her heart instead, OK?
Very well. I will go along with this.
No objections, right? Mm… we’re good to go if you’re OK with it. That’s a unanimous decision! OK, all that’s left now is to take down the target in Mementos!1


Anon: C’mon, more sacrifices!
Anon: It’s just a coincidence…
Anon: thieves are the bad ones
Anon: plz get all the bad guys
Anon: What’s he gonna be hit w/?
Anon: Petty criminals? Pointless
Anon: Vigilante justice is wrong.
Anon: Too elaborate for a prank
Anon: Target more losers!
Anon: This site’s still up? Lol
Anon: What’re they after?
Anon: Art theft? ROFLMAOOOO
Anon: Yeah, keep it going!

Mostly fine, but…

Anon: madarame epic fail, rofl
Anon: you guys believe this? Kek

I want to die.

At the moment, our target count in Mementos is 2. Well, let’s go.
>Let’s go.

Music: Mementos

Really? It seems the same to–

What’s this…?
It looks like the places we can go has expanded again. It’s because we made Madarame’s Palace disappear, right?
Most likely. …I think.
You seem rather uncertain. How far does this… Mementos run anyway?
Uhhh… It’s huge! …Extremely.
You’re always so vague when it comes to the important stuff. It’s like he’s kinda flaky as our chief of operations. Don’t you want him to try a bit harder too?

There, there…
I don’t fully understand, but Mementos and the Palaces are related to each other, correct? Then all we must do is continue changing the hearts of evildoers to ascertain its full expanse. I don’t believe there’s a need to quarrel over it.

I mean, you did say it changes every time we come in.

Remember, the layout changes every time we change floors. Also, apparently the rain will make the Shadows more dangerous, but the game never explains in what capacity. Based on what I’ve looked up, it increases the chance of rare enemies and Treasure Demons appearing, as well as the spawn rate of chests.

Yeah. And just as I expected, the path ahead is still open. All right, time to check it out!

While Qimranut is a distortion of the Hebrew word Chomranut, meaning materialism, Aiyatsbus comes from the phrase Ee-yatsivut, meaning instability.

Oh… Cautiousness is good, but let’s not linger in one area for too long, OK? In Mementos, there’s a certain Shadow that’s far stronger than the rest… We’d have no chance against it.
Wha–!? Are you for real!? You shoulda told us that from the start!

If you move through Mementos at any appreciable speed whatsoever you’ll never run into The Reaper. It’s not even like Persona 3 where there were special floors where he’d spawn faster, it just takes a number of minutes for him to spawn, to the point where you can easily avoid him. I went through the entire game without once encountering The Reaper.

Anyway, this is the start of our money grind. We have about 42,000 yen at the moment. We need about 200,000 by even a rather conservative estimate. No, really. All that’s barely going to last us until the next Palace.

This is what it looks like when Yoshida’s Rank 3 procs, by the way.

Because I’m a damn fool, I decide to waste all my SP grinding in Aiyatsbus instead of the block we just unlocked. See that money amount? That’s decent for this block, but depending on the enemy in the next block I could be getting 3-6 times more per pull. Using Yoshida’s Rank 2, I can get up to about 3,000 yen up to four or five times in a row on some enemies. Even better, they don’t die in two hits in the next block, so I can do that multiple times.

And then there’s the RNG, which hates you. The amount of money you get is supposedly based on the enemy and your Persona’s Luck stat, but even when picking Personas specifically for that, sometimes you just get crap like this. Also, this is with a proc on Yoshida’s Rank 3 ability. I finally understand why people suggested leaving him at Rank 2, because his Rank 3 is terrible. Remember how I said when Rank 3 procced it gave you more money but ended the battle? Forget the “more money” part, because sometimes it just gives you way less! I would legitimately have been better off just killing the enemies because you get far more from killing them than this.

All this is to say, I fucked up big time and wasted a bunch of time and SP on scrub enemies that give you garbage.

Meanwhile, this is Yoshida’s Rank 2. It’s much handier.

Eventually, though, you can ask too much and the enemies will get mad and attack you.

Mementos is different. While other Palaces exist because of just one person, this one’s from the public. From that perspective, it’d take more than a few intruders to make a mark on the security level. You’d have to do something so bad that the entire public sees you as an enemy. So… be careful, OK, Skull?
Hey, shut up!

While exploring Mementos, members of the party will occasionally spout out little lines, and other party members will respond to them. It’s cute.

Huh…? Those are… They’re people… right?
Well, I’d say they’re most likely Shadows…
What’re Shadows doin’ here? It’s not like they’re gonna be catchin’ a train or–

I-It stopped…?

They got in…
Hey… Where’s that go?
If I had to guess… I’d say into the deepest part of Mementos.
What? This place seriously don’t make any sense…

Isn’t it a waiting room? I didn’t expect there’d be one here too…
It looks like we’ll be able to use this to take a break. Make sure to utilize it well, Joker.

Mm… It seems like this is some kind of safe zone separate from the other areas.

Even Mementos has safe rooms, of course, and you can do anything in them you could normally do.

Moving on…

Well, yeah… Even I can see that. I mean, just look at the place.

Woah, Takama-- Uh, Panther. You’re really into this!

What could this mean…?

Probably that we’re nearing the end of the block.

Remember that request Mishima just gave us about the sadist? That’s a boss that guards the end of the Mementos block. Once we defeat it, we can progress onwards. Pretty much all the blocks have bosses like this at the end once you progress far enough in the game to reveal them. We could take them on now, or we could circle back to the second floor of Aiyatsbus and take on the bully that we got the request for a month ago and we never did anything about. Whoops!

Oh my god!

Um, okay.

We also open a locked chest to find this garbage, a Balm of Life. Not only do we get three of these with that free DLC item pack, we can just buy items that serve the exact same function.

Eventually, we enter the distortion.

This guy’s bullyin’ is really bad. From what I hear, it’s mostly blackmail, takin’ money from people, that kinda thing.
If we don’t make him have a change of heart, his bullying might get even worse.
Let’s go.

Music: Desire

That’s no reason! How’s it their fault when you don’t give ‘em any choice, huh?
You’re the lowest of the low. Bullying people weaker than you, knowing they can’t fight back!
The hell!? You’re all ganging up on me, too! Are you Phantom Thieves some kind of gang!? Protectors of justice, my ass! Don’t act high and mighty with me when you don’t know anything!

You’re the one who doesn’t know anything! Let’s get ‘em!

Music: Keeper of Lust

Shadow Takanashi

This miniboss is pretty simple.

It can inflict fear, which is no big deal.

It also likes to use Lucky Punch to score cheap crits and follow them up with Stomach Blow, which inflicts Hunger.

We could defeat it easily, or we could attempt to gain even more money another way. See, about half of the Mementos minibosses are vulnerable to Confuse. And, if you remember way back to the list of status effects, one of the effects of Confuse is that it causes the affected character to throw away money. See where I’m going with this?

What we do is use Pulinpa (high chance of Confuse), hope it hits, and if it does, we get a free 8,000 yen… if it doesn’t choose to throw away an item or do nothing instead. Unfortunately, Confuse wears off 2-3 turns later, and even spamming Pulinpa every turn we get, without a skill like Confuse Boost, we’re lucky to hit at all. We can’t do this forever, either, because we don’t have any SP Adhesive 3s to let us regenerate SP. We’re best off taking what we do get and moving forward instead of trying fruitlessly to get as much as we can from this one enemy. And remember, the amount you get is based on your Persona’s Luck stat and the amount of money the enemy gives upon defeat. The reason this works so well in the first place is that as minibosses, they give substantial amounts of money when killed. In case you’re wondering, yes, this does mean that the money rewards from this strategy will grow exponentially as the game goes on! This is probably the best, easiest way to get money in the game, though we’re attempting this at pretty much the worst possible time (it gets substantially easier when our party learns specific skills), in case my paltry return of only about 16,000 yen seems rather low.

Music: Sunset Bridge

What are you talkin’ about?
If I don’t go after him, I’m the one who’s gonna get bullied! I can’t take it, I just can’t!
Oh, I get it now. There’s an even bigger bully—ordering this guy around—who’s behind all this.
Hey! Didn’t you just say it’s people’s own fault for not standin’ up for themselves?
That’s… er… Please, help me!

Thank you! Oh, thank you, you wonderful phantom thieves!
This guy… Fickle fellow, isn’t he?
I’m counting on you… You guys promised.
Fine, but you better apologize to those people you bullied!

We get a single Protein. Lame.

Now that we’ve taken down that Shadow, we can progress further through Mishima’s Confidant. Oh joy.

From here, we need to return to the gate and take down the new Shadow.

Music: Mementos

She really seems like a sadist…
She’s calling someone her slave and ordering him around, right?
In a way, she’s denying his existence. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a victim of that.
Let’s go talk to her.

Music: Desire

It’s ‘cause you made some guy your slave! That’s all kinds of wrong right there.
That’s what he wants! He worships me more than any god, you know.
Uh… I don’t know where to begin to explain how you’re wrong…
I beat him and I hurt him, and he sees it as a sign of our love and friendship! He’s so happy!
You are so delusional.
I’m pretty, and my grades are good! It’s my right to order people around! I’ll start by giving orders to you pigs! Lick my shoes, peasants!

Music: Keeper of Lust

Shadow Shimizu

Shimizu starts by using Oni-Kagura, which fucks us up pretty good.

After a round of attacking, she’ll boost her Attack and then Charge up, which is our cue to take her down quick.

Music: Sunset Bridge

I could never stand that…
Why did you start treating him like that?
He just kept going along with it, so I misunderstood and thought I could do anything I wanted… Actually, I… wanted to be more than friends with him.
More than friends? You mean like as a boyfriend!?
Yes. I had a crush on him, but then I got possessive. Those feelings went out of control…
Be careful that you don’t make things worse for yourself than they already are…

We get a Whip Sword, a new weapon for Ann.

And there’s that request down.

Music: Mementos

The door opens now.

Whoa, we did it!
This is because more people believe in us now, right?
That has to be it. Now then, let’s get in there!

And so we enter Chemdah, meaning desire.

Looks like it’ll be a new area from here on. I’m starting to understand how this place works…
Yes… It is quite a marvel to find the subway system down here.
Uh, Earth to Yusuke! It’s always been like that!

This isn’t an important shot, but Zorro spawned facing backwards for some reason and it’s weird.

The last floor had seven areas, but the one before that only had two, right?
I suppose it varies, depending upon the location…
Guess that means it ain’t easy to tell how much of a floor we got left to cover, huh?
That’s right. We won’t know how many areas are on a floor until we make it to the end. But judging by the vibe I’m getting from the Shadows… this floor isn’t any smaller than the last.

The first image here is a normal gain, while the second is a Yoshida Rank 3 proc. As you can see, both are much more lucrative than their counterparts from the last block.

But there’s also new dangers. If we push too hard…

…additional enemies may spawn.

After nearly getting steamrolled by this Nue, we decide we’ve had enough fun for the day.

We made it to the next safe room, which means it’s about time to head home, because I’d rather save my SP items for the real Palace.

We end the day with 158,000 yen, with about 38,000 of that coming from Aiyatsbus (not counting the 12,000 we got from Shadow Shimizu) and 56,000 coming from Chemdah, which goes to prove how much better an idea it would have been to grind there instead, considering how much less time and SP we spent down there. We’re still well under what we need, but we have enough assorted junk to sell to Untouchable to get us to about 193,000 or so, which is acceptable if not perfect. We’ll have to make do.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Complaints about the authenticity of artwork are flooding in from buyers after the Madarame debacle. It seems this scandal will continue to cause confusion in the art world for some time.
The people who bought art from Madarame should have accepted the truth about him by now…

Next time, we’ll hopefully do something actually interesting, because fuck money grinding.

Part 46

Part 46: 6/8-6/10

Oh, I’ve seen him on TV!
He’s famous, but he still rides the train like everyone else…
Hey isn’t that that detective?
The Phantom Thieves are kinda cool, huh?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Yeah, I think it’s just like the one sent to Kamoshida. People online are saying the Phantom Thieves are behind this. There’s already a Phan-Site with a bunch of requests posted on it.
I can’t believe there are real-life superheroes. If it’s happened twice, it’s probably going to happen again. Can’t wait to see who’s next.

Music: So Boring

It’s a good chance to think about your future. Be sure you’re paying attention. …You’d better not make a ruckus. Am I clear? It will reflect poorly on our school. There’s a group going to a television studio this year, correct? Hamiru. Here’s a question for you. With the advent of the color TV, something else started appearing in color. Do you know what it is?

If this is true, holy shit that’s amazing.

Exactly. Before, most people’s dreams were in black and white. But research shows that once color broadcasts became the norm, dreams started being mostly in color. What’s fascinating is that people see the world in color, regardless of TV’s existence. It’s strange that our dreams had been in black and white until TV’s inception.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

In the future, if 3D televisions become normal and let us sense flavor, smell, and heat… Then dreams might become indistinguishable from reality.

That’s completely insane, and also not what 3D is.

Dreams with flavor… I could get behind that!

Music: Suspicion

It’s probably because of Mr. Kamoshida, right? Considering what happened with Suzui-san…
I heard Principal Kobayakawa knew about the sexual harassment too and just turned a blind eye to it. I bet he wants to snuff out any rumors now. Even the volleyball team was told to keep quiet…
That’s the worst… So that’s what he’s using Niijima-senpai for?

Oh yeah, rumor has it she knew as well. Isn’t that horrible? She acts all noble about it too.
Niijima-senpai knew…?

Uh-oh, looks like there’s a false rumor spreading about Makoto. This’ll create some drama.

Music: Disquiet

It was all for your sake. I thought the more information you had, the easier your investigation would become. And? Did any information arise about the case I asked you to look into?
sigh Nothing yet. I will pass the details along if anything comes up. Right now, there is a more pressing issue… It appears there are students at Shujin who are being threatened by a criminal organization.

A student who saw your posting came to us looking for help… I’d like to request a countermeasure.
I-Isn’t this some sort of mistake? I can’t believe this would happen to the students of our academy. Now is no time for such problems. There is still lingering concern regarding the Phantom Thieves…

You’re really dead-set on this whole Phantom Thieves business, huh?

But we received a request for help…
I-I’m rather busy at the moment. If you wish to do something, you will need to act on your own.

Not only is this dude totally spineless, he’s completely hanging her out to dry.

Are you sure about this? I am still investigating your case as well…
Y-Yes, that’s correct. It works out perfectly! My intentions have borne fruit. This criminal organization must be the connecting factor. If you pursue this criminal issue, you’ll surely find clues about the Phantom Thieves!

What the hell are you talking about?

But that’s absurd…
So… let’s say this rumor is true. Do you intend to ignore those students in trouble?
Your sister would have solved this easily if she were in your position.


My expectations of you are very high. I hope you don’t disappoint.

Seems like Makoto’s up against a wall.

Music: So Boring

Hmmm… I wonder… I guess it’d have to be someone who’s the talk of the town?

Dude, this ain’t some kinda video game!
Either way, we’ll need a lead before we can begin anything.
We’ll just have to look for that as we go…
If only there was a big target just lying around for us…

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Maybe our next target will be a celebrity?

Oh… Don’t mind me. I was simply talking to myself.

Steal their hearts… Kind of like those Phantom Thieves, eh? I think you’re onto something. I think this might really work for you. Try using something like that for one of your lines.
I-I see! I’ll go with “I’ll take your heart!”

I heard it was the Phantom Thieves who did it… I guess there’s still hope in this world. Maybe I’ll even start painting again…

Do you hear what he’s saying? This youth thinks that the world is pathetic for being so easily deceived. Modern Japan robs the young of their hope, and dirty politics casts a dark shadow over us all. And that concludes our on-the-spot coverage.

That’s right, young man! Those who believe will be saved!
Great Sun God, are you not going to have your apostles the Phantom Thieves punish the evildoers?
Worry not. Their mission has already been appointed. The good news shall reach everyone in time!

The direct approach just isn’t going to work, but now I’m sure they’re hiding something.

Don’t worry about the money… I-Is everything OK with you?
No, I’ll talk to Sakoda-senpai and get you your money back. I just want to do the right thing for once. I won’t drag you into it.

Looks like Daisuke’s change of heart went through.

Maaku heads to the diner afterwards and gains Guts +1 and Knowledge +2.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m thinking we might find our next target there.

With that much money, they’ve prolly got their fingers in all sorts of dirty business.
Hm… That phrasing has quite the immoral ring to it…
Dude, you always react to the weirdest stuff…
Anyway, we get to observe a live recording of a show, right?
Ooh, maybe we’re gonna be on TV!
We’ll just be in the crowd, remember? Any TV appearance would be for like, two seconds.
Hm. Try not to pull any fanciful stunts to garner attention, OK?

You remember the cyber attack? Tens of thousands of people’s personal information was leaked.
Oh, right. I heard about those hackers. I hear they’ve been causing damage around the world.
They act like they’re fighting an unjust system, but they’re still a problem to people like us.
Thank you. The curry was delicious.

So many Chinese restaurants! Yes, high-quality Chinese food is true perfection. Good smells are coming from all over this place. It’s easy to find something great to eat here.

I don’t think my bond with Sojiro will deepen just yet…

Sojiro’s Rank 4 takes an absurd number of points to reach.

>Help him out
Put your stuff down, and grab an apron. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

Music: What’s Going On?

I feel like my bond with Sojiro will grow stronger soon…


Hey, thanks for helping out.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m sure you know about commercial breaks? Well, those are actually sponsor-related product placements. To sum things up, ratings are vitally important for a station’s production funding, and…

He ain’t even listenin’…

Thus, the scheduling department is where we decide what time we broadcast which program. I suppose you could say it’s the place where the scheduling is determined.
Could this get any more obvious…?

yawn So sleepy…
So, the best parts are taken from the footage in order to cut down the program to the desired length. The place where this filmed footage is edited would be the editing room.

I swear, I’m not gonna last…

A man bumps into Maaku.


Hey, assho–
My apologies! I’ll have them leave right away! Now then, it’s time for a bit of hands-on experience!

The man leaves.

Dammit… Who does that jerk think he is?

A different man looks Ann up and down.

You’ve got a slammin’ bod, after all. Hehehe…


Uh… I’m on a school trip…
Just gimme a call if you’re interested. I’d greatly welcome a message from you, day or night.
Uhhh, yeah…
Greatly welcome, my ass. It’s obvious what he’s after. Do these rotten adults care about anything other than looks!? I’ll yank their stupid hearts out, dammit!

Well then, uhhh… Let’s have you see what it’s like to be an AC. Oh, that stands for “assistant camera.” When we’re moving cameras, we need people who’ll get the cables from getting tangled up… The blond will do. He seems like he’s got energy to spare anyway. Guy next to him, you can come too if you’re feeling lonely. C’mon, hurry up and grab the cables!
Dammit… This sucks!

This is totally killin’ my vibe…
We fought valiantly against the long cables…

Music: My Homie

Aren’t we supposed to be guests? Why the hell do we hafta be doin’ manual labor!? This is bullshit! Goin’ to the bathroom didn’t even make me feel better!

I get how you feel though… That sucked for the both of us.
We gotta do more of this tomorrow too…?
No flaking out, Ryuji.
I know, I know. I gotta be a “good boy,” right? Bein’ phantom thieves ain’t easy…

Yeah, sure, let’s just discuss this openly in an unfamiliar location with lots of blind corners people could be waiting behind.

That reminds me, we get to go home straight from here today. We don’t spend much time in this area, so why don’t we relax and check out some shops beforehand?

It looked delicious! What was that?
Ohhh… You mean Dome Town? The round part is a baseball stadium, then along the outside they’ve got an amusement park.
It’s right in the middle of a business area, but they have some pretty hardcore rides there too.

Going on a scary ride doesn’t really prove any kind of courage.
Not like cats can get on anyways.
Really. You might be able to sneak in if you stay in the bag, but you’d totally puke if you did that.

But uh… Let’s just go to Dome Town! I’m really feelin’ it now!
Me too! My stomach’s ready for roller coasters!
Uhhh… I think I’ll pass on the puke rides…

Music: Wicked Plan

Yeah, whaddya want?
I happened to be passing by, so it seemed polite to greet you. We’ll be filming together, after all. Ah, where are my manners? My name is Goro Akechi.
Filming? What, you a celebrity?
Only to the extent of appearing on TV a couple of times.

Akechi checks his phone.

My apologies, I truly was just passing by. I must be going. There’s a briefing for tomorrow’s recording that I have to attend. So, you’re going to go have cake now? I missed lunch today, so I’m quite hungry myself…

Huh? Cake…? What’re you talkin’ about?
Oh, am I mistaken? I thought I heard something about delicious pancakes… No matter. Welp, see you tomorrow.

He’s never gonna get popular with that kinda hair though.
You don’t get it…
Eh, it’s fine. We’ll see him again tomorrow anyways. C’mon, let’s go to Dome Town!

New hangout unlocked.

Sorry, Morgana.

Music: My Homie

This is why I spoke against it.
Dude… It’s not fair… Usin’ your cathood as an excuse… only at times like this…
Anyway, are you guys feeling hungry? How about some pancakes?

What is with today and pancakes?

Let’s go home. We have another full day ahead of us tomorrow.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Well, try not to stand out too much—that’s what Ryuji’s for.

It is still unclear what led Mr. Madarame to confess his crimes.
It’s just like with Kamoshida, right? He doesn’t realize what happened to him.

The girls in the audience start squealing.

It’s Akechi-kun!
He’s so cooool!
Ain’t that the guy from yesterday…?
Cutting back from commercial! Seven, six, five seconds till start, four, three…

Music: Alright

After his last appearance was so well-received, we decided to bring back this fine gentleman today. It’s the high school detective, Goro Akechi!
more cheering
Hello there.
Thank you for taking the time to join us today, Akechi-kun. Your popularity is stunning.
Even I’ve found it to be quite a surprise. It is a bit embarrassing though…
Moving along, we’ve been told there’s a case on your mind right now. Care to share, detective?
Ah, yes. That would be the scandal involving the master artist Madarame.
There it is! All of this phantom thief excitement has caught your attention too, Akechi-kun! Allow me to be blunt for just a second. What do you think of these justice-oriented Phantom Thieves?
If they truly are heroes of justice, I sincerely hope they exist.
Ohhh, so you don’t deny the possibility that they’re real?
I may not seem like it, but I sometimes wish that Santa Claus actually existed.

Look at this fool who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.

Although if he did, I’d have to arrest him for breaking and entering.
raucous laughter

But hypothetically speaking, if these Phantom Thieves are real…

Music: Disquiet

That’s quite the statement. Are they committing crimes? Some people even say that the Thieves are actually helping their victims abandon their evil ways.
What the artist Madarame did truly was an unforgivable crime. However, they’re taking the law into their own hands by judging him. It is far from justice. More importantly, you should never forcefully change a person’s heart.
You have a point. These people are calling themselves the Phantom Thieves, after all.

Actually they’re calling themselves #Millennials, but you can’t voice act that.

Amazing as always, Akechi-kun! I could listen to you for days! You have the most radiant charisma!
I have to say though, I would be embarrassed if it turns out these Phantom Thieves don’t exist. If that were the case, I’d summarize it into a report as a school project.
Now then, let’s try asking some students the same age as Akechi-kun about the Phantom Thieves! First, please press your button now if you think the Phantom Thieves exist!

About 30% or so? What are your thoughts, Akechi-kun?

That’s weird, considering we’re currently hovering just below 17% on our own goddamn website.

I’m a bit surprised. That’s higher than I was expecting. I’d love to hear some more detailed opinions on the Phantom Thieves’ actions.

Oh shit.

All right, let’s try asking this student here. Hypothetically speaking, what are your thoughts on these Phantom Thieves, if they were real?

You say that with such firmness.
This completely goes against the opinion you had about them being tried by law, Akechi-kun.

In that case, there’s one more question I’d like to ask… If someone close to you, for example your friend next to you… If his heart suddenly changed… wouldn’t you think it was the work of the Phantom Thieves?

I see. But how can you be so sure? Whether the Thieves’ actions are good or not, I feel there is a more important issue at hand.

The matter of how they change people’s hearts. If they honestly possess that ability… it could be used for more than extracting confessions. It could be that what seem to be ordinary crimes are actually being perpetrated by these methods…
You know, you’re absolutely right.
Oh, please don’t misunderstand. This is all purely hypothetical… It is only if people who can use such a power truly exist. Either way though, this cannot be ignored. The existence of the Phantom Thieves would be nothing but a threat to our everyday lives. To be honest, I’m already working alongside the police to help sort out this matter.

He made it sound like we’re the baddies. I don’t like it.

Are we the baddies?

But that stuff about the police… Do you think it’s for real?
He can say whatever he wants. The justice of it all is something we can decide for ourselves.
Oh sorry, I gotta go take a leak. Can you guys wait here? I’ll be right back.
Oh my god… I’m gonna keep going, OK?

To paraphrase Hegel, advancement cannot occur without both thesis and antithesis…

I can use the smart words too! Synecdoche! Puerile! Antidisestablishmentarianism!

If your Knowledge is Rank 5 the rest of this cutscene should be an in-depth discussion about Hegleian dialectic. “Hm, yes, only through sublation of the initial, abstract thesis can we land upon something concrete. What are your thoughts on Marx and Engel’s perspective on the matter?”

Haha, my apologies. What I mean is that our discussion was quite meaningful. Few people around me are so willing to speak their minds as freely as you did earlier. Adults are only interested in using the young, while they simply do as the adults say. I feel like our discussions could prove quite fruitful. Would you mind talking with me again?

Thank you. It makes me glad to hear that. The students from Shujin are truly quite interesting. I look forward to seeing you again. Well then…

There’s probably a lot we can learn from him though.
It seems the detective Akechi has taken a liking to me…

Music: Interrogation Room

The only logical explanation is that someone in the police has ties to the Phantom Thieves… Explain yourself!

Music: The Spirit

Justice is the arcana of, well, justice. It represents law, fairness, and truth, as well as Unfairness and dishonesty when reversed.

Music: Suspicion

I can’t stand that high and mighty attitude…! Just breathin’ the same air as him makes me sick. C’mon, Maaku. Let’s go.

Maaku looks back for a moment before following Ryuji.

Music: Beneath the Mask

He clearly tried to discredit everything we’re doing.
And he just had to say it on live TV too!
Don’t be so sour. There are, without a doubt, people we have saved. Those people could not have been saved if not for the heroics of the Phantom Thieves. I am living proof of that.
Awww, what a nice thing to say!
Still… was what Akechi-kun said actually wrong? I feel like he had a point.
Why you gotta bring that up now?
I mean, is it really OK to be doing this to people just because they’re criminals? Doesn’t it seem a little selfish?
We are phantom thieves, Ann. I doubt everyone would forgive us for what we did to Madarame. Yet, I still decided that it was a necessary act.
Kamoshida too. We weren’t gonna do shit to him through any normal methods.

I guess I can’t really think of any other way…
Hm. I believe our best path forward is sticking to our justice, not that of the law. Shouldn’t that be enough? And with the unanimous decision rule in place, I doubt we’ll lose our way.
…Yeah, you’re right. Sorry for bringing that up. And don’t worry, I’m not thinking about quitting the Phantom Thieves or anything.
Just you watch, Akechi. Someday you’re totally gonna see who was right!
OK, let’s stop talking about this for now.
That detective Akechi seems to have a lot of influence on the media. It’d be dangerous to get too close to him, but he may actually prove useful in some situations.

You heard what Akechi said, right Hamiru? How dare he declare the Phantom Thieves are criminals! As the administrator of the Phantom Aficionado Website, I can’t stay quiet about this. I’m going to show Akechi how people online really feel! I’ll change up the survey question tomorrow morning. Justice is with the Phantom Thieves! Keep on doing what you do best!

…Sure thing, Mishima.

…Why is he of all people getting angry about this? Anyway, he means the survey on the Phan-Site, right? I guess we should look forward to it.

Totally, Chief.

On these irregularly broadcast specials, we share limited-edition items that are all the rage! Today, we’re going to talk about Soothing Soba, the dish that’ll help you endure the summer heat! It’s on sale now in convenience stores around Tokyo, and it’s expected to sell out fast.
It even puts some Chinese food to shame. It’s surprising you can buy it at convenience stores.

We’ll have to pick some of that up sometime.

You know, I’ve been hearing Shibuya’s getting more dangerous lately. I’m sure you pass by that area on your commute to school, but don’t make too many detours, OK?
I don’t think my bond with Kawakami will deepen just yet…

We’re paying 5,000 yen and she doesn’t even rank up, ugh.

Ok, I’ll get dropped off from the store then. Please clean up your room and wait for me. :heart:

Music: What’s Going On?

I feel like my bond with Kawakami will grow stronger soon…
Thank you for your patronage!

So the Phantom Thieves were the bad guys?
I guess now that you mention it…
I’ve felt that way the whole time.
It’s just brainwashing, isn’t it? It’s really self-centered.


“How dare they say that my friends, Maaku, Ann, Yusuke, (who goes to another school,) and myself deserve to be tried in a court of law! For being the Phantom Thieves, which we are!” -Ryuji, probably

Part 47

Part 47: 6/11

Anon: better be arrested soon
Anon: don’t even bother with this
Anon: this is so immature.
Anon: this has to be fake, lol

Mishima changed the question, leading to new replies.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Ah, on that talk show? It was simply dreadful.

When this line hits, there’s a generic voice line of a woman saying “THE PHANTOM THIEVES ARE SUPER LAME,” and it’s one of the goofiest things in the entire game. It’s great.

How can anyone seriously suggest supernatural beings are stealing people’s hearts? That… child is a phony. There’s simply no way that the Phantom Thieves exist.
Unfortunately, my precious children all think they’re real—and worse, that this detective is amazing… Children are far too impressionable to see such vulgar content on TV.
Looks like people still don’t think we’re real…

I can’t believe a high schooler moonlights as a detective. He’s just like the Detective Prince.

That makes two references to Naoto.

He’s smart AND handsome. He’s almost TOO perfect!
We had front row seats. I could practically reach out and touch Akechi-kun! I was so nervous! He was really working that uniform, and without seeming like a snob. He’s a natural at public speaking. I hear he’s an orphan who grew up poor. It’s part of what makes him so amazing! He wants his last high school memory to be capturing the Phantom Thieves. This isn’t a game to him!
See, I hear his dad’s the head of some big financial conglomerate. I will say, I love that he hates the media. Makes me believe that he doesn’t do this for the fame.

That’s… uncomfortable!

People say he’s so good that he’s made enemies in the police force… Oh, yeah—apparently yesterday’s interview was so popular they’re going to air it again tonight.

Music: So Boring

Why someone would steal something like a heart, which can’t be turned into money, is beyond be.


If I were a phantom thief, I wouldn’t go after “hearts” or works of art—I’d go after gold.

Now then, Hamiru-san. Can you imagine how much gold has been excavated by humanity over the course of history?

Correct. Surprisingly little, don’t you think? That rarity is what drives its value.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Incidentally, they say that 16% of the world’s gold is in Japan. Was your first thought the Tokugawa Clan’s buried gold? It’s actually in discarded home electronics. In other words, a junkyard is much more valuable than someone else’s heart.
Hmph! You can’t measure the value of a Treasure with money!

Music: Wicked Plan

Let’s see him do it, then!

Ann chops Ryuji in the back of the head.

(while eating) You’re being way too loud.
Who cares? Everybody’s talkin’ about this stuff anyways. It’d just be more suspicious if we were whisperin’.

Gimme some!
Sorry, just ate the last one.
You guys are too laid back. The police are getting involved now, you know.
So you think it’s true…? We’ll be OK if we keep doing this… right?
We can’t let the cops scare us outta bein’ phantom thieves.
But… what about that weird guy from Madarame’s Palace…? Isn’t there a lot we don’t know?

Music: Disquiet

Uhhh, hope she didn’t hear any of that conversation

You three seem to be having so much fun. I’m a little jealous.
Are you snoopin’ on us again? We said before, we don’t know nothin’.
Why do you think I’m here to question you? Could it be that you’re hiding something? My ears are always open to the troubles of my peers, you know.
You’re really that hungry for a good letter of recommendation? …Of course you are. Nobody would take on your annoying job if they weren’t.

…You’re student council president, right? Wouldn’t you have known about Kamoshida?
Of course not! He honestly was a good teacher until that day…
Oh, but you always take the teacher’s side. That’s what a good council president does, right?
Then… how about you? What did you do for your friend?

There wasn’t any way to help! By myself… I couldn’t do anything for her!
There’s no need to shout.
If those Phantom Thieves are out there helpin’ people… I’d root for ‘em, no questions asked. They’ve gotta be more dependable than some people I know.
…Just make sure you show up to your classes, all right?

I’d be ashamed to let it end now…
Hell yeah. It’s about time we find our next target too.

Music: Wicked Plan

“A criminal group with unknown goals that does whatever it wants in the name of justice.” Huh…
It’s prolly ‘cause of Akechi… TV’s got some crazy sway.
He’s free to deny our actions, but being cursed by his influence is another thing entirely.
Just when we were starting to get people to believe in us too…
All we gotta do is take down another hot shot, yeah?
Well, do you have any ideas who this next “ho shot” could be?
I ain’t got a thing yet… Dammit, this is real irritatin’… By the way, what’s up with that luggage?

Music: My Homie

They were not only filthy, but too noisy as well… No true art could come from such a place.
What’re you gonna so then? You can’t go back to that shack, right?
I was planning on staying at Takamaki-san’s— I mean, Ann’s house.

WHAT!? There’s no way that’s gonna happen!
You’re the impossible one!
But I spent everything I had on these delectable Japanese sweets…
That’s not the issue here! Seriously though… what’re we gonna do about him?

It’s way too small. Plus, my folks’d never agree to it.

Oops, looks like the writers forgot Ryuji’s mom is single!

Well, seeing as Yusuke is an important member of our team… I’ll lend a hand! Come stay at our place! It’s dirty, but at least you’ll have somewhere to sleep!


Why’re you the one calling the shots?
Don’t you two live in a cafe? I’ve been wondering about that for a while. Yongen’s not too far, is it?
Nope! And the cafe’s only a minute walk from the station.
How about we go there now? We can have a party to celebrate Madarame’s change of heart!
Ooh, good idea! We can make it a welcome party for Yusuke too!
All right, it’s decided!
Sorry to cause you trouble. By the way… I prefer sleeping on a futon.

It’ll be up to you to convince the chief.

Maaku shakes the bag. Morgana yelps.

Music: Break it Down

This place looks so outdated… I can’t say I hate it though.
People refer to that as “retro.”

A girl too…?
Maaku has really helped us a lot lately.
Heh, I bet you’re the ones doing all the helping.
No, really, he’s been great.
Huh… Sit down. This round’ll be on the house. (to Maaku) You’re helping though.

Indeed, there’s great depth to its acidity.
Oh yeah, I remember now! I think I’ve seen Leblanc mentioned in a magazine before…
That was a long time ago.
For real? Gimme a taste.


Ryuji chugs his soda.

It’s so bitter! This has gotta be cruel and unusual punishment!
Eh, I didn’t drink coffee when I was a kid either. (To Maaku) These’re your friends, yeah? Go on and take them up to your room. No need to stay down here.
Ooh! I wanna see!
It’s only an attic.
Man, that bitter taste just won’t leave my mouth…
Thank you very much for the drink.
Up these stairs? …Oh, and thanks for the soda!

So, you’re uhh…
Ann. Ann Takamaki.
Ann-chan, huh… That’s a nice name. You got a boyfriend?

Oh god.

Nope. Never have, either.
Hey, you gotta get up here! This place’s freakin’ insane!
Go on.
Oh, right. Thank you for the coffee!

Sheesh. They had to leave the Mona bag down here?

Ann grabs the bags and walks upstairs.

Huh, sweet girl.

Yeah, I agree, that Rise poster is pretty incredible.

It seems quite ordinary to me.
For real…?

See? Ain’t this crazy?
It’s cleaner than I thought it would be.
Well, sit wherever you’d like.

Music: Wicked Plan

Even those who previously believed in us have been influenced by the comments made on TV.
This is all that effin’ Akechi’s fault!
Keep it down. We don’t want anyone hearing us.
At this rate we’re just going to worry everyone instead of give them courage…
We need to find a way to make our rightfulness known to society. It’s time we think about our next move. You were planning on discussing that today, right?
Yes. First, we need to search for a candidate.
It’s not like we’re just gonna stumble upon some important target though. You guys don’t know anyone, do you?
I don’t…
Me neither…
Whaddya think, leader?

Well… there probably are a lot of famous targets on TV…
However, the suspects on the news are already being pursued by the police. Even if we make them confess their crimes, the police will take the credit. That won’t do.
Dammit… We’re never gonna prove Akechi wrong at this rate…!

What the…
Sorry… I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday…
And you spent all your money on that box of sweets!?
Dude, how much did you have…?
Anyway, we’ll just have to sit tight until we can find another target. So…

Music: New Beginning

How about that welcome party?
Someone’s excited.

Can’t we make hot pot on it?
That sounds great! I’ve heard that eating hot pot together brings people closer!

No, that’s paopu fruit.

Anything with meat’s fine by me!
I only ask that we finish it off with porridge. Extra parsley, of course.
So, what do you say?

Whattt, my ass! You don’t have any cash! C’mon, let’s go buy ingredients.
I’ll need gingko nuts, wonton wrappers, and…
(to Maaku) We’ll take care of the shopping. Could you borrow a pot from downstairs while we’re out? We can split the cost later.

We should go grab that pot and set up the portable stove too.

But let’s forget about him for now and just focus on having fun. Come on, we need to prepare. Oh and by the way… who’s going to be seasoning the hot pot?

As you should be. Food always tastes better with friends. Her name was Ann, right? She’s a nice girl.

Oh, I just had a chat with her. She said your friend doesn’t have anywhere to go. Asked if I could take him in for a bit. I guess she thought it’d be too pitiful for you to ask, since you’re already freeloading. Anyway, I should have a big pot somewhere around here.

It’s almost time for the others to get back from their shopping trip, so I’ll leave you be. I’ll be down here for a while though… Just be careful with the fire, OK?

Music: Days of Sisters

i[/i] After his last appearance was so well-received, we decided to bring back this fine gentleman today. It’s the high school detective, Goro Akechi!
This tastes a bit bland… But I’m relieved. A lot’s happened, but it seems your grades haven’t dropped.
School’s been going fine. I’m more worried about you, Sis. Are you tired? You’re probably lacking sodium.
Do I seem so?
i[/i] But hypothetically speaking, if these Phantom Thieves are real… I believe they should be tried in a court of law.
i[/i] That’s quite the statement. Are they committing crimes? Some people even say that the Thieves are actually helping their victims abandon their evil ways.
i[/i] What the artist Madarame did truly was an unforgivable crime. However, they are taking the law into their own hands by judging him. It is far from justice. More importantly, you should never forcefully change a person’s heart.
…Is it a crime to manipulate someone’s heart?
…Depending on the means, yes. He’s absolutely right.
Even if it makes someone admit their evil deeds and helps make them pay for their crimes?
Why the sudden interest?
It’s nothing…
Do you believe that these “allies of justice” exist?
…Of course not.
You don’t need to think about such unnecessary things. …You understand what I’m trying to say, right?
Study hard and go to a prestigious college…
Moving up in the world is difficult as a woman. Yet, you can’t do much if you don’t have the authority. I’ll use every method necessary to make it happen. All you need to do is remain focused on what must be done now for your future’s sake.


…Oh, that case.
What must be done… Justice…

What do I want to do…?

Music: Break it Down

That was delicious, Lady Ann. I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful bride some–

Well, at least there’s no more Persona 4 jokes about the ladies hilaaaaaaaariously sucking at cooking.

yawn Sorry, I’m gonna have to borrow the sofa.

Ryuji and Morgana try to… ugh.

Ann notices and waves them off.

What’s wrong, Yusuke?
We haven’t finished our meal. What about the porridge, or even udon…?
Just leave it for next time, man…
She’s asleep already…!?
It’d be weird if she wasn’t tired. We should let her sleep.
By the way, Ryuji… how do you know Ann?
Huh? Oh, we went to middle school together.
What was Lady Ann like back then?
Not so different from now. Once we got to high school, we ended up in different classes and stopped talkin’… I don’t think she had many friends. I mean, she grew up overseas, plus there’s her looks. The popular kids hate her; the quiet ones stay away.
I see… So, what about you two?
This is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. You know every detail of my past at this point. It’s only fair you tell me every detail of yours.
So you got nothin’ to lose, huh? All right, I’ll tell you. It’s just a normal story about a rotten kid though.

Music: Alleycat

I was actually tryin’ to get a track scholarship so I could make things easier for her. In the end, I just screwed it all up. Turns out I’m a pretty bad son, huh? sad chuckling Back when I was a first-year, my mom got called out to school for me raisin’ my hand at Kamoshida. All the teachers kept houndin’ her for what I did, but she just stayed quiet through it all… I’ll never forget the look she had on her face though… On the way home, she… she apologized to me. For bein’ a single mom and all…
So that’s what happened… They say at school that everyone is equal, but in reality that’s a gross oversimplification… …I understand how you feel.
Well when it comes to gettin’ labeled, nobody’s got it worse than Maaku.
Is this about his past?
Now that I think about it, we never have heard the details.

They’re not even trying to hide who it is any more.

If you keep this up… Then I’ll report about the money! Is that fine with you!?
All I have to say is that you did it on your own, and it’s over.
But… I just did as I was told…
Who do you think I am?
Hey. Make this statement to the cops. “This kid suddenly attacked me.” Got it?

Music: Desire

If you even try to say anything else, you know what’ll happen to you, right?
Huh? But–


Shut up. You’re done for. You’re gonna learn what happens when you cross me…

So, what happened? Explain it to the good officer.
…… That young man suddenly attacked him… He shoved this gentleman to the ground. And this man… got injured…

“I’m very conspicuously not mentioning his name… for dramatic purposes…”

…It’s as she says. Also… make sure you deal with this so my name isn’t mentioned at all.

The cops even have power over the flashbacks! Those fiends!

You understand what that means, correct?
Y-Yes, sir! Hey, cuff him!

Music: Confession/Secret

Goddammit…! You got an assault on your record just for that?
The woman sounds quite horrible as well. She’s stayed quiet this whole time…
That man is just the kind of person whose heart we should steal! Who is he, and where can we find him!?

You can’t remember, huh…? Well it was at night, and I’m sure you were in shock after getting arrested. I understand all too well the pain of not being able to remember important details of your life.
The victim’s personal information is always kept secret. Identifying that man will prove difficult… Besides, the courts already made their ruling, didn’t they? Even if we manage to get revenge, Maaku’s past record won’t go away.
I can’t stand it… This world is so messed up! The weak’re left to fight for themselves, while rotten adults get away with whatever they want!
And those in power don’t do anything to help the situation.
Can’t we fix this though… Nobody would even know… We just need to show the world what true justice is. We’ll make them come to their senses.
You’re right, Yusuke! That’s gotta be what our powers’re for!
Sounds good to me. The flashier our missions are, the cooler we end up looking!
You’ve all taught me so much.

It’s really messed up that Ann apparently missed all of that.

Oh, sorry… Did we wake you up?
Nah, not really. I’ve been up for a while now. Still, this weird feeling came over me while I was listening to you guys… It almost feels like I’ve known you all forever…

Can’t wait to find out we were all raised at the same orphanage and our Personas made us forget.

Do you think it’s because our backgrounds are so similar?
Well… it sure ain’t ‘cause of anything good.
Similar, huh… I’m the only one who doesn’t fit in…
I don’t have any past to look back on… No memories…
Whaddya mean? We could search the whole world and we wouldn’t find a bigger misfit than you. And the reason we’re goin’ to Mementos is to get your memories back, right?
I’m sure your past will be just as troubled as ours.
No doubt.
Hmph, we’ll see about that!
I actually feel like I’ve known Morgana for a really long time too. It’s so strange… I can’t really put it into words.
Look, I’m helping you guys out for my own sake. Don’t get me wrong! If you don’t get stronger, investigating Mementos won’t be anything but a pipe dream!
That sure was a quick turnaround. One second you’re depressed, the next you’re actin’ all tough…
All joking aside… let’s take this seriously. We should go as far with it as we can… I want to punish those corrupt adults and give courage to people in trouble… Only we can do that!
Ha! You can say that again!
Being a member of the Phantom Thieves will surely help me grow, both as an artist and as a person.
Of course. You’re under my tutelage, after all. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish!
Well… I hope we can keep this up. We should be all right with you as our leader.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

…Whoa, it’s this late?
I guess now’s a good time to call it for the night!
Oh, that reminds me! The owner said you’re free to crash here, Yusuke.
That’s… very kind of him.
You convinced him, didn’t you? You go, Miss Older-dude-charmer!
What kind of nickname is that!?
Hm, I won’t be able to sleep unless I take a bath…
There’s a bathhouse nearby, so you can go there. I won’t be able to join you though.
Ooh, that sounds great! I wanna come too! How ‘bout you, Ann?
You guys go on ahead. I should get going. Well, good night, Morgana!

I can’t let her get taken by someone else…!

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

An old man is continually turning the faucet behind the three.

It’s a bit hot though…

You know, I’ve been wonderin’ for a while now… But what do you think about Ann? As a “girl,” I mean.

No, that’s not what I meant… C’mon, can’t you act a little more like a guy our age? Doesn’t she at least look better than a celebrity?
I’ll be sure to share what you’ve said with Ann.
Please don’t. Seriously…
That aside, we need to hurry and find our next target.
About that though… Is targetin’ famous people enough? Seein’ people’s reactions these days has been makin’ me think twice about what we do…

I love that we’re having this conversation in front of this old man who isn’t even paying attention.

…True. Pursuing only what’s best in the short term may end up becoming fruitless for us. We need a strategy to appeal to the public…
Oh? Whaddya got in mind?
Do I look like someone who could come up with such a thing?
I was an idiot for askin’. I’m more like the charge commander… and Morgana’s a specialist of that world… Hmmm… Hrmm… Still… …Ughhhh! It’s frickin’ hot!

Ryuji gets out of the water.

…I can’t stand it anymore! Anyways, let’s meet up again early next week. I’ll contact everyone!

Music: Beneath the Mask

This game is amazing.

I’m not talking about you! Wait… Don’t eavesdrop on me!

Tell me more about those diabolical millennials!

They have high appeal among young people and are said to be involved in Mr. Madarame’s confession. Their methods are unknown, and many are voicing concern that this group may be dangerous, but…
It seems a lot of people have started talking about the Phantom Thieves.

I will be fine here. I sleep in my studio on occasion, so this is luxurious in comparison.

Yusuke, if you’re gonna stay here, we have to establish some boundaries. I may order a maid from time to time, and I’m gonna need you to be cool about this.

Music: Aria of the Soul

You’re in the presence of our master. Stand up straight!
The bonds that you have reeled in are quite intriguing… In other words, they all have been unfairly labeled by society and are standing up against such fates. Have you noticed? Your heart seems to inspire theirs. chuckle Outcasts of society… In other words, you’re picaresque. Deepen your bonds with them. Those will become the strength behind your rehabilitation. …I look forward to it. I shall grant you an ability befitting of your newfound growth. Consider it a gift. May you continue devoting yourself to further rehabilitation.
I feel like my bond with Igor is growing deeper…

And we finally get to 10 Persona slots.

It’s almost time…

Part 48

Part 48: 6/12-6/13

Anon: It’s called the law…
Anon: This is the police’s job.
Anon: don’t even bother with this
Anon: if ur so just, show ur face

At a university…

Music: Disquiet

May I talk to you for a moment?
Is it about the Phantom Thieves… Akechi-kun?
…You’re quite perceptive. I was wondering if there were any points in common between Kamoshida’s and Madarame’s cases. There have been victims, after all. The Phantom Thieves need to be pursued.
You criticize the Phantom Thieves, yet you don’t doubt their actual existence.
Oh, you saw that show on TV. Common sense can get in the way at times when pursuing the truth. Many details become logical if I think on the premise that they do exist.
Is this… because my sister told you to do so?
It was just a coincidence.
Why do I get the feeling that you’re enjoying this?
…You may be right.

Phantom thieves that use calling cards and succeed in their crime… As the so-called “Charismatic Detective,” it’d be hard for me to not see them as my rival.
You have such high self-esteem. So the Phantom Thieves are evil, and you are just?
Compared to people who manipulate others’ hearts as they see fit, I believe I’m on the side of justice. Besides, I’m only using my natural-born talents for the sake of serving the world. Don’t you think the same about yourself too?

…Oh, that’s surprising. So you’re just the good-girl type of pushover.

Damn, son. That’s harsh.

See you later. Give Sae-san my regards.

Poor Makoto.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

You could stay until you find a place, you know. I can’t promise it’d be comfortable here though.

Well, that was fast. Bye, Yusuke.

Thank you, but I’ll return to the dorms. I realized something after talking with everyone last night. Perhaps it’s due to my upbringing, but I don’t know anything of the world, let alone other people. If I’m to depict people in my art, I need to learn more about them; I must interact with them more. I’ll return to the dorms… and start over by talking with the people closest to me.

I thought everyone was shunning you because of Madarame?

I see. Good on you for realizing that yourself.
There’s no need to exaggerate. May I come again sometime to enjoy your coffee?
My doors are always open.
Maaku’s been through a lot too, from what I’ve heard… Are you related to him?
Huh? Oh… How would I describe it… We’re just acquaintances. Not family or anything.

Aww, I thought we’d bonded.

I may be overstepping my bounds, but why did you decide to take him in?
My reason, huh… Probably because… he reminds me of my old self.


That’s all?
Doesn’t take much when someone takes consideration on someone else. Your art instructor-- Um, “former” art instructor. He must’ve felt something for you too, besides just stealing your talents.
Truth be told… I cannot hate him from the depths of my heart either. I should probably get going…

Even if I kept it at the dorms, it’d only be met with skepticism. I doubt it would want that. Adding a hint of color to an otherwise ordinary day… I’m sure my mother would’ve done the same.
…I see. I’ll hold onto it for you then.
Thank you for the coffee.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

That’s the first thing you have to say to me…? You guys sure do eat a lot… That reminds me, I haven’t seen Yusuke around. Maybe he went downstairs?

You’re not my dad.

That kid ended up going back to his dorms.

Don’t be ridiculous. I’d never let go of a beauty like this. This painting is amazing. Not only is the mother stunning, but the expression on her face… The regulars will probably freak out when they see it in here. Still… I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere. It’s a bit different from how I remember it, though.

I appreciate that Sojiro kind of knows about Madarame (mostly through Yusuke), but is otherwise so out of touch he can’t recognize the fucking Mona Lisa, which has been all over the news the last week, by sight.

Well… If you’re up for the day, go on and get dressed. I opened shop hours ago, so go take the cat out somewhere.

Apologies for leaving so quietly, but your rest seemed peaceful. After a great deal of inner struggle, I have decided to return to the dormitories. Furthermore, I’ve entrusted the “Sayuri” to your protector, Sojiro. That painting should no longer exist in reality… but it is truly what my mother painted. I am simply satisfied that we were able to obtain it. And it was all because of you guys. I cannot thank you enough. PS, I still believe porridge is the best way to end a hot pot.

That’s Yusuke, all right. Udon or death!

There’s some kinda thread on there looking for info about burglars using the Phantom Thieves name. Sounds pretty lame to me.
Oh, I saw that too. They target restaurants, right? I actually found a really interesting post on there. “My brother has suddenly started acting violent towards everyone. I might end up getting killed at this rate… I wonder if it’s because he got caught up with all those weird people in Shibuya.”
You think he means those burglars when he’s talking about them “weird people”?
It may be too soon to assume that.
The post said he started spending a bunch of money lately, too… Isn’t that kind of suspicious?

I thought you’d say that.
Although how exactly will we go about investigating?
We’ll go to Shibuya in the middle of the night and catch them red-handed! No way. The police’d totally nab us if we were out that late.
Plus it would be bad if the chief knew you were out in the middle of the night.
Hm, if they target restaurants… Aha! What if we drew them to Leblanc?




There’s no way… Who would go after a shop like this?

Not the point, Morgana!

Yup. I mean, you’d get kicked outta Leblanc if we failed.
Oh, I suppose I left the “Sayuri” there as well. I had forgotten.
How’d you forget something that important!?
Either way… I don’t really want more thieves to be posing as us in the future. I wish there was some way we could make an example of these ones…
At the moment, our lack of info means we will just have to wait. We can continue searching for more information wherever possible, though.
I’m gonna try looking for stuff too!

So, nothing to do but wait, the ever-present Persona refrain.

Since the year started, scam victims have been on the rise, mainly in the Tokyo metro area. A massive mafia group is rumored to be behind these scam incidents, but…
A mafia group? Huh. I wonder who they might be.

This just shows that many fail to truly understand what is art. Did you see past Madarame’s lies?

I understand if you feel art is beyond you, but it’s good to take an interest in the finer things. That said, there is no depth to Madarame’s work. It is cheap and base, like instant coffee. Don’t fret if these concepts are difficult to grasp. Art is deep and complex… like this coffee.

Yeah, right. Well, you look like you’re on good terms. As long as you don’t cause problems, it’s fine.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

This again? Maaku gains Proficiency +1, sigh.

I don’t think my bond with Ann will deepen just yet…
Hm, what should we do today?
>Let’s go somewhere fun.
OK! Where should we go? Somewhere popular would be nice!

Shibuya, huh? That’s where the Wilton buffet is… Want to go?
That buffet we went to before? I’ll need you to make sure I don’t eat too much, OK? Let’s go!

Music: What’s Going On?

This place has so much on their menu, it’s hard not to overeat… Oh! How about this? Operation: Eat a Bit of Everything!

Honestly… it was crazy how much my stomach expanded last time. But I’ve reflected on my actions… and I won’t make the same mistake again! But, Maaku… can you keep an eye on me? I think as long as you do, my resolve won’t crumble.
Well then, let’s get eating. The order you eat things seems important. Let’s start with the stuff that digests quickly…

No wonder this place is expensive… I’m amazed they give out stuff like this! …I feel like I’d just eat from it nonstop if I kept it at my house… Can you take it?

What on earth am I going to do with this?

I feel like my bond with Ann will grow stronger soon…
Thanks for today!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Well that’s sudden.
Well after what that guy said, sitting around doing nothing just pisses me off!
You’re talking about Akechi-kun, right? I know how you feel.

C’mon, you gotta be more confident about this kinda stuff!
But he did mention that the police are starting to mobilize… Either way, I don’t think we should leave Akechi-kun be.
This is the perfect time to meet and discuss what our strategy should be going forward. Let us gather at the hideout tomorrow.

How the hell did I lug this thing home? And where did I get all the chocolate?

That’s why I’ve poured my soul into this song—to help restore our hope. I give you… “Fake Glory”! Fake shake, fake/Shake, fake, shake/Fake one, if you want fame/You gotta deceive yourself/Fake two, if you want skills/You gotta steal ‘em from others/Fake three, if you want glory/You gotta trick your very soul/Truth, lie, fake with a shake/My future is an unknown fate/ Thanks, bay-bee! How’d you like the new tune?

No way! My songs are the real deal, y’all!

Naturally! They’re dope! Things’ve been so down in Shibuya lately… I keep hearing about all these gangs. Guess Japan’s not so different from my own country…

We should probably hang out with Mishima now that we can again, since we haven’t done it in a while. I guess.

Oh yeah! As your strategic image management rep, I thought I should come up with more ways to help you. Do you have time today?
>Hang out with him
How does the diner sound to you? Come on.

But we’re meeting up with some Phangirls today.

Music: My Homie

All thieves are supposed to have some special ladies, right?

Wait, really…? Phantom thieves are supposed to steal girls’ hearts! Everyone knows that! Basically, I met some cool girls on the Phan-Site, and we thought it’d be fun to do an in-person meet-up. Oh, that reminds me, they think we’re just part of the Phandom. I made up this whole story about how we stumbled on the Phan-Site one day, so let’s stick to that. Don’t spill the beans, OK?

Either way, you should be excited about this! Mingling with your loyal supporters is a noble cause indeed! Plus, remember how I said I’d help publicize the Phantom Thieves? This is just the beginning!

Though to be honest, I’ve never actually met someone from online in person… I wonder if I’ll be able to do it right… I did lots of research though. I know all about footing the bill and buying desserts for the girl. Apparently if things go well, you might even t-t-take her home…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Mishima.

It’s way past our meeting time…

About our meet-up… You’re still at home!? And what about your friend…? Oh, um… yeah. Uh-huh… No, we’ll be waiting here…

Wait, was that a train announcement? I could swear I just heard someone say “Shibuya” over a loudspeaker… Are you close by… Huh? Oh, no! I’m not calling you a liar… OK… Yeah… Maybe next time…

Ahaha… sigh It seemed like they were really into the idea on the forum…

I was so busy with all the new forum posts, I didn’t have time to really vet them too much.

Don’t worry, I’m not! This was just a learning experience! But all this aside, I have some really good info for you guys! I won’t let you down… I’ll prove just how useful I can be to the Phantom Thieves!

Yeah, whatever you say, man.

Mishima seems extra motivated…

Oh yeah, gimme that sweet sweet EXP bonus.

It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this though… I bet those girls would never have flaked on me if they knew I’m friends with the real live Phantom Thieves.

Ixnay, Mishima. We have enough problems with Ryuji constantly spouting off about it.

sigh Being a guardian of justice isn’t so easy, huh…?

Oh yeah, your job is real tough and real important.

Same, Maaku. Well, at least we’re getting used to Mishima letting us down.

Well, let’s head home.

Anon: Isn’t it a crime?
Anon: get off your high horse

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Oh, for fuck’s sake, the cops are everywhere

I didn’t think we used the same station. Meeting here must be fate. How are you doing?

Because you’re boring me to death.

Did you stay up too late? Are you all right? …Ah, I do like that response. It’s honest, and it keeps the conversation from dragging. …I’ve been getting interviewed a lot lately, so I’ve been wondering how to answer such questions… I suppose it is best to simply be yourself and say what you think. You’ve given me much to consider. If it isn’t too much trouble, may I speak with you again sometime?

If I have time, maybe.

Music: So Boring

But what I gave them was a bona fide Japanese bank note. Don’t tell me young people these days don’t know who Hirobumi Ito is. I shudder to think that these will be the people shouldering Japan’s economy… I hope you all know your stuff. Here’s a quiz just to make sure. Hey, Hamiru. Paper money is issued by the Bank of Japan, but who issues the coins?

That’s right. Unlike paper money, coins are issued by the government. Originally, the government made both coins and paper money. However, with the ability to make as much money as they wanted, the economy fell into chaos. An independent organization—namely the Bank of Japan—has been tasked with printing paper money since.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Coins, which don’t have as much of an effect on the economy, are still produced by the government. You simply can’t trust a moron to look after your finances. The best they can manage is pocket change.
Being able to get as much money as you want, whenever you want it… I hope the next Palace is somewhere awesome like that…

Music: Tokyo Daylight

She says there’s no report of a lost item, so she wants you to start filling out some paperwork.

Telling me that isn’t going to get you out of this. The student council room is on the third floor, next to the library. Got it? Why am I running errands for a student? I know she’s the Principal’s favorite or whatever…

Music: Disquiet

What could she want…?

Let’s just take a moment to admire this drawing of Akechi.


I don’t know… She does seem a little worried. All I hear her tell us is, “Just leave it to me!”
It’s great she’s looking out for her fellow students, but I wish she’d let us help her sometimes.

Our president wants a word with you. Don’t cause her any trouble, OK?

What were we called here for? This is rather strange.

…Have a seat.

Mr. Kamoshida and Madarame. Won’t you tell me the truth behind the Phantom Thieves’ incidents?

I like that Morgana reacts, but Maaku is fucking stone-faced.

Can’t answer that? Ah, of course. There’s no way you would admit to such things.

So you think it’s true…? We’ll be OK if we keep doing this… right?

Music: Tension

…What could all this mean?
We screwed up…


Was it blackmail? Hypnosis? How do you corner someone into making them confess? Won’t you tell me how you did it?

…You want to say that this doesn’t prove anything, don’t you? I believe that you three are the Phantom Thieves. Now, what would the police think if they heard my recording?
It’d be bad if we’re put under police surveillance. There’s no telling what’ll happen to you, too!
If you confess the truth, I don’t mind just leaving this between the two of us… You’ll tell me, won’t you?

This seems too good to be true.

That’s the same as admitting to it, you know.

Go ahead.


That idiot…!
As loud as always… but his timing’s perfect. I’d like everyone else to hear this as well. Won’t you take me to your friends?
I guess it can’t be helped now…

Time to sell the others out!

Hm? He here?
Is that girl a friend of yours?

Music: Suspicion

Wh-What the hell?
What’s the meaning of this?

Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki… And you’re Kitagawa-kun, correct? Second-year at Kosei High and former pupil of Madarame?

While those affected by their acts were just coincidentally meeting up… How could that not raise suspicions?

In our defense, we’re idiots.

The others look around at each other.

What do you intend to do? Have you come just to say you’re going to report us?
I bet someone told you to find us. The school can’t have ties to criminals, after all! And yet they turn a blind eye when it comes to suicide and sexual harassment. Those adults are just using you. I feel sorry for you.
…… I… I know…

I’m the only one who knows about you. If you prove what you’re doing is just, I’ll erase this.
She wants to make a deal…
There is someone whose heart I’d like you to change.
Hm, so you’re not saying it’s impossible. However… I cannot tell you that just yet. Let’s continue our talk after school tomorrow. On the roof. Assuming you accept my offer, that is.

Anything to say, Ryuji?

I mean, it’s completely and totally Ryuji’s fault, no doubt. But also, this isn’t the time to be pointing fingers, because we’re completely fucked up a creek.

Why’re you singlin’ me out? Ann got recorded too, y’know!

Ann didn’t use the words “Phantom Thieves,” though.

I’m so sorry…
Hey, what should we do? That girl’s got dirt on us…
A recording seems to be insufficient evidence though. And even with that, there’s no way they could prove our methods.
Considering who we’re dealing with, I think it might be a trap.
Regardless, Maaku would be in real trouble. He’s on probation, after all.
Things’d get rough if we didn’t have our leader… and I totally don’t wanna deal with the police…
Then… we have no other choice but to go along with it.
Yes, it’s best we agree, at least for the time being. We made a crucial mistake… but not a critical one. We’ll just have to recover from here on out.
Yeah, yeah. My bad. So… we doin’ this?

All right. We’re meetin’ on the school rooftop tomorrow, yeah?
What about me? I could always sneak in if necessary.
That’ll draw too much attention. You should just wait outside, Yusuke. What could she be scheming…

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Do we just gotta do what she says…?
Considering what has happened, it seems we have no other choice.
I wonder whose heart the student council president would want us to change.

I am curious myself… She mentioned how she wants us to prove our justice, did she not?
Yeah, she definitely did.
Then there must be some reasoning behind her choice. Please contact me immediately if you find anything out. And don’t go picking any fights, OK? Do you understand, Ryuji?
Why’re you singling me out!? I ain’t dumb!

Oh geez, what a mystery. Why would someone single out Ryuji for idiocy today of all days?

She’s a shrewd one. We best be prepared for anything.

The Kanto region is expected to enter its rainy season soon.

Great news if you use Water-types.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reports that we should be getting average rainfall this year.
That means there’ll be more rain from now on, right? It’s gonna be more humid…

Wonder how all that rain will affect Mementos…

We’ll see our way through this somehow.

Anon: They’re still thieves…
Anon: I secretly root for them XD
Anon: They’ve always been fishy…
Anon: They seem full of it, so NO
Anon: of course not. done
Anon: that “justice” stuff is ehh
Anon: aww yeah, come back soon!!

Do you know about that Phantom Thieves forum?
People said when they made a request there, it got granted!
Really? That sounds super useful!
Come on, pay up. You understand the position you’re in, right?


Fun fact the P5 animated short (Persona 5: The Day breakers) is based around that mementos request, and they very much do lure the burglars to Leblanc as part of it.


At school, sure. But I think the point here is that he lived with Madarame, so he probably didn’t have many opportunities to interact with others outside of school. Living in a dorm could provide a lot more opportunities to do that than the attic of a commercial building.

Forget about smelling like coffee, Maaku is going to smell like chocolate for the rest of the game. It’s amazing how ridiculous this item is.


You know, I thought this bit was exaggerated up until the scene with Makoto. I still like Ryuji because he’s a sweetheart, but boy he needs to learn voice modulation.

Part 49

Part 49: 6/14-6/15

Anon: NO. They piss me off.
Anon: Akechi-kun is right!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Oh hey, random lady I met once a month ago. I totally remember you.

Morning! Going to school now? I’m just heading home! The morning sun is too bright…

I pulled an all-nighter. Journalist Ichiko Ohya works around the clock, you know! Well, you work hard on your studies.

Music: Suspicion

So, whose heart do you want us to change?

Getting right to the point for once, I like it.

…A mafia boss.

What’re you talkin’ about!?
That’s what they call themselves. This group seems to be the cause of the rise in phishing scams. What’s worse, once you’re in their sights, they won’t stop threatening you until you get what they want. They’ll force you to take part in their scams, threaten your family, and ultimately destroy your life.
Holy shit…
It appears that their victims include some of our students.
They primarily target juveniles.
What’s their boss’s name?

Ryuji, actually being forward-thinking.

Nobody knows.

Well, uh. Fuck. Can we get an easier one?

The victims are being threatened not to testify, so even the police can’t get a grasp of the situation.
That’s where you want us to start!?
You should be able to pull it off… If you’re really the righteous Phantom Thieves. Or is Akechi-kun correct when he says you act without justice?
Can’t you say something witty back at her?

I have to.

I knew you were gonna say that!

Another fun detail of that response I like is that Makoto has no response to it. She just totally ignores you.

Their main hub of activity is in Shibuya… That’s all the information I have. You have two weeks. Once that has passed, I’ll submit all the evidence I have to the police and to the school.

Two weeks!? We had more than that for even Kamoshida, and we knew his name!

I hope you don’t let me down…

“Don’t let me down”… Dammit, she was just bossin’ us around…
Come on, we should get in touch with Yusuke.

Music: Interrogation Room

Are you saying that Makoto was sticking her nose into this Phantom Thief business…?

That’s not the issue here…! Why would Makoto…

Sae checks her watch again.

Fine. I’ll listen to everything you have to say before I decide the truth of your statements.

Music: Wicked Plan

The mafia? Hm…
Can we really do this…?
Either way, we have almost no information on our target. This guy’s a crime boss, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a Palace. Still…
Isn’t this a prime opportunity for us though?
How!? We’re in huge trouble!
Even after we punished an evil man who seemed to be good, the public did not acknowledge us. However, if we take down an actual criminal, let alone a target the police don’t have answers for…
Oh, right…! That might make people believe in us!
I get it! That means even Akechi’ll hafta acknowledge us as the Phantom Thieves!

Have you idiots learned nothing? We need a better hideout.

Whaddya say, leader?

Hell yeah! We just gotta do what we always do!
Our time limit is two weeks, correct? We can’t afford to waste too much time. …I’ll ask around Kosei and see if there are any victims.
OK, I know some girls who go to Shibuya pretty often. I’ll check with them about it.
All right, then I’m gonna see what I can find on the net. (to Maaku) That leaves our school up to you and Morgana. You figured out what to do during the whole Kamoshida thing, right?
I’ll back you up.

I feel so much better knowing the cat is here with me.

All right, let’s get back together at the end of the week once we’ve got all our info! I’ll get in touch with you guys later!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Could I have a moment?

Well, it’s… I had a yearning to see the “Sayuri”… So, if you’re heading homeward, I’ll accompany you.

Uhhh… sure thing.

I’m glad I chose to leave it here.

Music: Alleycat

Through my artistic career, there have been moments I’ve struggled with particular motifs or techniques… However, those struggles came to pass on each occasion. Yet now I find myself in a similar situation… but the more I try to escape it, the worse it becomes. It seems I am trapped in what we in the art world call a “slump”… Are you aware that I am attending Kosei on an art scholarship? Such coveted grants are not given as charity. I must continually achieve within my field to remain eligible… Were I to lose my scholarship… I would likely have no choice but to leave the school as well. In the earlier days of my career, I would exclusively paint what I desired, when I desired it. The only goal I had in mind was the pursuit of pure beauty… That goal is what drove me onward. I wanted nothing more than to attain the lustrous allure of the “Sayuri” in my own work… Yet what reason do I have now? Holding on to my scholarship? Keeping a roof over my head? Worldly desires are all that spur my brush to move… and the resulting work reflects such impurity of mind. To be honest, I am unsure as to whether I can even call myself an artist anymore…

…My apologies. It seems I got somewhat carried away there. But… I simply cannot accept this lack of purpose in my work. That is why I am so upset with my own indecision. Such vague ambition is, in essence, a sin of sorts… Though I suppose allowing my young career to come to an end here would be even more sinful. I only wish to create a work I can be genuinely proud of… Maaku. Please look over there at the “Sayuri.” Her incandescent figure, alluring gaze… That is the meaning of pure beauty!

I’m not sure I would use the world “alluring” to describe my mom, but okay.

Yet no matter how hard I try to replicate it, an elegance so sweet remains elusive to me…! Why is that, you ask? It is surely because the painter behind the work differs… Because the soul differs…! But if my estimations are correct, the “soul” is nothing but another way to speak of the human heart. What, then, is the heart…? How does it bring forth such beauty? I must understand…!

This is getting a little heavy for me, man.

…… To be perfectly frank though… I am unsure of how to do so. Maaku… Would you be able to provide me assistance? You have already brought profound change to my world. Hence, I believe you of all people may be able to bring me closer to the truth.

At the moment, my art teacher has yet to notice any drastic changes in my work… But I cannot hide forever. Impurity of the heart will undoubtedly seep onto an artist’s canvas eventually. I must go now. My curfew approaches. I look forward to speaking about this matter again.
I walked Yusuke to the station…

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Now, in my expert opinon, Iida of class 2-D is guilty.
You mean Iida-kun from our class? Wait, start at the beginning. What’s he guilty of?
Supposedly he’s been spending money left and right recently. Said it’s because of some great part-time job he got.
I see. That may very well be worth looking into.
Right? Can you try asking him about it, Ann? I don’t think he’d be cautious around a girl.
In that case, yeah. I don’t mind giving it a try.

Thanks, that’s a huge help.
I’m hoping for some great things this time from Takamaki-san’s world-class wonderful acting.
Shut it.
I hopes this will get us even marginally closer to their so-called boss. I leave this Iida to you two. And I have high hopes for your acting as well, Ann.
You’re both missing the point!
Is it true that Iida guy’s guilty? Well, we’ll need to dig up some dirt first thing in the morning.

I can really sense her kindness and tenderness from it. Mothers really are strong.

Yeah, moms are tough.

Have you ever given it any thought? What is “justice” to you?

I see. That’s one way to look at it, but you only perceive what is on the very surface. The boy who was featured in that TV discussion is still in high school. Akechi, was it? He was well-spoken and skilled in the art of debate—almost as good as I was at that age.

Man, fuck this dude.

A team of reporters followed a police investigator who is on the mafia case. What was clear is that there is little the police can do.
Even the police are having a hard time. We can’t let our guard down.

Next, we head over to the diner. Maaku gains Guts +1 and Knowledge +3.

Anon: They’re cool, so HECKYEAH!
Anon: Probably at least somewhat

What a bullshit answer.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Music: Everyday Days

Ah, the legendary gentleman thief, Arsene. It’s hard not to idolize him—he’s preeminent in our field.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I didn’t think it had anything to do with me, but there are even victims in my class…
Oooh, I know all about that! These guys supposedly come asking if you want an easy, high-paying job… But then if you say yes, you get dragged into some real shady stuff… The teachers or student council prez’ll do something about it though. People’re real worried.
Oh, are you talking about that posting? I wonder if she was serious about it… I heard she knew about Kamoshida and the sexual harassment… she prolly won’t be too much help…

Music: So Boring

Leave it to me!
That level of motivation actually makes me a little more nervous… In any case, let us know if you learn anything.

Music: Disquiet

Apparently the damage done by this so-called mafia has even reached our student body!

Not only are there victims, there are even rumors that some are involved with such crimes… I’ve even received inquiries from their guardians. Why is this happening…?
Unfortunately, I do not have the answer to that…
This is the greatest disgrace in the history of this academy… If it were to be discovered…

I dunno, the principal, teachers, and affected family members actively covering up sexual and physical abuse so outrageous a girl attempted suicide over it still seems a little worse than this.

This is a vital issue for the student council! Did I not ask you to resolve it!?
I’m… doing the best I can.
A-And I can trust you!? You must do something about this at once! You’re the only one who is reliable around here… Don’t let me down…

From what I’ve heard, even the other students are starting to be dissatisfied with you. At this rate, you and I will both lose our roles at this school. Do you understand?
I do. Please, just give me a little more time…

Music: So Boring

It’s the only month of the year with no holidays, and it’s filled with rain—truly a season of hell. I’m exaggerating, you say? Haha. You’re all just ignorant… After all, what’s falling from the sky is acid rain that can melt metal. Hamiru-kun. Let’s test your knowledge and imagination. What would happen if you keep washing your hair with water that’s contaminated with metal?

That’s right. By the way, your hair will turn green if the metal is copper or red if it’s rust. However, acid rain can’t melt gold or silver. If you want to dye your hair gold, use bronze coins.

Fuck yeah, gold hair. I’m gonna look like the lamest Super Saiyan.

Thinking you could save money by skipping a visit to the hair salon? …It seems you still don’t understand the horror of acid rain.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

London once had acid rain on the level of stomach acid. More than four thousand people died. Perhaps one day such a deathly rain will fall on Japan…

Jesus christ, this is one morbid teacher.

My heart, too, is overcast, just like the rain that falls on the city… Oh rain!
…I’m tired of thinking up witty comments.

I was going to remark on the sudden laziness of the writer, but holy shit, you’re allowed to just stop trying to come up with jokes? Fuck me, this LP is going low-effort from now on!

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

You’re gonna back her up, right?

(tired joke where I refer to Morgana as “cat”)

Can you tell me about this easy part-time job? I’m sure you know about it, Iida-kun. Please!
…… You don’t need my help. A girl like you could probably get a job anywhere, right?
Huh…!? Ummm… Now that you mention it… Yes… So, um… What I mean is…

(disbelief in character’s incompetence)

This is going south fast.
O-Oh, Francois!
Hey, what are you–
My cat Francois got run over by a car… and also has an incurable illness! I need money fast!
That’s not convincing at all… Is she talking about me…?
If Francois were to die, I think I’d die too! Probably…
Come on, don’t talk like that…1
If you don’t like it, then tell me about that easy part-time job. You know something, don’t you? I’ve heard the rumors.
Rumors…!? Was it Nishiyama who–
Oh, uh…
Hey, what was that about Nishiyama?
She actually got the momentum back. She’s not acting anymore now, is she? Come on, let’s leave this guy to Ann and go look for that Nishiyama fellow.

(sarcastic greeting to Mishima)

You’re looking for something, right? I want to help you out, so please ask me anything.

So that’s why Takamaki-san was chasing him… Rumor is that he’s been spending money like crazy lately. I also hear that he’s been acting… weird. If you’re curious about Iida, I’d say it’s best to ask Nishiyama… I’m sorry, I don’t know where he is right now… He usually stays till late, so I think he’s probably still somewhere in the school. I’ll keep digging around while you’re looking for him!
…Well, I guess we can let him handle this.

(Emphatic denial)

We’ll have to ask someone else about Nishiyama’s whereabouts. Can you think of anyone who might know?

The student council is on edge. Hurry up… Do you have anything you want to ask about?

I heard the muggings, scams, prostitution, and drugs are making them tons of money. Most of their victims have been high schoolers, leading our school to warn its students as well. But… nobody actually knows how they operate. Even the police are completely lost.

(curious response to relieve insecurity regarding my amount of commentary)

The principal asked for us to come forward with any information we might have, right? I heard someone did come to the student council, saying they were being threatened… I don’t want to assume this of you… but you didn’t have anything to do with that, right?

(faux-offended response)

Iida-kun, from your class? I’ve heard he’s a serious student… Although he has seemed a little down lately. I wonder what happened…

Nishiyama-kun? Are you looking for him? He’s a really serious student with great grades. I always see him at the library after school. The library’s just up on the floor above this one… Why don’t you go talk to him?

(pleasant surprise at Newspaper Club Member, one of the better NPCs, having plot-critical information)

(self-deprecation about pushing this gimmick too hard)

Yeah, I heard it’s because of the mafia. They’re even forcing girls to work as prostitutes for them.

(veiled discomfort at the subject matter)

I can’t believe there’s drug dealers in Shibuya now. I wish someone would get rid of them…
Maybe we should ask the Phantom Thieves? They fight for justice, take down bad guys, right?

They can’t just tell us to stay away from Shibuya. I have to go to cram school there.
This is so dumb. The mafia’s just a bunch of lowlife losers, aren’t they? I don’t care if people want to be criminals, but don’t do anything that might affect my life. Geez.

Ah… It’s nothing. I was just looking at the bulletin. Anyway, how is the investigation going? I don’t believe there’s much time left at this point.

(annoyed rebuttal that there was never much time left, and besides, she gave us this mission yesterday)

Hm? Perhaps I misjudged your ability? Anyway, this is a very important matter for our school. I hope you can return with good news. And don’t worry… I’ll keep my promise as long as you uphold your end of the bargain.

(relief at finding Nishiyama)

You’re THAT transfer student, right…? You need something?

(mention of overpowering laziness preventing me from making a portrait for this guy)

Iida…? How do you know about that? Are you doing something to him!? He’s been acting really strange lately…

Wh-What do you mean? Is he really wrapped up in something shady?

…One day the two of us went to Shibuya, and a man approached us over near Central Street. He asked if we were interested in an easy part-time job… I said it wasn’t, but Iida was into it… He was asking the guy all sorts of questions.

U-Um, I don’t know… I was so scared I ended up going home alone… But according to Iida, it only takes ten minutes, and is good for people who don’t stand out.

Iida statted spending a lot of money. That’s when his strange behavior began too… But that’s all I know… That’s enough, right?
A man on Central Street, hm? That is suspicious… Maybe he was making him commit crimes?

I have tried looking into this high-paying part-time job myself. People seem to be talking about it here as well. Supposedly a man will talk to you in broad daylight over on Central Street… And your job is to deliver a small envelope he hands you. Well, I will contact you again if I learn anything more.

(reminder to the audience that Makoto said these guys were behind phishing scams, which this is emphatically not)

So that means this part-time job is somehow crime-related… It takes ten minutes, is good for people who don’t stand out, and involves a small envelope… …Does that ring any bells? It’s something the mafia would definitely be up to.

What does that have to do with envelopes? And it’s not really something you can do unnoticed. Hmmm… Any other ideas? It’s something the mafia would commit.

Like illegal drugs…? Maybe they made Iida smuggle drugs for them. That definitely fits with the small envelope, and you can get arrested just for possession…

Well, I looked into Iida on my own anyway. Rumor has it he got involved in some kind of suspicious part-time job. And that job’s apparently totally insane… Something about trafficking drugs, I think. I hear they ask you to take part in it down on Central Street. In broad daylight, even…

(exasperation at Mishima’s outdated information)

So he is smuggling… This won’t be pretty. Come on, let’s go back to Lady Ann! We’ll ask Iida directly!

No problem. I just want to see you guys succeed. You wanted to ask Iida something, right? He’s still in the classroom with Takamaki-san.

(defeated sigh at no one ever understanding sarcasm)

She’s still doing that…? All right, take over for her.

Hamiru…!? Come on, you too…? I already told you, I don’t know…

He did!? That bastard… Dammit! …… Shit… Well, if you already know about it, fine… But I don’t want to talk about it here. Let’s go somewhere a little quieter.

Music: Suspicion

Yeah, I got a job! So what? Isn’t that normal? …What’re you getting at?

That’s right! You have to smuggle it to people while it’s still hot! I mean, not that kind of smuggling! Tell him what you heard earlier!
I don’t know what you’re talking about.

How do you…? I’ve only told one person about that… Of all people, I can’t believe you were the one to find out… Y-You’re right… They told me they had an easy part-time job for me, and I ended up smuggling drugs… All I had to do was put envelopes into coin lockers, and they said they’d give me a hefty paycheck. I didn’t know what was in the envelopes though! Still, this is what came out of it…

So you knew, huh… They started threatening me right after they deposited the money into my bank account… They had pictures of me carrying the goods. Said they’d expose what I did unless I paid them off… You know… why are you even asking me this stuff…? Are you just gonna use my job to blackmail me too…?

(statement mourning the death of Maaku’s reputation)

I see… Well even if you were planning on doing that, I don’t have any money I could give you… If you’re really interested in that job, try heading over to Central Street. That’s where they told me about it… I-I told you everything you want to know, right? Can I go? Well then…

Did Ann’s acting help at all? I’m thinking prolly not.

So they ask you to deliver drugs…
That’s serious. I just searched for “Shibuya drugs” and got tons of hits too.

So they’re making people traffic drugs, then threatening them…
That must be what I heard people talking about in Shibuya. They seem to be going about this quite openly during the daytime. What bold methodology.

I see. Yes, more students will be out during the day, while the police will be more cautious at night.
Ryuji, you’re over in Shibuya now, right? Do you see anyone like that there?
Yeah, I’m at Central Street. It’s tough to tell though.

Yeah, that seems like our only choice now. We can split up and search separately then.
In any case, we have some new intel. Let us call that progress for today.
Whoever asks us to take on that job should know who their boss is too.
All right, I’ll get in touch with you guys later tonight and we can come up with a plan.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

(joking expression of equal disappointment to see Sojiro)

I never get many customers when it rains. The cash register is gonna run dry at this rate…

Yes. It is highly likely that this part-time solicitor is somehow related to the mafia.

(confusion at the continued use of the word “mafia” rather than “yakuza”)

If we tail him, he may lead us straight back to his boss.

That’s not a bad idea. Cats have nine lives, right? Morgana can spare one for this.
Wouldn’t the mafia get caught off guard if they had a cat coming to deliver drugs for ‘em?
In other words, Maaku will be going. I have no objections.

(sustained profanity)

Tricking people and using that as blackmail… These bastards are true cowards.
It’s kinda scary to think people like that are all around us in this city…
Well guys, we gotta brace ourselves. We’re up against a serious criminal here.

Relaxing at the park is nice, and the view from the Ferris wheel is really something!
Yes, the Ferris wheel is really popular among couples. I’d love to ride it with a cute girl someday.

I barely get any customers on rainy days… Umm… Master, are you hungry at all? Now we’re offering special services like “Maid’s Cooking” and “Together with a Maid”! :heart:

(extreme displeasure)

With the request fee included… It’ll only cost you 5,000 yen! It’s practically a steal!
>Call her over
What!? …Seriously? I-I mean, thank you for requesting me. Then, please wait for me, Master! I hope you have a big appetiiiite!

Music: My Homie

The high-end cup noodles really do make a difference, don’t they?

(request refund)

They are pretty complicated though… It says to drain the hot water once and leave the sauce packet on the lid so it gets warm… Don’t request me if you’re going to complain.

(confusion at the change in tone caused by the conversation branch, though maybe she thought that was sarcasm)

…Besides, I thought I warned you already. Why would you request me again…?

Hmmm…. Are you sure that’s really the reason? …Well, I guess I’m in no position to complain, since I’m making money from it. yawn I’m so tired… We had a faculty meeting just the other day. Why do they have to last so long…? Thanks to the Phantom Thieves… The students have been really restless lately. The teachers can’t agree on what to do about them or the Phantom Thieves. I wished they talked more about our bonus instead. I heard they might even cut the teachers’ salaries… I’m so sick of it…

I’ll continue to serve you with all my might, Master! sigh …I’m going to be in trouble if I don’t pick up more shifts.

Music: Suspicion

What…? How much!? I can’t… …Yes, but…! That… That’s true… …Sure. …… Yes… Yes, I understand… Yes, it’s my responsibility, after all…

Uh, apparently it’s some crazy incurable disease, so there’s a lot of fees and extra charges! That’s why it would really help if you requested me more… Oh, never mind. You’re my student. I can’t keep relying on you… Ughhh… What am I going to do…? Anyway, it’s time for me to go. Hey, feel free to call me to do housework. It doesn’t have to be through the maid service. I live close by, so I can stop over whenever you need me. Besides, I’m worried that you can’t cook or do laundry because you don’t have your parents… Oh, and if your friends suddenly come over, I can always leave out the back way.

(expressed internal confusion over how massive a nightmare of a situation this is)

I feel Kawakami’s kindness…

(confident summation of critical gameplay feature that turns out to be totally incorrect after like six corrections from the audience)

In any case, I need to talk to my boss about giving me more shifts… I need to get requested more… Good night.

(setup for the next update, followed by relief I don’t have to do this gimmick any more)

Part 50

Part 50: 6/16

Anon: Isn’t it a crime?
Anon: It’s fun, so it’s OK.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Now for today’s Train News. Today’s headlines are… “Shady Drug Deals in Shibuya!” Is this the same organization behind both this and the extortions? Alongside the phishing scams that have been on the rise, this may be their source of funding. “Restaurant Factory Fire!” A worker from the restaurant giant Haneruya was arrested for arson. Though he admits to the charges, he claims to not know why he did it. This industry is raising eyebrows.

Jeez, more food service nonsense?

Oh yeah, something weird happened in food service before, right? Some employee cooking naked… With all these extortions and scams… this world’s really messed up.

What was that all about?
I hear her older sister’s involved with the investigation. Maybe she’s just trying to play detective, too.
Are you kidding me? I can’t handle a student council president with no focus. She and the principal can both get lost.

Music: Wicked Plan

There sure are a lot of high schoolers during the day. They must be targeting them somehow.
It will be quite difficult to figure out how given the number of people around though.

Right! We’re gonna grab ‘em by the tail!
As we discussed yesterday, you should head over to Central Street, Maaku.
Sweet, let’s get goin’! Lemme know if you find any shady people!

Music: Disquiet

We might end up running into the mafia. Be ready for anything!

I hope something comes of it. I’ll be counting on you.
Is she following us? Nah, that can’t be.


They appear and disappear as they please… Not only that, but they blend in with normal teenagers…
Stop complaining! If we don’t try getting information, people will say the police are useless! The media are already on our case, and the higher-ups aren’t doing a thing… This is bad for morale…

Move a little further down the street, and we’re automatically pulled into this scene.

We’re having a special sale just over there. How ‘bout you go take a peek?
We ordered way too much, so I have a ton left over. My boss’ll kill me if I go back to him with all these extras. Look, I’ll sell ‘em to you for cheap. Whaddya say?
What should we do?
It depends on the price, wouldn’t you say?

Well that’s disappointing. Come back if you change your mind.
Really? The shop’s right over there. Just go take a look.
It seems like some kind of sale. You probably shouldn’t bother.

Yeah, the sketchiest sale ever.

Hm? Is that supposed to be some kinda password? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I haven’t been here long. Try talking to someone else.

That ain’t so easy… I only know one guy around here… Sometimes I see him in the alley across the way, but I don’t think he’s there today. He might be near the station. Go there if you wanna see him.
Hm, maybe this other person would know something…? Apparently he’s near the train station, so let’s go take a look over there.

Is she keeping an eye on us?
Maybe. I guess she’s curious about all of this.
Well let’s just ignore her if she’s not getting in our way. More importantly, how’re things on your guys’ end?
Nothing so far. I’m going to try staking out the underground walkway.
Then I’ll check around the Inogami Line. I guess I’ll get there from the underground.
I will gather some more intel in the underground shopping mall as well. Please continue on your end, Maaku.
Everyone’s really going about this seriously. They’re definitely worth of being phantom thieves. We can’t fall behind either. Let’s look for that homeless man.

Hm…? You’re trying to find a homeless person? That’s a good idea. They would know a lot about what goes on in this town. I haven’t seen any here, but I would bet there are some in the underground area…
Underground… I don’t like the idea of it, but we should go check it out.

Sure enough, it’s the homeless guy we chat with from time to time.

A part-time job…? You’re not talking about some ordinary job, huh? Take my advice: Don’t do it. They’ll squeeze every last penny out of you with threats and extortion. Some of my friends have fallen victim to their schemes… That mafia is evil, I tell you.

It’s easy to say that, but none of them have places to go… Just don’t go anywhere near that mafia. But just so you know who to avoid, I’ll teach you how to tell them apart from normal people. They use some weird phrases. Code words, you know. That’s how they communicate with each other. Anyway, watch out if you hear any of that stuff. They’ll try to come for you even during the day. They’re relentless when it comes to targeting teens.

Ah, so you’ve grasped something already. As to be expected of someone like you, Maaku.
Why don’t we just go over the intel we’ve gathered so far?
I’ll start. Supposedly some guy near the accessway talking about some kinda “strong drugs.” I’m not counting on anything, but I’ll go check it out.
As for me, I heard about someone soliciting a “high-paying job” in the station plaza. Apparently they’re mostly targeting girls. I’ll go see what it’s about.
On my end, I heard there are people saying strange things in the back alley near the arcade. Something about ice and vegetables, and something about snow tomorrow… I will go observe, just in case. The arcade is on Central Street, correct?
All right, we should do what we can to help them out. I have no idea which of these leads are real. Try going to the most suspicious-sounding place.

Let’s think this through. Despite Ryuji and Ann’s leads sounding more outright suspicious, they don’t have any elements of code words, leading us to conclude it’s almost certainly Yusuke’s lead that’s the correct one. That said, we should at least check out those other two first because they might be funny.

Uhhh… Go down those stairs, then turn left. Be careful, granny.
Oh, Shibuya is so complicated. These bones don’t move like they used to either. How troubling.
Arghhh, c’mon…

Sorry, my lead didn’t end up bein’ anything. That dude at the stairs… Pretty misleadin’, huh? Sheesh… Oh, what about Ann and Yusuke? You should go check on ‘em. Hey, granny, you OK? You’re lookin’ pretty shaky, so I don’t mind givin’ you a hand.

Uh, thanks. I dunno what I’m even doin’ here though…
He said his lead didn’t amount to anything. We should leave this area to him, OK? Come on, let’s go see Lady Ann and Yusuke.

I’ve heard it’s super effective. Even the most barren deserts will become lush forests of hair…
So that’s who Ryuji was talking about. Lush forests… I don’t really want to know. I guess I can see how you’d mistake him for what we want though.

I’ll do whatever! Squat cobbler, you name it!

Huh? You… want to be in one of our videos? I guess I can’t say there’s no demand… but our company only hires girls. Sorry.
…Be in a video? What kind of job is that? Though I guess that doesn’t have anything to do with drugs. It must not be him.

Look, someone’s asking about a video shoot over by the train… but I guess that’s for models? In any case, they’re not here. Go try seeing what Ryuji and Yusuke have.

Arcade…? You’re a high school student, aren’t you? You’d better not be looking for trouble. All kinds of shady activity happens at arcades.
What are you talking about? It’s nothing more than a place you go to play games…

This must be the alley Yusuke was referring to.

Well… you aren’t wrong about that.

It seems we didn’t have to look very hard in the end.
You’re high schoolers, yeah? Don’t you want something more than just your allowances?
Hm… by delivery, do you mean that of suspicious materials?

Um, what are you doing?

Heh, you’re a funny girl.
So you won’t answer me? Then I was right…

What’s up with you anyways? Why’re you asking all these questions, huh?


Anyways, I can’t hang. Seeya!
U-Um, if you don’t want to deal with us, we could always go see your boss ourselves.

No seriously, what the hell are you doing?

You’re really gonna say that, knowing who he is? Heh, no way I believe that. Welp, I’m outta here. You guys are annoying me.

I think we should get some proof before we do that. I tried to trick him into saying something, but he dodged all the traps I was laying down.

Yeah, real great attempt there. Not only did you not learn anything, you almost got your ass kicked.

By the way… thanks for standing up for me. I’m going to go now.

No wonder the police are having trouble catching him. Anyway, you have some serious guts. You didn’t back down at all against that hooligan. Though we still didn’t end up with any new information… Let’s stop here for today.

That would be best. We did ask tons of people, so there’s a chance we’re being followed.
Just to be safe, we should refrain from doing anything to make ourselves stand out. The sun will be setting soon, so let us disband for today and report on our findings tomorrow.
Why don’t we meet at karaoke tomorrow? We can talk in private, and it’ll be cheap after school.
Ah, that must be what they call hustle hour.
Dude, it’s muscle hour. Wait, is that wrong too?
Um, hello? Happy hour. Muscle hour just sounds sweaty… Anyway, see you guys at karaoke tomorrow.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Thanks. For earlier.

…I wanted to apologize. I got a hold of your number without asking you, so… I realize I’m apologizing after the fact, but… It just didn’t feel right, keeping it from you, so… …That’s all. Bye.

Speaking of, some girl called looking for you around noon. Said she’s the class president. Said she’s got something that belongs to you. She seemed to know you, so I gave her your number.
She must’ve looked up Leblanc’s address trying to contact you. That Niijima sure is thorough! Then again, she called you just to apologize… It’s a bit weird, but maybe she’s not so bad after all.

An employee was arrested, but claims to be unable to recall any details of the crime. When questioned about his motive, the employee insisted he did not know what came over him. Incidents with suspects whose motives are unclear have been happening often in the restaurant industry…
It’s weird that they don’t remember. How is anyone supposed to prevent these weird crimes?

Are you helping out today?

We can finally rank up, so let’s hang out with him.

>Help him out
I’ll teach you how to make good coffee. Its taste all depends on you though.

Music: What’s Going On?

These beans are Colombian, a medium-fine city roast. Oh, and don’t let the water boil too much. …You’re gonna be fine. I’ll be here the whole time.

…Not bad. Though I guess anyone can do something as simple as just brewing it. Making a blend, on the other hand, is a different story. Mixing beans at random won’t do you any good. That’s because the acidity and the flavor profile all depend on the bean ratio. Pretty deep, huh?

If you’re really that interested, feel free to try out whatever combinations you want to. …Oh, but hands off the expensive beans, got it? Next up is the curry. There’s something special about its flavor. The truth is, a scientific genius actually came up with the perfect spice combo to complement my coffee.

Suuuuure they did.

Something about the quantification of taste… There’s no formula for flavor, but it IS pretty damn good. Anyhow, we don’t make compromises when it comes to food service. Our stuff’s gotta wow the customers. This is a tiny shop, after all. Self-satisfaction is the only thing that keeps me going.

The front door opens.

Music: Suspicion

Haven’t I already told you I don’t have the money? Look at this place. You see many customers in here?
Oh, no need to hide it, Sakura-san! You must have saved plenty from your time working in the government. Aren’t you taking care of that employee right there too, for nothing more than charity? I wish you’d show me the same kindness you show others.
If you’re not planning on buying anything, can you please leave? I’m expecting a phone call, so I don’t have time to chat with you.
I don’t mind if you take the call in front of me. I can talk to your little friend here in the meantime. So, should we keep talking until your call comes in? Or would that be too inconvenient for you?
It looks like Sojiro’s in trouble. What should I do…?

They come ‘round pretty often to make sure this guy’s not getting in any trouble. Want me to introduce you?
…Oh, that’s right! I have some business I need to take care of myself! I’ll come back later!

Wonder what all this is about.

sigh I guess I should explain what’s going on. He might try and drop by when I’m not around. …That man is an old acquaintance of mine who’s short on cash right now. Looks pretty friendly, yeah? Don’t let him fool you—It’s all an act. I have to say though… I’m surprised you were quick-witted enough to pull that stuff off.

I feel like my bond with Sojiro is growing deeper…

Curry restores 20 SP for all allies, but you can only make it on certain dates, and it still consumes time. Considering how packed our nights already are, it’s not really worth it, especially once we get those SP Adhesive 3s from Takemi. Also, like the coffee, it counts as a “food” item and can’t be used in battle.

Still… why do you poke around into other people’s troubles? It’s way easier to ignore them. I guess that’s just the kinda person you are though, huh…

sigh I’d report him to the cops if he wasn’t related to her…


Oh, uh… never mind that. Anyway, that’s it for today. Go… study or something after you close up.
I can see the compassion hidden beneath Sojiro’s actions… I feel my Kindness growing…

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

Anon: ends justify the means…
Anon: Isn’t it a crime?
Anon: get off your high horse
Anon: NO! justice ain’t that simple
Anon: they’re up to something
Anon: NO. They piss me off.

I’ve got a job you could do. Wanna hear more?
Another psychotic breakdown?
Oh, you mean how they’re increasing security in Shibuya?
They’re the scum of society. Hurry up and arrest them…


I guess Makoto just found out that not all scofflaws aren’t as loudmouthed as Ryuji.

Part 51

Part 51: 6/17-6/18

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Speaking of murky… there haven’t been any new developments in the phantom thief incidents. If they go so far as using calling cards to get attention, I doubt Madarame’s case will be the last. What kind of target will they choose next? What do you think?

The Phantom Thieves only target criminals, huh… Is that really true? Supposing it is, there are plenty of villains in the world. How do they choose who to go after? …… …Oh, sorry. I’m getting lost in my head… I have to stay on top of any Phantom Thieves activity due to what I said on the air. If you hear any rumors at school, I hope you can let me know.

For real!? We didn’t get anything!?

Man, we’re goin’ nowhere with this… Hey, can’t we ask Miss President to change it up?
You mean… change our target?
We just gotta show our justice to satisfy her, right? There are tons of shitty adults in this world. It’s not like it matters who we’re goin’ after. She says this is for the students, but I bet it’s just so she can go brag about it on college apps.
But that mafia’s stealing money from kids. We can’t just accept that! It doesn’t matter who the target came from anymore.
Ann’s right. We want to give courage to the weak. Isn’t this the perfect target to accomplish that goal?

I never thought it’d be this noisy if you weren’t singin’… Anyways, I’m sure we’ll shut Akechi up if we pull this off, but–

Oh? Akechi? I ran into him earlier today, we had a nice chat.

That’s exactly why we should do it.
It all comes down to intel in the end… If we don’t start finding tips on that front, we’ll never get any further than this…
There has to be someone who has what we need.

…That’s right! What about that journalist?
You mean the woman who was staking out Madarame’s house?

Yusuke has no questions at all about this mysterious woman who was staking out his home.

Oh yeahhh. I completely forgot about her! Didn’t she give you her card?

You still have that!?

…This is for a rather major publication.
You think we can trust her?
There’s no other way.
OK, let’s contact her!

He says our time’s up. Should we extend it?
Happy hour’s over, yeah? C’mon, let’s just go.
How wasteful!

Yusuke starts chugging his drink and begins to cough.

Let us know ASAP when she responds! Got it, Maaku?

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

The chief’s as sharp as ever… But it’s more like we’re the ones being dragged into things…

We can hang out with Sojiro today, too. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, though: we can’t rank him up for a long-ass time.

The police stated that they are dedicating all their efforts to prevent more victims of the mafia. However, they have failed to make good on that promise, and the public’s unease has only grown.
They’re hurting a lot of people. I really wish we could find some sort of lead.

I don’t think my bond with Kawakami will deepen just yet…

Music: What’s Going On?

I feel like my bond with Kawakami will grow stronger soon…
Thank you for your patronage!

Music: Days of Sisters

They were asking if you’ve made any lifestyle changes recently.
I gave them a suitable enough answer, but… is there some kind of issue at school?
No… It’s nothing. I’m sorry to worry you.

I doubt you would do such a thing, but try to avoid wandering around Shibuya late at night. I’ve heard stories of girls your age throwing their lives away out there. They got involved in criminal acts and were blackmailed into working at illegal sex establishments…

That’s… pretty dark.

…… I’ve heard rumors about that as well. People have been mentioning it at school.
…These aren’t mere rumors. I know of a few such cases.
Well, it should be nothing or you to worry about. Just concentrate on your studies for now.

“Don’t go out late or you’ll get blackmailed and forced to work as a prostitute! Well, good night!”

Music: So Boring

We only just emailed her the other day. Why are you so hasty?
I dunno. I’ve been looking for info, but I can’t find a damn thing… We only got two weeks left, man. Duh we’re in a hurry.
To be more precise, it’s ten days.
We ain’t gonna have much time, even if we start right after she responds.
Looks like this battle will have to be a quick one then.
We must also consider what we do in case she fails to respond entirely.
Hey, don’t jinx this!
I am merely discussing all the possible outcomes.
Ain’t you nervous about this?
Nervousness will not help us solve anything at this point. Were that the solution to our problem, I would be much quicker to turn to panic.
Wow, he’s like some kind of philosopher…
I think he’s just an idiot…

Music: Disquiet

You said you would keep it a secret, but rumors have started getting out… Wait… You didn’t leak that information, did you!?
Calm down… They’re still targeting you?
Even that delinquent found out. He might try and threaten me too… Why is this happening to me…? I can’t afford to keep paying…
I’ve found some clues regarding your incident. I just need you to wait a bit longer.
You’re really gonna help…? Everyone thinks you’re just doing it for a letter of recommendation…
That’s not true. My goal here is to protect the students of this school…
Then please… please hurry…

Music: Tokyo Daylight

However, do you remember that thread about the group of burglars in Shibuya? It seems the one who posted about his brother is a student at my school. And so after some prodding, I was able to pry a few more details out of him.
Oh, right! I was actually wondering about that. It didn’t sound like they had anything to do with the mafia we’ve been chasing.
Indeed. Now, I was able to ascertain his brother’s name… It’s Kazuya Makigami.
Dude, it’s freaking crazy that someone involved in that shit goes to your school. Nice going, Yusuke!
And you even found the name of the guy we’re looking for! That was super awesome!
All we gotta do now is punish him in Mementos. This burglar guy isn’t gonna be near as scary as the mafia. He’s just a plain dude, right? We’ll show him what being a phantom thief’s really about!
It seems we are unanimous then. We can further discuss the details at the hideout.
We have our target! We also have the mafia to deal with too, so make sure the timing’s right. Anyway, let’s all meet up at the hideout when you’re ready.

Hey, shouldn’t you tell the others about what Mishima told you?

I have no idea what you could possibly be referring to, cat.

Right? It’s like he’s a prince. He’s the Detective Prince!

Uhh, that title is already occupied, thank you.

I love hearing that suave and soothing voice of his too! I wish he would talk to me like that.
But you know, Hamiru-kun actually debated with Akechi-kun, and he didn’t do too badly.

Aww yeah, people are finally treating me with the respect I deser–trips and splits my head open on a desk

Don’t you think it’s terrible how he insists that the Phantom Thieves are dangerous?

His prettiness is irrelevant to me! Professional journalists need to be impartial. Is what the Phantom Thieves did that bad? The truth is that people have been saved by them.

Remember that scene we shared with Yusuke a little while back? That let us start hanging out with him.

This may be a good opportunity to deepen my bond with Yusuke…
Maaku, do you have time?

Do you remember how I mentioned my need to understand the heart? Well, I am having a hard time grasping it. How will I be able to reach the truth of pure beauty…? Maaku, what should I paint to capture the contents of the heart?

Hm. The scenery of one’s heart… Ah, I see…! Mementos! The desire that emanates from that place is the root of humanity! Incredible! You honestly have a unique perspective on things. With that destination in mind, let us make haste!

Music: Suspicion

The same thing which brought forth the beauty of the “Sayuri” can also create such morbid fabrications… But I actually find that aspect to be quite fascinating… The heart is akin to an abyss… Now, regarding the source of my slump… I actually have an idea. In that other dimension, I saw the perversion of Madarame’s heart… At that moment, the art realm I had so much faith in was distorted by greed and unchecked desires. That is when the true ugliness of the world became clear to me… And from that point forward, my brush has been stayed by crippling hesitation… Does pure beauty truly exist…? And if so, can hands tainted by Madarame’s depravity capture it…? Considering such intense questions only served to distance me from reality. Doubt filled my mind. I struggled to find a reason to move my brush again… And honestly… I still have yet to discover a suitable answer.

Oh my god you can just talk forever, can’t you?

Please, do not rush me. I only need a little more time… Hm. The lingering uncertainty present in this place seems to be sharpening my senses… I feel a revelation approaching… Hm, yes…! Inspiration has struck…! That must be it…! Such brilliant composition! Ah, my heart races…!

Oh shit.

Hmph, how inelegant! You wish to carry out your distorted will, foolish Shadow? I shall cut you down for interrupting my work…!

Don’t fuck with Yusuke. Lesson learned.

Viscid Rotting Meats

We’ve got five Viscid Rotting Meats to take care of, and while they pack more health than normal Slimes, they go down fairly simply to a healthy combo of Mabufu and Yusuke’s Vicious Strike to score those sweet sweet Technical bonuses.

And we get a Blank Card for our troubles. Keep that in mind going into this next scene.

Music: Mementos

I’m glad you were here. You have my thanks. You’re like Theo.

…I worry that you may not get what I mean. It was a figure of speech. I was referring to Van Gogh’s brother, Theo. Van Gogh did not achieve fame in his lifetime, but found an admirer and supporter in his brother.

Well, there aren’t many who are willing to deal with my… eccentricity. By the way, what’s in your hand…? A card?

…… Whenever I see blank paper, I have the urge to draw something on it. …May I?

chuckle …… Impossible! …… Good… …… What!? …… Hrrm… …… A satisfactory result.

My picture… turned into a real skill card?

Indeed… Maaku. Would you mind helping me further? If I can overcome this slump, I should be able to aid our group like earlier—perhaps even more so. I know… Why don’t we act as the thieves we are and strike a deal?

Yes. You can rely on me.
I can sense Yusuke’s trust in me…

Music: Interrogation Room

I don’t have a clue how these cards were used, but someone proficient in the arts was close to you… …What were you having this person do!?

Music: The Spirit

The Emperor is the arcana of authority and structure, but also excessive control and inflexibility when reversed. It represents the patriarch.

This is very similar to a feature that was in Persona 3 Portable, except this time you actually get to choose the card and it only takes a day. Again, skill cards are a great way to break the game but a more casual player won’t need them much, especially due to their relative infrequency in this game.

I’ll contact you once it’s done. I’ll see you later.

Music: Suspicion

The journalist responded to me…

This is from that journalist, right? She wants to meet you there now…? Looks like this Crossroads place is in Shinjuku. A meetup in Shinjuku…

Let me see… I guess to put it simply, it’s a nightlife district for adults.

Well, now I’m concerned as to why the cat knows what Shinjuku is like.

You should send everyone a message and let them know what you’re up to.

That sounds rather dangerous.
Where should we meet up?
Stand by, Ann. It’ll be easier to move around with less of us.
My apologies. I don’t have the money to take the train there.

My god, Yusuke, how are you still alive?

If Maaku’s going, I guess there’s no need to worry. We’ll leave it to you then.
Well, I guess that’s that. Let’s meet up in Shibuya.
Be careful, you two.
I shall be sure to save money for situations like this from now on.

It would be bad for you to stand out. You should change before you go.

Music: Wicked Plan

Huh? No choice. I didn’t have the time to go home. People aren’t gonna notice anyways with this t-shirt over it.

That’s not the issue! Are you both idiots? I’m just saying now, I won’t be to blame when you get caught by the cops.
Don’t worry about it. That place ain’t so different from Shibuya. C’mon, I’ll guide you. If we’re goin’ to Shinjuke… we should probably hop on the JL. Just get outta this building and then the ticket gate should be on the right. It’s go time!

Music: Suspicion

So, we head outside…

…to the JL gate.

Yeah, can’t wait to enjoy some of that nice “conversation.”

We’re somehow only getting the tutorial about train fares now.

Stop looking around so much. You look like a tourist.
I-I was just tryin’ to find that place we’re lookin’ for. Crossroads Bar’s right up ahead. I’m sure we’ll get there if we keep goin’ straight.

Let’s head forward, then.

Wait… You underage?

Oh? In that case come in for an hour or two!
How did you get caught up in this!? Come on, ignore him!

Further down the street, we are accosted yet again…

Touch all you want, no added fees. We have the cutest girls in town too.

Did you really just ask that?
Just ignore that guy, you idiot. No matter what way you cut it, he’s a shady character.

Maybe they got some cool stuff to read. Wanna go check it out a bit?

Yeah, I’m sure it’s full of… enlightening material.

You don’t have time for that right now. Save it for later. Meeting with that journalist comes first!
Yeah, OK. We’ll go here some other time.


What do you want, cop?

Yup. People mistake us all the time for younger kids though.

Wait a second… I’ve seen the pattern on those pants before. Maybe it was on the news… Oh yeah, it was on that segment about the teacher who was harassing kids! Is that a school uniform…!?

Foiled once again by that stylish plaid!

You kids have got to be high schoolers! Come with me!
Shoot! This is why I said uniforms were a bad idea! Let’s run!

Hey, it ain’t our fault we had to deal with that detour! Our school’s gettin’ real famous!

Oh hey, random woman. I wonder why you have a portrait.

In any case, horrible disaster is coming for you! Please let me examine your future further!
What!? Me?
Yes, I suggest you get your fortune told! What I say will surely come to pass!
More of this shit…? Sorry, but we’re in a hurry. I don’t really believe in that stuff anyways.
I see. My apologies. However… if you change your mind, I’ll be waiting here in this spot at night. May your fortunes be well…

We finally find the place.

Beer, whiskey, wine… Looks like nighttime is bar time.
Goin’ in our uniforms is probably a bad idea… We got caught last time too…

I came all the way to Shinjuku and can’t even go in…? Fiiine. I’ll kill time somewhere nearby… Just lemme know when you’re done.

Music: Crossroads

How old are ya, boy?
Sorry, Lala-chan. He’s with me.

Go on back there. I’ll treat you to some water!

Music: Wicked Plan

Haha, what a surprise. I thought you were joking, yet here you are.

Remember Drunk Yukiko from Persona 4? Well, the rest of this conversation is the same voice actress doing pretty much the exact same voice with a slightly older affect. It’s kind of uncanny.

I respect that bravery, so I’ll listen to what you have to say. Well, what do you want to know?

Oh? Why that?

Hm… Well I do happen to know something about that. I could tell you, but… Do you know the Phantom Thieves of Hearts? You know, that case the public has been focused on lately. I was pursuing the issue of people randomly entering into a shut-down state, but I’m lacking intel…

Wow, that sounds way more important that our dumb shit.

That’s why I’m currently looking for new material to write about. So, do you have any info on these Phantom Thieves?

I know a thing or two.

Hm… Something like that. You’re a Shujin kid, right? I remember you wearing their uniform the last time we met. I thought maybe you might have some insider knowledge on the Phantom Thieves because of it. Their first incident was that of Kamoshida, you know? Ideally, I’d like to get some exclusive coverage from a student who suffered Kamoshida’s abuse. I would love an introduction if you know of someone who fits the bill. After all, it seems like handling this matter in the open would be an inconvenience to us both…
Hm, a student who suffered from abuse… …Oh! What about that Mishima guy? He always seems to be on the side of the Phantom Thieves.

It’s a deal then. Send me your friend’s contact info later.
You’d better be thankful. My quick wit is the only reason we’re getting this far.
…Now that I think about it, those mental shutdowns and the Phantom Thieves both seem supernatural… Could they be related…? Or am I just hoping for a coincidence…? Oh, sorry. I have a tendency to talk to myself on occasion. Well then, you can’t exactly consider this an upfront payment, but…

I think he’s probably the guy you’re looking for.
You should check him out further if you’re curious… but I’m not responsible for what happens next!

Have fun, kids!

Lala-chan, can I get a refill for this kid? We need to make a toast to our new acquaintance!
It’ll be a problem if you stay too long. You should leave right after you finish your water…

Music: Beneath the Mask

Let’s meet up with Ryuji.

For real!? Awesome! Anyways, we should meet up ASAP. I’ll be in front of the movie theater, so head on over. It’s that kinda open area you passed on your way to the bar.
So we just have to go back the way we came, huh? All right, let’s go.

Not so loud!

Here we go! Mkay, now we just gotta get some info on the distortion. Once we know that, it’s Palace time!
Let’s try tomorrow. It’ll be better when we have the whole team together.
Right. I’ll tell everyone to meet up in Shibuya. This is totally crazy though… It’s a huge catch! I’m pumped.

OK, so, this part coming up is just inexcusably bad. I’m sorry to say this game has got some ass-backward politics, and as a show of defiance I’m not going to make real portraits for the characters involved. Instead, I have replaced their portraits with photoshops from the covers of Chuck Tingle novels. I hope, in some small way, that this does something to abate the terrible affront to decency that follows.

Music: Everyday Days

Gah! Wh-Who are you!?

Gwahahaha! I’m the naughty troll of Shinjuku! I’m gonna eat you up!
H-Hey, wait… Lemme go! Dude, help! You can hear me, can’t you!?

Don’t look at me like I’m some kinda dog in a kennel! Your friend is in serious trouble here!
Hehehe. What an energetic studmuffin. I’ll give you all the freebies you could ever desire!
The night is young, and so are you! Let’s party it up!
Come back alive…

This has been today’s session of Katsura Hashino’s LGBT Sensitivity Training. We have a lot of progress to make in the future. That was mercifully brief, at the very least.

Music: Beneath the Mask

You did it! Well then, let’s meet up at the hideout tomorrow!
Understood. Ryuji seems to be absent from this conversation. Should we contact him separately?
I’m sure he’ll figure it out when he checks his phone later.
We’re pretty much already in Kaneshiro’s Palace! That was surprisingly easy!

For real!? You’re not pulling my leg, right? Ohya-san…

Looks like my time in the female limelight has finally arrived… This is all thanks to you. I feel like starting the Phan-Site has really changed me. Anyway, I can handle this. You introduced me, so I’ll make sure I don’t embarrass you. And I’ll totally let you know if we end up hooking up!

This might be my favorite joke in the game, which makes it all the weirder that it immediately follows the objective worst joke in the game.

It’s a fascinating place, don’t you think? We should go back sometime.

What, and get attacked by those roving bands of homosexuals? No thank you, sir!

The arrested employee continues to state that he cannot recall ever committing the crime. With no testimony to link to a motivation, the cause remains unclear. Crimes with suspects unable to explain their motives continue to occur in the restaurant industry.
There’s all sorts of incidents going on… Arson is pretty scary.

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day, so let’s get to bed.


Persona 5: “All the playable characters are rejected by society. Anyway, wouldn’t be fucked up if Ryuji got hit on by two gay men?”

I’d heard this scene was bad. And while it was mercifully short, boy was it bad. It’s kinda weird that they fuck this sort of thing up so far down the line, because one of the few things I know about Persona 2 is that there’s a gay pairing that’s apparently done well.


Persona 1-2’s development team is very different from Persona 3-5’s development team, but that’s still no excuse. I guess some people in Japan think “wouldn’t it be funny if you’re put in an awkward situation like that” without thinking about how damaging the bad stereotypes are (I’m pretty sure this is not the first thing this sort of “situation” appeared in). This is one of those things I really hope the new director for the next Persona changes for the better.

At least these NPCs do talk about things other than hitting on men a few months later in the game, but of course that doesn’t change what happened when they were first introduced.

Part 52

Part 52: 6/19-6/20: Makoto, Makoto, Makoto

Music: Wicked Plan

Let’s just forget that ever happened, please.

What’re you talking about?
…Nothing! Just start it up, Yusuke.

All we need now are the two other keywords: what he thinks of as his Palace, and where it is. But we don’t have any clues other than people falling victim around here… We’ll just have to try whatever keywords we can come up with.

It’s really strange from a narrative standpoint that we haven’t even met this dude and we’re already trying to pick his brain to find his palace, so we’re just aimlessly guessing.

Urgh, that’s gonna be impossible… How many buildings do you think there are in Shibuya?
No complaining.
If we can figure out what the Palace is, we may be able to guess where it is by association.
Hmmm… It’s prolly somewhere he’s got complete control over… Maybe a garden?

He likes money, so… what about a money bath? I’ve seen people online with things like that!
No candidates found.
No… Not even close. How about it, Maaku? Can you think of anything?

I see…

Candidate found.
OK… That’s a hit! So, he thinks of somewhere in this city as his own bank!
I thought it’d be something less realistic. That’s all it is, huh?
Now then, what location would Kaneshiro think of as his bank?
If we’re talkin’ about a place where he keeps his cash, maybe his own hideout?
How about… a real bank?
His cognition wouldn’t be distorted in that case.
Dammit, we ain’t gettin’ anywhere…
This may be difficult to explain… but doesn’t it seem we’re thinking a little too inside the box? Palaces emanate a passionate madness… It feels as though we’re missing that aspect.
The hell’re you talkin’ about…?
This Palace is a bank for someone who extorts money with criminal acts. It’s something more…
But what other ways can we think about it…? Oh, could it mean a place you withdraw money?
Hold on! Do you think it might have something to do with the victims? He’s taking money from his victims’ wallets, right? That means his bank is wherever they are!
That’s terrible… but you may just be right.

Wait a second…! …I have a hit.
Huh…? Wait, what1? D-Did I say something right…?
The place that Kaneshiro thinks of as a bank is… “All of Shibuya.”

Congrats, Ryuji, you were accidentally smart.

What!? Like… the entire city?
I see. That’s certainly where his victims are… It turns out he really is a terrible criminal.
But wait, is it OK for us to go into the Palace right out of a crowd like this?
Eh, nobody notices if a piece of trash disappears from a trash can. This ain’t any different.
In that case… Let’s go.

Why are we trusting Ryuji on matters of discretion?

Beginning navigation.

Music: Disquiet

What are those…?

Huh, walking ATMs. It’s like a really shitty episode of Black Mirror.

Walking ATMs… That must be his cognition of people. So this is what Kaneshiro considers a “bank”…
I never thought it would be the entire district. Look around us… The distortion is affecting the whole of Shibuya.
Huh? Whaddya mean?
Ohhh, that’s right! Even when we were in the castle and the museum, the city outside looked normal.
He sees everyone in Shibuya as his patron.
No surprise for a mafia boss.
It’s best we focus on finding Kaneshiro’s location and stealing his Treasure as soon as possible.
Yeah, his hideout’s gotta be somewhere around here. Let’s go look for it.

Walking down the distorted Central Street brings us to a few new leads.

Excuse me, can we–
Ah! P-Please forgive me!

I-I don’t have any more, please! I’m telling you, not even one yen!
Whoa, cool it. We’re not tryin’ to mug you or anything. Please, I don’t want to end up like the others…!
Were you assaulted?
There’s no doubt he’s a victim, but he can’t even hold a goddamn conversation… Let’s try someone else.

Further down the street…

What the hell…
I don’t think we can talk to any of the ones here…

That would appear to be the case, but there is nobody we can speak to, let alone a bank anywhere… Let us try checking around the station once more. We may have overlooked something important.

Back towards the station…

It’s no use… It’s all over… I’ll end up just like them…

Can’t you tell…? I’ve fallen… fallen so far… From a place where Kaneshiro leaves no tracks…
Hm, what could that mean…?
Hey, you gotta tell us a little more than–
I’m… too tired… Please… let me rest…

The ATMan collapses to the ground. You like that name? I just came up with it. They should pay me to name Doctor Who villains.

…I don’t think he can speak any more. Kaneshiro leaves no tracks…? Does he mean that literally, or could it be figurative?
Hey, why don’t we go over all the intel we have now?

Wait a second… They’ve “fallen” from a place that Kaneshiro doesn’t leave any tracks…? Could that mean… they were actually thrown down from somewhere high up?
What, y’mean like a skyscraper? Uhhh, there ain’t any of them around here, I don’t think…

W-Wait…! What’s that!?

Music: Desire

Up in the air… No wonder we couldn’t find it.
“Kaneshiro doesn’t leave any tracks,” huh…? Figures it’d be floating.

No… just a car.
You’re useless! C’mon, don’t you have some kinda secret gadget or something!?
Shut it! I’m not some robot cat! I mean, I’m not a cat at all!
This may be the limit of what we can do today.
We gotta find a way to get up there…
Let’s think about it some more tomorrow, OK?
All right, we should get out of here for now! Run for it!

Why are we running? Beats me!

Music: Beneath the Mask

It’s that woman who reeks of alcohol…

All right. I have a bit of advice for you. It’s about that Kaneshiro guy. He’s more dangerous than I thought! The police haven’t tracked him down, so I dug a little deeper… Turns out he has some real shady connections. I won’t say any more than that.
Shady connections…
He’s not someone a teenager like you should mess with. You should really back off, OK? Well, that’s all I wanted to say. See you!
Proving our justice isn’t going to be easy… We’d better discuss this with everyone tomorrow.

What a pain. I’m sure the police are tired of this guy, too.

Yeah, I’m sure they hate being physically unable to get near him due to his flying sky bank. That must really suck for them.

That reminds me, the home shopping program is airing today… You wanna check out the TV?

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! 20 boxes of Mental Floss! Floss with these and you’ll magically remember things you never knew!
It’s true, I always think about all sorts of random things while I’m just flossing my teeth.
>Order for 1980 yen

Music: Days of Sisters

About those Phantom Thieves, I mean. If Dad were still alive… Sorry, I… I shouldn’t bring this up while we’re eating.
It’s OK. Keep going.
I just wonder if he would’ve been on their side… That’s all…


That’s not–
You don’t have to do a single thing, and you’re provided with food, clothes, a home…

Uh, wow, OK…

I’ve had no time to think on such ridiculous thoughts. Would Dad have been happy with them? I don’t care. He died upholding some lofty sense of righteousness, leaving all his responsibilities on us.

This is kind of a lot.

A-All I was trying to say was–
Isn’t it about time you grew up and acknowledged our situation!?


pant Sorry, that was uncalled for. I’m just… really tired. …I’ll be eating dinner out from tomorrow on.

There’s two important parts of this: Sae decides to start avoiding Makoto, yeah, which has just got to rub it in. But also, hilariously, right after saying this: Sae goes right back to eating. Sae’s not just a complete asshole, she doesn’t understand anything about human interaction.

Are we out of luck…?
It’s no fair his Palace is up in the sky…
If only we could contact the real Kaneshiro… …Hm?

Music: Disquiet

Nothing in particular. I just saw you all together here.
That so?
You seem to be having quite a bit of trouble.
So you’re here to check up on us? You may be the student council president, but when it comes to what we do, you’re useless.


All you do is eat away at my life.

Nice job, Ann! Pour some salt right in that festering wound!

Just stay on your high horse and watch. Or do you wanna eavesdrop, since you’re so good at it?

That is what you were just discussing, weren’t you? It seemed you just needed to find out where he is.

Hey, you don’t gotta answer her honestly!

What was that?
Fine. I’ll help you meet Kaneshiro.


What exactly is she planning on doing?
She had a dead-serious look in her eyes…
Does this mean she has an idea as to where Kaneshiro may be?
I highly doubt that.
I didn’t like her stern face…

Hrrgh! What is up with her!?

Just stay on the phone and listen. Make sure you record the call as well.
Huh? Who is it?

That idiot…! What’s she doin’!?
I heard I could find someone named Kaneshiro if I came to Central Street.
Central Street!
She’s being too rash!

He’s blackmailing the students of Shujin Academy, is he not? Tell him if he doesn’t want me talking to the police about it, he’d better agree to meet with me.

Oh no.

Music: Tension

You better be taking me to Kaneshiro.

This is going real bad.

Hey, wasn’t that–
It’s the guys that messed with us the other day! So they were connected to Kaneshiro!
She still on!?

Where are we going?
I guess we can’t do anythin’ to her if she’s Kaneshiro-san’s customer.
Hey, I asked a question here. Where are we going?

You really don’t know when to shut up, do you?

We gotta go after them!

Ryuji steps into the road.


Hurry up and get in!

You know what happens to anyone who snaps at me, don’t you?

I might post a video later of this dude’s voice, because holy shit it’s so weird and great.

Music: Tension

What the hell’d you do to her!?
Ohh, I get it.

Also great: his facial expressions.

Holy moly…!
That bag you saw the other day—the crocodile one. How much was it?
About three million?

Kaneshiro takes a large stack of bills out of the briefcase and offers it to the woman.

Better thank those guys.
I’m royally pissed right now. Can you tell? You know how spending money relieves stress? It’s you goddamn brats sniffing around like dogs and barging in here like you own the joint…! See this empty space? I’m so pissed that now there’s a three million yen gap here. It pisses me off even more if I don’t fill it up. I’m a perfectionist. So, good luck.
What is that supposed to mean?

Come on, you all look so tense. I think I’ll call it… “Debauchery of Minors at a Club.” So, can I send this to your school?
Oh, damn, I got booze and cigs in the shot! Maybe some drugs too?

I feed on dumbshits like you. …Understand, pretty little student council president? Now listen up. Run your mouth to the police, and I’ll break all of you, starting with your families. I want to give you the usual month, but well, you have such a large group here… Three weeks. Bring three million yen by then. No less. Summer bonuses are around the corner, you know? It’ll be easy if you beg your mommies and daddies.

Oh man, the guy we’re targeting for his history of blackmail is blackmailing us! Who could have possibly predicted this?

Now get out of my sight. I’m about to have some fun.
What!? To hell with that!
Don’t bother with him. Makoto’s safety is more important right now.

Three weeks for three million yen… Things have taken a serious turn for the worse…

So, to recap: We can’t get into the Palace, we’re being blackmailed again, and talking to Kaneshiro has given us no new information. With seemingly no avenues left to explore, #Millennials might be done for! I’d say “wow, short game” but my save has like thirty hours on it at this point. See how we escape this mess—or don’t—next time!

Part 53

Part 53: 6/20: Blackmail, Part Tres

Music: Desire

I didn’t mean to drag you in like this…
For real.
I was stupid…
I must agree. You should’ve easily imagined this happening.

Yusuke: master of tact.

Hey, Yusuke…
I was so caught up in trying to be useful…
All right, enough of the blame game! What’s done is done.

Ryuji’s awful laid-back about this, considering how boned we are.

I’m going to cause trouble for Sis too…
My older sister has a commendable job, and she’s a much more remarkable person than me…

Oh man, is the party not gonna find out what Sae does until a pivotal moment of the story? That could be interesting. Might get a little forced, but I can deal.

A lot happened after we lost our father three years ago, so it’s just us living together… But I’m still a child, so all I am is a burden to her…B
…… …And that’s why you were so reckless?
I just wanted to be useful in some way to someone…
Y’know, I might not get your whole situation, but ain’t it a bit off saying that you’re useless to her?

Those were her exact words, Ryuji.

It’s the truth though… (to Ann) In particular, I have to apologize for what happened to you.
Now that I think on it, the truth about Kamoshida must’ve been covered up by the whole school. I had my suspicions, but… I couldn’t do anything about it. …No. I didn’t do anything. Had I cared enough, I could’ve done something…
People like me… must really be what others call scum of the earth.
Real scum wouldn’t call themselves that.
I’m the same. It’s just like you said before: I was closest to Shiho, but I didn’t do anything… Besides, Kamoshida’s the one to blame. Shiho understands that… and I do too.
You didn’t have a place to belong either… Isn’t that right?
Me either…?
We won’t let anyone fall victim again. Now, what should we do from here?
I’ll do something about the money…! So can we please just drop the case with Kaneshiro.

What? How on earth are you going to get over 28 thousand dollars in cash, in three weeks, by yourse–oh. Well, nuts to that.

No can do. We’re all caught up in this.
We can’t have you rushing things on your own anymore and making the situation worse.
If only we could do something about that bank…

Dude, seriously

Oh, right, the bank…!

Music: Suspicion

Hear me out, you guys!
Our key in? What do you mean?

I guess we’re just giving up on discretion, then.

We’ve become Kaneshiro’s targets. That means we’ve become customers of Kaneshiro’s bank!
I see. The reason why we couldn’t enter before was because we weren’t considered his customers…
And wouldn’t you say that she in particular is a special customer?

(I have no idea what he’s getting at)

Let’s take her with us. She is responsible for our current situation.
Whoa, I don’t follow this at all…
She risked her very right doing something so reckless. At the very least, she has the right to know. Won’t you come with us?
What? …Wait. To where?

We’re going to the Palace, you idiots.

It’s Fox…
Be quiet. The Shadows are going to notice us.

I’m noooooot!
That’s Morgana, the cat that was in Maaku’s bag. This is what happens when we come here.
That voice… Takamaki-san? Where are we…?
We’re inside Kaneshiro’s… well, the “world” inside his heart.
It’s another reality in which Kaneshiro’s distorted desires have materialized.
…Another reality?

It’s floating in the air!? Th-This is reality!? My goodness… …… I’m sorry, it’s just… But since this really exists, I can’t doubt it… A reality that one’s heart shows… Is it like the application of optical illusions in social cognitive psychology…?

You can’t trick me, I know that doesn’t mean anything!

That’s something we have no idea about…

That may be like overwriting their cognition… I think I kind of get the logic behind it…

Finally, someone who just gets it without a million years of explanations.

W-We’re about the same!
Then, does that mean there’s an ATM version of myself somewhere in this world too?
Perhaps. Regardless, we can change Kaneshiro’s heart and make him confess if we steal his Treasure. …If it all goes well, that is.
We’ll make it go well. Everyone’ll notice us for sure if we take someone like Kaneshiro down!
Our justice will also become resolute.
Think we’d be able to give courage to those in need if it happens!?
For the sake of those in need, huh… …You sound like my father.
Your father…?
…No, don’t mind me. You want to go to that bank, right? Let’s go then. If I’ve become a customer of that bank, then they’ll have to let me in.

The bank lowers.

For real…!?

It came to us!
It’s just as I calculated.

I thought that I’d be able to get in since I have the same identity as such customers. I’m Kaneshiro’s source of revenue, after all.
Ah, that makes sense.
But wow… This place is huge.
I rarely gotta go to the bank, so… this’s makin’ me kinda nervous.
Being in a bank with costumes like these is so obvious—we’re totally robbers.
You got that right…
It seems there will be a lot of Shadows from here on.
Huh? What’s that about?
Enemies attack us here.
I see… I’ve trained in aikido. Don’t worry; I can defend myself.

I don’t think a martial art based around protecting the opponent from harm is going to do much good when you’re fighting a giant ass or whatever the fuck we’ll see in here.

Self-defense won’t do much good against Shadows, but then again, it’s better than nothing.
We have to go in from the front, don’t we? I’m an honorary customer, so I better act like one. …I will be useful for you guys.

Music: Price (Listen to this)

All right, we’re going in!

Music: Disquiet

I had a feeling this would happen.
Come at us!

What? No! Chill for a second.

No no! Wait!
She’s one of Kaneshiro’s customers.
I’d like to speak with the bank president.
Excuse me, but do you have an appointment?
I need to talk to him. Now let me through!

That voice… It’s Kaneshiro!
You mean a bank has a president?


They make good money.

What? The translation lost its mind for a second there.

Music: Price

Reception is further in to the right. I strongly advise that you do not attempt to go elsewhere.

Well, I guess anything goes in a Palace.

Music: Tension

That comes to three million yen in total. You’re here regarding that, correct, Miss Beautiful President?

He’s just purple. No, I don’t know why. Shut up.

You gonna call it off then?
No—a loan. The interest rate is ten percent a day.
Ten percent interest a day… Um… Uhhh… That means… One day is…
It’s three hundred thousand yen.
There’s no need to be alarmed. I have a more manageable option for people like you.
That was your plan from the beginning, wasn’t it?


Facial expressions for this guy are on-point even for his Shadow.

…Or should I say, the younger sister of the beautiful prosecutor Sae Niijima?

Oh. Well, uh… Guess they’re not doing that.

How do you know that!?
Please don’t underestimate our intelligence network. My, what wonderful goods have come falling into my lap.
Don’t be ridiculous!
Young women are so useful. They lack physical strength and are dumb. It’s as if they only exist to be devoured by the strong. That just might be the rule since the dawn of history.
You truly are despicable…
You better be ready, Kaneshiro! We’re gonna snatch your Treasure from you!

My citadel has the highest security installed in it.

Anyone will do anything for money. I’ll rob you of your lives as easily as I breathe air. snicker

Music: Keeper of Lust

Chivalrous Guards

This is legitimately a really tough fight. We’re up against two Onis, who have no weaknesses, resist Physical, and love spamming Rampage to get multiple hits on the whole party. A smart person would’ve brought Ann instead of Ryuji for her additional healing and magic damage, but I’m not here to make good decisions.

The target is still alive! We must deal with them at any cost!

Second verse, same as the first! Did you think we were done? Nope! Two more Onis just spawned.

Don’t let them escape! We must take them down!

And one more pack for good measure.

We’re in trouble at this rate! Let’s run!

Can do!

Music: Run, Run, Run!

Could those have been the Personas you mentioned…!?
Does now really look like the time to be asking that!? We need to retreat! Makoto, make sure you don’t get separated from us!

So, why did we come in through the front door again? We already knew we could get in thanks to Makoto, but it seems like we didn’t think this part through.

Hurry, Joker! The exit’s just over there!

Music: Desire

Well, fuck.

There’s no end to them…!

How dare you sneak around, Kaneshiro…!
Those would be my words. However, I do thank you for providing me with such wonderful goods. …It’s time you disappear.

Managing a bank is tough—that’s why I make it a case to kill troublesome customers. Having one impertinent brat disappear is enough to set an example in that other world.
Please stop!
I’ll eliminate others besides my goods. You’ve no need to worry. Your sister is quite a beauty though. I’ll make sure to make her my personal slave. Once I get bored, I’ll just sell her off. Oh, poor Sis… She could’ve been successful, if only her younger sister wasn’t so dumb.
My sister has nothing to do with this!
The you better start taking customers tomorrow. All you gotta do is endure it and do as you’re told.
Endure it… Do as I’m told…
You’ll earn three million yen in no time. Although, your life and everything along with it will be a complete wreck by then! Gwahahahahaha!

Music: Awakening

Makoto’s Awakening (Watch this)

Please… Never lose sight of it again.

Music: Will Power

No, dude… That’s a bike…

My “self”… Me…!

Wow… Nice!

I’ve never seen anything like it…

Love watching this tiny-faced shithead crap his pants.

I will not lose heart again, ever. I’ll go full speed, non-stop!

Johanna is based on the (apocryphal) figure of Pope Joan, a legendary Medieval woman who was the pope for a short period of time, going against the Catholic Church’s traditions, and was stricken from historical record. She was also not a motorbike, but hey, some things are just too cool to not do.

As for Makoto herself, well… What can I say? She’s a great character and she’s amazing in battle, being maybe the single most all-around useful and versatile party member. Also her Persona is a fucking bike, holy shit.

Part 54

Part 54: 6/20-6/21: Mad Makoto

Music: Will Power

Floodbringer Demon and Chivalrous Guards

Let’s go, Johanna! Full throttle!

As we can see, Makoto has a fairly diverse skillset even from the start. She can use Nuclear attacks to hit weaknesses or deal Technical damage against disabled foes, hit the entire enemy party with Vajra Blast, a Medium Physical attack, use single-target (and second tier, the first we’ve yet seen!) healing, and even raise an ally’s defense with Rakukaja.

The Onis still don’t have any weaknesses, but the Sui-ki in the middle is weak to Nuke, conveniently enough.

They go down without too much trouble, and Yusuke learns Mabufu for his troubles.

Music: Run, Run, Run!

My favorite thing about Makoto’s outfit? Probably the sweet mini-cape.

We know how to get in now. Our objective’s been accomplished!
But how are we getting out?
There’s only one exit, right?
‘Sup, Miss Post-Apocalyptic Raider.
Do you want to get smacked? I’m going on ahead, so follow me!

OK, we have a path!

Get in!

There’s no escape in reality, nor will you break through the security system here. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that a bright future lies ahead for you!

Music: Suspicion

That was no aikido—that was some hardcore ass whoopin’!
I am SO not pissing her off… I feel like she’ll rip off my arm.
She does exude that aura…
…Oh, stop it!

But… it felt pretty great. I never thought I’d become part of the Phantom Thieves I was after.

I mean, I guess you can join if you want. We haven’t really discussed it, though.

Sis might faint if she found out.
You mentioned her earlier.
She’s a prosecutor for the district—and she’s investigating the Phantom Thieves.
Wait, ain’t that bad!?
No need to worry. A normal investigation would never lead them to a world like that. Then again, it must’ve been fate for this to happen…
What do you mean…?
I can’t be like my sister. I had a feeling that there’d come a time when we wouldn’t see eye to eye anymore.

“Because she’s kind of a sociopath.”

I’m thankful to have a sister who works so hard, but… there are times I feel sorry for her too. And after hearing my Persona’s voice, I clearly understand how I feel now.
It appears you’re not as reserved as you make yourself seem.
I was just doing whatever the adults told me to.
Won’t she be perfect as our advisor? She’s fearless and has a sharp mind.
Sounds good to me! We’ve needed someone like that for a while now!
I’d be honored if I can help out.

Finally, we have someone smart on the team.

We had way too much testosterone anyway, so I feel much better hav–

So the Kaneshiro over here doesn’t know what happened inside the Palace.
That’s right, but his Palace will be affected if the real Kaneshiro’s cognition changes. We can’t be lax.
It seems it’d be best to avoid unnecessary contact with him until then.
Three weeks left, huh…
There’s that security system too.
But if we pull this off, it’ll definitely be great!
We’ll crush him like a fly. I’ll make him regret making me angry…
Anyways, let’s begin our operation tomorrow!
First, we need to secure a route to the Treasure like always.
You guys are finally starting to get used to this.
I’ll be waiting for the call to meet up.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I wish my Persona was like that.
Yours is on a ship though.
Dude, you kidding!? Motorcycles are way cooler than dumb boats! It’ll be just like the song! “I’m a phantom, on a steel horse I ride…”
Don’t say such things. And for the record, I am most certainly not “wanted.”

Actually, all of you are wanted. For copyright infringement.

Honestly, I’m mostly just surprised you know how to ride a motorcycle at all, Niijima-senpai.
Do you got a license?
A regular one, yes.
Niceee… I can’t wait to get my hands on one too.
That aside, mind if I change the topic for a moment?
What is the matter?
I’m sorry, everyone. I know I’m not in any position to be saying that. I truly do… However, I must apologize. I was my actions that dragged you into this mess. On top of that, I misunderstood your true intentions in this. If only I could have realized what was happening to Suzui-san too…
Come on, we don’t need to talk about that now.
It seems there are still lingering issues on everyone’s minds.
Now’s not the time to be talking about that shit though! Don’t we gotta be doing something about Kaneshiro?
He’s right.
Very well, I understand. Anyway, I will do my best to make sure I don’t slow you all down.
Well, we were at odds with each other until just a while ago… But Ryuji’s totally right. We need to work together to overcome this!

But now we’re going up against a real criminal. Stay on your toes, OK?

They’re happening out there in the real world. Understand?
Um… Why are you telling me this?
This detective knows what’s going on. Drawing on your own firsthand experience is important.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

You know, I can turn into a car too, so it’s like… I feel a sense of familiarity?

All of these options are so good.

You better not throw up in me! Well, motorcycles are nice too, but it can’t carry large numbers of people. I really am special after… all… huh? Carry…? No… Take somewhere? Something just crossed my mind… …It’s no use. I can’t remember at all… Eh. There’s nothing I can do about it if I can’t remember. I need to concentrate on Kaneshiro for now. Unlike you guys, Makoto’s clever, so we can expect great things from her. But Maaku, you really do have something special.

Looks like I better step up my game too!
I feel like my bond with Morgana is growing deeper…

I know! After we deal with Kaneshiro, I should consult her about Mementos too. I’m sure Makoto’s brain can–

…… We got Yusuke, and now Makoto… This guy has quite the luck… …Could there be some reason for it? Nah, that can’t be…

I love the phrase “Nah, that can’t be” because without exception the person saying it is currently revealing that they’re a huge dumbass.

Anon: Steal dem corrupt hearts!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I’ve been thinking a lot about Personas and Palaces since yesterday… That floating bank really reflects Kaneshiro’s personality. He’s flying around so no one can trace his steps… He doesn’t trust anyone. I bet security’s tight in there too. That’s why we should get moving soon. Why don’t we go to the Palace today?

It’s been one day, settle down.

Understood. I’m sure you have your reasons as the leader. I’ll leave my schedule open after school, so talk to me anytime.

Oh no, it isn’t a problem… I actually find it refreshing to be asked to the student council room. Although it’s somewhat nerve-racking as well.
…I think I’m a bit nervous myself.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I wanted to apologize. I’m… really sorry for everything.

What do you mean…?
You know how I blamed you for Kamoshida’s sexual harassment? Well, I wanted to apologize for that… I’ve honestly been meaning to this whole time.
I realized later that Shiho was calling out for me… and I wasn’t there to help her… I didn’t want to admit my own guilt… so I took it out on you, Niijima-senpai.

This makes no sense, considering that in her own Confidant she came to the exact same conclusion that it was her fault (which is bullshit, for the record).

I’m… very sorry.

…Hey, there is no need for that. In fact, I think the two of us are pretty similar.
I was unable to save anyone. Not Suzui-san, and not any of Kaneshiro’s victims. I kept telling myself I wasn’t at fault because I was simply following orders… But that was all a lie. It felt like I would be admitting my own worthlessness had I not shifted the blame off of myself. Fear of that worthlessness was probably why I acted so harshly toward you and your friends. …I’m deeply sorry as well.
I see… …In that case, wanna call it even?
Even…? chuckle You’re right… How about we leave this conversation in the past?

Oh, but… one more thing. You’re not worthless, Niijima-senpai.

You were a bit reckless, but you’re the reason we found a way into Kaneshiro’s Palace. And you even obtained the power to change people’s hearts. You did that all yourself, Niijima-senpai.
chuckle That way of thinking is very much like you, Takamaki-san.

When you confronted me about Suzui-san, I realized how dishonest and small I was. You’re always very direct… That’s what helped me finally realize the error of my ways. It turns out I’m a little slow on the uptake at times… Hey… Can I call you Ann?

Um, yeah! I… I’m going to do the same, M-M-Makoto… Rgh, that’s so embarrassing!
chuckle How about we get something to eat before we go home for the night?
Ooh, I know a place! There’s a crepe shop at Central Street that totally stuffs their crepes!
Do you want to split one?
Mmmm, let’s each get a whole one and then we can go half and half on those!
Well, shall we?

Music: So Boring

I believe some courtesy should be shown to those who are our senior.
Oh yeah… Should we call you Niijima-san, or like, Niijima-senpai?

Makoto doesn’t seem to have an issue with us texting in class.

Would that not be rude?
I already just call her by name.
For real? Did something happen?
That’s a secret between us girls!
Dammit, that sounds like fun…
All of you may call me by my first name. No need to hesitate.
Very well. I shall do just that.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

We’ll take care of him ourselves and leave the world speechless!

No idea why they’re only giving us this tutorial now.

Mishima seems to have some new info for us.

It’s not even anywhere on the forum yet… Anyway, do you remember that bully Daisuke Takanashi whose heart you changed earlier? Well, it turns out there was someone pulling the strings the whole time!

Right!? It’s totally unacceptable. This person has to be somewhere in our school, right? You should go take a look around. In the meantime, I’ll secretly do a little more research too!
If we want to go after this target, we’ll need a name. Let’s go investigate the school.

Something like that sounds like it could lead to a lot of trouble. Akechi-kun mentioned that too.
I guess it does sound like they’re pretty dangerous, after all… There was a poll or something about the Phantom Thieves, and not too many people support them.

It can’t be helped. After the Madarame incident, my acclaim has skyrocketed, apparently.

Heh, I understand if you think that way. Heroes are lone wolves who are often misunderstood. This is for the best. It’d be irresponsible to involve innocents in the fight for world peace.

I was on the track team. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done any running…
Track? That’s so hilarious! We don’t even have a track team after they disbanded. It’s because of Sakamoto, right? He’s a problem kid, just like us! Hahaha!
I know it isn’t right for me to say it, but Sakamoto really had some bad luck…

Kind Faculty Member is the only person at Shujin not affiliated with the Phantom Thieves who shows any sympathy for Ryuji.

Why don’t you try consulting with the student council? They were taking applications before.
They probably can’t do anything for me. And I don’t hear good things about their president.

Is there anyone good out there that we can recruit? I hear that Sakamoto is quick on his feet.
Him? You can’t just recruit a guy who spends all his time lazing around in Shibuya!

Well, it’s getting dangerous here too. On TV, they report about all the crime going on in Shibuya.
I suppose the widening gap between the winners and losers is causing the losers to commit more crimes. If you don’t want to lose in life, you need to put in the effort. Otherwise, what do you expect.

I’ll take that into consideration, Just World Fallacy Student.

Oh, hey Makoto.

The month is almost over. We don’t have time to waste. So, shall we go today?

But… No, I should leave you to your own methodology. I’m sorry for being so restless…

You’re right… Maybe I should try to take my mind off of it all. Call me when you’re ready to act.

Actually, let’s see if we can hang out before going into the Palace.

…I would prefer to focus on Kaneshiro at the moment. Furthermore, and I don’t mean this in a rude way, I’m not sure spending time with you is worthwhile for me… If you have the time to spare, maybe you should study instead.

Well, and I don’t mean this in a rude way, fuck you too.

It looks like you’ll need to be pretty smart if you want to invite Makoto out. On top of that, she’s too worried about Kaneshiro right now. You probably shouldn’t bother her.

Whoa, really? But Shibuya’s not safe right now, and I don’t know it very well.
But maybe Akechi-san will save us from danger and the two of us will fall in love!
Yes! Yes! He’d make like, the perfect boyfriend.

Looks like we found the guy controlling Daisuke.

Hey, you did all that on your own. You really want me to show this to your teachers, huh, Takanashi-kun? Another word out of you and I’ll debut your film to the whole world. The “Yoshimori Sakoda Tapes” will be a huge hit!
C’mon, you MADE me do it! Damn it…
So, a bigger jerk was pulling the strings all along. We gotta do something about this!

We can go take Sakoda down in Mementos whenever we choose now.

We can’t trust these suspicious Phantom Thieves. I hope the police finally get their act together. It’s getting more dangerous to go outside. If this keeps up, we won’t even be able to take walks.
People are saying there’s been a lot of bank transfer scams, too. We really need to be careful.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s stop covering the mafia… It’s getting dangerous… The higher-ups don’t want us covering whatever we want. I bet the director’s going to scold us.
Don’t get cold feet now! As long as we keep increasing our ratings, he won’t say a thing!

However, the Sun God will not be deterred by such things! I will continue to protect Shibuya! Those frightened by the criminal organization need only accept the power of the Sun God!
Whoa, I can see it… Healing is taking place… thanks to the Sun God’s blessings.

These chuckleheads are always worth a laugh.

That’s why I’ve poured my soul into this song—to help restore our hope. I give you… “Lullaby of Ruin”! Inside a ball of dirty bills/A tempter dances in the dark/Ready for a crazy party, baby/A night of greed, covered in money/Ten percent interest every ten days/Be sure to spend it…/Wisely…/ Thank you, thank you so much! How was the live performance?

No it wasn’t! I’m all about rock n’ roll!

Out in Shibuya, we spot a wild cop.

I had some time until the taping began, so I decided to walk around for a while. I’ve heard many rumors about a criminal group lately. I hope you have avoided involvement.

Ah, lovely. However, you needn’t hesitate to ask if you require help. I have police connections, you know. By the by, this city is never short on excitement. First that train accident, now this mafia… Not to mention the Phantom Thieves. I’ve thought of a great many things during my stroll. That reminds me, did the Phantom Thieves go to the Madarame exhibit before committing their crime?

Yes. I mean, uh, I don’t know.

What is their goal? And who might be their next target…?

Ahhhh! It is! I’m gonna go ask for a picture with him!
…It seems I’ve been gaining more recognition lately. I would love to chat more, but I really must be going. I hope to speak to you again soon.

Yeah, Akechi-kun! The way his eyes look to the side is pretty sexy… I love the way he runs his hands through his hair too…


Did you hear what I just said? You really like younger guys…

Patience is a virtue at times like this. Don’t try to be as cool as Akechi. Go for more casual!
More casual… Wait, how would I do that?
Uhhh… you know. Take her out to a cafe or something instead of a bar…

Let’s check out the Velvet Room.

Never gets old.

Music: Aria of the Soul

Our master admires the progress of your rehabilitation, and hence has given you use of a special ritual.
It’s the Gallows, used to strengthen Persona abilities!
Any further questions regarding this ritual can be directed toward our master himself.
He’s apparently gonna consider making even more rituals if your rehabilitation goes as planned. Work hard for it, Inmate!

So, let’s try the Gallows. It’s a means of conferring experience (as well as a semi-random skill) to a Persona by sacrificing another Persona.

By sacrificing our Inugami, we get enough experience on our Shiisaa for it to level up, so let’s do that.

It seems the sacrifice has been absorbed into your mask, imbuing it with greater power…

Shiisaa learned Dodge Curse from leveling up, and also…

Your Persona is inheriting the power of the sacrifice…

…gains Dream Needle from Inugami’s skills. Personas have certain inheritance types that determine what skills you can give them from fusion (though skill cards ignore this), and the Gallows process picks randomly from the applicable skills. As you can imagine, this is abusable as hell, though with a few caveats. You can only do it once per Persona per day. Furthermore, part of a Persona’s damage calculations is its base level, so while this can be used to hold onto a really good Persona for a lot longer, you’re still going to want to ditch it eventually.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s get back to eavesdropping, shall we?

Fortunately, his salary is so low we’ll never have to worry about something like that…
That’s so brave of you. We’re much too afraid to put ourselves at risk.
I suppose there are just things a rich family like yours could never understand…

Say, I’d like to ask you something. In the city, I keep hearing about phantom thieves. What kind of trick do they use to steal people’s hearts? Haha, well, I guess you wouldn’t know… Oh, right. If you happen to see me at night… Would you make sure you stay a safe distance?

Hmm, I think so. Akechi-san was talking about them on TV, after all.
It’s like what happened with Kamoshida. I think the calling card is the key. Do you have any idea who put it there?
Oh yeah, the culprits are still a real mystery… I wonder if they really are from my school.

Oh, hey Ann. Weren’t you hanging out with Makoto in that scene I wasn’t actually present for?

Are you sure about that? We still haven’t found the Treasure…

I guess there’s no point in worrying if you’re so sure… I really wanna eat something sweet right now… You’re in the same boat as me, right? Right…?
>Hang out with her
All right! In that case… Let’s go get crepes! With tons of extra toppings!

I’ve been informed by the cat that I do not enjoy crepes.

Music: What’s Going On?

I have the worst luck…

Looks like it’s from the agency. I wonder what they could want… Huh…? Mika!?

Fuck yes, return of the only good character

They want me to head over for a shoot now… Feels pretty familiar, doesn’t it? Basically, this men’s magazine is running a Mika special to try and capitalize on her recent popularity. But apparently, she asked for me specifically to star alongside her for the shoot… I wonder why…

Yeah, I’m sure that must be it.

Hold on though… Why would you trick someone you admire? Well, I guess I won’t know what she wants unless I head over! Have you been to the Sky Tower before? How do you get there…?

Oh, and… c-can you come with me? Actually, I’ve already decided for you. You’re going. Come on!

Music: Wicked Plan

You asked for me, right? Wow… I barely recognize you. Did you lose weight…? Or maybe change your makeup?
The theme for today’s shoot is “the elegance of woman.” So, I conditioned my body to be more elegant.
Wh-What do you mean?
Controlling what you eat, how you move… That’s all. It may sound easy, but it’s pretty tough. You have to write down everything you eat, making sure to check the nutritional and caloric content. I even hired a personal trainer to take special note of my diet and oversee my exercise regimen.
Whoa… That’s amazing! Does that mean you don’t get to eat double chocolate crepes?

The correct response to Ann’s idiocy.

Not to mention the other stuff I do! I take herbal medication, wear warming socks, do pilates and yoga… Day after day… How many squats do you think I do in a week!? Ugh, a natural beauty like you could never understand how much work I put into my modeling!

Sorry, did I say natural beauty? What I meant was natural airhead.


Ha! Yes!

Man, cat fights are scary…

Wonderful, wonderful!
I see now… This is a test… Well, I’m not gonna lose…!

Um, Ann-chan… could you try being a little… sexier?

Oooh, that’s beautiful!
M-Mika!? Why are you doing this? I thought you looked up to me!
You should have known that was a lie… but I guess you’re just as naive as you look. Anyway, stupid amateurs like you really piss me off. You better not drag me down, OK?


Oh, you’re amazing, Mika-chan!

Introduce me, pleeease? Mm-hm, mm-hm! The owner even invited me to dinner! Y’know, working with all of you just makes me so… happy!
…… Um… I’m heading home…
We’ve arrived back in Shibuya…

Music: My Homie

Why did Mika ask for me…?

I see… Then she was just trying to be mean…

I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mika’s great. I also believe that’s the last we ever see of her, but what an impression she made!

…… If that’s the case, I probably deserved everything she did… ……

…… I’m…

I’m so pissed off! Mika had to work super hard every day to get where she is now. She worked out, watched her diet, made friends with everyone…! She couldn’t rely on connections like I did… She didn’t become a model just for the heck of it. Her resolve, her knowledge, her fashion sense… They’re all on a totally different level from me! Mika is amazing. Mika is… Mika is strong! But me? I’m nothing! Just thinking about that makes me so angry… I feel like I could explode! This whole time, I’ve just been pretending to model. It was like the clothes were wearing me… I mean, that’s what I always thought being a model meant! …But I was totally wrong. A real model draws out the beauty of the clothes they wear… casts a stunning magic on them… A real model is flexible, beautiful… and strong. Well, I’ve had enough pretending! I want to be a real model…!

I’m gonna take the world by storm… Just you watch, Maaku!
I sense a heightened motivation from Ann…

I’ve never had this proc (because I rarely used Ann), but this seems decent. Well, it would be if it wasn’t named “Sexy Technique,” but still.

Urghhh, I’m so mad! This is the perfect time for sweets! But no, I won’t eat them! I mean, I will… but not today! You eat some for me, Maaku!