The Cool Crime of Robbery: Let's Play Persona 5


Part 168

Part 168: 12/7: Taking Out The Trash

When last we left off, Shido was only one letter of introduction away from being completely undermined. But I’m suuuuure those Phantom Thieves won’t get any further. That would be just impossible.

Also worth noting: we’re officially done with Hallway Simulator 2017. Thank fuck.

Music: Ark

Just that cleaner dude left then. Wanna go cause a scene somewhere and lure him out?
As I’ve already said, we should avoid doing that if we can.
But we’ve gone everywhere on the map. Is there any place we haven’t checked yet…?

Hm? I don’t recall ever passing by such a place.
Wait, I found something… The engine room. Remember how you were wondering about that smoke earlier, Skull?
Oh yeah… Where was that?

Back down on the main level of the side deck, the thieves find this vent.

I’m getting a reading from inside, but I can’t tell if it’s him.
Huh? We ain’t gonna be able to get in like this. You wanna try forcin’ it open, Joker?

OK, let’s do it!

But his men are with him too. Exiting here will land us directly in front of them. There will be no chance of escape at that point. What do you think, Joker?

Very well. We shall jump in!

I said you’re off the hook, didn’t I? You got guts, bro.
Crap, this guy might be just a cognition, but he’s damn scary!
I’m too busy to deal with you punks now. I’ll be leavin’ that to my men here.

This fight is just more Baphomets and is therefore a complete joke. Melchizedek has Mahamaon and can thus instakill all of them in a single turn. Get some better henchmen. I am of course referring to the cleaner, not Shido. That would be absurd, as Shido is perfect. Shido cannot fail, he can only be failed.

Look, over there!

Dammit, we’re not lettin’ him escape! Let’s take that letter by force if we gotta!

Bead Chain and a Diamond, not terrible.

Our target appears to be within this room. We have cornered him thus far, so let us look for a way inside.

They’re holed up in this room…

Agh, dammit! He locked the door!
This won’t do. We can’t exactly give up on the letter either… Is there some way in…?

…but the door is impassible. They’ll need to find another way in.

Climbing up on these containers allows the thieves to reach another duct they can crawl through.

This will be our final letter of introduction! We must get it!

Very well! It is time we put an end to this charade!

You punks… You snuck in again!?

The cleaner removes his jacket.

Music: Tension


Crap…! Is he really yakuza?
IT seems that bastard Shido has close ties to the underground…
How are we supposed to get the letter of introduction from him? Do we have to prove our worth?

Well, if you have any pattern recognition at all, everyone except Skull, Mona, and Fox have had some one-on-one session with the targets to prove their mettle, so I guess it’s gonna be one of them who gets it for us.

I’m a busy man. I gotta deal with cleanin’ up problems and all them mental shutdowns, after all. If you got business with me, just spit it out already.

May I please have the letter, kind sir?

A letter of introduction? Why the hell would I give you one?

Music: Wicked Plan

A tattoo?

Yep, it’s Fox’s turn.

I thought you’d be able to do it, Yusuke…

Ixnay on the fucking names, jesus christ!

What’re you squabbloin’ about?

Yusuke, draw something! Art’s art, ain’t it!?
…… …Very well. May I at least decide what I draw?
Uh uh. I won’t accept anything ‘cept a godly phoenix fitting for my godly personality.
A phoenix… I’d rather something else…
Makin’ excuses now, mister “artist”? You’re all talk. People like you are a dime a dozen.

I am not all talk. I can draw anything you want. Bring me a brush and a piece of paper.

It should be emphasized that Skull sounds hilariously pissed here.

…Is it a monster? It has some kinda crazy aura…
A truly… explosive piece…
This is my perception of a phoenix.

I get that this thing is wrong for a yakuza tat, but I personally think the rest of the Phantom Thieves are a bunch of whiners here and that Fox’s drawing looks fucking badass.

Thank you.
It seems like… it went well…?
Well then, I request a letter of introduction.

I decline.

Music: Desire

No letter for you then.
I must decide my own path as an artist. I will not receive aid from others any longer. Now if you understand, hand over the letter. Otherwise, we’ll just have to take it by force. By the way, you’re more feral pigeon than phoenix.

We’re still gonna fight after all that!?

Shadow Cleaner

The Shadow Cleaner is unique among minibosses in that he actually has a semi-unique model (albeit just a palette swap of Fuu-Ki). (Nope! It’s just an Ongyo-Ki!) He also has a shitload of health. This fight is a bit annoying and took over eight minutes, which is about double what a miniboss normally takes.

He’s capable of using Maeigaon to hit everyone with Heavy Curse damage, using Myriad Slashes for a bunch of physical hits on one party member, and can increase ailment susceptibility with Foul Breath (one target) and Stagnant Air (everyone, including himself). While he doesn’t have any status ailments to inflict on us, I’m pretty sure they also increase the hit rate for instakill skills, which he does have in the form of Mudoon, a Curse skill. He can use (Ma)Rakunda to lower Defense and Tarukaja to raise his Attack, as well, plus Heat Riser to increase all three of his parameters.

I don’t think he has a weakness, but if he does I don’t know it. Thankfully, One-shot Kill from Astarte has a high crit rate. I also left out the best part of all this, which is that he gets two turns. Joy. This is where I started dipping into my reserve of Takemedic-All-Zs to replace my lack of Mediarama.

Anyway, the Phantom Thieves kick his ass.

That’s all five!

Music: Suspicion

You’ve got some backbone. All right, I’ll give you my letter. Normally I’d have to “clean” you guys up for messin’ around on the ship, but… there’s no point now.

Uh, why is this dude not cowering and repentant like all the other cognition/Shadow hybrids? Is he just a cognition? If so, why did he go berserk? Actually, never mind. Here’s the only important question here: Why is he suddenly wearing clothes again?

You’re letting us go?
This place ain’t gonna last much longer if powerful soldiers like you guys got in here. Time for me to jet. The captain was great n’ all, but he’s gonna have to go down with this ship alone. See ya later, kiddos.

Politicians never get too close with their shady connections. They must have only been linked monetarily.

How do you know that, Noir? Is there something you’re not telling us?

That must be it.
Well, we finally have all five. We need to use these to get into the main assembly hall, right?
Yes, and I believe that will be where we find the Treasure. We’ve been to most other places to gather the letters—there’s almost no doubt about it.
We’re gonna take his Treasure, no matter what!
As I’m sure you all know, the importance of this particular card is unlike any that’s come before. Once we send it, our opponents will know that Joker, who they presumed dead, is in fact still alive. We will be putting our backs to the wall.
If we lose, our lives will truly be over…
We can’t let that happen, can we!?

Hell yeah!
Then it’s decided.
The real question is, how and where do we send the calling card?
How about we make it super flashy? Our whole big plan was all for this moment, you know!
Actually, it must be theatrically done. A minor leak will only be crushed by Shido’s influence.
Maybe it doesn’t have to be in letter form this time.
Hehe… It’s finally my turn to steal the spotlight.
…What’s the matter?
Heeheehee… It’s nothing.
Well, there’s no use in thinking about it here. Let’s head back for now.

Music: Ark

It was quite the feat, but we can finally open that door! Let’s take the Treasure!

It won’t be that easy, Phantom Thieves, for Lord Shido wi—actually, you know what? Fuck it. The Phantom Thieves have chewed up and spit out everything you’ve thrown at them, and I know which way the wind is blowing. I’m siding not just with the winning team, but the right team. You have nothing left, man, and the Phantom Thieves are just getting warmed up. Say your prayers.

Man, it’s good to not feel like I’m under some shitlord’s heel anymore. Even if I get a mental shutdown, this is worth it. Time to kick back and watch the Phantom Thieves do their thing.

There’s no obstacles left between us and victory now. Let’s just head back to where the Treasure is and we can call this a day. I’m positive there’s nothing that can possibly stand in our way.

Music: Desire

ah fuck


Part 169

Part 169: 12/7: Resume Pleasantries

Music: Desire

When last we left our heroes, Akechi returned, seemingly having figured out from Shido’s paranoia that we were fucking around in his head. But the game does a terrible job of emphasizing that, so there was much confusion about it (mainly from me)! Anyway, I wonder what he could possibly want.

Why’s he here…!?
Hmph… I’m impressed that you managed to deceive me. It seems I underestimated your abilities.

Under different circumstances, we could have been great rivals… or perhaps even friends.

Nah, miss me with that shit, bro.

You don’t allow yourself to be enslaved by such things as human relations or past selves… And so, your heart is always free. The exact opposite of mine. To be honest, I’m envious… I wonder why we couldn’t have met a few years earlier, Maaku…

Does he? Does he truly regret this turn of events? Well tough shit, he’s a murderer. I didn’t see him regretting that turn of events.

Oh, for fuck’s sake

But… it’s no use talking in hypotheticals. That didn’t happen in reality…
Akechi! Why are you cooperating with someone like Shido!? Don’t you see what this Palace looks like!? His true nature is–

What are you talking about? I don’t care for Shido, or this country.

GASP! What a twist!

Shido is your father…!?
Remember I said before, how my mother had been in a relationship with some good-for-nothing man?

Futaba and Maaku were the only ones there for that, so most of us don’t, actually.

So I’m his bastard child. My very existence is nothing but a scandal… My mother’s life turned for the worse after she had me… and died. I was a cursed child for her too.
That’s horrible…
I resented him, but he was already a high-ranking official by then. A kid like me could do nothing.

Music: Blood of Villain

Who cares? My targets were all doing the same damn thing in this eat or be eaten world. All I did was remove their evil from society. How is that any different from the Phantom Thieves?
We’re not murderers!

I guess he’s right. There isn’t really a huge difference between murdering people and not murdering people. I can see where he’s coming from.

And that’s when I—an utter disgrace to the world—will rule over him. I will prevail!

In just a few weeks, my plan would have come to fruition…! But no, you just had to interfere…! I can still take it back though. I’ll just need to kill you all.
Hmph, we won’t get killed for something like that. You talk big, but you’re really nothing more than a little kid throwing a temper tantrum!

Oh shit, burned by the cat!!!

Don’t lecture me, you piece of shit…

Weak response, though. Point goes to Morgana.

I am going to personally thrust Masayoshi Shido into a living hell. So, Joker… rest easy and die.

I agree. There is no need to speak any longer.
You sure sound confident, but don’t go pressin’ your luck. We already know all your tricks from back when you were workin’ with us.

I’m actually with Haru. Common misconception, there. Ryuji’s more a “bro” than a “partner.”

Huh1? Quit bluffin’!
It’s no bluff. If he truly is behind the mental shutdowns, he’s likely only shown us a fraction of his strength.

Ahhhh shit.

Boss: Goro Akechi

Music: Blooming Villain

Akechi doesn’t even get his own boss music. How lame.

I won’t let you stop me!

Those cannot be explained unless the true culprit has the power to make people’s hearts psychotic… snicker That’s right! It’s my power—one that you don’t have!

Oh hey, finally some resolution on that. Cool.

Allow me to show you!

That wasn’t Robin Hood… Could it have been a different Persona?

He can use two Personas too!?

Even the feeblest existence can gain tremendous power once the chains on its heart are broken.

Akechi then fucking backflips offscreen.

What did Akechi do!? The enemies are way stronger now!

The battle starts with both enemies using Desperation to raise their Attack and lower their defense just like Leviathan did. Once this wears off in three turns or so, they will automatically reuse it.

I’ve taken pains to simulate the experience of a first-time player going into this fight, so I’m low on HP and SP because this fight is a “surprise”!

Worth noting: under the effect of Desperation, these guys can and will fuck you up! Still, you should easily be able to take them down in just a few turns, even with their massively inflated health pools.

This guy’s out of his mind…!

You have deceived me and escaped death, after all.

He’s coming… Brace yourselves!

This fight is simply a continuation of the last fight, so buffs, debuffs, and turn order will all carry over. A note to make here is that it seems like in this phase, Akechi will only attack Maaku. Also sometimes when he calls his Persona he shouts out “PERSONAAAAAAARGH” and it’s really funny.

Akechi is capable of using almost all of his skills from his time as a party member. Here, he uses Kougaon. He can also use Eigaon.

I didn’t have it equipped at the time, so I got knocked down, but Melchizedek is a great choice for this fight due to its resistances. It drains Bless and Blocks Curse, so Akechi can’t do much to it.

Akechi doesn’t actually have an awful lot of health for a boss, so a round of Matarukaja’d attacks courtesy of Ryuji will get him pretty near critical HP.

chuckle So… neither of us had shown our true strengths, huh…?

You should really watch the video for this fight, because this is certainly some fucking voice acting right here.

Kinda disappointed in Megidolaon after that huge animation.

Finally, Akechi can Charge up, but it just sets up another Megaton Raid from him. We guard through it.

And then, he’s down.

Music: Desire

So he’s able to turn people psychotic… I thought it was some special thing like the Nav, but it seems to be his own Persona’s power.

That’s the weakest Stand Persona I’ve ever seen, then.

I can’t believe that the ability to control and drive others mad was born from within his heart…

Will you please stop!? You’re fighting the wrong people! We both hate the same guy! Why do we have to go against each other!?
Killing us won’t make you happy.
But… I…!
This ain’t about what Shido says! You’re your own person! You gotta know that!

Uhhh, what’s going on? Are we trying to redeem the mass murderer here?

Damn it…!
You know… sometimes I think about that fake Medjed that you guys made up… That was the worst trap… but if not for that, I don’t think I’d be here right now. Uhhh, basically… it doesn’t matter where you start over!

What the fuck!? He killed your mom, Futaba!

And… you don’t really hate Joker, do you?

You’re thinking about how much you want to **** Joker, aren’t you?

That smile before we fought… Isn’t that how you really feel?
Follow your true feelings…! Even if you think people hate you or don’t want you around, that’s–

You’re right, they don’t! Because you’re a murderer!

Why am I inferior to you…!?

Oh boy, it’s time for the not-at-all clichéd “The real difference between Maaku and Akechi is that Maaku has friends” bullshit. I was cringing at this crap as an eight-year-old playing fucking Kingdom Hearts.

I was extremely particular about my life, m y grades, my public image, so someone would want me around! I am an ace detective… a celebrity!

How does someone like you have things I don’t!?

This really is a tantrum, wow.

This argument is meaningless…!

Music: Blood of Villain

A black mask…!

Wait, who’s he talking about…?
It can’t be… There was another intruder besides us within this Palace…!?

I’ll let you in on a little something… There’s a criminal using other people’s Palaces to accomplish whatever they damn well please. They don’t care about consequences. Psychotic breakdowns, mental shutdowns… anything goes.

fuckin’ what


come on

you’re supposed to be smarter than this

I’m surprised… This is actually a first for me. I might even have to try my hardest against you. You know… I just came up with a fun little idea… I wonder how far I can go with this…
You wanted to see my powers, didn’t you? Fine… I’ll show them to you!

All I care about now is killing all of you…

Akechi’s “Awakening” (I left in a segment before this scene because Daymond really goes for it. I’m not sure it’s a great performance, but he really, really tries)

Music: Awakening

He can use two separate powers…!?

No way…!

Boss: The Black Mask

Music: Will Power

You are the trash of society…!

Teammates are nothing but trash!

Well, we’ve got another fight in front of us here. And it’s one with a lot more health. To prepare, I’ve slightly cheated by using Mystery Stews at the end of the previous fight to restore 30% of Makoto and Ryuji’s SP at the cost of a temporary debuff to all their battle parameters (which Makoto can just dispel anyway with Dekunda), as is visible in the corresponding video for that fight. If you don’t feel good doing that, just do it at the start of this fight or use carrots or whatever, god knows we have plenty.

Akechi is the sinner of Emptiness, not represented by any demon, but let’s just say it’s Loki, how about that?

Speaking of Loki, here’s some concept art for him!

Akechi starts by casting Tetrakarn on himself, forcing us to break it by throwing ourselves at it. Annoying.

Now that he’s turned himself psychotic, he gets two turns! How fun! He’ll also use Brave Blade to inflict a lot of Physical damage.

He can use Negative Pile as well, which deals less damage but can inflict Despair.

Getting him down to 60% or so gives us this message.

Anything goes… if you say you’re teammates…!

Now he can use Makarakarn, which is much easier to deal with because most of the party blocks their chosen element.

He can also still use Eigaon and Kougaon, so watch out. Also the lower-level Maeigaon and Maragion, for some reason.

I don’t need… teammates… I don’t…

Let’s have Maaku guard, just in case.

This fight still isn’t very difficult.

screaming in pain

And Akechi’s down for the count. What a loser.


Akechi going full ham is pretty great. The way he shouts “WHAT?!” every time he misses is far funnier than it should be.

Part 170

Music: Regret

…You’re so lucky. Lucky to be surrounded… by teammates who acknowledge you… And once Shido confesses his crimes, you’ll all be heroes. As for me, people will find out my past deductions were just charade. My fame and trust will vanish.

Oh boo fucking hoo.

…I see. So you were turning people psychotic, then solving the cases yourself. And you did that by joining forces with Shido.
In the end… I couldn’t be special…
Dude, you’re more than special…


It pains me to admit… but your wit and strength far exceeds ours. We only defeated you by teaming up… I was honestly… envious of your natural ability.

Oh, fuck this

It was frustrating to see how much my sister trusted you…
I have no intention of forgiving you for what you did to my father, but… I sympathize with you. I wholeheartedly understand wanting to get back at the adults who took from you…
But when you gained the power to fulfill that desire, you only used it for your own self-benefit.
If you have the ability to use multiple Personas, you probably have the same talents as Joker. But because you went through life alone, the power you awakened was fueled by lies and hate… Still, you thought that was enough, right…? That part, I totally get.
You excelled at everything over us… yet that was the one thing you lacked.

All right, let’s go back and get that callin’ card ready! (to Akechi) We’re gonna take Shido down. What’re you gonna do?

Fucking what!? He’s a mass murderer!!!

So yeah, all you guys worried that things would all be hunky dory after Akechi’s fight were maybe on to something, there.

You should get rid of me… if you don’t want me getting in your way. ……

Music: Desire


That’s… Shido’s cognitive version of Akechi!

One thing that my portraits can’t really capture is just how creepy and dead this motherfucker’s eyes are.

Captain Shido’s orders… He has no need for losers. Well… this just moves the plan up a little. He was going to get rid of you after the election anyway.

You can’t possibly be surprised by this, my dude.

Did you truly believe you’d be spared after all the murders you undertook? Don’t tell me… Were you actually feeling good about having someone rely on you for once? Oh by the way, the captain says it’s time you receive retribution for causing the mental shutdowns.
What the hell, man!? That bastard’s the one who put him up to it!

I was wondering how he’d protect himself if I used my power to tear through his Palace. Turns out you’re how. So he’s making a puppet kill me… Sounds like something he’d do.
That’s right. I’ll do anything. But look at yourself… you’re the true puppet.

Not only is Cognitive Akechi a fucking sociopath, he’s also a vampire apparently.

You’ve been nothing but a puppet from the very beginning.
You little…!
So this… is how Shido thinks of Goro Akechi… It’s… it’s too horrible!
It’s still not too late! We can change his heart together! Even if he’s your father… No, because he’s your father!

noooooo let him dieeeeee

Oh my goooooooooooooooooood what’s going on with your goddamn face!?

No… He’s not alone! He has Shadows too…!?
You know what? I’ll let someone volunteer to take his place. Who knows, you might delay his death.
Damn you…!

Oh, that’s just the same as me. I’m going to take all the blame for our captain. I’ll die for him too.
This is what Shido thinks of Akechi-kun, even after making him help with the murders…!?

Uh, yeah, you already said that, Makoto.

(to Akechi) Here, I’ll give you one last chance. Shoot them.
Haha… I was such a fool.

…Don’t misunderstand. You’re the one who’s going to disappear!

Music: Alleycat

Fuckin’ sad music playing over your heroic sacrifice, fuck you. You didn’t earn that.

You fool! Are you trying to get yourself killed!?
The real fools… are you guys. You should have just abandoned me here a long time ago… You would have all perished… if you had tried to face these with me weighing you down…

Let’s make a deal… OK? You won’t say no… will you?
Why at a time like this…!?
Change Shido’s heart… in my stead… End his crimes… Please…!

I kind of want to do it less now that you’re asking me, jeez. Fine, whatever.

Akechi smiles and nods.


Music: The Spirit

It’s Akechi, everyone! The charming Detective Prince you all know and love! He’s voiced by Robbie Daymond!

(A funny thing here is that Akechi is the only Confidant in the game to give no permanent benefit, if we acknowledge that Sae’s “???” just means that we get to keep playing the game. Lol, Akechi was worthless to the end)

Music: Alleycat


Not bad.

Isn’t there some way to get this open, Mona…?

I’m only getting… the weaklings…

Welp, too bad, let’s go.

Come on, you guys! We can’t let a rotten criminal like Shido do what he wants any longer! We can’t… no matter what!

Part 170: 12/7: A Murder Of Crows

Now, before we go, it’s time for…

Did you know? According to some tweet I read once that I never saw any other substantiation for, apparently data miners found evidence that Akechi was originally intended to have his own Palace! This would probably have been very early in development, I assume. Pretty weird, right? Oh well! Anyway, that’s the end of Akechi. Let us never speak of him again.

Part 171

Part 171: 12/7-12/8: Making A Scene

Music: Ark

…We should get going.
He entrusted us with an important task, after all…
Let’s go, Joker.

It looks like we’ve come out on the side deck. We should be able to secure a route from here.
Welp, let’s head over and get to usin; those letters then.

Open sesame!

The time’s finally come.

“Finally” is right. It’s been like a month of this shit.


Music: Suspicion

Huh!? The hell is that…!?
It’s pretty rockin’…!
So this… is the main assembly hall?
P-Probably. Darumas are often used as symbols of election luck, plus everything else in here seems real…
Odd… There isn’t a single person in here. It sounded as though there was quite the crowd within when we heard voices through the door.
But given how it looks, this has to be the root of the distortion.
Yes. I’m picking up on the Treasure’s presence as well.

We can fucking see the Treasure from here. It’s right in front of us.

There’s no doubt this place is where it’ll appear.

Before that, one order of business.

Music: Aria of the Soul

First up, Moloch from Daisoujou and Pazuzu.

Your soul shall burn a brilliant crimson with my hellfire. Now then… take up your mask.

Moloch is a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice. Certain traditions depicted Moloch as a large bronze statue heated with fire into which victims were thrown.

Next, Dionysus from Kushinada and Oberon.

I shall stay by your side in the form of a mask. Now, show me your power to change yourself in battle!

Dionysus is the Greek god of winemaking and wine, as well as some other shit like fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theater.

Music: Ark

We finally secured our route to the Treasure! All we need to do now is send the calling card.
So we’ve made it… but there’s no turning back once the calling card is out. Failure is not an option. Is there anything left to do, Joker? Let’s make sure we take our time going forward.

Music: Beneath the Mask

That means we’re ready to send the calling card too. When should we do it?
We must consider the method by which we will send it as well.
All those guys cheering for Shido better be ready. We’re gonna surprise the shit outta them!
I can’t wait for this.

It’s about Akechi-kun, is it not? That was really sad what happened to him… Honestly, I have mixed feelings… but I think he was a victim too.
A victim we couldn’t save…
Had I not met you all, I may have become like him as well…
Personally speaking, I can’t forgive the guy. But more importantly, I can’t forgive Shido for warping his mind so goddamn much!

You can count on us. The decision on when to call us together for this plan is on you, Maaku.



Please don’t say things like that.

Music: Punch Ouch

He might be small, but don’t underestimate him. His quick movements will decimate you!
I’m here with you! Just remember what we practiced!
Don’t lose…
And right as the bell rings, Joe comes out aggressive!
Don’t let him shake you up! Persevere, and figure out what his weakness is!

It looks like his form loosens up after he goes on the offensive…!
What are you running around for? Are you trying to-- Oh, I get it! You’re on the right track! Sway to avoid his attacks!

The challenger lands an impressive counter, and Joe falters!
Good, good! Now go for the flurry!

What an intense string of punches! Joe goes down!
All right, the count’s starting. I hope he doesn’t get up…

You’ve got him on his heels! Keep up your footwork!

Maaku dodges.

Now! Give him a flurry!

Maaku gives him a flurry.

What a combo! Joe goes down!
Please don’t get up…

Graham Joe has crumbled! Our challenger wins!

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains Charm +2.

Anon: We’ll finally have peace
Anon: c’mon, leak his name!
Anon: kid had it coming, lol

Music: Suspicion

It’s strange that no one like him has come forward until now.
He is so charismatic. Upper management could learn a thing or two from him…

He only thinks of people as stepping stones for his own personal gain. …… Father… Father, is this the type of person you fought to protect us from? …I will fight against this injustice with my own power. I’ll be all right. I have Sis and the Phantom Thieves on my side. So… watch over me, OK?

Music: Disquiet

This is so strange.
I met a similarly frightening situation on the train… Everyone’s blindly following Shido. It’s as if they’ve been brainwashed.

Whaddya mean?
If Shido has time to spare, he will ensure all the loose ends are tied up with Maaku’s death.
They may even find out about the missing corpse…
Let’s just try to keep an eye on our opponent’s moves and strike first.
I’ll do the best navigation I can do for you guys. Leave it to me.
Shit’s getting real important now. Just give us a call if you make up your mind.

In this case, what kind of crime could the person who fired the gun be tried for? A: Attempted murder/B: Involuntary manslaughter/ Which of these is correct? Yuo be the judge!

The correct answer is… A! Why doesn’t wounding a passerby count as assault?
This was kind of a mean question. The answer is A, but this is two cases of attempted murder… You’ll get charged with the same crime, even if someone just happened to get wrapped up in it.
I’m impressed that you got that right. I was totally tricked.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Sounds like bullshit, Ann.

Well, we have nothing else to do, so let’s just send that calling card, eh?

Make sure you’re fully prepared beforehand, OK?

Music: Suspicion

It would be pointless to send it to the Diet Building.
And even if we handed it over to different media sources, who knows how it would be treated… The worst case scenario would be giving it to the police under the table.
What shall we do then…?


My Futaba Cannon is ready.

It’s good to go. Look. Now, if I do this…

When did you make this!?
You shoulda told us you were plannin’ something!
To trick your enemies, you first gotta trick your allies.

That doesn’t really make any sense here, but whatever.

How stylish.
It’s kickass!
This should work nicely…
All right! It’s time for people to start comin’ to their senses!

The Final Calling Card (This is one of the best scenes in the game)

There’s a ton of ancillary dialogue in this scene but some of it is unimportant and most of it isn’t subtitled, I’ll grab what I think makes sense.

…start with national news. Since the young man suspected to be the leader of the Phantom Thieves died while in custody, the police have officially announced that these crimes have come to an end, and assure everyone that the peace will be restored–

Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Instrumental Version)

Yo! What is UP, everybody!
We are the ones who you all know as the Phantom Thieves.

And all of us are alive and kickin’. But those shitty guys in power? They’ve been manipulatin’ information to try and hide the truth.

Ryuji, don’t cuss! You have a captive audience! Children are watching!

I dunno, and we can’t switch it out! Seems we aren’t the only ones affected either!

Funny detail here: this guy is voiced by Ben Diskin, my absolute favorite voice actor and the guy I wanted to play Ryuji before they announced the cast. That’s really only important to me, but I wanted to share it with all of you.

So, before we appropriate our next target… We would like to first borrow your time!
The recent scandals of public figures, the accidents caused by psychotic breakdowns and mental shutdowns—These weren’t caused by unknown reasons.

One man is behind every single instance… simply to satiate his own greed.
That man was afraid his crimes would be exposed and shifted the blame on us. He even manipulated the police for that.

We only steal the hearts of criminals. But this asshole tried to dump what he did on us.

That just shows he doesn’t care about those victims at all!
(into phone) Are they stupid!? Shut everything down!

The identity of that cowardly man is–

The feed cuts out.

The hell!? It was getting good!

Oooh, the police reacted much faster than I thought.

Futaba hits a key…

…and the signal spreads.

I win!

The signal returns.

The man behind it all is a current cabinet member, of all things. The Minister of State for Special Missions…

Masayoshi Shido!

loud gasps

Everything that guy says is a lie! And to prove that…

Look! As you can see, all of us are alive and kickin’!

This is the pettiest, most bullshit complaint imaginable, but how are they in costume? We established at the very beginning of the game that you can’t record in a Palace. Did they have their costumes custom-made for this video? That seems like it’d draw attention!

I’m sure the people investigating us can tell if this is a lie or not.

Shido himself will soon confess all the crimes that he’s committed. Please look forward to it, everyone!
You think it’s some kinda prank?
Uhhh… no way… could this be real!?

We’re not gonna sit back and watch some crook wreck this country just ‘cause of his goddamn ego.

Ain’t that right… Leader?

Hey, you can see his face!
Yes. Before that happens, we will take this country!


I’ll crush them beneath my heel!

Makoto, Haru, and Morgana do not get lines in that scene, because fuck ‘em I guess.

Part 172

Part 172: 12/8: The Return Of The Phantom Thieves

Music: Desire

What did they mean when they said “nobody has died”!? Could they have installed a new leader just to threaten us and Shido!?

Excuse me…


How’re you gonna get out of this one, dipshit?

Yes, but… um…

Perhaps this Phantom Thief tricked us with his bizarre powers!

Nope! You’re just all idiots!

Maybe he just made us think he had died…
Who made those documents…? Who was there at the scene of the suicide!?


And what about Akechi!? Where did that useless brat go!?

Isshiki you magnificent bastard I READ YOUR BOOK

This isn’t the time for games!
Um, I really don’t know what you’re speaking of… Oh, but that reminds me… I received a calling card from the Phantom Thieves… but everything from then on is a blur…

No… Could I have done something wrong…!?

Ahahahaha, okay, Sae might not be so bad after all. This almost makes up for all the emotional abuse.

Did the Phantom Thieves get to her…?

What have I done…?

Even so, how did he escape from the station…?
It doesn’t matter! We must catch him! We can’t let this get out! Not only was the suicide announcement false, but he got away on top of that!

One of the detectives runs away.

Why me…?
Check the documents you created. You may remember something once you look at them. …But even if you can’t recall, all responsibility for his escape rests squarely on your shoulders.

I thought they didn’t know how we escaped? He just said that!

I’m sorry, I honestly don’t know what’s going on here…
You’re the last person to talk to that phantom thief! You have to clean up your boss’s mess! If you’re going to resent someone, resent your dead director!

That doesn’t matter! Your actions have made a mockery of the police force! You’re going to pay for this, I promise!
…Very well.

Search the place.

Where are the Phantom Thieves?
Oh, you mean those guys they’ve been talking about on TV?

Agent Leader slams the counter.

Don’t play dumb with me.
This is obstruction of business, you know.
…We’ve investigated this thoroughly.
Is this the only way you do things?

Sure took you a while to puzzle that one out, Einstein. The attic is one room! Maybe you can help your friend back there determine if they’re hiding in the coffee beans while you’re at it.

If you’re not a customer, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.

Justice isn’t on your side.

Sorry, Sojiro. We probably should have told you to beat feet or something before we sent that message out, huh.

Music: Disquiet

It is nothing more than a wicked terrorist act, aimed at obstructing the elections. What we need now is a powerful, unyielding leader. I am willing to risk my life to fight them.

I hear what Shido-san is saying, but is it true?
I speak now to those who call themselves Phantom Thieves. Your actions are gravely serious crimes. You are rebelling against the laws of this country and unnecessarily causing alarm among its citizens. I call on you to surrender yourselves at once and apologize to the people of this proud nation.

But don’t you think that Shido looks like a criminal too?
I don’t know what to believe anymore…
I hope they catch them soon…

“Apologize”? Quite the funny joke.
Who is the real criminal here?

Really makes you think.

The Phantom Thieves embark.

Note: the fucking portraits are blocking view of the crowd, oops.

Our calling card has had a tremendous effect.
I’m real proud of that one!
All they’re doin’ is makin’ noise though…
Seriously. They should just go home and sleep…

Yeah, the people shouldn’t care about us at all. That seems totally in line with what we want.

Even after what happened, not many people want to see Shido have a change of heart… What we’re about to do is just, right…?

That’s right. Have we ever acted outside of the scope of justice?

Except for that one time? Nope.

You have a point.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Way off in the corner, Ohya is visible.

This has me excited as well. snicker That boy really keeps the news rolling in.
She doesn’t notice we’re here… right? That keen journalist nose is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh, good. Mishima’s here. …Not even sure if that’s sarcasm.

I guarantee it.

Aww, sweet.

There may not be many of them, but we have to cherish our fans. Let’s go change Shido’s heart!

The Phantom Thieves nod.

Aww, I wish I’d gone straight home! I could’ve seen it in person in Shibuya that way!

I knew they were up to no good the moment that stuff came up. I bet they’re just a bunch of scumbags.
Ohhh, I see. That’s scary!

slamming fists on desk WHERE. IS. LALA.

Music: Life Will Change

No gauntlet or obstacles to fight through this time. Let’s just head straight to Shido.

Music: Desire

…Not that it matters. If you have a complaint, I’m willing to listen.
What did you do to Akechi!? He… He was your own son!
Hmph, I had a feeling it was something like that. He reminded me too much of that woman. I also have an idea as to why he approached me. He was trying to trap me, was he not? He was sharp, but in the end he was just a kid. I controlled him merely by offering praise. I intended to dispose of him as soon as I became prime minister.

Ha, Akechi’s getting dragged from beyond the grave.


His destroying himself saved me quite a bit of effort though.
How could you…!?
You stole my mom’s research… and took her life!
Everything you’ve done has been for your own selfish gains! You even killed my father…! I will never forgive you!

I only require that the foolish entrust themselves to their superiors. I shall guide them.
The hell makes you think you’re so much better than everyone else!?
You never would have been able to make it this far without Akechi’s help!
He only appeared because of the expectations God held for me.

Oh man, this is rich. Fuck this motherfucker, seriously.

Moreover, it was thanks to me that Akechi was able to properly use his power to begin with.

How selfish! You were unable to win by honest means, so you used foul tricks to ascend the political ladder!
A cruel person like you has no right to stand leading the citizens of this country. You’re nothing but a criminal who rose above others by climbing a staircase of sin.
The life of a nation as opposed to those of a few sacrifices… There can be no comparison. The ignorant masses only care about their own personal happiness. I am merely granting that for them.

I can’t believe you look down on everyone else so harshly…
I’d never accept a leader who makes a teenager murder people! You say it’s for the country, but I bet it’s all for yourself. Nobody would wish for something like that!

Everyone denies the value of hard work these days. Instead, they seek to effortlessly gain wealth. That is why I must reestablish this mighty country. One that does not waver… One that others bow to.
Mighty, my ass! That’s just a crooked country made by a crook!
We cannot let you do this. You are a disgrace to Japan. Hence, we will take your deranged heart.

However… considering the loss of Akechi, it would be a waste to kill those who are actually capable. I will allow you to choose between life or death one last time. Devote your power to my social reform. I will give you anything you want, be it wealth or status.

“Do you mean it…?” What a stupid fucking answer, I love it.

There’s no way we’d follow you!
No matter how many times you ask, our answer’s not gonna change!

Shido Intro (Look, you should really just watch this, this is a really hard scene to describe)

Music: Blood of Villain

Suddenly, crowds of sycophants fill the room out of nowhere.

There’s tons of them…!

The podium rises…

Then, new layers of floor start protruding from the walls?

Yusuke fucking Superman jumps up and motions for the others to follow him.

And everyone does follow, jumping about seventy-five feet straight up.

I know that the lion is made out of people that he’s literally using as stepping stones to victory and it’s all horrifying and everything, but there’s a hell of a lot of prominent butt visible on that thing and it’s all I can see.

And the fight begins.

Part 173

Part 173: 12/8: A River In A Dry Land

Boss: Beast of Human Sacrifice

Music: Rivers in the Desert (Instrumental Version) (Maybe listen to this, but also know that the in-game version doesn’t have the slow part and loops after about 3:40 instead of at the end)

Some notes before we begin: This boss is rather difficult, but I’m pretty good at this game by now and this was also my fourth take. Therefore, I unequipped all my SP Adhesive 3s to even the odds a bit. We’ll go more in to the reasoning behind those takes as we go.

Also, I have made two critical errors when preparing for this fight! The first is that I forgot to buy more Takemedic-All-Zs to supplement my healing, so we’re stuck with the nine we have left over from the Palace. The other, probably worse error is that I accidentally fused away all my Personas that know any form of healing whatsoever. Oops! Better rely on Makoto, who only knows single-target healing!

I will crush any who stand in my way!

Only myself and the ones who revere me are needed.

So, the Beast of Human Sacrifice. First thing to know about this guy is…

He’s a fucking cheater who can reflect Physical.

Ryuji realizes his usefulness here is thus negligible and helpfully switches himself out for Ann. We won’t get a ton out of her damage skills due to all the outgoing damage here, but another friendly face with Diarahan is nice.

He can also reflect Gun! How bullshit! We won’t switch out Haru for Morgana, though. Psiodyne is still plenty useful, and we can get some serious mileage out of Tetrakarn.

This is the Beast’s basic attack. It hits like a truck, and a buffed attack might do double that!

Suffice it to say, keeping Marakukaja/Masukukaja up at all times can be a rather wise strategy, and not just for the buffs themselves. It can force Shido to spend a turn on Dekaja to dispel them. This is also why Tetrakarn is so good; he’ll have to use Tetra Break to get rid of it. Unfortunately, none of those really get us closer to our goal of “getting out of this as fast as possible.”

He also gets two turns, which he uses here on Tarukaja.

However, we witness this good omen every time we heal Haru to full. Nice, we got this.

Sometimes, he’ll debuff the party’s Agility. I don’t think this affects their hit rate, because I’ve never actually seen anyone miss this boss before, but it does affect their dodge rate. Which is important, because…

He uses a super attack the next turn.

Okay, this part is actually really fucked up and is responsible for the only death I’ve ever suffered to any part of this boss, totally unavoidably.

See, he can inflict party-wide Rage, the status effect that makes you… attack mindlessly… and reduces your defense. Also, Maaku automatically attacks before anyone else gets a turn during boss fights. See the problem here?

Whoopsidoodle! (So yeah, he attacked himself and died, RIP)

Thankfully, Makoto still knows Energy Shower and Haru Amrita Shower, so we have multiple options for dealing with this.

He can, infuriatingly, use Makarakarn to put up a Magic wall and make himself immune to everything until you manually break the shield.

The Beast charges up…

…Yeah, we might wanna guard for this one.


It’s about here that I come to the conclusion that Ann’s single-target healing ain’t cutting it, so we switch her out for Morgana.

Finally, we deplete about a third of the Beast’s HP.

I hope you understand what it means to turn your back on me!
I don’t wanna understand!
…Then you shall perish! You shall regret these foolish actions against me… in the afterlife!

I will destroy you!

And now, the Wings of Human Sacrifice.

This time, the boss resists all Magic types and is instead vulnerable to Physical and Gun.

So let’s switch Ryuji back in.

The boss will now spend its turns casting single-target -dyne magic spells in order. That order would be: Agidyne, Bufudyne, Ziodyne, Garudyne, Psiodyne, Freidyne, Kougaon, Eigaon. He will then repeat. Any extra turns he gets will be used to cast the next in the sequence, probably on whoever is weak to it. I also believe he has increased chance of inflicting Burn/Freeze/Shock, because of course he does.

I believe I mentioned fucking forever ago that the only way to get appreciable damage out of a gun is to literally unload the entire clip. Well, that’s still true. But it’s a lot of fucking damage.

What happens when the Wings get to the end of the sequence? Well…

Another super attack. Of course. As you can see, this one can inflict Dizzy. I’m still not sure if you can actually miss this boss, so it might just be to set up Technical attacks.

I’m also realizing that Haru’s grenade launcher, even with only one shot, is a fucking beast. Imagine what damage we’d be doing with Matarukaja (In fact, one of the reasons I had to rerecord this fight is because on one of my takes I skipped through this phase too quickly due to Matarukaja’d gun volleys).

Why won’t you stop resisting…!? The nation I strive for… is the ultimate realization of the public’s happiness!


And now, the Tomb of Human Sacrifice. This phase is honestly dirt-simple. It has no resistances whatsoever, only gets one turn, and while it still hits hard you can breeze through it comparatively.

Honestly, it might do the most pure damage in this form. Still, nothing worth crying home about.

Be careful!

This is a standard charge-up maneuver, the enemy even gives you two turns to prepare.

And the Beast, the Wings, and the Tomb are all down for the count. Eat that, society.

Music: Desire

Once you’re losin’, you’re puttin’ all the blame on the masses, huh!?
(to Joker) So, you’re the one unifying them…
A touching reunion, isn’t it?
The next time you crush a foe, I suggest you do it in a more certain manner.

Uhh, we’re really just gonna tell him who I am? I mean, okay. I guess.

Not that there’ll be a next time for you!

…You’re more than just a member of the Phantom Thieves, aren’t you?

You took him to court and yet you don’t remember…? You truly don’t care about the fate of others.

Haha… What an interesting turn of fate.

Small sacrifices are inescapable for those wishing to be powerful, competent leaders. How would you ever reach your destination if you stopped to count every ant you crushed on the road?
Are you saying that the people you killed deserved to die!?

Not quite, Haru. He’s just saying he doesn’t give a shit that they’re dead. A subtle, but crucial difference.

He’s totally insane…
I wouldn’t expect the ignorant masses of this country to understand.

Music: Rivers in the Desert (Holy fucking shit, listen to this)

Boss: Masayoshi Samael Shido (I’d also recommend you watch this, as good as the song is it’s even better in context)

I will crush any who stand in my way!

What is this power!? Careful! Those muscles aren’t just for show!

Hmm, I seem to have gotten the music wrong. Try this.

(I swear that’s the only MGR joke I’m going to make, and you’re welcome)

Anyway, Masayoshi “Samael” Shido. The actual demon of the sin of pride is Lucifer, but let’s not waste Lucifer on Shido of all people. Samael is an archangel in Talmudic lore. This Wikipedia page I’m reading says he’s regarded as both good and evil, which, lol. He’s the angel of death in Judaism, and is given the title of “Satan.” What does this have to do with Shido?

Pretty much nothing, except for his ability to fuck you up.

Oh, also, his main attack Tyrant’s Fist can inflict Fear! We’re gonna want to bring more than a few Relax Gels, even with Makoto and Haru here. Like the Tomb, he only gets one turn though.

He can use Heat Riser to increase all three of his parameters, which we’re going to want to Dekaja away pretty much immediately.

He’s got Megidola for that Almighty damage.

He can use Evil Touch to directly inflict Fear.

Like most bosses, he can Dekaja away your buffs.

His big new attack is just Deathbound. Big whoop. Anyway, we reduce the rest of his health pretty easily from there.

How are these lowlife brats beating me…?
Now’s our chance! Let’s take his Treasure!

The power held by the most elite is what rules over our society… It’s vexing that I have to use this on some foolish brats…

Did you hear that, Shido!?

Oh boy


Now we’re fighting True Masayoshi Samael Shido. Quite the mouthful.

This one also has… quite a bit more health than his last form!

He can still use Tyrant’s Fist, naturally.

But also he gets two turns now! He’ll cycle through the Ma-variants of the -dyne skills he used as the Wings of Human Sacrifice, in the same order. It’s pretty rough.

He can also increase his crit rate with Rebellion!

We are, once again, going to be switching Ryuji in and out to take advantage of Morgana’s multi-target healing.

Ha, his name’s so long the text can’t fit in the damn box.

This misses, but it’s still bullshit. Bosses shouldn’t be able to instantly kill you unless you really fucked up.

You will regret your actions. …You’ve angered me for the last time.

What’s this?

Oh, nothing important. He just gave himself two more turns.

He really wants this next attack to hit. And you know what? I can’t blame him.


At this point, he’ll switch to using the strongest single-target magic attacks in the game: Inferno (Severe Fire), Diamond Dust (Severe Ice), Thunder Reign (Severe Electricity), and Panta Rhei (Severe Wind). These can, of course, inflict ailments, so watch out.

…I will destroy you with my own two hands.

This time, he buffs his Attack. He still debuffs the party’s Agility, though.

Fuckin ouch.

Now that True Samael is critical, he assumes this pose, which is very silly and really just reminds me of that scene from Community where Abed pretends to be a vampire.

So, uh… funny story about what happens here. I switched to Byakko to take advantage of its Dekunda to get rid of the Agility debuff on the party, since I needed Makoto’s turn to heal Haru. Byakko, as it turns out, knows Counterstrike, an old skill Yusuke had that gives a 15% chance of reflecting Physical attacks. This was also my fourth take of this fight, and as mentioned previously, the prior attempt had ended when an enraged Maaku attacked the Beast of Human Sacrifice and killed himself due to the repel effect.

So all things considered, it was pretty goddamn hilarious when this happened.

Oh god, don’t get back up

Oh, well that ends that. Take that, Keith Silverstein (for the purposes of this joke it may behoove you to know that Shido is voiced by Keith Silverstein) (also I like Keith Silverstein as a VA a lot, don’t hate me Keith)!

Part 174

Part 174: 12/8: Sacrifice

For causing countless mental shutdowns in others, you will atone… with your life.
Don’tcha got something to say to our leader before you go passin’ out?

I did it to protect myself… I’m so sorry for what I’ve done… It feels as though it’s been quite some time since I have felt sincerely apologetic…

Hmph… That may be good… So, I’ve been defeated… Haha… Hahahaha…

Music: Desire

Will I really be able to kill the Phantom Thieves if I take that!?
According to Wakaba Isshiki’s research… Temporarily collapsing a Palace will take down anyone inside it as well. The abrupt nature of the collapse means they will be unable to escape without extreme luck.

Shido snatches the medicine out of the researcher’s hands.


Okay, he’s clearly not holding anything in his right hand. Anyway, he swallows the pills down.

I must… steer this country! If I don’t who will…!?
What arrogance…

Shido’s image begins to shimmer and distort.

What the–

An explosion…?

But we haven’t taken the Treasure yet…
We’ll talk later! Come on, let’s grab the Treasure and run!

Music: Run, Run, Run!

We can’t get through like–

What is happening!?
Hey, Oracle!
The ship is exploding… but why!?
What kinda sloppy explanation is that!?
I don’t know what’s happening either!
Something might’ve happened to Shido in the real world!
Whaddya mean “something”!?
I don’t know!?

Standing around here isn’t going to help!
We have to run!
Oracle! Are there any other escape routes!?
I’m looking, but…

Our path…
Still, where else can we go…!?

Are we… sinking…?
We are not going to die like this!

Ryuji’s Sprint (Watch this)

Music: Collapse of Pride

I don’t know how to swim!

Let’s go!

We just gotta get there…
It’s too far! We won’t reach it in time…!

Hang tight. I’ll nab the boat!


Ryuji punches himself in the leg, then keeps running.


Oh, Ryuji, you cad.

Hang on!
We’re moving!

Part 175

Part 175: 12/8: Dealing With Loss


We gotta go back!

Music: Alleycat

He was our fastest runner too…!

It’s a legislator’s pin.


The group runs up to Ryuji.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I mean, ain’t I alive?

We were worried about you!

Ann moves closer to Ryuji.

Makoto follows suit.

All the girls now slowly inch closer…

Ha! More violence towards the victim of abuse as comedy! It’s especially funny because it’s in a context where he doesn’t understand why he’s being punished! How fun!

Why don’t we stop by somewhere before going home?
Then, I want sauteed foie gras!
We’re in reality right now, you know.

The group walks away. The only one to look back at Ryuji is Morgana, who briefly pauses before joining the others.

Well, in honor of Ryuji’s heroic sacrifice, let us play a tribute to him. I feel this is the most appropriate choice.

Part 176

Part 176: 12/8-12/9: Like Sheep To The Slaughter

Music: Desire

Shido stirs.

Is the medicine still affecting you?
Should we get him to a hospital…?
We should probably wait and see a little longer…
I-I… Ngh…

Did the temporary-death serum not work?

Everything will be ruined!
What are we supposed to do about his campaign…?
Announce that he’s not feeling well!
Arrange a hospitalization in absolute secrecy! Don’t let anyone near him!
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
Keep the media out! Dammit, we have to do something…

The other conspirators nod.

Shido continues to sob while the others file out of the room.

Ah… sob

Well… fuck. Again, we probably should have told him to skip town. This is really our own fault.

Music: Alleycat

Two fake deaths in five minutes, game. Weird trend you’re forming here.

Also I think the weird news report that came on when we entered is supposed to be a red herring, like “Oh no they murdered Sojiro!” but it gets no time to breathe. Also, it’s a complete non-sequitur that will never come up again.

Oh shit, are you gonna kick his ass too?

I was taken to that asshole Shido’s place, but they suddenly told me I could go home. That’s thanks to his change of heart, right?

Thought as much. They had me blindfolded the whole time, so I’ve got no idea where they took me…

But you just said they took you to Shido’s place! Also, you said they let you go! How do you not know where you were!?

Also I love the idea that they go to the trouble of kidnapping Sojiro and then just… let him go. Don’t even bother killing him, fuck it. It’s all ruined, goddammit.

Though it sounded like they were oddly bustling about.
Looks like it’s going well.
But man, my handsome mug was nearly ruined. That’s all fine and dandy…

Sojiro looks around.

Sorry to bother you two when you’re tired, but I need you to help me clean up.
We just have to wait like usual now.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Oh hey, you’re alive. The girls mercilessly beating him will never be mentioned again.

We’ve done all we can.
We started off with a huge announcement this time, after all! I can’t wait for the results.
But all that popularity doesn’t matter anymore.
Right. Things like approval ratings aren’t important now.

All that’s left is to wait calmly for the results.
All right… We should act as normal as we can while we’re waiting too.

Mishima has some updates for us now that we’ve taken down Shido.

Right!? Anyway, have you heard of Shiro Asakura? It seems like he’s behind these crimes. Well, I’ll be counting on you for the rest!
This guy might not be famous, but we can’t let him go. Let’s talk to everyone at the hideout when we have time, OK?

Fuck yes, we’re finally going after that motherfucker in Shinjuku. I’ve been waiting all game for this.

I would never have imagined you were going up against Shido. I’m glad I kept the Phan-Site running through all the criticism too. I think I’ll change up the survey question to commemorate your comeback. I’ll obviously be answering “YES” this time! I believe in you! Stay strong!
…This guy never changes. Well, it sounds like he’s looking forward to how it goes. All we can do is wait now too.

I wish your criminal slate could get wiped clean in the process…

Upon saving, we see this message from Morgana.

Music: Aria of the Soul

The look on your face seems to be that of a man who has accomplished a great deed.
To think you would use the trap set against you to entrap them… I’ve never seen a dramatic resurgence such as that. Truly marvelous—those are the only words I can think of to describe you.

We should be thanking you for entertaining us thus. …You’ve even overcome a mysterious misfortune. There should be no one left to hinder your rehabilitation.

Great! Game’s over, I guess!

Your rehabilitation will be completed shortly. That is… if everything goes well without any problems. chuckle

Music: Desire

Or… could it be that it’s not a dream at all? My memories aren’t any closer to coming back to me… But might there be something I’m supposed to remember…? ……

And if the truth of that comes to pass down in the depths of Mementos, I… Could it be that I’ll… ……

Anon: it’s happening again…
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!
Anon: what about the election?
Anon: Show yourself, Akechi!

Mishima’s new question is active. It’s… not going well for us!

Music: Disquiet

Unlike in Persona 4, nabbing the Big Bad does not skip us forward in time. Good, we still have shit to do.

From one handsome detective with red sunglasses, to a legendary gumshoe who took down a bear! She’s not a police officer yet, but there’s this one tough girl in police academy who knows kung fu.

These are cheeky references to Akihiko and Chie from Persona 3 and 4.

And then, there’s that calling card… Shido-san denied any of it was true though.
I wonder if Shido-san is OK… I’m worried, with the elections so close.
sigh I don’t know what I should believe…

Then why don’t you study. Don’t blame me if you cry at the exams.

This bodes well!

…Then again, I’m sure no one’s gonna be looking for someone who’s supposed to be dead.

That’s no longer the case! You sundowning, old man?

I’d say Shido’s odds of winning are 80-90%. There’s no way he’d lie.
Just by looking at his eyes, you can tell that he’s trustworthy. Who can we believe in, if not him?

I think they put the wrong NPCs here. The descriptions refer to three people, all male, but there’s only two here and one of them is a woman.

So much happened this year! Our question is “What single word describes this year for you?” Predictably, many are saying the word “thief.” Yes, the Phantom Thieves were a big deal.
Did anything actually good happen this year? Just thinking about the future depresses me.

Woof! Woof!
Um, I heard from my teacher that dogs can’t live as long as people. I might have to say bye-bye to you soon…
Sorry, Kotaro. You’d be really sad if I cried, huh?

Somebody get rid of the fucking onions in here, christ.

As you can see, though small in numbers, there are supporters for the Phantom Thieves. Should the opinions of those people be ignored?
Do you know what you’re being called online?
No, and I don’t care. Now, onto the next one!

I can only request this of you, my right-hand man, for you are the one who saved me!
G-Great Sun God…! I will follow you!
Then raise your hands with me! Wake the apostles of light, sleeping in Shibuya!

Don’t you think Masayoshi Shido and Akechi-kun look alike somehow?
…How? I don’t see it. You were such a huge Akechi fan, too. Did you already forget what his face looked like?
I don’t know, it just hit me when I was looking at a Shido poster. I guess I just imagined it.

A little on-the-nose, game.

So that Shido person was the bad guy? The Phantom Thieves were right all along?
Well, it may not be that simple. On the internet, people are speculating it’s a hoax by Shido’s political rivals.

I bet it’s a trick meant to discredit Shido-san somehow! That’s what the talk shows are saying—that it’s just slander due to the elections.

Some of the earlier chapters of this LP, for instance.

It’s not too late for you. You should settle things once and for all. I decided to start facing my own crimes from now on. I was saved, thanks to the Phantom Thieves. That’s why I got so excited when I heard that they’re alive. That really made me happy. You’re still young. Make sure to live life to the fullest, so you don’t have regrets like I do.

Well, they picked a fight with Shido, right? Think it’ll affect the election?
Didn’t seem like it phased him. I mean, he denied it, so…
More than a few of my customers seem to sympathize with Shido. Bet it’ll be a landslide victory.

I see… So you’re my opposing candidate… No, you’re working to overthrow the regime!
What!? What are you talking about, Senpai!?
Who? Who’d you see it with!? Look me in the eyes and say it!

We pick up three Moonlight Carrots and plant some more.

Yep. You get it! Any new prime minister will work to “purify” Shinjuku of guys like me. No way am I down for that. Anyway, you wanna become a Phantom Thief with this radio wave jacking kit?

With Wanna-B-Alert, your fears of the unseen will be replaced with sweet relief. Right now, we’re selling bundles of five security cameras for our special Christmas promotion! Not even Santa could break into a home with that kind of protection! Try Wanna-B-Alert today!

Shido’s pretty much gone into hiding. They all say he’s fallen ill or something.
It’s all very shady, including how the leader of the special investigation team died.
Who knows what’s going on? Can somethng like this even be handled by the law?

Bwehehe, only weak-minded people change their opinions based on what others think! Once we set our minds to it, we never stray from our path! That is the way of the otaku!
That’s the total opposite of what you said before. But you know, I admire your shamelessness.

Japan’s finally on a roll. I LOLed at this huge news right near the end of the year.
So… Are you Team Shido or Team Phantom Thieves?
Hey, warriors on the internet always take the side of whoever wins.

Stop, stop it! No, my money! No… it’s gone negative! Stop iiiiiiit…!

Because we left home to see the new conversations, we can’t return to Leblanc to play a video game. So, I figured we might as well see the alternate scenario play out at the maid cafe.

Music: Welcome Back, Master!

Something complicated this time.

A Sincere Omelette, correct!? As you wish Master.

Nah, I don’t really get the aesthetic of this joint. It’s like my good buddy Hououin Kyouma said: pick maids or cats, choosing both is just weird.

Let me seeeee… What should I write…?

You can’t even see it, cat!

I-I’m sorry, Master! I was trying to write “retributive justice”…
Why did she pick that…?
M-Master… I tried my best. Would you please forgive me?

Wow! Master, you’re so kind! You’re amazing! I love you so much! I’ll be your humble maid for the rest of eternity!

No thanks.

I feel like you’re going too easy on her… but I guess you learned how to be tolerant.

Maaku gains Kindness +1. I assume picking “Fix it” would have given us Guts.

Either way, I think you learned how to get people to like you!

Maaku gains Charm +2.

But it really is nice having as kind a master as you! Have an amazing rest of your day, Master! I’ll be waiting patiently for your next visit!

A visit that will never come.

There’s overwhelming support for Masayoshi Shido’s party…
I’d rather trust Shido-san than some phantom thieves.
What we really need right now is a strong leader.
Please change this country, Mr. Shido!

Anon: It’s happening again…
Anon: Shido, just take the win
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!
Anon: what about the election?
Anon: Show yourself, Akechi!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Things suck online.


People in the city are only talking about Shido as well.
Yeah, all the buzz about Akechi’s completely gone.

It’s not even that! Everyone just latches on to the latest story!
I thought something similar when Father collapsed. As long as it doesn’t involve you, the news is nothing but another form of entertainment. For the general public, each passing story is simply a new means of killing time.
They consume each topic, then discard it before moving on to the next big thing…
But I bet that’s all gonna change once they see Shido have a change of heart!
I hope so. We will just have to wait with belief in our hearts.

Right? Ya can’t trusht that Shido guy! I would never drinksh wi’ the guy! He’d not pour me any sake, jus’ to dishrepeck me… burp

I’m really gonna miss our chats, Drunken Souse.

When I asked my parents, they just said they didn’t care who…
Our parents only care about our entrance exams. They won’t listen to anything we tell them.
Let’s show our parents and pass our exams. Just like the Phantom Thieves, we’ll turn things around!

You mean people like Masayoshi Shido? I hear whoever’s left from the Phantom Thieves is spreading lies. I haven’t looked into it, myself.
Well, forget about it and just knock one back with me! All I care about is livin’ it up, dude!

So we’re making our donations to the new political party, then? Not surprising, I suppose.
It’s a strategic move so that we don’t miss the boat. We want to be connected to the new government.

Actually, I thought it was kind of funny. In the end, it’s not really my problem. I care more about preparing for the year-end party than any scandals linked to Mr. Shido.
Crap, I’ve got to find a store. Hey, do you know any good places?

Is this some kind of trick? The police said he was dead. I guess this is just par for the course—there’s always a scandal when it comes to politicians.

Well, I don’t agree with the Akechi hatewagon!
Same thing happened with the Phantom Thieves. Just goes to show that no one thinks for themselves. We’re the only ones who’ve stayed true. We’ll be devoted until death do us part!

Now, get to work before we lose the guy. The next time you go against the agency, I’ll end you.
Why are you being so horrible!?

I can’t wait to get this sonuvabitch. We’re coming for you in Mementos, asshole!

Who is this “we?” You’re not really a part of that, my dude.

Don’t worry though. Your secret is safe with me. Not just as the admin of the Phan-Site, but as your friend…

If we hadn’t maxed Mishima previously, this would be where we would have gotten the option to resume his Confidant now that we’ve finished Shido’s Palace.

Huh? Yeah… Why the sudden change?
Bein’ here’s made it clear—Tokyo ain’t for me. Now’s as good a time as any, what with the election.
…Oh. I see.

She actually seems kinda bummed. Maybe I was wrong about where that was going.

Well, uh… this has been a rather depressing day, all things considered. Think we might have been giving people a bit too much credit. We’ll have to see where this goes after Shido confesses. Anyway, back at home…

Music: Punch Ouch

I’m here with you, kid! Think back to your last fight!
I hope you’ll be OK… Just try not to lose too bad.


Dammit, he’s getting through your defense…! You have to persevere!
What does he mean by that…? Wait… This guy takes large swings. You might be able to get him if you attack during his punch animation!
Why are you letting your guard down…? Wait, I see now! You’re on the right track… but can you really pull it off? Match his timing and land an uppercut!

Now’s your chance! Head in for the flurry!

OK, the count’s starting. Don’t get up…

He’s damn tough, all right… You’re gonna have to give him everything you got!

OK, finish him off with a flurry!

That’s gotta be enough to take Bryson down… N-No, he’s still standing! He’s on the ropes though. Skirt around him and go for a body blow!

Oh geez.

It’s just too much for Bryson to handle! He’s collapsed!
Yes, the count’s starting again! Please don’t get up this time…

Bryson is down for the count! Our challenger wins!

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains Charm +2.

Part 177

Part 177: 12/10-12/15: Fuck All Video Games Forever

Sorry folks, this update is going to be a little… tedious. See, this is going to be The One Where We Finish All Of The Rest Of The Video Games. It’s going to take six in-game days, and we’re going to do pretty much nothing else. Yeah. If you want to skip this one, well, I can’t say I blame you, but before you do that I feel it is my duty to inform you that this update also contains the single weirdest thing I have ever needed to do to progress in any video game I have ever played. Hopefully that’s intriguing enough that you decide to actually read this one.

Anon: moar like phantom GRIEF
Anon: Must be tough for Shido-san
Anon: Is Shido gonna apologize?
Anon: I’d never support them

Music: Suspicion

Especially Akechi-kun. He hasn’t said anything about it at all… I’m really worried about him!
I’m sure he’s just busy investigating. Just keep supporting the election and wait.

…Once Shido spills the deets, this whole situation will flip. Once everyone hears the truth, I’m sure they’ll open their eyes! Dammit, Shido… How much longer do we have to wait?

Music: Disquiet

Well, no, not really. They did manage to stop all the attacks on my blog though. The internet is so distracted by their comeback, no one has been attacking me for praising myself. Ah, their return to heroic form was truly smashing. It’s inspired me to be more courageous too. I shall watch what becomes of them while preparing to take dramatic action of my own in my career.

The United Future has an overwhelming amount of support, with more than 50% of the votes. It may be difficult for the ruling party, the Liberal Co-Prosperity party, to turn things around.
Shido’s party is going to win!? This is bad…

First up, Train of Life.

Music: Train of Life

By the way, haven’t you read that secret technique book? If I remember correctly, I think you can roll the dice more times, increasing your chance of victory.

This game is entirely luck-based, so no shame in using the cheats.

Ah, I see. Not only do the dice rolls move you forward, you can also use them to buy properties. I think things are going well right now. You could probably finish in first at this rate.

I’ll let you go if you can satisfy me, blorp! You’ll have three chances, blorp!
Does this guy exist just to get in our way…?
If you can roll my favorite secret number or higher, I’ll let you pass, blorp! You can roll the dice up to three times if you want, blorp! You’ll never guess my secret number though… Blorp!
So we need to roll at least his secret number…? But he didn’t even give us a hint… I guess we should just try to get the highest number possible.

The tricky thing here is that despite getting to re-roll, you still have to guess if your number is good enough. I threw away a perfectly good nine chasing something better, and ended up getting an eight on my very last roll, meaning I was stuck with it. Hope that’s good enough!

Also most of these images are not of what I actually rolled, because I was too lazy to wait until the dice stopped to take my screenshots!

OK then, your number is 8, blorp! As for the secret number… do you remember my name, blorp? It’s Octavius… Octa, as in the number eight! Gluhuhuhu! Glorg, you’ve bested my secret number trial! I guess I’ll be retreating then, blorp!
Huh. Octavius writhed away into the sunset… All right, let’s head onward to the goal!

But it seems you at least learned how to have a big heart even in the face of brutally unfair requests.

What? Maaku gains Kindness +2.

Anyway, we’re going to do that another eleven times today. Strap the fuck in.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Music: Train of Life

Awesome, we’re starting off well… and we have a good amount of money too! This intermediate course is looking pretty simple…

Wait, there’s something rising up out of the ground… is that a gate? We can’t pass through…

Give me a number to open the gate, snap! I’ll give you three chances, snap!
Another one of these weirdos… We’re so unlucky…
So, the numbers that open this lock are three, five, seven and nine, snap! Roll two dice and make sure they add up to one of those, snap! I’ll give you three chances, snap!
So this all depends on your luck… I think you can do it!
Time for the first roll, snap!
It seems like the technique is in effect… You can now roll the dice 5 times instead.

You… You’re impressive, snap! I’ll let you through, snap!
Oooh… The gate’s opening! All right, let’s head onward to the goal!

Maaku gains Kindness +2.

Anon: this site’s still up? :o
Anon: My scandal sense’s tingling!
Anon: This isn’t debunked yet?
Anon: this is a murder warning…

Music: Disquiet

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! A Hunger Charm! It’s perfect for dieting!

Should you really be selling something that reduces appetite like that? That seems pretty fucked up.

It makes you lose your appetite? That’s kind of terrifying, but also really tempting and exciting!
And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 19800 yen!

We don’t need this, but whatever.

Music: Train of Life

Our opponents are extra tough, since it’s the last level… But I think things are going well for now… We’ll probably end up in first place at this rate!

Shoot, a hole opened up in the ground and swallowed our piece… Wait, is that some kind of gun!?

The Google Image results for “anthropomorphic gun” have somehow less anime than I was expecting.

If you don’t give me a number I like, I’m gonna blast you all the way back to the beginning!
The train of oddballs just keeps on rolling…
I’m all for multiples of four! That means you can get either four, eight, or twelve! Basically, if the sum of the two dice you roll is a multiple of four, you win! Naturally, you’ll have four shots at it. Now, if you win, let’s see… I’ll blast you to the finish line!
Wait, so we can get all the way to the goal if we beat it…? Let’s do this, Maaku!
Here comes the first roll!
It seems like the technique is in effect… You can now roll the dice 6 times instead.

We whiff all six rolls. Damn pathetic is what it is.

Guess I’m just gonna have to shoot you back to the start then!
The arc on that shot is real sight to behold…

RIP. Normally I’d just reload to save the day, but I… forgot to save before hitting the console this time, so we’re just going to proceed.

Maaku gains Kindness +1. Fucking up in a video game reduces the social stat gain, but still gives you some.

Is it too tough for you? We’ll just have to try again next time!

Music: Beneath the Mask

These goddamn election cars are so loud too. They need to stop making me panic, dammit!
This seems to be more like a big party than an election…
Yeah, one that’s just for Shido.

News stories outside of Shido have dropped off the face of the map far too quickly.
He’s all people want to talk about. It’s like they aren’t interested in anything else.
Is he brainwashing them?
Mind control, hm…? That does seem possible under these circumstances.
If people stop thinking for themselves, they’ll be free from both anxiety and responsibility. And Shido’s the perfect thing to put their trust in. All that’s left is to believe that he can bring them happiness, then they’re all set.
I can’t believe this…
Either way, we have to do everything we can.
Brainwashing…? I guess that’s one way to look at it. Let’s show people the truth behind all of this!

Shady Commodities got new stock in today. It’s just new laundry armor, but this laundry armor is actually some of the best stuff in the game. We buy it.

Music: Train of Life

Here comes the hole… and that Artie guy too, I’m sure…
The name’s Artie… Artie Lury, the free-wheeling cannon!
He’s back…

Same rules as before.

Here comes the first roll!

This time, we manage to roll an 8 on the fifth roll.

Hey, you did it! As I promised, I’ll shoot you on over to the finish line!

It’s really messed up that the entire game is determined not by anything that happened previously, but by who win this dice roll minigame first. It’s like worse Mario Party.

Whoa, all the way to the end in an instant…!

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains Kindness +2.

We cleared all the stages in Train of Life now. All right, let’s enjoy this ending!

Anon: I’d never support them
Anon: no one wants you thieves
Anon: this site’s still up? :o
Anon: Stay strong, Shido-san!

Now that I’m editing this, and I can see just how much of this there is and that still lies ahead of us, I’m kind of regretting this update!

Mr. Shido’s momentum isn’t slowing down at all.
Did he fall ill because of that Phantom Thieves incident?
People are making some noise about it, but it won’t matter.
It’s almost scary how popular he is.

Anon: wow, ppl are desperate…
Anon: what a comeback…
Anon: It’s happening again…
Anon: stop makin such a big deal
Anon i dont really care

Music: So Boring

Not that I asked for your opinion on the election. Well, no matter what the cause was, this election is heading in the right direction.
Before we knew it, Shido had everyone in the palm of his hand. Deceiving people so well that they don’t even realize it… Just how influential is Shido?

Music: Disquiet

You killed them all for a reason like that!? You… Don’t you have any remorse!?
Whoa, scary…! This detective gets all crazy when he’s mad.

This inexplicable adaptation of Persona 4 into a crime drama is surprisingly accurate.

Oh boy… Power Intuition. We’ll get to why this one is so… fun.

Music: Power Intuition

By the way, haven’t you read that secret technique book? The amount of time you have for the input commands will increase, making the game easier, right?

Spoken like a true warrior. Good luck!

I will regret this.

You’re both running low on health… You could probably win if you land a special move!

So, here we have to do a standard quarter-circle forward. Simple, right?

I bet you would have been able to win if you had.

Wrong! This is perhaps the least forgiving form of input I have ever experienced in anything even pretending to be a fighting game. If you do the input too slow or release or anything like that, the entire thing resets. You also have to use the d-pad, you can’t use the analog stick. And I know you’re thinking “dude, it’s a fucking 236, a baby could do it,” but the game is also weirdly prone to just fucking dropping your inputs. It took me six tries to finish this. Thankfully, I saved beforehand, so we get to retry.

Anyway, after I eventually manage to beat it…

It really was incredible watching you go up against such a tough opponent…!

Maaku gains Guts +2.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Music: Power Intuition

She’s definitely stronger than our first enemy. You’ll need to play aggressively.

Another quarter-circle forward. I get it first try.

And a quarter-circle back. Also first try.

I never thought you’d be able to land such a fierce combo…! It really was incredible watching you go up against such a tough opponent…!

Maaku gains Guts +2.

Anon: Shido, just take the win
Anon: what about the election?
Anon: Show yourself, Akechi!
Anon: moar like phantom GRIEF

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

not right now mom, I’m playing xbox!!!

…The so-called perennial candidates are putting more effort into their speeches. In Shibuya, one candidate held up a sign while speaking vigorously and with passion.
I’m amazed they still do that when they’ve got no chance. Hey, wait, haven’t we seen that guy before?

If you just insulted Tora, cat…

This is the one that gave me so, so much grief.

Music: Power Intuition

Dammit…! She moves so fast, and deals so much damage…! You’ll need to land a special attack if you want to even begin creating an opening for yourself!

Another one of these. At this point, I can nail these, whatever.

And again.

You’re almost there! This is the moment of truth!

Oh what the fuck.

I just stared at this for like a full second before even attempting it, and trust me: it’s much worse than it looks. Remember what I said about dropped inputs? Well, that’s still a thing, and it only gets more infuriating. By like the tenth time I attempted this, I could generally get the full half-circle at least once or twice per cycle, but I never once got the motion after that, the sudden jerk to the right, and have no idea how they expected you to. Even if I had got it, I don’t think I’d have been ready to hit X after it, so it would’ve been a waste anyway.

Another annoying thing here: it takes like forty-five seconds to reset. You have to watch the failure screen, get the stat point, have a mandatory text conversation, then reload. Setting back up is incredibly tedious. Which is a shame, because I failed upwards of fifteen times. That’s not when I finally got it. That’s just when I stopped recording.

But I didn’t give up, no sir. And you might’ve already figured out that I found a way past this. Well, wanna know what it is?

That’s right folks. I did it, because I’m an absolute madman. I resorted to…

And you’re probably scratching your head right now in confusion. Well, here’s my reasoning. For whatever reason, though I haven’t had the problem anywhere else, the PS4 d-pad is just a bit too stiff for the purposes of this trial. You know what doesn’t have a stiff d-pad, instead having a nice and clicky one?

My life is so fucking stupid.

So yeah, I broke out my Vita. Sorry for the extremely bad pictures, by the way. Had to hold my phone one-handed (not like that, jeez). If you’re wondering why I didn’t just use my Vita’s screenshot function, I thought it would be funnier this way (and also I forgot). Anyway, let’s try this out.

On my first attempt, I… fail. That’s all right though, it’s probably because I wasted a bunch of time trying to take a picture of my Vita screen.

On the second try, I get it. Fuck yes.

But… I think we can do better. So, I take a look at a piece of advice I found on the internet for getting past this stage, and an odd piece of wisdom comes up repeatedy: cover your d-pad in a tissue, then try to input the combo. Weird, but okay.

I go find a tissue (again, not for onanism) and place it on my controller. What happens next is truly, truly bizarre to me, and I can’t wait for someone in the thread to explain to me just what went down.

See, I tried this twice, and got it near-instantly both times. Within maybe three tries I nailed it, twice in a row. What on earth.

I can’t believe you seriously pulled that combo off…! It really was incredible watching you go up against such a tough opponent…!

Maaku gains Guts +2. I should really get more than that for this.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Unless he confesses, there’s no way this is gonna change.
They just believe everything Shido spoon-feeds ‘em.
In that case, it wasn’t a mistake for us to change his heart. I mean, we made the best possible choice, didn’t we?
Assuming the change of heart is successful.

Why would it not be? We always freak out about this and it’s always absurd.

It would be nice to have one… but we don’t have the time.
I guess there’s nothing we can really do until election day…

I’m so surprised they’re still updating that. Which side is winning, anyway?
Not many people voted “Yes.” And there’s not much going on in the comments.
I’m not surprised. Honestly, who cares?

Music: Gambla Goemon

By the way, haven’t you read that secret technique book? If you get stuck, Goemon will cut through the problem using his specialty cheat…

It’s luck-based, once again. No shame in telling RNG to screw off.

So the deceitful thief who ravaged the world has shamelessly entered this infernal domain… I shall show you the true tortures of hell… At least, I would… but it’d be boring to treat the famous Goemon the same as any old person. Instead, we shall use the two dice in my hand for a little game. I call it… odds or evens!
Hm, it sounds like we just have to beat this demon in a dice game…
First, you’ll have to choose between either even or odd. Even means numbers like two, six, or eight, while odd means numbers like three, seven, or eleven.

“Do you know what numbers are, children?”

After you choose, I will roll the dice. If you guessed correctly, you win. Otherwise, you lose. And that’s all there is to it… Do you understand the rules?

Well then… what is your choice, odd or even? Place your bet!

Gimme odd.

Hm, interesting choice… You will win if the number is odd. Well, let’s find out what it will be!

Five. I win!

A two and a three… Odd!

Great, you won the bet!
Nghhh… What incredible luck. I should have expected nothing less of the famous Goemon…! It’s your win. Continue forth…

It wasn’t really very exciting with that technique… But I love that attitude you had. Persistence is so cool!

Maaku gains Charm +2.

Anon: Why isn’t this on the news?
Anon: My scandal sense’s tingling!
Anon: This isn’t debunked yet?
Anon: this is a murder warning…

Oh god I still have two more days of this

Music: Fuckin’ who cares

This election may very well be a historical turning point for this nation.
We should feel lucky to be able to witness such a historic event.
The support for Shido is as strong as ever… I’m astounded he was able to deceive this many people. Madarame was a shrewd con artist, but Shido is on an entirely different level. But, this charade will all come to a halt soon. Once he unveils the truth, the good people of Tokyo will rally together against this tyrant. Until then… I must be patient.

Music: Ptbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt

The Amagi Inn has a long history, and it’s famous for its delicious food and relaxing hot springs!
I must say, the young proprietress is quite the beauty! It’s worth going just to see her, hahaha.

Goddamn creeps.

Well, whatever happened, his accomplices probably helped him if he managed to fool the police.
What’s gonna happen with the elections? They said that Shido committed a crime…
I’m sure the police will handle it. Anyway, enough of that. We’ve got to work.

Music: Faaaaaaaaaaaaart

So you’ve come! Wonderful.

You’re getting the same portrait for this guy and you’re gonna like it.

My name is King Yama. Whatever happens down in this land of torment is my doing.
Do you think he’ll want us to play another dice game…?
Now then, let’s play a game. I’m sure you alrady know the rules… but do you need to hear them again?

Fuck off with your rules.

However, my game is much stricet than that of the prior demon! You will need to win best two out of three to truly succeed! Otherwise, you lose!

That’s… really not that much harder.

Now then, this is the first round. Even or odd… Which do you choose?

Oho, you’ve chosen odd? The pips shall decide your fate. Now then, let us begin!

A three and a four? It’s odd!

Next comes the second round. Even or odd… Which do you choose?

Good ol’ odd, nothing beats that.

Double threes? It’s even!
Damn… You missed.


Harumph…! Such powerful light!
H-Hey, the pips on the dice changed!
Harumph… I thought it was an even number, but I suppose I was wrong. The result is odd. You win.

Yeah. If you cheat here, Goemon just fucking wins the game for you.

Great, you won the bet!
Hrgh, y-you won!? It seems as though your fate… has not yet come to an end. The world of the living is nothing but suffering… I hope you have the strength to survive it!

Maaku gains Charm +2.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Uhhh wtf Makoto. I know you’re a cop, but jesus christ.

What are you saying!?
Those are the comments I’ve heard throughout the city.
It’s like that online too. Everyone’s saying the same thing.
That don’t make any sense!

The larger a news story becomes, the more likely it is that people will search for new information.
Who knows what they would have done to Maaku-kun if they realized he was still alive…
At this point even the slightest stimulation could be a huge problem. The country’s like a big balloon that has way too much air inside.
This shit’s crazy…
Everyone’s completely lost it!
It’s almost like they’re worshiping Shido at this point. It’s quite eerie…
Makoto’s right. I have a bad feeling about all of this… You’re especially in danger, Maaku. Be careful.

Anyway, you may have noticed by now that our packages, both from the television and from Tanaka’s Shady Commodities, have not arrived. This is because of a weird quirk with the way packages work: you can only receive them upon coming home to Leblanc, so staying in Leblanc for the day period means we cannot get them. And no, you can’t just leave and re-enter at night to trigger it. We’ll have to wait a few more days to get these packages.

Last game, thank christ.

Music: Pro Golfer Sarutahiko

By the way, haven’t you read that secret technique book? Apparently there’s a trick to slow the bar down, making it easier to beat the game…

All right, time to practice a normal-distance shot.


That thing moves fast! Also, the speed is variable! You wanna know how terrible this bar is? I went through frame-by-frame, and the bar passes over the red line in the center for precisely zero frames. What bullshit!

Your ball’s in the rough now. That wasn’t the best shot… Oh, the screen changed. It looks like you’re stuck in the sand now.


Your ball went in the pond! This might be a problem… Oooh, you’re near the flag now! It looks like this is practice for getting your ball on the green.


Hey, you did it! The ball’s on the green now. Looks like that’s the end of the practice course. I guess we’ll finish here for today.

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

Anon: this site’s still up? :o
Anon: My scandal sense’s tingling!
Anon: This isn’t debunked yet?
Anon: this is a murder warning…

It’s almost election day. I’m getting excited!
Is Shido-san OK? We haven’t heard from him since then…
He’s strong. He’ll be back in no time!
We’re with you, Shido! Hurry up and become prime minister!

Anon: lol no way i’d support them
Anon: dat comeback looool
Anon: wow, ppl are desperate…
Anon: It’s happening again…
Anon: Shido, just take the win

Music: Kill me

Giving oneself up… A: Guarantees leniency in court/B: Can’t be done by wanted men/Which is the correct answer? You be the judge!

That sounds counterintuitive enough to probably be the right answer.

The correct answer is… B! You can’t give yourself up if you’re on a wanted list!
It’s called a “surrender” when wanted criminals turn themselves in. They have nothing to give up. If you can and do give yourself up, the judge may decide to be lenient, but that’s up to him.
Very nice—you got it right. Well, I’m not sure how knowing that would help us, though.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Music: Fuck Golf

This game seems designed with cheating in mind.

…You’ll just need to finish it within three strokes, OK? Remember, the first shot is crucial. Make sure you aim well.

You have two shots left now. I wonder if you’ll be able to sink it in the cup…

Whoa, you got it in!

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

Music: Holy shit we’re almost done

Who knows? Maybe it was a broadcasting accident. I heard it might have been a prank, too.
It’s also strange how no one’s seen Shido. Especially since he was so confident at the beginning. I’m starting to not care about the elections. It’s not like they’re going to change anything, anyway.


Music: Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge

In any case, you should just try to clear it in four strokes, OK?

Man, that was a great shot! You really reduced the distance. You still have three shots to go. Keep your momentum rolling.

Nailed that one.

Nice, the ball’s on the green! This is your third shot. Maybe you can get it in the cup…!

Hey, it went in! Nice job!

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.


Now, you may ask, “Arist, how can you possibly follow this incredible update?” Well, to that I say: Don’t worry. Next time, we’re going to Mementos.

Part 178

Part 178: 12/16-12/17: One Last Ride

Anon: moar like phantom GRIEF
Anon: Must be tough for Shido-san
Anon: Is Shido gonna apologize?
Anon: I’d never support them

Music: Disquiet

Well, we’re done with the video games. There’s only one outstanding goal left for us: finish the last of the Mementos requests. We’ll be tackling that today.

Among them, the United Future—led by Mr. Shido—has captured the hearts of many listeners. Mr. Shido still had not shown his face in public, and some people raised concerns about his health.
If Shido just spills the beans, everything will finally be over.

Let’s spend 5000 yen on this Money Reading, which we’ll make right back.

That is quite like you, Maaku. If your resolve is settled, I do not mind accompanying you.
Well, everyone’s here. This is a good opportunity to sort through the Mementos target info we have. We’ll start with this one first… This intel is on a malicious producer in the show biz world. Supposedly, he’s been using the dreams of young women for his own personal profit. I bet countless women have succumbed to his plot…
So there are other guys out there just like Kamoshida… This is unforgivable. We need to change his heart at once.
Very well. I will go along with this.
There are still more. Next is… This intel is on a foul young man who scams the elderly with all sorts of fraudulent businesses. At this point, he’s expanded this crime into a larger organization.
That’s bullshit! I can’t forgive someone who’s takin’ advantage of old people…! We gotta take that bastard down and make sure nobody else ends up gettin’ scammed by him!
I hate people like that. Let’s destroy them.
No objections, right? Mm… we’re good to go if you’re OK with it. That’s a unanimous decision! OK, all that’s left now is to take down the target in Mementos!

Only two targets today. One of them is the only S-rank target in the game, however. We’ll see what he has in store for us.

Oh, about our targets… It seems we have 2 to aim for right now. We should go.

Well, let’s head in.

Music: Mementos

It seems the number of areas we can go to has increased…
Well, more people know us than ever. But probably not for the right reasons though…
I’m sure this misunderstanding will be resolved once this is all over. Come, let us cheer up.
She’s right. Plus, there will be stronger enemies the deeper we go. We’ll need to stay careful.

One thing that I missed when taking my screencaps and truly do not care enough to go back and find in my footage is my using my first-ever Treasure Trap to try and catch some more Treasure Demons. I should have been using these all game because Treasure Demons can be kind of a pain and you need them all for 100%ing the Inmate Registry, ugh.

We’re not going to be doing a ton here today, so I grabbed some Mementos conversations to fill up the update. You’re welcome.

Finally… I’m tired of runnin’…
Just imagine what it’s like for me!

Yusuke learns Myriad Slashes, an attack that targets one enemy with 2-3 Medium Physical strikes, to replace Tempest Slash.

He’s some kinda scam artist, right?
Yes, and he only targets lonely, elderly people.
How could he do something so terrible…?
Now this is a man who requires a change of heart.

Music: Desire

Behind the scenes though, you guys must be making lots of money. Tell me how you do it.
Don’t lump us in the same category with scam artists like you!
Tricking nice old people into givin’ you their money… Just how big of a jerk are you?
Huh? That money’s my caregiver fee. I humor them and hear all their dumb small talk, don’t I? They blab on and on about how kind their son is. Well, that son has got some dumb parents! Hahaha!
Can you say something like that about your own parents!?
Aw, man. You Phantom Thieves are gettin’ on my nerves. Get outta here before I make you!

Let’s go!

This guy uses some stronger Physical moves, can Confuse the party, and has Diarahan to fully restore its health. He doesn’t get the opportunity to do much of that, though,7 because his health pool is piddly.

Morgana learns Magarudyne to replace Magarula.

And Ann learns Concentrate to replace Tentarafoo. Now she can boost the power of her next magic attack by 2.5x.

Music: Sunset Bridge

I’m sorry. I’m sorry…
It was really horrible of you to take advantage of people’s weakness like that.
What do you intend to do from now on?
I’ll visit the houses of everyone I tricked. I’ll apologize to them all before I turn myself in. I’ll confess everything I’ve done to my parents too. I’ll apologize for being such an idiot son.

If you knew how much pain you put your victims through, you would never have done this. Remember the shame you feel over what you’ve done, and do your best to make up for it.

Music: Mementos

This Haten Robe is very good and we equip it on Makoto.

Looking at this on a larger scale, this is the fifty-second area, yes? I wonder how many are left…
We’ll just have to find out with our own eyes! Let’s go!

“Sheriruth” is a distortion of “Shrirut,” which means arbitrariness or stubbornness.

Is it just my imagination, or is this place even creepier?
No, you’re right. Without exaggeration, this repugnant place is an assault on the senses.
Uh, sure, and the enemies here are gonna be pretty feisty, too! Be careful, all right?

Well, you’re in the third area on this floor. That makes it the 55th area overall.
Huh. So we passed the big five-o… Man, Mona, you were right. This place is astrologically big, or whatever you said.
Well… I’m surprised too…

Eventually we come to a rest area, where we partake in a new conversation.

What are you talking about?
Oh, uh… I’m talkin’ about the Shadows on the trains in Mementos. They just line up on the platform… and let ‘emselves get taken away. Does that mean they’re OK with goin’ down into the depths? But why…?

Surprisingly insightful question from Ryuji.

I’m not sure… Do you know, Mona?
Well… there’s no way to be sure unless we go down and see the end of the line ourselves…
Maybe it’s some kinda paradise. It’d make sense for them to wanna go down there if that was it.
A metaphorical Shangri-La for the masses… Is such a place truly held in the depths of this eerie Palace?

Anyway, further in we find a new Treasure Demon. We see a lot of these things this run due to that Treasure Trap.

Hey, where are we right now?
Umm, this should be around the halfway point. There’s still another half to go.
Another half, she says…
Don’t focus on that! It’ll just make it seem longer!

Ryuji finally learns Charge, which will boost the damage of his next Physical attack by 2.5x. It will replace Shock Boost. This is unfortunately also the moment where Yusuke officially becomes completely obsolete. It’s like how in vanilla P4, only Chie got Power Charge, so there was no reason to use Kanji over her despite his better stats. Of course, then they gave him Power Charge in Golden and there was pretty much no reason to take Chie anymore, heh.

Hey, y’know, sometimes I think I wanna try bein’ the naviga–
I don’t think you’re cut out for it.
Man, shut up! You shot me down way too fast…

Goddammit, Yusuke.

I really hope so… We’ve been at this a while…

He’s acting like he owns the place.
He’s a producer in the world of entertainment, destroying the dreams of young girls, right?
I can’t let this go! I’m going, even if you try to stop me!
No one’s gonna stop you, so calm down! Let’s go!

Music: Desire

Yeah, right! Just what are you doing to these girls!?
Oh, you’re getting the wrong idea. I’m just allowing them to promote themselves. They don’t understand that you have to pay a price to survive in this cutthroat industry. By the way, you guys seem like you’re pretty popular. Why don’t I be your producer? If I manage you, you could become household names in show business.
Don’t be stupid. We’re the ones who’ll be managing you.
Don’t get so full of yourselves, you amateur cosplayers! Fine, I’ll make sure you’re all blacklisted!

I’m too used to seeing this penis chariot. How’ve you been, buddy? It’s been a while.

Here we go!

Music: Keeper of Lust

All you gotta do is listen to what I say!

Well, this prick starts the battle with Tarukaja. He can use some weaker Physical moves like Lunge and Rampage, as well as Maragidyne. This doesn’t sound too bad, but a look at his datamined stats reveals that both his Strength and Magic are maxed out at 99.

He can also charge up. Thankfully, not only is he weak to Nuke, his Endurance is a paltry 10. We do a lot of damage very quickly, is what I’m saying. He also has terrible luck in this fight, considering I get more than one lucky crit off One-shot Kill. It’s just constant All-out Attacks on this guy. He also whiffs the only charged Lunge he manages to attempt, so this battle just goes terribly for him all around.

Yusuke learns Mabufudyne to replace Mabufula.

Makoto learns Mediarahan to replace Diarahan. She is now pretty much the backbone of our party. Just kidding, she already was.

Finally, Haru learns Mapsiodyne to replace Maspsio.

Music: Sunset Bridge

You’ve done whatever you wanted and caused a lot of damage. What do you plan to do about it now?
…I’ll apologize to the girls who I manage. I’ll do something to show them my sincerity.

That’s… kind of a slap on the wrist, buddy.

Sincerity? How!?
I-I’ll have to think about that. But I’ll try to make up for all I’ve done wrong, no matter what.

If I ever hear another bad rumor about you, you better be ready for us. OK!?

And… that’s every single Mementos request in the game. We’re done. Holy shit, a weight has fallen off my shoulders. This is incredible!

Music: Mementos

That Immortal Vest is also pretty great, and we equip it onto Maaku.

We can’t get past the door beyond where Asakura was, so we just head back up.

Fusin’ time.

Music: Aria of the Soul

Nebiros from Norn and Hanuman.

I will become your new mask and take control of your destiny…

Nebiros depictions vary, but the one the game uses is the one where he is the General of Hell who can control the dead.

Also, Thor from Melchizedek and King Frost.

The might of my hammer shall find a new home within your mask.

When he’s not a rather doofy Avenger, Thor is a Norse god, the son of Odin and wielder of the hammer Mjolnir, which can control lightning.

And that’s it for Mementos. I’m almost gonna miss this fucked-up place.

Those election cars are so obnoxious…
I ask for the support of you, my constituents!
It’s already election day…
Please vote for Masayoshi Shido!

Anon: was that statement a lie?
Anon: srsly, a tv hijack?
Anon: this is a murder warning…
Anon: just typical slander imo
Anon: a lil too late tho

Music: Beneath the Mask

We finally receive our packages.

Please, you must! I need you to see how sorry I am! You owe me that much, at least!
What the—you’re still being a self-absorbed man! I don’t NEED to do anything!
sob Please! I need you to! I need you to see me make up for all that I’ve done!

Take that, Asakura.

We’ve got literally nothing to do right now. We could theoretically fish, but we don’t have enough game time left to actually accomplish anything there. Instead, we’re going to spend our few remaining days getting swole.

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains 5 HP and 3 SP.

Anon: this site’s still up? :o
Anon: my scandal sense’s tingling!
Anon: This isn’t debunked yet?
Anon: this is a murder warning…

Music: Disquiet

Me too, cat. Me too.

What sort of victory Shido’s United Future will claim still remains to be seen.
Tomorrow’s the day… All right, we’ll show you what we can do!

Gettin’ strong.

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains 5 HP and 3 SP.

Music: Beneath the Mask

The candidates are working extra hard. After all, voting does take place tomorrow.
Still nothing from Shido, huh…?

Hold on. We need to refrain from making ourselves stand out.
He’ll likely give some kind of speech after the election.
And when’s that gonna be?
Assuming it’s after the results come in, tomorrow night. I can only hope he actually confesses his crimes…

Uhhhhh, isn’t “after the results come in” kind of too fucking late?

…So tomorrow’s the day. Our job’s finished. All we can do now is sit back and watch.

Mishima sent us some new messages.

Well, I can understand why. Anyway, #Millennials is getting to be even more famous than some celebrities. It really makes it feel worth it to support you. Keep up the good work!
We managed to save those girls’ dreams. If we can get idol fans on our side, our popularity will go through the roof!

Well, I for one want to strive to change that world. Anyway, I’ll be counting on you in the future too. I’m on your side!
We managed to meet people’s expectations this time too! I’m so proud of us. I think we may just solve the mystery of Mementos soon… I’m starting to feel anxious…

Let’s launder those items.

We just select the bottom four, even though only the bottom two will be the good stuff.

Music: Everyday Days

Because he’s now used to the treadmill, Maaku receives diminishing returns from it, and will have to switch to a new exercise next time. He gains 3 HP and 2 SP.

Those plus signs are very good for us, meaning we now have some very high-quality armor.

Sounds like he’s getting ready for tomorrow’s press conference.
Looks like there’s some kind of commotion going on…
It really seems like it’ll be a crushing victory for him.
It’s finally time for a new prime minister. History in the making!

Anon: So he didn’t die…
Anon: Shido, just take the win
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!
Anon: what about the election?
Anon: Show yourself, Akechi!

The election is tomorrow, and we’ve done everything we can. No choice now but to see what happens.

Part 179

Part 179: 12/18-12/19: Triumph And Skullduggery

Anon: dat comeback looool
Anon: It’s happening again…
Anon: Shido, just take the win
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!

Music: Suspicion

Unfortunately, public opinion hasn’t changed at all. Shido will most likely win in a landslide victory.
It seems his change of heart will be coming too late.
We’ll just have to see what happens. We’ve done all we can.
That reminds me, the video of us declaring war against him never showed up on TV.
I was wondering about that.
The TV stations were probably pressured not to show it.
Most likely. I don’t think that’s something Shido’s influence alone could have accomplished. The true cause of this might exist elsewhere…
I dunno that really get it, but all we can do now is wait for the change of heart, yeah?
Let’s wait for the election results as well.

The votes are overwhelmingly in favor of Shido! I knew it!
I’m certain that Masayoshi Shido will win…
How long are the polls open?
Mr. Shido sights are already on the next party election…

Anon: Show yourself, Akechi!
Anon: moar like phantom GRIEF
Anon: may just be election shit
Anon: must be tough for Shido-san
Anon: Is Shido gonna apologize?

Here are the latest of the exit polls. As you can see…
I’m curious to see the commentary on the election.
He’s practically guaranteed to win! I knew it!
Shinjuku has a high voter turnout, likely due to Shido’s following.

Anon: dat comeback looool
Anon: wow, ppl are desperate…
Anon: It’s happening again…
Anon: Shido, just take the win
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!

According to exit polls, voter turnout was unusually high. Mr. Shido has garnered overwhelming support… and it is said that his position is guaranteed. It’s almost time for Mr. Shido’s policies to become a reality…

Anon: this site’s still up? :o
Anon: Stay strong, Shido-san!
Anon: My scandal sense’s tingling!
Anon: This isn’t debunked yet?
Anon: this is a murder warning…

I knew it was gonna be Shido.
There was no reason to hold an election.
That is why…

Music: Regret

I also manipulated the information that the Phantom Thieves were behind the series of incidents. The one who controlled the hearts of others and gave rise to the countless victims… is myself. It was all for my own promotion… for my own selfish gain.

I’ve even used people’s lives as stepping stones in order to claim this country as my own ship. I am a true criminal that can be tried for any crime, and it still wouldn’t be enough!

What about crimes against grammar?

If I could atone for all I’ve done with my life, I request that I be judged at once…

This can’t be true! Shido-san!

Music: Alleycat

Hell yeaaaaah!

Allow me to say a few words… Now then…
He’s started taking charge.
Come now, don’t be that way.
If you’re gonna complain, say it to Shido. A legislator’s pin’s worth almost nothing. Well then, so, since the source of evil, Masayoshi Shido, has been–
I got to avenge… my mom. It’s all… thanks… to everyone.

I was able to settle a debt in regard to my father as well.
We all worked so hard for this…
sniff sob
Shido’s guilty, right, Sis?
…It’ll be difficult to prosecute him immediately. But I’ll do this thoroughly until the causality between his other crimes can be proven. I believe Wakaba-san’s research results will save Japan.

Great idea! How the fuck’s that gonna work, genius!?

Thank you, but I’ll be fine. I don’t want to add any more unwanted suspicions on any of you. It’s about time you let us adults prove that we can get our act together.

After the lessons taught by the entire rest of this game, I’m not so sure about that one.

I believe it’ll be fine for him to return to school.


It’s true that your face will be recognized among those involved… But I doubt they’ll take a firm action like suddenly coming to arrest him. At least, they won’t do ti until the uproar with your “suicide” and Shido’s confession have died down. Eventually though, the situation where you and I will be used as scapegoats can’t be avoided…

Yeah, we’re going to jail, so what. Fuck, I’m not ready for more school.

…You mean in regard to faking his death. That wouldn’t have happened to begin with had the police done their job properly.
Of course, I plan on doing everything I can. I will protect you all this time. Prosecuting Shido is that first step.

Right. Let’s get to it! Uhh, today is truly–

Sae checks her phone.

I need to go. It seems Shido’s been transferred to a hospital.

Considering that he’s finally back, all of you need to take your education seriously again.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I saw the conference! But something’s not right. It’s like nobody’s reacting to it… There hasn’t been any kind of movement on the forum either.

Yeah. It doesn’t make any sense, right? Support for the Phantom Thieves didn’t even increase after they made their announcement… Anyway, maybe I’ll try changing the poll question. It’d be odd asking people if they support the Phantom Thieves now that so much has changed. All right, I’ll find out what people really think! Just wait!

Well, let’s leave the popularity stuff to Mishima for now.

Well, overall, Shido’s new party won by a landslide… However, there are some who support my arguments. The world isn’t all bad. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you. The true battle is about to begin. Let’s both work hard.

Masayoshi Shido’s United Future has claimed a large majority of the seats. With this result, a new cabinet is expected to be in place by the end of the month.
He won the election, but Niijima will do something about it.

Can’t wait to check up on Newspaper Club Member.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

We changed the heart of someone huge like the next prime minister. There’s no better finale than that.

I’m sure you’ll be fine now. You can manage without me being with you.

Totally. Why don’t you leave right now, in fact?

Heh… Of course. Don’t worry. I won’t leave immediately.

I’m a bit envious of you. Here I am… Still haven’t found anything about myself… If only I could find out what’s in the depths of Mementos…

You okay, cat?

Yeah, you’re fine.

If a case is assembled against him… everything about us will be exposed too… What are we supposed to do…?

Prosecutor Niijima is serious about taking Shido-san to court, right!?

Yes, I’m aware… But even if we prevent her from doing so, what about the public? Shido-san’s conduct was shameful…

Music: Desire

A… rich country?
You mean that plan of advancing foreign affairs by controlling people’s hearts…?
…After all, the research on it should be proceeding along. We’ll push that plan forward and continue eliminating any who get in our way by using that world…

Oh great! More Metaverse bullshit! No idea how they plan to accomplish this without Akechi, though.

We’ll pledge to build a powerful country. We ourselves will meet the expectations we had of Shido-san.
A powerful country, huh…? I see.
But even if we do pick up where he left off, would his other associates keep quiet about it?
…We should be fine in that regard. Anyone who Shido-san aided would feel that their life is at stake after watching that conference… Just as we are now…
At any rate, it seems we must first stop that case from being assembled, no matter the cost.
How do we control public opinion?
Thankfully, support for Shido-san still exists. Masayoshi Shido was a hero who fell before achieving his goals, and we will carry his torch… That’s what we’ll announce to the mass media.
…I see. Considering the public’s panic after losing their leader, they may latch onto that immediately…
But if the general public becomes our enemy… we’re done for.
That means… there’s no turning back. Well then, leave Niijima to my group… Can we rely on yours in regards to Shido-san?
We’ll make it so that he requires a psychiatric evaluation.
Everyone… we’re in the same boat. You had best not forget that…

Well, fuck.

Anon: why this. even now???
Anon: — GAME OVER —
Anon: The election was a farce.
Anon: who cares abt the election?

Weird question, Mishima.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

A full month just wasn’t long enough for me.

Come on, don’t say that. This is better than living in hiding, right? Whoa, this is no time to be chatting. You can’t be late on the first day back. Now, let’s go to school.

He said some strange stuff.
The government would be in trouble if Shido-san collapsed now…
I thought we could count on him…
What’s going to happen?

Anon: soooo is shido alive?
Anon: cmon thieves, say something
Anon: this is fucked up…
Anon: kill this stupid website
Anon: What’s with this question?

Music: Suspicion

I can’t believe he turned out to be a criminal…
But, didn’t the leader of the Phantom Thieves commit suicide? That “comeback” video posted online right before the election—it’s real?
I dunno what’s going on anymore. Opinions are all over the place online. What’s this mean for the election? This country’s in trouble—we have no prime minister.
It happened so suddenly. Can’t blame anyone for being confused.

Music: So Boring


The year’s already ending, huh? So much has happened that it’s like “where did all the time go?” Oh, but it’s not over for you yet. You still have finals for three days, from tomorrow to the 22nd.

Ah, shit.

I’m sure you already knew that though, right? There’s no way you haven’t started studying yet.

Hehehe, yeah, of course, what kind of idiot wouldn’t be prepared? Oh god.

I should really get some kind of exemption for my, er, “family issues.”

They’re coming, whether you like it or not. Well, good luck.
This is the first thing we get after coming to school for the first time in a while? Have you been studying?

Cat, you’ve been with me the entire time. You know that the answer to that question is “fuck no.”

Why isn’t it making any news?
Is it because he’s a politician?
I have no doubt that political connections are involved. But that theoretically shouldn’t have an impact on the news…

Makoto, further demonstrating her incredible naivete.

What about all the people who saw him on TV? They HAD to see that! Everyone should’ve heard him say all that heavy stuff, right?
Right. What happened can’t be kept secret. It’ll be apparent soon.
Makoto’s sister is working on a case too! I’m sure we’ll see the results of that if we just wait patiently.
Let’s assume so. More importantly, we have exams coming up…
I think they may have come at a good time. We’ve really gone through a lot lately. Everyone must be tired.
It certainly was a good deal of trouble…
Uh, exams are more tiring than any shit we’ve been doing…
Good luck, you guys!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Gee, thanks Sojiro.

I was busy dealing with some of Shido’s cronies.

You were busy for the entire four weeks I was out of school?

Well, you ARE students, so it’s only fitting you’re doing a study group.
You’re gonna bring us some snacks now and then, right?
You don’t even have exams…

Oh, glad to see you all. Don’t mind me. Make yourselves at home.
You’re too kind. We’ll take you up on that offer.
Why did you bring me here? My school’s exams are already over.

Shut up, Yusuke. Don’t complain about actually getting lines in a scene for once.

C’mon, don’t be so cold! You sayin’ it’s fine if I fail?
Nothing wrong with that.
Won’t the results be the same whether you study or not?
Now, now, you guys. Just think of it as helping me out!
sigh I don’t know about this…

Music: My Homie

Making a gamble, huh?
If she’s wrong, we die…
I don’t wanna die…
Um, is it really that bad?
This is every day for them.
This affects you too, Maaku-kun. Well, with your grades I’m not too worried.

That’s right! I’m smart!

But you’ve missed a lot of classes, so it couldn’t hurt to study.
Oh yeah, Maaku’s good at studying. I feel kind of betrayed…

No idea if this scene changes if your Knowledge isn’t maxed.

“Betrayed” might be a bit much…
Don’t worry, Lady Ann! Even if you’re not great at studying, I’ll help you.
Now then, let’s get to it. What do you want me to teach you?

I kinda figured this would be a joke answer, like “You forgot how to speak Japanese!?” It’s not.

Japanese, huh… Wait, what did we study again? Oh! Uh, crows! How’d it go again? Crows are black, so…
…Did we study that?
It’s Japanese class, so they were probably talking about kanji. The kanji for “crow” is the same as “bird,” but it’s missing the line that represents the eye. That’s because a crow’s eyes are the same color as its feathers, so you can’t see them at a glance.
Whoa… you were able to remember that much just from what Ann said?

Makoto, you’re not even in the same grade as us. Why do you know that?

How about taking a break?
Sounds good to me! I can’t do any more.

We just started, dude!

Even if we study and learn what we can in school, doesn’t it feel kinda pointless?

Don’t take him seriously.
Those sorts of experiences are important too, but common sense is just as important. You should know better than anyone how nasty adults without common sense can be.
That’s a great point.
Someday, you’ll graduate high school and become adults. Then when you get married, you’ll need common sense more than ever.
Marriage, huh… Do you wanna get married, Maaku?

Oh no! I offended Haru! Don’t be mad at me!

Well, that won’t be for a while. In the meantime, I’m more concerned with what I’m going to be eating tomorrow.

The implication I got from this is that he’s unsure there will actually be a meal tomorrow. Because he’s poor, you see.

Cut it out, man. You’re makin’ me hungry. Well, I guess we just gotta get back to studyin’.

We covered all the difficult parts, so you should probably be fine.
Good work, everyone.
See? You can do it if you try.

Maaku gains Knowledge +3. This is the only mandatory scene in the entire game that involves you gaining social stats. It’s also fucking pointless because you most certainly maxed that shit a long time ago.

We’re finally done… Only god, uh… only knows… …How’s that saying go again?
Ryuji’s hopeless.
What’d you say!?

Haven’t gotten an old-fashioned brawl between these two in quite some time.

Well, whatever happens, happens. Isn’t it about time you wrapped it up? Be careful on your way home.
Sucks that you have to do exams even after changing Shido’s heart and saving the country. It’s rough being a human.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Your probation ends soon. I dunno if any of this… other stuff will affect that, so just keep quiet.

We couldn’t have discussed this in the scene we just had together?

I don’t know… I haven’t been able to see my sister.
Is she OK?
I’m sure she is, and I’m sure she’ll get the job done.
That’s right. I mean, she’s a pretty talented prosecutor.
All we can do now is keep an eye on what happens next.

However, with Masayoshi Shido out on illness, the party leaders have been struggling without him. They’ve gone on high alert, shutting out the media entirely. More on this as it develops.
We’re counting on you, Niijima… Everyone’s worked really hard to make sure he won’t get his way…

Yeah, yeah. It’s still night, OK? You’re in a better mood than usual, aren’t you?
Why don’t ya join me, offisher? We’ll toasht the people’sh vict’ree ov’r the Phantom Th-- Wait. Did we… Did we win or wuzzit them? Guesh it don’t matter! glug glug glug

Naw man, I partied so hard it was tomorrow night when I finally woke up! Not like I would’ve made a difference anyway!
True… I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit voting felt pretty worthless.

Let’s go say hi to Tora.

I wanted to thank you again for all your support. With the next generation, I will change this county into one that overflows with justice!

Good for him. We still can’t talk to him though because it would “interrupt his campaign,” despite that campaign already being over.

I never thought about that… What’s going on all of a sudden?
I am not sure of anything any more. Not even what I’ll be doing this time next year…
D-Director, please don’t talk like that. You’re scaring me.

I was going to vote Shido just in case, but then I suddenly came to my senses.
It’s a huge mess, after all. In the end, they’re all just playing politics.
I’m starting not to care about it anymore. Holding out till the New Year is more important for me.

Someone tell me where I can hunt. I’ll scout, I’m willing to do anything. What? You don’t need a crummy scam artist? Who do you think you’re talking t-- HEY! …Psh. Goddammit!

Once more, into the gym.

Music: Everyday Days

This is a bench press. It will increase your strength, of course. It’ll also make you mentally stronger since you need to keep a consistent rhythm and form.

Maaku gains 7 HP and 4 SP.

Part 180

Part 180: 12/20-12/23: Cynicism Wins Again

Anon: kill this stupid website
Anon: why this. even now???
Anon: this country’s done for
Anon: — GAME OVER —

Music: Suspicion

Well, there’s been a lot of talk about him being exhausted, maybe even sick. Who knows, though… Besides, he’d have been arrested already if any of it were true. Maybe he’s waiting on an official statement from the government on who’ll be the next prime minister?
I dunno, something about this seems off. Oh well. If there’s no real issues with Representative Shido, I’d much rather just have him…
Hold on a sec, there’s nothing BUT issues!

It’s exams… …… We’re the heroes who saved the country, right? Can’t we be exempt from exams? And is it just me, or do we not have as big a sense of accomplishment as I thought?

That’s it! People are so doubtful even after the press conference. He hasn’t been arrested, so I guess that’s expected… We just gotta leave it to Makoto’s sister now. Man, I wish exams will magically disappear by the time we get to school!

Maaku nods in agreement with Ryuji’s dumbass wish.

Music: Life Goes On

That sounds about right.

How is this a Biology question?

I think they said the voice you hear through the phone is…

There would be too much sata to transmit, so it just plays a sound similar to your voice, I think. But why does the listener think the synthetic voice is the real person?

Yeah. Everyone talks their own way: their tone, how they stress words, and so on. Even if the voice is different, as long as they talk the same, the listener will subconsciously…

That’s it! “Even if the sound differs from the actual voice, the listener’s brain will make it sound like their voice.” You finished in time!

Anon: The election was a farce.
Anon: the future’s screwed LOL
Anon: I feel like an empty husk
Anon: Next person please!

Music: Suspicion

Exams today too, huh… We finally defeated Shido, but we still have finals… Aren’t these battles one after the other tough?

That’s our leader, completing exams and changing hearts with ease, huh? Well, exams are nothing compared to Shido! sigh Maybe it’s because exams aren’t finished yet, but I feel like I can’t become too excited… Oh, but we only have two more days left, including today! Hang in there, me!

Music: Life Goes On

That sounds about right.

That sounds about right.

Anon: i shoulda known better…
Anon: so what WERE they??
Anon: nobody asked for this
Anon: just destroy this country

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

I had high hopes for him… It’s unacceptable for Japan to be without a prime minister. I hope he steps back up to lead this country…
Yes. Honestly, there’s no one more qualified than Shido…
Is everyone out of their minds? How can they still trust Shido?

I’m doing the same as usual. Well, no problems. I’m all right with it, but my sister hasn’t come home these past few days. I think she has a lot on her plate with building a case against Shido… He has connections to powerful people. I’m sure they want him cleared to save their own skins.

Yeah, I believe so too. And it’s my sister. She’ll see it through, I’m sure. …With that said, now isn’t the time for us to slack off either. Do you remember what the exams will cover? I’ll check on the train for you.


Music: Life Goes On

What? Oh, shit.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh this one?

That sounds about right.

Whew. Wait, how would you know if it’s right or not?


That sounds about right.

Good, good.

Well, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. This has been so easy I might start yawning. …… You did perfectly. I can’t wait to see your score.

Music: Disquiet

Well, it’s been fun, guys, but here’s a little quasi-spoiler: this is the last “free” day of the game. Naturally, everyone’s conversations have updated (at least during the day; the night people all updated on the 19th). However, many of these conversations contain a minor spoiler for a plot beat later in this update, for some reason having the cause and effect of the relevant event out of order, so we’ll be seeing those conversations in a supplementary update later.

So, what are we going to do today, besides hit the gym again? Well, let’s turn in those passwords to the game shop.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you beat “Power Intuition”…!?

Yes, and it sucked.

Ohhh, that deep backstory, and those beautiful character designs! With those great sounds, and that totally unique battle system! It’s truly a maverick among fighting games! It’s a masterpiece!

Did we play the same game?

Oh, I have some prizes left from back then, so I can exchange them with that postcard for you!

The PI Badge is an accessory with high reduction of Physical damage.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you just beat “Punch Ouch”!? Because of its age, this game’s graphics are dated, but its gameplay is so realistic… Once you play it, you’ll see that its fighting system really brings the tactics of boxing to life! It’s truly the standard for boxing games. Yes, a masterpiece!

The Punch Badge nullifies the Hunger ailment. Pretty garbage.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you beat “Legend of Gambla Goemon”!? Those graphics… They express the ambiance of hell so vividly somehow…! And the sound and music really ramps up the suspense and tension when you play it…! It’s a milestone in gambling games—a masterpiece!

The Betting Badge nullifies the Fear ailment. A little better.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you just beat “Train of Life”!? So awesome! They not only added grid movement by rolling dice, but also asset management! And those obstacle characters really express the developers’ hateful, yet loving, take on life! It’s based off sugoroku, but it’s truly a revolutionary game in its own right. It’s a masterpiece!

The Train Badge gives Auto-Sukukaja. Decent.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you beat “Pro Golfer Sarutahiko”…!? Before this, people really thought a golf video game was impossible. This game shook the gaming world! And the music and sound! Real golf doesn’t have as many cool sound effects…! It’s truly a pioneer in the golfing genre. It’s a masterpiece!

The Golf Badge nullifies the Brainwash ailment.

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains 7 HP and 4 SP.

Music: Beneath the Mask

It’s finally over. I’m worried about the end result though…
You all did your best. I’m sure you’ll be fine.
You should’ve studied all your subject though, instead of trying to guess what’s on the exam.

You recommended that!

There’s no way I can do that!
Ah, the cry of desperation…
Exams aside, I heard back from my sister. There’s been some progress. She’ll be interrogating Shido soon. She also apologizes for the wait, and promises she will manage to build the case against him.
I can’t wait to see what kind of news it makes!
Why don’t we take the opportunity and go out on the town tomorrow?

Welp, I’m gonna make like a tree and get outta here for now! Seeya!

Everyone is wondering who’ll be the next prime minster. In a survey of our viewers… Many are hoping for the return of Masayoshi Shido, who won in the prior election.
He won’t be so popular tomorrow. Everyone will finally see him for what he really is.


So, this is it. We’re going to spend the last available time slot in the entire game… getting buff.

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains 7 HP and 4 SP.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I mean… Masayoshi Shido got taken down! People should be posting comments left and right about this! The silence makes no sense at all! Is it because it hasn’t made the news? Ugh, it’s so obvious the Phantom Thieves are responsible though…!

Anon: go ahead and celebrate, idiots
Anon: soooo is shido alive?
Anon: this is fucked up…
Anon: kill this stupid website

Music: Suspicion

…There, they announced the poor health of their leader, Masayoshi Shido. As such, the special Diet session was postponed, along with Shido’s inauguration as prime minister.

They should be firing him!
And wait, “poor health”?
This is completely different from what my sister told us…

Sae’s kind of an asshole, so maybe she just lied to us. That seems plausible.

He’s not going to step down now, is he? Will this country be fine without Shido?
How can people still believe in him…?

Music: Disquiet

Haru, Makoto, and Ryuji pull out their phones. I guess Yusuke doesn’t have one? But then how does he text us?

“No link among the ‘change of heart’ incidents, only coincidental psychiatric disorders… The Phantom Thieves only used those rumors to their advantage”…
This is preposterous… Who would believe such things?

For real, this makes no goddamn sense whatsoever if you think about it for even half a second. But, then again, sometimes I forget what credulous putzes the public really are in these games.

Anyway, this is the “reveal” that the NPC conversations I cut out of this update would have “spoiled.” People now believe the Phantom Thieves never existed.

But the person saying this is a famous researcher. And even the ministry is saying that’s how they determine the situation too…

Yeah… It’s as if the people in reality have become distorted… What’s happening here worries me. But the only thing we can do right now is wait and see what happens…

That’s your answer to pretty much everything, cat.

Mr. Shido is in an extremely unstable state. I can’t allow you to get in contact with him. He may officially have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at this rate.
We’re at the cusp of making a case! Do you know how much trouble we’ve gone through to get this far…?
I’m just doing my job as a doctor.

You still want to protect him even though you know what happened to the man previously at your post!?
So you plan on taking the head of the nation to court? You need to take a break, Niijima. I’m taking you off this case, especially since it’s rumored you have ties to the Phantom Thieves.

Who don’t exist, by the way.

Do you want to die!?

Music: Suspicion

We know he doesn’t need a psychiatric evaluation!
His lackeys must’ve pressured the others around him. It means there’s far more people who’d be in trouble if the truth came out than we imagined.
Isn’t there anything we can do?
Sis said that the assembly for a case may be possible if the general public wants Shido accountable…

Heh, good luck with that.

But even that chance has been destroyed with the manipulation of the mass media. They made it clear that the argument itself was “occult,” even claiming that it never happened.
As a result, the Phantom Thieves are still labeled as criminals, even after all that’s happened.
It’s a storm of criticism online too. People are saying to catch the remnants and execute them…
This is crazy…
At any rate, let’s wait for my sister. She should be arriving here soon.

Ryuji pounds the table with his fist.

If Shido isn’t judged by the law, everything we’ve done will be treated as if it never happened.
Moving the entire country however they wish by controlling people’s cognition… This is no different than being inside a Palace…

The front door opens.

I gathered the best of the best and fought for a case… but as Makoto must’ve told you, it was denied. At this rate, it won’t end with just Shido’s innocence. This trend will continue spiraling down. There’s even the possibility that crimes using the Metaverse will advance onto a national scale.

…But, that’s not what I’m here to tell you. We’re in danger because we know the truth. It’s only a matter of time before we’re apprehended. It wouldn’t be odd if they were to charge in now.
This makes no effin’ sense…
There’s nothing more I can do with my resources… That’s why… I want to ask for your help. I wondered if there was any way you could do something one last time. I know that I’m in no position to ask this of you.
That doesn’t matter to us! So what are we gonna do? Should we change the hearts of all Shido’s followers?
Even if Futaba were to research all of them, it’d take time.
There’s too little information…
We can only target individuals… Are we no match against the national power?

The group falls silent.

…If we use Mementos, we might be able to do something.
There’s something we can do there?

Music: Disquiet

Like I told you before, Mementos is the Palace of the general public. It’s the source of all distortions, and is maintained by the people’s “collective unconsciousness.”
Wait… Do you mean that there’s a Treasure even in Mementos!? And if we go after that–
The collapse of Mementos should affect the public as a whole. The state of society would change too. If everyone’s hearts grow to hold Shido responsible for his actions, things might start going our way.
…That’s a bold plan, but an interesting one.
Sounds good to me!

I wish the game played this up instead of having Sojiro and Sae just standing here stonefaced with nothing to say while we have a long conversation with this cat they can’t understand.

…But if we’re gonna do this, there’s one thing you all need to realize.

To begin with, why does something like the human cognition exist as another, substantial world? The reason for that is most likely sleeping within Mementos. …We’ll be destroying that, you know.
…I don’t see where you’re goin’ with this.

So if other criminals appear, you won’t be able to steal their Treasure and change their hearts.

The Phantom Thieves look at each other.

We’ll have to discard this way of life…
I think we need to do this. I mean, we’re the group who’s reforming society, right?
Maaku… What do you think as our leader? You’ll lose your powers if Mementos is erased. Will you still do it?

Yeah, that’s right!
You guys have all grown, huh? …All right.

The group nods.

Did you come up with a plan?
Whether is succeeds or not is another story though.
Miss Prosecutor… looks like this is gonna be our last job.
Last job…?

Once we accomplish our duty, we entrust the world to respectful adults.

That seems like a bad idea!

That is our condition for accepting this job.
This is a “deal” then… That’s certainly a heavy condition. But very well, I accept. I swear to make Masayoshi Shido stand and be tried in the court of law. Besides… my pride won’t allow me to be continually saved by you all without doing anything in return.
We’ll be counting on you.
Looks like it’s decided then?
You’re the leader, Maaku, and this is officially our last mission. C’mon, say something!

We already said that before though!
That’s fine. We’re doing it for real this time, after all.
We don’t have much time, right? We should carry this out tomorrow.

Christmas is canceled.

…I’m counting on you guys. No matter what happens, you better see it through!

The group nods.

Music: Beneath the Mask

We’ve spent so much time together, but it all went by in a flash…

Just once more, for old time’s sake.

The streets are full of people and illuminated by colored lighting… Couples out with their children can be seen shopping for presents.
Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve, huh… The only present I want is for my plan to succeed. I’ll be looking forward to it.

…This really is a nice and comfy little room.

Nothing left to do. Let’s just sleep.

OK… Good night.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

…Actually, never mind. You must be tired.

Honestly… you’re amazing. There’s definitely something special about you. You dodge everything the enemies throw at you like it’s your destiny. At first I just thought you were going to be a useful tool for me… but now this is where I belong.

Aren’t you only going to be here for a year?

Whatever. Stay at Ryuji’s place.

Still… it makes me happy to hear that. …It’s not like me to say all that embarrassing stuff. But still… I think it’s fine. For tonight, at least.

Music: The Spirit

Fuckin’ finally.

Music: Swear to My Bones

Bye, Zorro!

Mercurius, or Mercury, is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hermes, as you might have been able to guess from the winged sandals. He is the god of (deep breath) financial gain, commerce, messages, communication/divination, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery, and thieves. He also guides souls to the underworld. He holds a caduceus in his left hand in most depictions, though they reversed it in this game for some reason. Here’s a fun fact about Mercurius: he’s notably less cool than Zorro!

Mercurius now nullifies Wind and resists Bless. We opt not to give him Evade Elec because we’re not really using Morgana much.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I can’t keep them open any longer…

If gods really do exist… They’re being too hard on him…

Music: Aria of the Soul

I’m sorry, what?

The source of what was hindering your rehabilitation… To think it would be the ignorant masses to which you tried to prove your integrity. Did they themselves not show elation for those who are unseen? Despite all that, they now say you do not exist. They toyed with you, yet none take responsibility. The distortion of man’s world is endlessly deep… Fixing it may now be impossible even with the appearance of a Trickster…

Music: Desire


The time of ruin is nigh… One due to the distortion of man’s own heart, from which none can escape…

Looks like Igor’s lost hope in humanity. This can’t be good…

Anyway, we’re finally heading into the endgame. That’s dandy, because it seriously felt like I was trapped in Purgatory, and also because I low-key ran out of stuff to say about this game like a full year ago. What’s gonna happen next? Looks like it’s anyone’s guess. Tune in next time, where we’ll start hunting the secret heart of Mementos.

Part 180.5

Part 180.5: 12/22: This City Is Built On Lies

Well, let’s see what the citizens of Tokyo have to say now that they can’t spoil the game for us.

Music: Disquiet

He’s seriously still going on about the Phantom Thieves? What a hopeless idiot… He’s stuck in some kinda dream world.
They’re not responding well to this at all… something’s wrong…

I don’t even know anymore… Apparently, the Phantom Thieves were also just an internet rumor.
Oh, well. All of that stuff pretty much has nothing to do with us.

Something’s definitely off here…

Ah, Newspaper Club Member. I’ve missed our chats.

You went back to your parents’ place, right? Well, let’s make this next year a good one. I feel this weird vibe in the air. I wonder if it’s because of all the election chaos. The information the mass media is showing is pretty complicated, and it’s getting me frustrated.

I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully something good will happen this year. I feel this weird vibe in the air. I wonder if it’s because of all the election chaos. The information the mass media is showing is pretty complicated, and it’s getting me frustrated.

Ahaha, acting cool, are you? Let’s make this next year a good one. I feel this weird vibe in the air. I wonder if it’s because of all the election chaos. The information the mass media is showing is pretty complicated, and it’s getting me frustrated.

Oh, you mean the new prime minister? Hey, do you remember all the fuss about the Phantom Thieves?
It’s like none of it ever happened. Pretty insane, if you ask me.
No one could really steal someone’s heart like that. We’re so dumb for believing any of it.

I pretty much failed all my finals. I’m so screwed…
You just need to adopt a new mindset. Get a fresh start in the spirit of the new year. Still, the year could have ended better. I mean, we still haven’t decided on a prime minister.

Well, there’s been a big change in government. We can make that same kind of change next year!
I dunno if this big change in government is a good thing. Shido collapsed, and he looks worn out. Mannn, it’s almost Christmas! Can’t something good happen already?

No, I voted for someone named Yoshida. He’s not the kind of politician who stands out though.
So he’s plan and simple like you? That’s hilarious!
Well, I trust serious, low-key people more for that kind of job. Oh, how’d you do on your finals?
Gah… Sensei, you’re plain and simple, all right. Plain and simply cruel…

Kind Faculty Member is a good guy.

Was it all just some illusion? Am I really just going crazy?

Right!? The Phantom Thieves really do exist! It’s weird that I feel insecure about this though. I mean, I used to idolize them so much…

Hey, come on! Don’t tell me you didn’t know about their glorious comeback!? It’s weird that I feel insecure about this though. I mean, I used to idolize them so much…

We should just stop pursuing this story, like the director instructed us to…
He was serious when he said that the station won’t broadcast reports about the Phantom Thieves. The look on his face made me think that there’s no guarantee we’d live if we disobeyed him.

I can only request this of you, my right-hand man, for you are the one who saved me!
G-Great Sun God…! I will follow you!
Then raise your hands with me! Wake the apostles of light, sleeping in Shibuya!

Remember I still have this guitar/Don’t forget, I still have this song/ Hm, something’s not right… The whole city seems like it’s in a daze… The big bad got his just desserts, and that totally rocks, but… Where’s all the excitement?

My heart is suffering, too…
What!? Are you sick!?
It’s almost Christmas, and I don’t have a boyfriend…
Oh, you…

Wh-What’s wrong, Senpai?
…It’s my loss, Kouhai.
So it’s just like Shido said… Political power backed by just vanity and lies isn’t needed.

I have no idea what these pick-up artists are talking about, but that’s nothing new.

Yes, we need him to bring real change to Japan. My son is nearing his entrance exams. I want a better Japan waiting for him on the other side.

From what I saw on the internet… it looks that way. There’s no actual proof. Anyone who really believed in that was an idiot. How could a heart be stolen, anyway?
I might be an idiot… but it would be nice if they were real…
Ah, uh… yeah, I guess.

The politician who’s supposed to lead our country has fallen ill…
It’s the same sort of tragedy that happens in every era. Heroes fall before reaching their goals.
If we could just give him a little of whatever life we have left to live…

Now on to the next track on our countdown of this year’s hits… This one’s from the popular idol Rise Kujikawa-san, who has garnered support across the board.
Hmph, who do they think they are, acting so happy? Nothing in the world’s been solved at all.

Don’t talk that way about Rise, old man!

Hey… You can cry if you want. You don’t have to hold it in.

sniff I want to see you again… Kotaro… sob
You’re a good girl for doing your best not to worry Kotaro. And now, he’ll be watching us from the sky.

I’m not crying. You’re crying. Shut up.

If you’ve been safe this year, why not invest more in your safety for next year? Wanna-B-Alert is operating even over the new year! We work our hardest to give you peace of mind! Sign up for our end-of-the-year, last minute contract promotion for a free Wanna-Wanna-kun kagamimochi!

…Only Shido knows. We’ll have to wait for him to get better.
Some people are trying to build a case against him, but it’ll be impossible to find him guilty.
Yeah, he’s the leader of the ruling party. The current prosecution can’t touch him.

I voted for Shido! United Future won with a landslide victory! But then I heard Mr. Shido got sick after campaigning too hard…
Oh, what perfect timing. Sheesh, you can never count on politicians.

That guy is finished. Why isn’t the garbage media covering the Phantom Thieves?
For a netizen, you’re pretty uninformed. Didn’t you hear? The Phantom Thieves never existed. All along, the stories about them were just information terrorism, planned out by foreign countries.

Yes, a celebrolution! I’ve become a billionaire from stock trading! Listen. It’s about Prime Minister Shido. The companies… all linked to him…
Yeah, OK, good for you. Man… The weird ones always come out near the end of the year.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Who knows? Maybe it was a broadcasting accident. I heard it might have been a prank, too.
It’s also strange how no one’s seen Shido. Especially since he was so confident at the beginning. I’m starting to not care about the elections. It’s not like they’re going to change anything, anyway.

They don’t talk about the Phantom Thieves on TV anymore, either. Is everyone going crazy?
Yeah, my parents are suddenly saying the Phantom Thieves were never real at all…
Mine too! It’s so weird… I can’t stop thinking about it whenever I try to do my homework.

But the Phantom Thieves never even existed? So, what we saw was… what? An illusion?
None of the regulars seem to care anymore. I’m so confused…

This place… It suits ya. And with them Phantom Thieves gone, I know ya’ll be safe.
Yeah… People are saying that maybe they were made up after all.
I wonder what they really were… It’s kinda sad, knowin’ they’re gone.

Let’s finish this off by hearing from our irreplaceable stereotypes over in Shinjuku.

Fishy? No, you smell more like a beast. You really need to shower, even in the wintertime.
That’s not what I mean! Isn’t it weird that they’re saying the Phantom Thieves were just an illusion?
Yeah… They were Akechi-kun’s rivals, too. I wonder if they’re trying to cover something up…

And that’s it for Tokyo. Kinda depressing, kinda cynical, kinda insensitive, and all weird. I hope you guys found some value in my transcriptions of all this bullshit, because it’s a huge pain in the ass and I suspect it’s just as boring for you as me. But, it’s interesting to see the way some of these arcs change and evolve as the game progresses.

Part 181

Part 181: 12/24: End Of The Line

Anon: thinking hurts my brain
Anon: so what WERE they??
Anon: just destroy this country
Anon: nothing changed. Boringggg

…… You and everyone else… You’ve all grown so much… No, this is no time to get sentimental. We’re going to end this on a bang! All right, let’s go!

For sure. We’ll take care of this first thing.

Music: Suspicion

…Right after we go to school! Why do we have class on Christmas Eve!?

…… It’s finally time. You think it’ll go well?

Right. It’s something only we can do. See you at the usual place after school. I’ll tell everyone to come.

How’d you do?
Damn… I’m dead…
Hey, look at that! Look who got the top score!
I wonder what score I got…

Hahaha, eat shit peons! I am your superior!

That’s amazing! Everyone’s gonna have their eyes on you now!

Maaku gains Charm +3. That’s it. There is no other reward, and it is entirely pointless to do well on this exam because we already have maxed Charm.

Now, let’s head out for real!

Music: Disquiet

“The door to the depths of Mementos has been opened…” Wait, does that mean–

The others nod.

…We’re really gonna do this, right?
Of course!
Why’re you askin’ now?

I-I just thought, what am I gonna do if you guys freak out and bail on me!

Isn’t Mona-chan behaving… a little odd?
You know, you’re right…

Music: Mementos

For some weird fucking reason, they decide to start you on the first floor of Mementos, despite us needing to go to the very fucking bottom. I guess it’s because they can’t guarantee you’ve ever actually progressed beyond the first floor, because they were assholes and pretended this shit was optional when it actually wasn’t, but can you imagine if you’d never set foot back in Mementos, coming in here and having to go through like sixty-something floors of this bullshit? Thankfully, we got all the way to the last gate on our previous visit, so we’re fine.

Anyway, let’s head back up to the entrance.

Fuck everything, let’s just go home.

We don’t know when the police might come after us, so we should avoid heading outside for now.
But doesn’t not being able to replenish our supplies put our entire plan at risk?
In that case, how about we just go to the shops we need…? No wandering outside though.
…That seems to be a valid point of compromise. What are your thoughts, Joker?

Psssshhh, it’ll be fiiiine.

Just remember you can never be too cautious, OK? If we get caught this time, we’re done for.
Guess that means no more goin’ for beef bowls ‘til we figure out what to do with Mementos…
All right then, where are we going?

Eh, never mind.

Mkay, the search continues!

In Persona 4, the final dungeon was a surprise, so the game let you temporarily leave the TV world on the last day of the game to go shopping for weapons and supplies. This is just following from that example.

Anyway, let’s warp down to that final floor we reached.

It should be. Why, what’s wrong?
I dunno, it looks just like all the other ones… I was thinkin’ it’s a little disappointin’… Maybe we worked too hard to get down here or something.
The lack of unforeseen circumstances is nothing to complain about. Let us continue.

“Iweleth” means “stupidity.” Appropriate.

It’s some big, fossil-looking thing… Is that the Treasure…?

So this is where that crowd of people was trying to reach…?
People are walking in and out of there, so the other side of the wall must be… Wait! It’s not a wall, but a giant door…?
Guess that means the Treasure’s not here. C’mon, let’s stay focused.

I bet that means the inner depths the Meta-Nav was talking about before are right ahead.
Hold on. The door only opens from this side…
…What do you mean?
Well, I took a quick peek at the mechanism inside the door… And it looks like you can only open it from here. We can get in, but nothing can get out.

Then how are we going to get out?

It’s as though whatever lies within has been locked away…
Wait, so you’re saying that the people going in there are choosing a life of imprisonment…?
I have never felt such eerieness before… What is this place…?
We’ll find out once we reach the depths. Come on, let’s go.

Music: Freedom and Security

It’s so creepy…
So those strange pipes tunneling through Mementos were originating down here after all… You know, I have been considering this for some time… but they remind me somewhat of veins…

I mean, what does everyone think this world is…!?
Calm down, Lady Ann. The Treasure is definitely here, and that’s what’s important now. And I can sense something else… A tremendous presence that’s coming from much deeper within…
I don’t know that I want to find out what that may be… but we must harden our resolves. It’s time to head for the depths!

Well, we’re in the belly of the beast now. Let’s proceed onw-wait, what?

Hey, Caroline. What are you doing outside of the Velvet Room?

You… Hmph. …Guiding inmates along in their rehabilitation is our duty… OK. I’ll help you a bit.

It feels like my stamina and health has recovered somewhat…
i[/i] You surprised!? Something like that is nothing for us! Come back here again if you get wounded, Inmate!

Now, this is the game throwing you a bone. It knows that you’re pretty fucked if you run out of SP here and don’t have any restoratives, so it allows you to replenish your HP and SP with Caroline. Unfortunately, this does not replace any bullets you use, so watch out.

Up ahead, we find a crowd waiting before a door.

It looks like they’re all trying to get past that door…
But why’s it so crowded!?
It looks like the door’s keeping them all out. We’ll have to try and look for another way in.

Conveniently, there are platforms we can jump to nearby.

Huh, it looks like we can go in through here too. Be careful, OK?

The Shadows out front were trying to get in here, right? What could it be…?

Up ahead, we immediately come across a peculiar room.

Music: Desire

Are those… chains on them? …Is this a prison!?

Technically speaking, I would say it’s someone’s Shadow…

Don’t open the cells, OK? I have no intention of leaving this place…!

What’re you saying? You’re being kept in a prison.
This reminds me of Kamoshida’s castle… They’re like the “slaves” we saw there.

In the depths within is a system that grants desires…
A system that grants… desires?
Something like that exists…? Here!?
It’s no use. You can’t reason with these people.
They’re truly “distorted,” just like the scenery here…
You end up searching for stuff or being troubled because you’re outside the prison. There are things you don’t need to know to live on.
He’s right. Things like the details on the system, the locked “Quarantine Cell”…

Quarantine? Who’s locked in there?
Supposedly a great and truly dangerous criminal, but who would want to check a place like that? Come now, we don’t have to chat like this. Why not come inside?

Removing your restraints is not allowed. Outsiders… must be eliminated!

These guys are weak to Wind and use Physical and Hamaon. Simple.

Music: Suspicion

Wait a sec… This is everyone’s Palace, right? Not like Kamoshida’s castle… Who’s keepin’ these people here…?

I’ve… seen this place before.

Hold on though. It wasn’t open until we came here today.
Sorry… It’s just a sense I’m getting. Still… it feels like I’m really close to remembering something important…
Y’know, comin’ in here was what you wanted from the beginning. We just gotta keep movin’ on!
On top of that, I’m curious to know who the ruler of this place is.
Yeah… You’re right.
Wait, what about these people…?
Leave them be. They’ll be taken care of if we erase Mementos.
Hey, it’s dangerous to keep standing around here! Let’s get going!

Music: Freedom and Security

Before we continue, I’ve got some exciting news! See, if I’m going to spend the rest of my fucking life doing this, I figure I might as well make fat stacks in the process! So, I’ve decided to sell the fuck out and accept one of the many corporate sponsorship deals that have been cluttering my inbox! Now, I’m a discerning, careful person, so I wouldn’t pick just anyone. No, I could only the best, most responsible, ethical, and kind partnership, which is why I chose…

Amazon dot com, baby!!! Surely there is no company with a better reputation at the current moment!

no, you’re not doing this

…I’m being informed that my time is better spent elsewhere. Which is why I went with the runner-up, Facebook!



Anyway, we now encounter our first enemies.

And I start to notice, to my chagrin, that this update might as well be called “Maaku Hamiru And The Dungeon Full Of Enemies We Already Fucking Have!”

This is Moloch. It’s weak to Ice, uses Fire and Psy, and inflicts Fear.

This writhing mass is our target for the afternoon.

The world is already complete… There’s nothing left to do…
The hell…? Is this some kinda prison cell too…?
Plus there are those blood vessel things coming down into it…

I fucked up an ambush on these Melchizedeks. Again, weak to Wind, use Hamaon and Physical.

Hm, what’s this?

Calm down. It doesn’t seem like it’s a trap or anything. Try touching it again, Joker.

Hmmm. There seems to be more to this prison, but right now this is a dead end for some reason.
Then this must be a security system. Will we be able to proceed if we disable it?
…Prolly. I’ll need you to look into it a little more though. Do it again, Joker. It looks like touching it turns it back off, so it can’t be that dangerous, right?

Maaku turns the device back on.

So the color of a spot changes when you walk on top of it… Joker, try making the entire floor blue for now.
D-Dude, you have any idea what that’s gonna do? Are you sure it’ll be safe?
Eh, all great things start with a leap of faith! The decision is yours, Joker!

Well, that’s certainly one way to approach this. Our objective now is to make all the tiles blue.

We start on A1 (which does not start as a blue tile), then move south through B1 and C1, east to C2, north to B2, east to B3, north again to A3, then west twice through A2 and finally back to A1.

The last tile that turns blue needs to be the one we started on, because this will happen.

Aha… It’s probably connected to the color of the floor somehow. So since we changed all the spots on the floor to blue, the device’s color changed too. Joker, try touching it now.

Joker touches the device. If this was not the final space we stepped on, the device will turn yellow again the moment we turn one of the other tiles back, so watch out.

The path forward lowers and the weird Legend of Zelda chime sounds.

So that device is not only a switch, but also the wall that’s blocking our path.
That’s a pretty elaborate device…
It is only natural that security is tight in a prison. Then again, no inmates actually wish to leave…

Ugh, can’t you just try takin’ it easy on us this time!?

This is kind of bullshit, because you don’t automatically enter the fight. Instead, the instant the cutscene ends, you’re detected by the enemies and they start chasing you.

Suffice it to say, I fuck up the preemptive strike again. These Nebiros(es) use Physical and Curse, including instant-kills. They’re weak to Bless.

This is Gozer Lillith. It uses Ice, Fire, and Wind, can remove buffs and debuffs, and can drain your SP. It’s weak to Fire.

Nobody listens if we try to oppose them… All that happens is our spirits are crushed… It might be smarter to just accept life for what it is and surrender to their will…
This is just like how I used to be… If I had stayed like that, I would sound just like her now…!

This is Dionysus. It has no weaknesses and uses Debilitate (a fucked-up move that lowers all three of an ally’s parameters), Electricity, and Physical. It also can use Thermopylae to raise all three of its own parameters if you ambush it.

All of this is going to end soon anyway… You might as well patiently await your demise…
It’s all… going to end? What is he saying…?

Eh, I’m sure that ominous warning is nothing to worry about.

Following those things is the only correct way of living. What is there to be confused about? Anyone who can’t do that is just an outcast. All you really have to do is obey the rules…
How pathetic… He should be more aware of his situation…

Up ahead, we run into another puzzle device.

It should be, for the most part. Give it a try, Joker.

The mechanism should still be the same though. We just need to make all of them blue in the end.

Stepping on the blue tile returns it to yellow, of course.

Okay, this one is barely any more complicated than the last one. The only complication is that we have to double back a couple of times.

Start on A1, then head south once to B1. Then, head east to B2, and immediately head back to your only option, B1. Then head south twice through C1 and D1. Then go north again to B1. You will notice that A1, B1, and C1 are all still yellow, so head south again to C1, then go north through B1 to A1. All of the circles are now blue.

Continuing on…

No matter how much they beat or kick you… it is all for your own self-benefit in the end… If anything, I should feel thankful… This is exactly what I deserve…
…It hurts hearing this. I had the exact same mindset in the past…

One more puzzle.

Again, a rather basic shape that should not be too difficult to figure out.

Once more, start on A1. South twice through B1 and C1, east to C2, south to D2, north back to C2, west back to C1, north back to B1, east to B2, and finally head west to return to B1 and north to A1.

It truly seems to go on ad infinitum… Where does it lead?
I never expected there would be this much here… But the Treasure’s presence is getting stronger. We’re going in the right direction for sure.

At the bottom, we find another circular room.

Music: Desire

Oh, shit! Was not expecting to see ol’ Mophead McSpeedo again!

No… Madarame…

Father isn’t around anymore…

Smooth, Futaba.

No, it’s OK. More importantly, look there.

Hooray! More Shido!

I finally get to live without having to think for myself now.
I mistakenly thought myself to be talented… but now I think I’m a fool for wanting too much.

Even this Kaneshiro’s facial expressions are great.

I’m done actin’ like a big shot. Who cares if I’m stupid? It’s not like you get punished for bein’ dumb. Nobody needs to strive to be more than they really are.
These people seem completely different than they were before…
I don’t think it’s because they had a change of heart though…
Wait… Have they chosen a life of captivity after they lost their distorted desires…?
Unfortunately, Okumura isn’t here with us.

Ice cold, Haru. Nice.

Now if you don’t mind, what in the world is this place?
It’s supposedly called the “Prison of Regression.”

More importantly, does this look like captivity to you? Why, it’s the exact opposite. The utmost freedom is available to anyone who desires it here. This is the freedom to not make decisions… The release from having to think for yourself.

It is far more marvelous than the country I wished to create…
Release from having to think…? But that’s…
However, there are some fools who cannot stay put in this place. In other words, they are escaped convicts… Of course, I’m talking about our past selves. Such people are segregated from this peaceful world and locked away in their own Palace.
So those are the Palace rulers…

We… sent ‘em back here…?
I don’t understand… Just what have we been doing by using the cognitive world…?

C’mon, guys. This is definitely weird and certainly changes our understanding of “distortions,” but we’re about to fuck this place up anyway. It doesn’t really matter.

That’s true, but…
This ain’t the time to be gettin’ confused! We’re here as the society-fixin’ Phantom Thieves today!
Having the freedom to not make your own decisions only means that someone else is controlling you! Tell me. Who is the ruler here? Who made all of this…?
What an odd question to ask. It should be obvious: every member of the general public.

I mean, yeah, duh. We kinda knew that. Or at least, I thought we did.

Haven’t you learned anything in school? The collective ruler of a democratic society is its people.
D-Don’t lie outta your ass like that! I mean, there was a guard here earlier! That means someone’s gotta be lookin’ out for you guys, right?
You may be right. We are the ones “looking out” upon everyone else.

So the ones who least want the prison to be tampered with… are the prisoners themselves…?
It don’t matter what this guy’s talkin’ about… We’re gonna erase all of Mementos anyways! C’mon, let’s keep goin’! Mona! The Treasure’s in the deepest part, right!?

I saw the humans in here… and realized I looked different than them for some reason…

Is that why you thought you would regain your true form if we destroyed Mementos?
Sorry… I’m still missing a lot of my memories… But I know I started randomly checking a bunch of Palaces… Then my next memory is about that bastard Kamoshida’s.

Dammit… We got careless!
Let’s run!

And that set of revelations is going to close this update. What’s really going on with this country-wide distortion? What lies at the bottom of Mementos? How am I going to cover my rent for this month with no promotional deals? Tune in next time to find out!

Part 182

Part 182: 12/24: The Sweet Embrace Of Nihilism

Music: Freedom and Security

So, we start off this update immediately bumrushed by Shadows and caught in an ambush because you’re not ready for a fight immediately after that cutscene with the camera facing the wrong direction! Also, it’s a double fight, because fuck you.

Ryuji learns Maziodyne to replace Mazionga.

Futaba also learns Subrecover SP EX, which automatically replaces Subrecover SP. Now backup party members will have their SP restored by 3% instead of 1%.

Anyway, we continue.

Destruction is… pleasing? She cannot be in her right mind. It is as though she wishes for the world to end…

This is Chernobog. It is weak to Bless and Fire, uses a bunch of different Physical moves, and can cast Mudoon. It also drains Curse and Ice and blocks Electricity.

This is Baal. It drains and uses Wind, as well as Physical, Matarukaja, and Charge.

I heard there were some others who escaped this place, but they found their way back recently… Wouldn’t it be better if people just lived with the hand they’ve been dealt? How hilarious…
Is she talkin’ about Kamoshida and all the others…? I dunno how to put this… but I’m thinkin’ these people’re more human than the ones in reality…

And besides… it’s going to be happening soon…
So he just wants to see the world from online, huh…? I know how that might feel, but it gets old after a while. I can speak from experience… And besides that, what’s “happening soon”?

So, why don’t you guys come join us? The world’s going to end soon anyway, so you might as well…
When did these people begin to think this prison is a comfortable place to live…?

Ann learns Fire Amp to replace Evade Ice.

Haru also learns Cripple (50% damage boost to Gun attacks, stacks with Snipe) to replace Amrita Shower. Amrita Shower is plenty useful, but here in the endgame we’re generally going to want Maaku to be taking care of ailment relief.

We finally come to our first safe room. This dungeon isn’t terribly long in comparison to the others, but the safe rooms are still spread very thin.

Even though this is the cognitive world, I find it hard to believe this is underneath Shibuya…
It’s known as a city of freedom, both in fun and in fashion…

“Freedom” is certainly a way to describe the fashion of TWEWY, sure.

Yes, it’s a brilliant place. The crosswalk in front of the station is internationally-known nowadays. And yet, people seem to somehow consider it a prison for them…
A city of freedom… Is that really true?
What do you mean?
Like, all Shibuya really is to me is a congested station where changing stops is frustrating… Are the people here really free…?
That aside, how far you think we’re at now, Mona?
O-Oh, let’s see… Maybe halfway…?
Hm, we’ve come pretty far.
But wait… The Treasure feels a lot closer than it ever has before… What’s going on here…?
We did pass through Mementos to get here. It may make sense if we take that fact into consideration.
Welp, we just got another half to go! Let’s get fired up and do this!

The saferoom itself is at a minor fork in the road. We head north and immediately come across another device.

Looks simple enough. Start on A2, south to B2, east to B3, south through C3 and D3, west through D2 and D1, north through C1 and B1, east again to B2, and north to A2.

Uhh, hold on a second. South… West… East… Argh, no!

Thankfully, Makoto’s here to inform us we’re boned.

Huh? Whaddya mean?
Given the room’s shape and number of spots, there’s no mathematical way we can make it all blue.
Then, what do we do…?
I’m not sure… but if this is really a security system, there has to be a way past it.

Makoto doesn’t seem to understand what the purpose of a security system is.

We may want to try checking elsewhere for the time being.

On our way out of this area, we spot this weird indentation. I forget to examine it, but you’ve played enough JRPGs to know that we have to put some manner of doohickey in there.

We head south at the fork this time.

There’s something shining back there… What could it be?
Either way, if it is worth being protected, it should be safe to assume that it’s of value to us. What do you think, Joker? Shall we defeat it and take whatever it is protecting?


Hmph, I won’t deny that you’ll need it to continue onward. But mark my words, you’ll never get your hands on it. After all, you’ll have to go through me to do so!


This guy’s weak to Psy and Nuke and drains Physical, Gun, and Curse. He uses powerful Physical attacks exclusively.

He doesn’t put up much of a fight, though.

Hm… What do you think this could be used for…?
Who knows? It’ll prolly come in handy though. I mean, that strong-ass Shadow was guardin’ it.

I’ve heard there’s a place reserved for the most terribly evil people of them all…
…Do you think that could be the Quarantine Cell we heard about?

Here, any wish can become reality… and isn’t that all anyone wants out of life?
These people really think their wishes are going to come true…?

The platform lowers.

Now, let’s try this again.

South to B2, east to B3, south to C3, west to C2, east to C3, south to D3, west to D2 and D1, north to C1 and B1, east to B2 and B3, south to C3, north to B3, west to B2, and finally north to return to A2.


Another one of these massive spirals downward, eh?

We’re so far underground at this point…
I hope we don’t suddenly find ourselves in a giant pool of lava…
Still, we gotta keep going…!

And one more cutscene room.

Doesn’t that cell seem… different from the others?

Music: Disquiet

Supposedly, the most sinful, most dangerous inmate is held within…

This place smells familiar for some reason…

This is it.


Born…? Inside the prison?
Wait, then are YOU the dangerous inmate!?
No… the inmate wasn’t me…

Someone created me here… To guide all of you…
Guide…? And who is this someone…?
Ngh… I can’t remember… Damn it… I’m so close… but my memory is too foggy…
Y’know, hearin’ all this just makes me wanna know what’s inside.

Alert! Alert! Capture them at once!

And the game throws you into an automatic ambush. Bullshit.

The dragon dude uses Fire and Physical (which he can Charge), and the Nebiroses are near-identical to their regular Shadow forms. The only hurdle here is the fact that they get to act first.

Music: Suspicion

Given how important this cell appears to be, the depths of Mementos must be near. Mona’s memories may return if we continue on…
So, we’re finally gettin’ close to the public’s Treasure, huh?
Now that I think about it, it makes sense that Mementos would connect to some place like underneath Shibuya. Everyone crams themselves into packed underground boxes day after day without any complaints… From my standpoint, those are the true inmates of Mementos. It’s no surprise the places are connected.

Really makes u think

You know, the voices of the public may have led the Phantom Thieves on more than any criminal…
Seriously! Let’s hurry up and steal that Treasure so we can crush Mementos!
We truly are reforming society… Let’s go!

Everyone nods.

Music: Freedom and Security

I guess we’re just leaving the Quarantine Cell behind, then? No way that could possibly be important.

This is Thor. He’s weak to Psy, drains Electricity, and uses powerful Physical and Electric skills. He can also use Tarukaja and Charge, and he has Shock Boost and Elec Amp.

Yusuke replaces Kamu Susano-o’s Heat Wave with Vorpal Blade, which deals Severe Physical to all enemies.

Morgana learns Wind Amp. I replaced Masukunda with it, but immediately realized that I fucked up and actually wanted to get rid of Samarecarm, oops.

The guy on the right is Belial. It’s pretty much identical to its “boss” form, in that it has no resistances outside of blocking Curse and uses Maragidyne, Myriad Slashes, and Charge exclusively.

The only reason you can act so grand is that you live in a safe zone, devoid of possible failure. How does it feel to hear the truth? Are you relieved to know you’ve been fooling yourselves? Now what I really can’t understand is what you call “happiness.” But whatever, I guess. Everyone has their own way to reach it. Either way, stop trying to tell us what to do. This is how we can attain true happiness. I don’t care what you guys think of it. We have no reason to listen to your complaints!

Jesus christ, we get it.

Hm… If you truly believe all of that, then you are free to do as you wish.

It was a fun joke while it lasted, but it’s old news now. Tell me something a little more exciting.
A joke!? Bullshit! Y’know people have actually died from those mental shutdowns, right!? You ever thought of that!?

I’d rather use that time for myself before it’s too late…
There’s no such thing as “time for yourself” in a prison cell. Why are they acting like this…?

How can one who cannot open their eyes be a judge of beauty…?

Another device here. It’s hard to tell in this image, but the platform we’re currently walking on is transparent. This doesn’t actually effect anything in the upcoming puzzle, and it might as well just be a blank tile. I will mark it red in the diagram.

Hm… as we step on more tiles, the lights on them darken.

Still, nothing to worry about. East through A2 and A3, south through B3 and C3, west through C2 and C1, north through B1 and back to A1. Finished.

But what could those patterns on the floor have meant…?
I’m pretty sure I figured it out while I was watching… There was a limitation on this area. You could only change the colors up to ten times. Any more than that and we’d have had to start over.
You solved a puzzle like that on your first try, Joker…? That’s seriously incredible!

Eh, not really. As long as you don’t double back you can’t fuck this one up.

But Futaba’s correct. Stepping on an eleventh tile will deactivate the whole thing and you’ll have to try again.

And my dreams…? I just have to deal with never seeing them come true. It’s a cruel fact of life.
“Reality is ending”? That is similar to what the others in the prison are saying… What could that mean?

Up ahead, we come across another barrier and another device. We obviously can’t solve this one yet due to the presence of the barrier, but here’s what it would have looked like:

My apologies, but we did not come here seeking approval.

Another device.

West from the start at A2 to A1, south to B1, east from there all the way to B5, north to A5, south to B5, north to A5 again, and west three to return to A2.

And our reward is another thingamajig.

Put it in the slot…

…and activate the device.

There are a couple of ways to do this one, but I did a figure-eight: east from the start at A2 to A3, south to C3, west to C2, north through B2 to A2, west to A1, south to C1, and east to C2, whereupon we use B2 again to reach A2. Please note that the diagram and these instructions are relative to the default camera position when you start the puzzle, not the map. I actually had to go back and remake some of my diagrams because they were inconsistent about this.

Further in, we come across Yamata-no-Orochi. It is weak to Nuke, blocks Ice, and uses Mabufudyne and Oni-Kagura (Medium Physical to the party with a chance of Rage).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand this is a visit from your IT department, also known as Mara. It blocks Gun, drains Fire, and reflects Curse. It also uses Fire, Curse, Physical, and Almighty.

It won’t matter soon enough anyway…
I see… She doesn’t realize what being governed by someone really means…

Just let me see out the end of this world in peace…
I’m curious as to why everyone believes the world is coming to an end… What could they mean…?

Another puzzle up ahead.

Let’s try this one. West from the start at A3 to A1, south all the way to D1, east to D2, north to C2. Then, west to C1, north to B1, and north to A1… and we’re out of moves.

Are you certain about that?
Absolutely. Taking the shape and number of spots into account, no route could complete that quick. Having said that, there seems to be another device in this room. Why don’t we try that first?

Yes, there are actually three devices in this room.

We’ll start with the third one, all the way to the east (because that’s the one we need to do first).

Start at A2, west to A1, east to A3, south to B3, north to A3, west to A2, east to A3, west back to A2. Easy peasy, and with two moves left.

The device’s platform lowers, allowing us to complete the next puzzle in the sequence.

The platform that lowered was C2. We start at A3, west to A1, south to C1, east to C3, north to A3. Bing badda boom.

And now the obstruction that prevented us from finishing that first puzzle is gone.

One more time, shall we?

Start at A3, west to A1, south to D1, east to D2, north all the way to A2, south to B2, north to A2, east back to A3. Ten moves.

About time… Now we can keep moving forward!
Nicely done, Joker!

And we finally come across another safe room, which means we’re at the end of Mementos Depths.

It seems we’ve made it quite far… What are your thoughts, Mona-chan?
We’re almost to the Treasure… Its presence is really close now…
So the time has finally arrived…
Yup, this is seriously it. Let’s take the public’s Treasure, you guys!
But… what’s going to happen once we actually take it?
I doubt that alone will be enough to make everything right. Still, it is worth going through with…
Mm-hm. I’m sure that everyone’s hearts will change somehow.
It’d be super weird if people all over the city just started crying and apologizing for stuff though!
Well, results are yet unknown, but we have come this far… We must continue onward.

Hell yeah!
The word failure’s not in my dictionary!
This is the end!
The labor we have put in up to this point shall finally come to fruition!
That’s right!
I’m here too, so you guys don’t gotta worry about anything!
Let’s bring all of our hard work to a triumphant close!

Before we continue, let’s do some last-minute fusin’.

Music: Aria of the Soul

First, Cybele from Yamata-no-Orochi and Baal. We have to pay 94900 yen to fuse above our level, though.

I’ll hunt you down and skin you if you dare cheat on me. I’m your mask now… You better be ready.

Cybele is the Phrygian mother goddess of the earth, who is also associated with wildlife (lions in particular) and vegetation. She was a protector of several city-states, including Athens. According to her in-game description, she took Attis, her priest, as a lover, but he was driven insane when he was forced to marry another.

Also on the docket for today, Siegfried from Thor and Byakko.

Your soul shall act as a tool to transform my dauntless might into an unstoppable mask.

Siegfried is the German name of the hero from the epic poem “Das Nibelungenlied.” His original Norse name was Sigurd. He slayed the dragon Fafnir, and bathed in his blood to make himself invincible. However, a leaf that had stuck to his shoulder gave him a weak spot.

Now, let’s head back down and make our approach towards whatever lies at the heart of Mementos.

Music: Freedom and Security

I feel sick just thinking about it. All I can really do now is ignore it, I suppose.
What a load of shit… Hey! The world’s not gonna get better on its own, y’know!

I might lose the one place I belong if I put myself out there… I’m afraid of that happening, so I think I’ll just stay as I am…
Uh, your current situation should be what’s scaring you! How’s he OK with all of this…?

Only one way forward now. What’s that ahead of us…?

It’s so big… I can’t believe there’s such a giant thing all the way down here…
Is everyone’s Treasure inside?
Yeah… That should be the case.
But this bizarrely ominous air about it… It could be likened to a temple of sorts…
Th-There’s no point freakin’ out now! C’mon, let’s go!

And so we descend into the belly of the beast…

Part 183

Part 183: 12/24: The Heart Of The World

Music: Freedom and Security

We’ve entered the shrine. What are those veins ahead of us?

It has to be… Let’s go.

The hell is that?

Let’s jump down these “stairs” and check it out.

This is our last opportunity to go back and do anything in Mementos, Mementos Depths, or the shops. We’re going to plow ahead anyway. Never look back.

Music: Desire

And… what’s that thing in the middle?

It appears this is our final destination… the depths of Mementos.
In that case, is the Treasure of Mementos somewhere in here?

I’ve never been here… but I can sense it.


But something that large will be impossible to carry out of here.
We just gotta make it disappear, right? If we can’t move it, then we’ll just hafta destroy it!
Yeah… That will work.
Once we do that, the entire Metaverse is going to disappear, right? This is finally it…

Oh, I guess it’s no surprise we’ve been discovered.

Even the inmates are starting to liven up. How eerie… Are they planning something?
That must mean this thing’s gotta be the Treasure. They saved us the trouble of checkin’!
…Hold on. Something’s off.

Shido said the masses are allowing themselves to be held captive here… Could they truly be operating this gigantic system that eliminates iutruders on its own? The prison guards and soldiers were very organized too…
Are you trying to say that someone else rules this place? Is it not the public?

We don’t have time to worry about that! Leave it for later!
All right, guys! We better not lose now!

Boss: Treasure of Mementos?

Music: Rivers in the Desert

Hello, old friend. It’s a pleasure to hear you again.

All right, let’s do it!

Well, it seems our final boss for this evening is a giant… cup. Okay, then.

Let’s start with some Charge and Matarukaja as a show of our new power.

Hey, we’re already making progress. This thing doesn’t have that much health. We’ll be done here in no time.

Ow. Whatever, though. This thing only gets one turn, who cares?

Pff, is this it, you overgrown bucket? You’re not even putting up a fight! I took out a third of your health in two turns, you call yourself a boss!?

Huh? The prisoners are freaking out!


It seems hopeless if there are this many inmates supporting it…!

Music: Blood of Villain

Who’s that!?

The Treasure’s talking!?

The Holy Grail…
The Prison of Regression is representative of the collective desires of humanity. They wish to be chained down, surrender their cognition, and neglect the world around them… These feebleminded commonfolk will make your “social reform” all for naught. The shared heart of the masses has fallen into an excess of indolence and transformed into a prison.

Thus… the only suitable end for them is to perish within the prison they wished for themselves.

Hell yeah!

Um… Ryuji? I’m not sure if you’re aware, but this is a bad thing!

Boss: Holy Grail

Music: Rivers in the Desert

All right, let’s do this for real this time.

Unlike pretty much every other similar fight in the game, this is technically a continuation of the last fight, so any buffs you’ve applied persist (which I didn’t realize, as you’ll see in the video).

So we have to start over. Whatever, no problem. Let’s do this.


We can’t lose! Keep attacking! Huh…? Wait, its color…

Well, let’s try again!

Well, this doesn’t appear to be working.

I knew it. Every time that thing heals, its color changes…

Let’s give it one more try.

All right, good effort, team! Let’s see how the Holy Grail responds…

Not the most surprising answer, but effective nonetheless.

No fair! This is cheating!

Music: Blood of Villain

The prisoners begin chanting.

If this is really how people feel, there’s no way we’ll be able to steal their hearts…

This is horrible…

And there we have it. The final sinner is the entire populace of Tokyo, and their sin is sloth.

My shine is proof that they desire my existence. As long as humanity yearns for me, I shall never perish…
Is this really what everyone wants…? To stop thinking and be guided by the Holy Grail…?

Yes… It’s so frustrating it makes me want to cry… But I… I will never agree!
The humans I look up to aren’t like that…

I’m not the only one who believes that. Everyone here agrees… We don’t want to turn back into the people we used to be! That’s why we risked our lives coming here!
He’s right!

I am merely the being that will ultimately grant those wishes. Now, it is time I refrain from my place in this world, and begin to encroach upon reality itself.

Encroach…? What is it gonna do…!?
Hey, this doesn’t look good…!
I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Humans aren’t all stupid like you say they are!

Ehh, debatable.

screams of anguish

It’s vanishing…!?
Hell no…!

…I see… So that’s how it was… I remember everything now…

Morgana seems to have finally regained his memories. But more importantly, what the hell just happened!?


For all of Persona 5’s missteps, making the final treasure of the game a collective of apathy is a pretty good idea.