The Cool Crime of Robbery: Let's Play Persona 5


Part 83

Part 83: 8/2-8/4: Ryuji Has Bad Taste In Porn

I heard stocks are down. Is that because of Medjed?
I really wish they wouldn’t do this…
I heard some other company’s private data got leaked…
What are the Phantom Thieves doing!?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

There’s actually something I think I should tell you… …But I can’t make up my mind. …Sorry, never mind. Forget what I said.
I’m eating now. Maybe I should respond later…

Oh, and make sure you eat your curry before it gets cold.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

New message from Mishima. Probably another request.

I can’t keep up with this constant influx of posts. Isn’t it tough being popular, #Millennials? Anyway, here’s the latest lead I have. This one seems to be about… someone abusing their power? I wonder if it was written by a former employee of the company in question.

You can’t seriously just be accepting of that!

I was being facetious, Mishima.

Now, I know the name of the company, but I don’t have any details on the person himself. The company’s over in Shinjuku, so try asking around places where business men could hang out. A bar at night might be a start. That should be a good place to get more info on this situation. I hope this isn’t asking too much of you… Sorry, I’ll look for another one, just in case.
It’d be a shame to let this one slip away. This is a textbook example of corporate exploitation. It might be difficult to get the employees to open up to you though… Maybe if you get a job at a bar, you’ll be able to learn some information.

Translation: we can make one more tool than usual if we start during the day.

Music: Everyday Days

Ranking up Morgana’s Confidant has given us a plethora of new tools we can make, including the Eternal Lockpick (never breaks, but we don’t have the materials yet), and Reserve Ammo (lets us refill our ammunition without leaving the Palace)

We choose to make more Lockpicks. We’re at Rank 3, meaning we can make 4, plus it’s daytime, so we get an extra craft. Once I savescum trying to get the double craft bonus to proc, it actually procs twice, meaning we end the day with another seven lockpicks in addition to the one we already had. Now, this would almost be enough to last us through the entire rest of the game, but we have a lot of free time in the next month or so and not a lot of opportunities to increase our Proficiency, so we’re not done just yet.

Maaku gains Proficiency +3, including the bonus +1 from the double craft proc.

Music: Beneath the Mask

#Millennials.” They’ve been in the spotlight with their upcoming showdown with Medjed. The Phantom Thieves are a hot topic, and they are among the most commonly searched terms…
People really like us. We can’t afford to mess this up now.

Let’s see what’s going on over in Book Town.

Well then, let’s go in the store.

Our bookstore caters to experts, so the books here might be a tad difficult for most high schoolers.

My Knowledge is Rank 4, motherfucker. Hand me Infinite Jest and get the hell out of my sight.

Well, I’ll sell you the easiest book that we’ve got. Go ahead and take your time with it.

8000 yen!? On second thought, let’s not…

The way this store works is that the owner will sell you the least challenging book, and until you complete it, you can’t buy another. Once you do finish it, you can buy the next one in the sequence and so on. There are three main books, each longer than any other book in the game, plus a final book, which I’ll be trying to get (but might not make it to). It’s well worth the effort of reading the others, trust me.

However, could we discuss another matter?
>Hang out with her
Thank you… I’m closing up shop, so please hold on.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I mean, the fortunes I see have an extremely high accuracy rate. But… I suppose my divine power isn’t completely absolute, huh?

Well, of course… but I’m sure that would only end in disappointment… You know, I’ve wondered in the past whether fate really can be changed… But I always concluded that it was something beyond our control. Almost like the laws of nature. Eternal… impossible to defy… And yet, there exist people like you who can ignore those laws and impose their own will upon the world… How can I become one of those people, Hamiru-san?

This city keeps finding ways to subvert my expectations… There was nobody like you back in my hometown in the country, Hamiru-san. It was a small, traditional town deep in the mountains, populated almost entirely by older people…

And so, so boring.

During the winter, it’s practically inaccessible due to all the snow. That alone should tell you volumes. The youth there are forced to be strictly obedient to their elders as well. Not explicitly, of course… Oh, and there’s a small shrine in the center of the village. There, I…

…It doesn’t matter anymore. I left that place to come to this city. It means nothing to me now!

It came from someone who dared to care about me, even though I’m just a monster with strange powers… That’s why I sell Holy Stones. I want to help those who suffer from inescapable fates similar to my own.

Well, that’s better than just being a straight-up con artist, but doesn’t really explain why you sold me a hunk of rock salt.

But… now I wonder if they really do much of anything.

I thought the answer was clearly “no.” Didn’t you already believe that?

After all, you managed to change the destinies of my clients without one. Is it truly possible to alter fate with nothing more than mere words, attitude, and passion…?

Chihaya throws the stone away.

If that’s the case, I won’t be needing this. I’m going to confront fate head-on, with my own strength.

Wow! Short Confidant, but we did it, you guys!

Although… the chairman would be really mad if he found out.

Anyway…! If fate can be changed… Maybe even mine can be corrected… right? It didn’t work for me before, but perhaps this time…

R-Right! I look forward to our continued exchange! At least, until I can manage to change my fate… Oh, and I’ll be sure to put some extra effort into my fortune-telling for you!
I can sense Chihaya’s intense motivation…

Thank you for today, Hamiru-san. Good night!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’ll bring over a DVD that’s perfect for this stinking hot summer.

This sounds… untoward. I’m down for whatever, though. Bring on the porn!

We can watch it in your room, yeah? That settles it. See ya tomorrow
We should get some sleep if Ryuji’s going to be here during the day tomorrow.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Sounds like Ryuji’s here. Come on, let’s go downstairs.

I’m sure it’s to protect us from hacking, but communicating with clients like this is tough.
Whatever those Phantom Thieves are, people are making too big of a deal about them.

First up is this soccer one. Then we’ve got baseball here. Oh, and a track and field one! Good shit, man.

…Goddammit, Ryuji.

I may be able to improve my Charm if I watch DVDs with Ryuji… Furthermore, this may be a good chance to deepen my bond with him…
So if we’re not gonna be meetin’ up with the others, wanna watch?

Sweet. I brought some snacks too. Aw yeah, bring on the private showing!

Now it sounds like it’s lewd again. I’m confused.

Music: Everyday Days

Other countries’ve got tonsa people who can play this good, right? Man, foreigners are so freakin’ crazy… Y’know, I didn’t use to be too into soccer, but I sat down and watched a match one day, and now I’m hooked. How about you? Whaddya like more, soccer or baseball?

I loved watchin’ the draft. Most of my money back then went into sports mags too. You gotta have nine people per team though, so it’s pretty tough to get a game goin’ nowadays.
Ryuji and I watched some sports together… Seeing the burning intensity in the faces of the athletes has refined my Charm

Okay, sure, why not? Maaku gains Charm +3.

Man, that was great! Makes me feel like goin’ for a run!

It’s raining, you dumbass.

Man… Ain’t you hungry? I could really go for some curry right about now. Whaddya say?

We get more points with Ryuji, and also get to make some curry. There’s still little reason to ever do this, though, unless you really need the points.

Should I spend more time with Ryuji…?

For real? What a bummer…

Remember what I said about people generally not getting bummed when you don’t wanna hang out? Yeah, it’s not always the case.

Welp, guess I’ll head home. Welp, thanks for walkin’ me to the station. Seeya.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

We’re here in Jinbocho for the Book Town, a veritable Mecca for any bookworm. Look at them all! It’s just books, books, books everywhere you look. I’m speechless!
With how everything’s digitized in this day and age, it’s nice to flip through an actual book.
Next, we talk about the fishing pond in Ichigaya. In the middle of the city, you can actually enjoy some fishing. It’s quality quiet time for yourself.
Oh, I go there all the time. These days, I haven’t caught a single thing, though. Hahaha…

Music: Everyday Days

I guess this means I can probably stay here for a while…

I can spend some more time in here if I want…

This lukewarm water is warming my body really slowly…

That heat must have gotten your blood flowing. Your skin’s glowing too. So handsome…

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)


As the admin of the Phan-Site, I want to find out what society is thinking. There should be a lot of people there since it’s summer vacation; it’d be perfect for a survey. You should come with me tomorrow!
So, what are your thoughts? Will you go to Harajuku with Mishima?

Turning him down, huh? Did you have plans already?

Sorry, Mishima. Going would have given us points with him and Ryuji, but we don’t need either.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

A: Take money from a lost wallet/B: Joyride, but return the car/ So which one of these counts as larceny? You be the judge!

The correct answer is… B! Saying you planned on returning it just won’t fly in court!
You consume gas and wear down the tires. Driving someone’s car without permission is larceny. Taking something that someone lost or dropped is theft by finding, a much lighter crime. Incidentally, the Phantom Thieves steal “hearts,” but unfortunately, that doesn’t count as larceny.
Oh, you got it right. Even if you return it later, it’s still stealing, isn’t it?

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

…But you don’t seem too concerned about it. So, what are you here for today?

Oh, the clinical trial… Sorry, I’m going to pass on it today. ……
Takemi is depressed…

Have we been taking lessons from that PUA couple or something? Jeez.

I… need to talk to you. Since this might be the last time…

Come in.

I’m thinking of resigning.

Music: Confession/Secret

Several of my suppliers have stated that they’re going to stop selling to me. If I can’t get my hands on medical supplies, I won’t be able to get what I need to complete the new medicine. They’re probably being pressured by Oyamada to stop doing business with me. So I figure it’s over.

It’s fine.

I confirmed with the hospital Miwa-chan was being treated at… Oyamada was telling the truth. Miwa-chan was apparently smiling until the very end. She probably didn’t want to worry anyone. I wish I could’ve cured her… I didn’t want fame or money. All I wanted… was to keep her smiling… This isn’t just about her though…

I was a sickly child when I was young too… I was always in the hospital… and was rarely well enough to attend school at all. Medicine was all that kept me alive… That’s why I wanted to become a doctor… So I could save people, just like I was saved… …… …But I guess this is where it ends… The medical industry is a business, after all, and the chief decides what’s best for it. I’m all out of allies…

You might just be my one and only… I really appreciate everything you’ve done. My practice increased thanks to your nosiness, and in the end, I felt like a real doctor again. So… thank you.

…There are plenty of other small-town doctors. This is where it ends. …Although it frustrates me. …… I can’t do clinical trials anymore, so you can go home. Thanks again for all your help. And good luck on those entrance exams.

Is there anything I can do for Takemi…? ……

I love how suspicious this is.

You mean Oyamada? Why? I hope you’re not planning to get revenge for me.

…You’re such a weird kid.

Is that all?
nods I need to do something about the target for Takemi…

…OK, take care.

Music: Beneath the Mask

You sure? It might go under if that happened.
Yeah. But then, we wouldn’t have to live like this anymore.
…I see. You have anywhere else to go after quitting?
Nah. If I did, I’d have quit already.

I placed my shop on the street so I can see people walking by, but I’m about to melt… Well then, what would you like to do today…?

There’s a lot I want to tell you. Please take a seat.

Thank you! Let’s see. For today…

Music: What’s Going On?

I even have a book about the secret to being a good listener! It was written by a hostess from a club in Ginza. Just picking out which books to bring took me half a day. I have tons more back home though! I’ve started using these as reference materials for the advice I give my clients. This way, I can suggest new alternatives instead of leaving them resigned to their fates.

After all, I need to be able to advise my clients on their future selves! Anyway, what I really want to tell you is that I’ve arrived at a new fortune-telling philosophy. Those with strong convictions can, in fact, change fate. O-Oh, and as for the people I sold Holy Stones to… I’ve started reading their fortunes free of charge. I’d like to return the money they gave me too, but um…

W-Well, um…

Music: Suspicion

U-Um, what are you doing here…?
The chairman asked that I come see how things are going. (to Maaku) Hm? And who are you…?
Th-That’s my apprentice! I haven’t actually introduced him to the chairman yet…
…You’re telling me you’re so busy you needed to hire an apprentice?
Y-Yes! He’s been a wonderful help!
I see. I guess I should have expected such great foresight from you, Maiden. Now then, I should be going.
Th-Thank you for stopping by…

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

N-No, it’s nothing serious. A-Anyway! It’s a private matter, Hamiru-san. Nothing you should concern yourself with. W-Wait, are you perhaps… worried about me?


Oh, I’m so touched! Honestly! My luck really improves when you’re around, Hamiru-san! I know! In return for that, I’ll predict your luck whenever you want!
I can sense Chihaya’s intense motivation…

Oh, here it is! Poop, from a butt! Stinky stinky garbage! Double dog vomit! The bloody piss of Rasputin! Why yes, I do believe it’s the worst Confidant skill in the entire game, and a huge waste of our fucking time!


I should close up for today. Good night, Hamiru-san.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

“It’s called “Mes Miserable,” a remake of a classic. Apparently it came out this summer. What do you think?

Then, let’s meet in front of the theater in Shibuya.
Yusuke’s movie choice seems rather promising. yawn We should go to bed.


I think that has to be the case, and it’s interesting programming if so. Friend of mine just passed this part himself two days ago and used different people to man the ballista each time (Mostly because the person he picked first got a status effect just before the second that took them out of the list of possibilities). I’m pretty sure it took the same length of time each go.

Part 84

Part 84: 8/5-8/7: Nerd’s Got A Gun

First, we’re heading out to see Mes Miserables with Yusuke.

Mes Miserables

Music: Break it Down

Music: Melodramatic posh

Man who cannot sing or act voice: i[/i] It was him! He stole the silverware! He even stole the candlesticks! Thief! Confess your criiiime!
Other man’s voice: Ohhhh! Is there no god in this world?

That bishop guy is too much. He should cut the other guy some slack…
I feel like I was able to learn how to be more compassionate to others…

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

Music: Break it Down

Oh, forgive me. I can’t help but focus more on the visual aspect than on that storyline.

Thank you for today. The time we spent together felt worthwhile. Well then, let’s head home.

What is Medjed doing?
It’s hard to tell when they aren’t making any moves…
The Phantom Thieves have kept their silence too…
Is our country gonna be done for when the deadline comes?

Music: Beneath the Mask

It’s not Medjed, right?
I think they’d make it into a much more theatrical occasion.
You’re right! They didn’t make any declarations or anything!
Still… It’s quite a headache.
The hate we’re getting online is insane too. People’re treating us like this is all our fault.

I wanna try harder too. We have to do whatever we can.
Either way, simply relying on Futaba will not do.
Well if we run out of options, that might be our only choice…

Are you gonna bug me about that literally every day?

Right? Wait… Why are you talking about it like you’re not involved? Anyway, let me tell you about the most interesting thing I’ve found so far. Indiscriminate acts of violence in Shibuya. Pretty scary, huh? I can’t find much more than that though… All the posts mention rumors they heard in the underground mall in Shibuya, but nothing else. It’s not super reliable… It’d be good if we could find out more about those rumors, but my presence is limited to the web. You might want to try and learn more on your own if you’re interested.
Hm… I guess we have no choice but to look for details ourselves. I suggest you infiltrate the underground mall as a store employee if you want more info.

You mean… go to my job?

It’s actually been quietly becoming a boom? Why don’t YOU try revisiting your childhood?
That really takes me back. I used to play in secret so my parents wouldn’t find out. A lot of people find old game consoles at second-hand shops and buy them out of nostalgia.

chuckle As do I, of course. So, you did the request I asked you to do. Thanks! Oh, right! You need to prepare for your next move, right? I’ve been doing the same, actually. Preparing for what, you ask? I could tell you, if you have the time.

sigh Let’s hang out with Mishima.

You really wanna know, huh? I think you’ll like it! Anyway, let’s head over to the diner! It’s lame just standing around here.

Music: My Homie

Actually, I already know! The Phan-Site has been crazy busy thanks to you guys.

Eh, that’s nice Mishi-WHAT

What? What? Why? What? How? What? What? What? Who? What?

It cost me a lot of money…

Not really what I wanted to know, man.

None of these options are “WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE.”

Well, yeah! That just goes to show how special it is! I heatrd they had to completely halt production because people kept mistaking it for a real gun.

That’s distressing! But also it seems like that gun would be pretty great in the Metaverse… But also why do you need a fake gun, Mishima?

It was suggested to me by this military buff from the Phandom. I figured I could use a bit of security, since I’m the sole admin of the whole Phan-Site. I mean, you guys are getting really popular. There’s been a lot more info on the forum lately too… Some of the stuff up there is pretty scary… so it seemed like I might need a little protection.

This is just for self-defense! I mean, people might come after me if they found out I was working with the Phantom Thieves, right? But as I was saying, we’ve had a pretty massive influx of new posts on the forum lately. One of them seems particularly worthwhile. It’s bigger than anything we’ve done so far… But if we want to really make the Phantom Thieves famous, we’ll need to go after some flashier targets.

Mishima seems extra motivated…

God, every day with Mishima’s a fuckin’ adventure.

Pretty obviously useful, here.

By the way, um… do I look any different toy you?

People keep telling me it seems like I’ve changed recently. I guess I can’t hide my newfound confidence, huh? My true worth will finally–

Music: Suspicion

Y’know, we’ve been siting just over there the whole time, but we didn’t even notice you sitting here!
You’re exactly the same as you were back in middle school, Mishima.
Yeah. Once a zero, always a zero.

…Not one of you notices the fucking gun on the table?

Y-Yeah, haha…
You haven’t changed your cell number, have you?
Huh? N-No, I haven’t…
Then why didn’t you come to our hangout? All our ex-classmates were there, y’know! Oh, wait… Nobody even remembered you existed! Can’t invite a guy you can’t remember, right?

You know that one guy in every class who ends up being the butt of all the jokes? That guy was me…

Really? Because not only is that not surprising at all, it’s exactly what that looked like.

But I’ve changed now. I can help you… I’m not going to be that boring guy anymore… …… …Sorry about that. Anyway, it’s getting late. We should probably head home… See you later.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m worried about what’s going to happen and can’t fall asleep. But, all we can do right now is pray and wait… Oh, I know. Wanna go pray at a shrine together? How about Meiji Shrine? If we’re gonna go, we should go big.
Lady Ann invited you out! You’re gonna go to Meiji Shrine, right?

This event gives us points with Ann and Takemi. We don’t need either.

Do you really have something so urgent that you’d have to turn her down?

Music: Tokyo Emergency

We conducted a survey about the upcoming showdown between the Phantom Thieves and Medjed. 80% of respondents said they were interested, which indicates that it’s getting a lot of attention.
Everyone’s got their eyes on us! We have to take action soon.

Music: Break it Down

Our task today is to investigate that rumor by working at the flower shop.

Um…Be careful on your way home. It’s been dangerous in this area lately.

Haven’t you heard? There have been quite a few assaults. Just the day before yesterday, a man was hospitalized after getting attacked by someone…

Hmm… It’s only a rumor, but I heard it was a famous thug from around here named Taizo Naguri. But… the police can’t handle the situation without any proof. Honestly, I’ve been worried too… I only take the main roads home, even if it takes a bit longer. Maybe the Phantom Thieves could do something about him since the police have their hands tied… …Oh, I almost forgot! Here’s your pay for today.

Be careful on your way home, OK?

Maaku gains Kindness +2.

Well put! His name was Taizo Naguri… Let’s go to Mementos and take his distorted desires!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Music: Time to Repent

I’d like to teach you shogi at different locations from time to time, to change up the mood. Somewhere outside, without too many people… There may not be many such places. Well then, shall we play a match today?
I don’t think my bond with Hifumi will deepen today…

Maybe I should invite her to Inokashira Park…

I see… That’s an excellent idea. I know it’s sudden, but I’d like you to take me there. I might be able to think of a good move.

Music: What’s Going On?

The scenery, the sounds, the smells… I’ll be able to utilize all five of my senses… Perhaps I’ll even come up with some new ideas.

I’ve opened up new opportunities through shogi. You are like a shogi piece filled with endless moves… I wonder what kind of person you will become… Just imagining all the possibilities is fun. giggle I’m starting to get the feeling that a new move will come to me. Well then, now that we feel refreshed… let us play, fair and square! …We should stop here for today.

I heard they were buying tainted ingredients. They’re done for.
Another leak? What are they doing?
Did the Phantom Thieves do it?
It was really boring this time though…

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! Cool down your head this summer with a Coolifier Pad! Comes in a pack of 20! These are also pretty useful when you have a fever, too! And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 1980 yen!

We make another five lockpicks, plus an extra from the double craft proc. Maaku gains Proficiency +3, including a bonus +1 from the double proc.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Aojiru for me and you! Maaku gains Proficiency +1.

You can consider this… a formal request. I have something scheduled after my speech, and I need you to come with me.

We’ll be meeting someone after this at a sushi restaurant. I appreciate your help.

Music: Alleycat

I’ll be sure to proceed with caution. Considering that the grandson of my former teacher is showing me such kindness.
Yes, well, I’d like to discuss a personal matter. Allow me to be frank. I will be running for my grandfather’s seat in the coming election.
I see… Congratulations.
I held a low-level position in the party’s executive office, but I’m new to candidacy… So I was hoping you could educate me on how to run an election campaign.

I’ve heard that you’ve been working harder than anyone these past 20 years.
Well, I did have a lot of free time after I lost the election. Study is all an amateur can do.
Amateur? You’re a veteran, if anything. Besides, you have experience teaching him, right?

Your reputation has greatly improved around the executive office recently. And my grandfather has expressed his intent on making peace with you now.
I’d be happy to bury the hatchet with Mr. Kuramoto… But I’m not worthy to join his group again.
I thought you would find these conditions favorable… …So I ask that you keep what I’m about to tell you a secret.

No, I’d like for your favorite pupil to hear this too.
…? Wait a moment… is your plan to involve him so that I can’t decline?
I simply trust his discretion. The Kuramoto group is planning to move forward with a political realignment.

Music: Suspicion

Oh no! Politics!

With the government in a weakened state, now’s our chance. As such, I want to emphasize our unity.
And so you’ve come to me, a former member of the Kuramoto Children… But my views differ from those of the Kuramoto group. And I don’t intend on changing them.
I understand. However, you won’t be able to put those beliefs into action if you don’t get elected. …Hamiru-kun, could you talk some sense into him? You’ll benefit as well.

Haha, you’re not intimidated, even by the grandson of a big-time Diet member. (to Benzo) …I appreciate your offer, but I must respectfully decline.
So you’re OK with being No-Good Tora forever?

Looks like you chose the wrong politician to follow.

Try to understand that he has his own beliefs.
…My apologies. I made a slip of the tongue. And in front of your secretary, no less. I don’t need an answer right away. If you want to show deference to my grandfather… please let me know. I already took care of the bill, so enjoy. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

I love you, Anime Bernie Sanders.

I bet when push came to shove, Kuramoto-kun intended to lure you in. He probably didn’t expect me to remain so calm after he showed his trump card. I feel surprisingly at ease whenever you’re with me, like that time with Matsushita. I’m truly indebted to you for all you’ve done for me, but I must ask that you continue to help me.
I feel like my bond with Yoshida is growing deeper…

You know, from the way he was acting, I’d swear Kuramoto-kun was hiding something… Ah, my apologies. We’re done eating, so let’s go home.
I was able to fend Kuramoto off using only words. I feel like my Charm has increased…

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Good work today.

What the hell is with all these invites

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Truth be told, I found something interesting. It’s a DVD that talks about paintings from around the world. Although I bought it, I don’t have a device to play it on. And even if I did have one, the cicadas are noisy at my dormitory. As such, I’d like to borrow your room. I’ll go to your place tomorrow to hang out, if that’s all right.

Part 85

Part 85: 8/8-8/10: Sketchy Personified

Music: Tokyo Emergency

No way. You don’t want to walk outside in this heat.
Yeah, it is hotter than usual. It feels like it’s boiling inside my head sometimes.

I brought a wonderful art DVD that we can watch together.
I may be able to improve my Charm if I watch a movie with Yusuke…
If you do not plan on gathering the others, why don’t we discover the truth held within?

If it was anyone else I’d assume they were trying to hit on me with that line.

Excellent. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Music: Everyday Days

Vibrant colors are integral to its unique style. You would never see such radiance in a Japanese work. Although I must say, your television fails to accurately reproduce their brilliant allure. Might I suggest that you perhaps invest in a newer model?

chuckle That was quite the optimistic offer, Maaku. Either way, I am surprised you even managed to get your hands on such an old television…
Yusuke and I enjoyed a program about art on my CRT television… I feel like I’m starting to see the world a little differently…

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Hm… I believe I have begun to feel somewhat peckish. I am seeing visions… Yes, hallucinations… of curry… Forgive me, but I must request some of this establishment’s delicious cuisine…
Should I spend some more time with Yusuke…?

Get the hell out of my house.

I see… In that case, I shall retire to my home for the evening… I must express my gratitude for your escorting me here. Now then, fare thee well.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

…Another box came for you.

These cure Burn, which I’m not sure we’ve been afflicted with once.

I think for both Medjed and the Phantom Thieves, the attention is their motive behind their crimes. Hence, all the thrilling spectacles to amaze people. I advise viewers not to be so enamored if possible.
He’s talking about us like we’re criminals, too? He doesn’t have a grudge against us, does he?

Music: Time to Repent

>Go talk to her

My client’s a big shot in the Pro Shogi Players’ Association, so I worked really hard to set it up.

Music: Suspicion

Hm? Is this young man a fan of yours, Hifumi?
…No, Mother. He’s my shogi friend… I told you about him, remember?
Your shogi friend, hm? Let me just say this. I hope you’re not harboring any weird feelings for Hifumi.

As I’m sure you’re already aware, you are not allowed to date, young lady. You’ve started to attract a number of new male fans with all of your photo spreads.

Well, this is creepy!

…Yes, Mother.
You can get 50 guys like him, once you’re famous. I need you to accomplish the things I was never able to.

Now, I’m going to work. Don’t wait up for me.
I understand.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

That was quite honest of you. Not altogether inaccurate, though. …My father is ill and unable to work, so my mother supports us… My mother used to be a local TV announcer, but she had to quit to take care of my father… My father was a pro shogi player. He’s usually calm, but when he played you could really feel his spirit. He never hesitated when making a move, just like a kind. I really admired him, so I started playing shogi too. …But after pouring everything he had into shogi, he suddenly collapsed one day. In my mother’s eyes, shogi stole both her dream and her husband… And yet, she tells me to keep playing… She wants me to achieve her dreams. I should be working to help support us. I want to become a professional so that I can make enough money to ease my parents’ burden. I do photoshoots and interviews, hoping they’ll add some money to our household income… But it’s honestly quite difficult for me.

But when I think about my mother, I… No one sees me as a shogi player anymore. They no longer recognize my skills. I’m not playing shogi in the hopes of becoming an idol… I simply love my family, and I want to support them through our troubles… …Tsk, this isn’t good. I shouldn’t be focusing on such negative topics before a match… Well then, let’s play. Today, I’m going to be throwing a lot of offensive moves at you. This will teach you how to escape from disadvantageous situations.
I feel Hifumi’s trust in me growing…

This is a good one, because ambushes in this game can be brutal. However, most of the time you’ll get pounded into the dirt pretty quickly, so it takes some synergy with other skills to make the best of this.

That aura… My right eye is twitching. Now! It’s time to unleash my hidden evil eye!

I feel like playing shogi with Hifumi has helped sharpen my Knowledge

Maaku gain Knowledge +1.

Phew… That wasn’t so bad. Let’s continue our lessons next time…

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Sojiro’s got some updates for us, so let’s hear ‘em:

“Don’t worry about Medjed.” …What’s that all about?

But thanks to that, her stress is also extraordinary. It’s tough…


Next, let’s head over to the batting cages. They set up the intermediate set since April, and while the rewards are better, we’re really just here for the Proficiency boost. This (along with some of the videogames) is one of the only legitimately skill-based stat upgrade opportunities in the game, and we don’t need to make it harder to do.

Now, the key to hitting a home run is to aim your swing so that it hits the lower two-thirds of the ball.

Uhhhhhhh, that didn’t happen.

That’s more like it! Nailing the timing’s a bit of a hassle, but Yakuza’s baseball minigame is honestly a lot harder. No home runs, but that just gets us a Muscle Anklet (Strength +5), which we already have.

For getting the slugger prize (hitting all five balls), we’re rewarded with Proficiency +2 and a Revival Bead. Not much, but something. Missing even a single ball would knock that Proficiency reward down to +1, even if we hit a home run. It’s pretty punishing, even if the difference is only a single point.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Ah, you’re still in high school, right? Are you enjoying your vacation?

Ah, studying for college exams? Even so, that will also be a nice memory from your youth. And now, sadly, I must end this momentary respite. If I stay too long, I may get scolded for it.

The police are gathering intel about Medjed and promoting better awareness of security. However… Expectations for police are low, as people focus on the Phantom Thieves’ showdown against Medjed.
It’s impossible for the police to do anything in this situation. We have to handle this on our own.

All right, let’s finally head over to Untouchable and talk to Iwai about that paper bag.

Music: Layer Cake

Are you gonna try and sell me somethin’ weird again?
That modified model gun should be a powerful weapon to use during Palace battles. Let’s ask him about what was inside the bag! …Don’t freak out, Maaku! Just ask him!
I should be able to ask him at my current Guts level.
So, what’re you here for?

I see… So you took a look inside, huh?

He shoots us in the head. Game over!

That was a custom gun that I modified to make it look as real as possible. …I had a customer who was interested in it.

Is he still interested? It’s been three months.

You helped me out by smugglin’ it outta here so that I didn’t get caught by those detectives. You can have that gun, if ya want.

…You’re an accomplice now, so don’t go snitchin’. I got everything on my security camera.

Oh ho…

Iwai glances around the store.

…Wanna talk in the back?

You look like a beginner to me… …… Well, I guess you got the heart of an enthusiast. Heh, you’re a strange one, kid.

chuckle Yeah, this could work.

Hey, I can grant that wish of yours… But you better have the money. These things are worth hundreds of thousands of yen per unit. Sometimes they even reach the millions, dependin’ on how I feel.

S’that right? Look, I ain’t a bad dude. I’ve been known to compromise, from time to time. For example…

Smugglin’ goods, destroyin’ evidence… And as a reward, I’ll introduce you to the special menu, with good prices for a punk like you. …Whaddya say? Not bad, huh?

Guns in this game aren’t even that good, bro. Also, laughing at “I’d rather not break the law.”

You don’t know what you’re talkin’ about. This is a great deal. Gotta fight evil with evil… I need a pawn of my own.

Don’t talk to no one about this. Got it? Just follow my orders.
We won’t be able to get much stronger if I don’t accept his offer…
Now what’s it gonna be? You gonna take my deal or not?

…That’s fine. OK, I’ll work on that special menu for you. You should be grateful.
I’ve made a deal with Iwai… I should be able to ask him to customize guns for me now, in exchange for helping him out…

Music: Interrogation Room

I’m sure some people believed those guns were real. You’ll tell me how you procured them, won’t you? …Spill it!

Music: The Spirit

The Hanged Man represents suspension or restriction, letting go of old or bad habits, and sacrifice. When reversed, it portends indecision and martyrdom. It’s a card that indicates a need for delay and reflection in order to consider all options.

And we’ve unlocked gun customization. Guns aren’t that useful in this game, but Iwai’s still got some neat tricks up his sleeve, so I’ll eventually get to messing around with it.

Music: Layer Cake

Clean… run errands… There’s plenty for you to do around here. Must be pretty excitin’ for an enthusiast like you, huh?

…All right, that’s enough for today. Go on, get outta here.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

The Tkachev II is, as its name indicates, a straight upgrade from its predecessor.

Haha. Anyway, about the agenda for today…
…You’re so busy, but you’re always on top of everything. Do you ever take a vacation?
I don’t need vacations. For some reason, they make me feel more tired. Guess I’m not used to them.

We’re working on it, okay!?

Maaku gains Knowledge +2 and Charm +1.

Did the Phantom Thieves just decide to ignore it?
I heard info about another scandal got leaked…
Stocks have been falling ever since.
Who’s going to take responsibility for this?

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

We’re not gonna make it if we can’t come up with a solution.
Speaking of that Medjed shit, people’re talking about those leaks everywhere I go.

Yes, this is not an occasion for panic. Let us try to remain calm. Our only saving grace is that Medjed seems quite intent on sticking to their planned date.
We just gotta keep trying til that day comes, yeah?
Yes, there’s no point in complaining about it now. Let’s continue our efforts.

An estimate of the possible damage from a cyberterrorism attack has been announced. According to experts, such damage could reach trillions of yen.
Trillions…? These guys are too dangerous…

Music: Time to Repent

It’s raining too hard today… The noise is making it hard to focus. If it’s all right with you, let’s play a match.
I don’t think my bond with Hifumi will deepen quite yet…

Now, time for the lesson.

I feel like my bond with Hifumi will grow stronger soon…
Thank you for today.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Furthermore, I found something interesting. It’s a DVD that talks about the life of a painter. I thought we could share in our appreciation of art. See you tomorrow then.

We just hung out, Yusuke. Come on, dude.

Part 86

Part 86: 8/11-8/13: Three Days of The Kuramoto

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

There have been some strange happenings in the back alley off Shibuya’s Central Street.

I don’t doubt you! I’m not that horrible of a person! Anyway, there’s only so much info I’ve been able to get from the forum. If you’re worried about this, I think you’ll need to go investigate it yourself. Maybe some of the employees down on Central Street would know more details about it.
That is absolutely inexcusable! I mean… not because I’m a cat or anything! It’s just a cruel thing to do! Hm, if you go work on Central Street, maybe you could learn more from your peers…

Looks like we’re going to have to work somewhere on Central Street in order to get a lead on this request.

Yusuke’s DVD will increase our Charm once again.

Sorry Yusuke, but we’re still recovering from the crazy bender we went on last time we hung out.

Maaku gains Kindness +1 and Knowledge +3.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Remember high school? The kids on the baseball team would train in heat like this, and love it.
I used to be like that, all excited about taking on the world. Now, I’m just a company slave…

Trains and planes are packed, and traffic continues to be jammed on the highways.
Visiting home, huh? It must be nice to have a place to go home to.

Some of our regulars have updated their conversations, so let’s do a round.

Maaan… Can’t #Millennials and Medjed just chill out and have some beers like they’re buuuds? Aight, aight, aight… lemme drop some knowledge on you, buuuddy… We ownin’ this summer break, man. We doin’ it right, buuudd–hurk

How enlightening.

The company ordered me to return. I’m sure you’re aware of the actions Medjed is taking.
The hacking incident, yes? Are we being targeted now?
We must prepare for the worst. The initial response is crucial in these types of situations.

I spent all this time, apologizing and explaining to people. Now my time off for Obon is all gone.
This is those hackers’ fault. Even if they don’t target the little guy, we suffer anyway.
Medjed’s been causing a lot of trouble for me. If the Phantom Thieves exist, I’ll cheer them on.

Shiki, wabi, sabi… Japan’s just so interesting. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this country.
That’s why I can’t forgive Medjed for what they’ve done. Let’s go, Phantom Thieves-- take ‘em down!

Foreign Barker is just the best.

That’s cheating! You’re only supposed to do your own homework.
I told ‘ em they should just hack the school and steal all the answers. Well, if they buy me some candy, I guess I might do their homework for them.

Whoa, whoa, my head’sh startin’ to spin. Why’m I always so dizzy thish time of the yearrr?

Wha? Nooo… No way! I’m not drrrunk! Not drunk… at all! Hey! Heeeey. You shouldn’ta be talkin’ to drrrunk guysh…

I am…? Wow. I shee now. We the Shee… Cicadas, of th’ bug race, live short livesh… Chirp chirp chirp! Chirp chirp chirp chirp!

Beep beep boop boop… Kssshhh… I’m shcared of the internets! Ya jus’ click mebbe one wrong thing… n’ you getta huge bill…

This all seems like it was a lot of fun to write.

Now, let’s head over to Yoshida.

What kind of friends do you spend your time with? You can withstand difficult times if you have friends who support you through them. I’ll be giving a speech again today. I’d also like you to come with me somewhere after the speech. What’s your availability like today?

Actually, Dietman Matsushita asked me to meet after this. You remember how he asked me to become his right-hand man? Well, he likely wants my answer… I’ll need you to come with me after the speech.

Music: Suspicion

…I heard you met with Kuramoto’s grandson.
You have your ears to the ground, huh? And to think that he’s the candidate the party is backing to ruin my chances of winning…
I’ll be completely straight with you, since I already asked you to be my right-hand man. We’re currently fighting the Kuramoto group.

I have ambitions of my own, you know. I owe him for all he did for me, but I don’t want him to have influence over me forever. All the more, now that he’s secretly working with Diet members from other parties. I know he asked you to join his group, but I think you should decline his offer.

They want to keep you on a leash, so you won’t reveal any damaging information.

Wait, what!? I know I’m basically his best friend, but I just kind of assumed Tora actually did that, whoops!

Music: Confession/Secret

I searched through the party’s off-the-record accounts from 20 years ago. There’s no doubt. Can you still forgive him? He led you into the political world and kicked you out in the worst way!

Seems he bought his popularity, and as a result, he was having some serious financial trouble.
It sounds as if you’re saying that this is my opportunity to clear my name… …And so you need an answer from me on whether or not I’ll be your right-hand man, yes?
His own grandson has already tried to persuade you. Therefore, I can’t wait any longer. If you join me, you can accuse Kuramoto of his crime. You can clear your name and put No-Good Tora behind you. This is your best and last chance!
Join with Matsushita and take my revenge against Mr. Kuramoto, but drop out of the election…

I see… So that’s how you truly feel about this… …Matsushita. I appreciate the offer, but I must refuse.

My goal is to become a member of the Diet, not a right-hand man. I will not cast aside my beliefs. On that I stand firm.
This information would be the deciding factor in taking down Kuramoto…
I’m sorry.
Don’t worry about it. I was simply offering you a deal. I assumed you might decline it…

Wait, you were shocked he refused, but you still foresaw it? What?

…Very well. Please forget it. I apologize for bringing it up so suddenly. I’ll talk to the party and provide support for your next speech about the Phantom Thieves.

Why are you doing this?
I don’t want a debate about the Phantom Thieves. I simply want to draw attention to them.

That’s a weird thing to want, but OK!

And you can assert your independence there, on a grand stage. To be frank, I’ll be happy as long as the Kuramoto group’s influence diminishes. Hamiru-kun… Don’t speak a word of this to anyone, for both our sakes. Very well, then.

My friend is trying to take advantage of me, while my former mentor is trying to win me over. To achieve my dream, I have to set aside my beliefs. What should I do?

However, betraying oneself to reach a goal would be a hollow victory indeed.


It’s as if my heart is being manipulated. Perhaps… If the Phantom Thieves truly do exist… then I’m sure they’re very much like you.

Oh shit!

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

For some reason you stood by me, No-Good Tora, who didn’t have any supporters. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, actually. You must’ve experience cruelty and injustice in this life. I can tell by the look in your eyes. That’s why I sense your desire to help the weak.

And the strength to stand up to the hecklers, to Matsushita, and to Kuramoto’s grandson. You’re no ordinary high school student. Even I know that much.


Would you care to… talk about it?

Haha, sorry. I crossed the line there. I’ve always lacked restraint in these situations… See what I did there? I relieved the tension by making fun of myself. Think of it as an advanced technique for winning people over.
I feel like my bond with Yoshida is growing deeper…

This is easily one of my favorite Confidant skills in the entire game because fuuuuuuuuck negotiation. However, this probably isn’t even Tora’s best skill, because he’s amazing.

All right then… Well, I’ll at least make good use of Matsushita’s help setting up my next speech. I feel like I’ll be able to fully express my beliefs if you’re there with me. We can discuss it again at the speech.
I was able to help move Yoshida’s heart… It feels like my Charm has increased…

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Good work today.

Anon: bet ya 10k thieves win

What are the Phantom Thieves doing?
Are they just going to let Medjed have their way?
What is Medjed trying to do?
Is this going to affect us? We have nothing to do with this…

Well, we need information on this request, so let’s go do our fucking job, just three or four months late.

Music: TRIPLE SEVEN (the English name is not in all-caps but the Japanese one is and I couldn’t resist)

We’ll be asking you to work the cash register. Please watch your coworkers to learn the ropes.

All right, I expect you to do your best. Oh, right… You’ll get paid more for days you work especially hard. On the other hand, you’ll get paid less if you cause any trouble for our customers. Well, good luck.

That just means we’ll occasionally get an option to do something risky with the possible reward of slightly more pay (or less if the RNG is feeling testy), or play it safe and collect our normal paycheck.


Oh, I’m Nanami Shibuya. I guess I’m your senpai? So, did watching me give you an idea of what to do?

Ooh, how promising! In that case, I’ll expect great things of you. Well, thanks for your hard work.

You’re almost done, right? Let’s get your pay and go home.

Maaku gains 2800 yen. No social stat points, though, because this job sucks!

Hmm… It looks like we’ll have to work here again to get more information on the target.

We’ll need to work here a few times to get the information we need.

Music: Beneath the Mask

This clearly indicates how these international hacktivists have grown in influence and notoriety. Choosing the Phantom Thieves as their opponent is also thought to have increased their publicity…
There are even people in other countries talking about us. I guess we should be happy?

You just have to bait them with a cheerful, excited attitude. That’s all you need to push ‘em. Ah, these days, if you bring up stuff about the Phantom Thieves, those idiots will just eat it up!

Those Phantom Thieves could never steal my heart… …Because it’s already stolen! Akechi-kuuuun!
Whoa! Don’t shout and spook me like that, you dummy!

Just get ‘em to strip down. It’s all easy after that. Looks are important. Clients was a good-looking girl. Maybe we’ll get some cosmetic work done, too.

So many hearts to change, so little time…

Remember baseball? This nifty book will let us cheat err, improve!

Music: Crossroads

Although I’d be pretty happy to let those records stay unbroken. Still, this time of year is the best for a nice, refreshing cold one. Do you have a lot of info on the Phantom Thieves?
I don’t think my bond with Ohya will deepen just yet…

Oh, I look forward to it!

I feel like my bond with Ohya will grow stronger soon…
OK, bye.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m really in the mood to blow off some steam. How about we meet up and play some games together!? Mkay, seeya tomorrow!

Music: Tokyo Emergency

There is a sadness to it, like tears shed from dreary clouds in the European sky.

Haha, a little joke, eh? I’m far too perceptive. I would know if that were really the case. No. It couldn’t be… A-At any rate…

Messing with this dude owns.

One’s hidden hesitations and worries subtly, subconsciously, rise to the surface. The ability to perceive those sensations in art and life is very important. Do you understand?

But they haven’t given up! They’re heading back into the minor league playoffs to give it their all!

You wanna play some video games today? We’re on break n’ all, so we can afford a day off, yeah?
I may be able to improve my Guts if I play Star Forneus with Ryuji…
If we’re not gonna meet up with the others, we should totally chill in here. It’s too damn hot outside.

Sorry, Ryuji. I got work.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Can you handle this all on your own?

Option 1 is the “risky” option, while Option 2 is “safe.”

Um, confidence without much to back it up is dangerous, you know?

The manager was watching too, so I’m sure you can look forward to some good pay today! Thanks for your hard work. Keep it up!

As you can see, we got lucky and taking the risk paid off.

You’ve done great dealing with customers today. I’m sure you can look forward to your pay!

Maaku gains 3800 yen, which is 1000 more than normal.

Hmm… It looks like we’ll need to do more work if we want information on the target.

Ugh, really? This job is a huge waste of time.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

In response to Medjed announcing its plan to attack, he called for the people to “remain calm.” However, what measures the government is taking to prevent this attack remain unclear. It’s likely that criticisms of their weak stance against internet crime will only intensify.
Nobody can touch them… Futaba’s our last hope, really.

Well, time for the diner! Maaku gains Charm +1 and Knowledge +3.

Part 87

Part 87: 8/14-8/16: I Already Used That Bill & Ted Reference


Back to work, for hopefully the last time.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Hamiru-kun, after you’re done over there, come and give me a hand over here!
I can tell you’re tired just by looking at you. And I’m looking at you from behind…

I saw a cat in the road a little while back… It was injured badly. When I got close, it got scared and ran off, dragging its leg… Anyway, I just overheard some college-aged people in our store talking… They said there was a college student living nearby who abuses animals to relieve his stress… And then I remembered that injured cat I saw. I’m thinking maybe he was the one who hurt that cat…

I brought it up to the police, but without proof, they can’t really do anything. I’ve been thinking about that cat ever since. It’s hard to keep smiling. You know… The police can’t do it, but do you think those Phantom Thieves could help?

Huh? Oh, yeah… I think the guy’s name is Kazuo Tsuboi

Yeah… I couldn’t stand it if he kept hurting animals like this. Someone needs to stop him… Oh, I’m sorry. It’s almost the end of your shift, right? Good work!

You remember what we talked about earlier today, right?

Yeah! We can’t allow this guy to abuse animals. And he’s doing it only for stress relief…

Is there some hypothetical good reason he could be abusing animals?

He’s exactly the type of man we should punish. There’s no way I’m just letting this go. Kazuo Tsuboi, was it…? Let’s steal this creep’s desires before he can harm any more innocent animals!

All right! Let’s get our pay, and then begin the operation!

Maaku gets 2800 yen, and we get to never set foot in this convenience store again.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! 30 cans of Second Maid! It’s summer, and that means it’s festival time! This flavor’s really addicting!

Sure, why not?

Aojiru, you can too! Maaku gains Guts +1.

Next, a visit to the Velvet Room to pick up a Persona we need.

Music: Aria of the Soul

But what’s this?

Our master admires the progress of your rehabilitation, and hence has given you use of a special ritual.
It’s the Electric Chair, used to sacrifice Personas and transmutate them into high-level items!
Any further questions regarding this ritual can be directed toward our master himself.
He’s apparently gonna consider making even more rituals if your rehabilitation goes as planned. Work hard for it, Inmate!4

So, our new option here is to “Itemize” Personas, similar to a system from Persona 3 FES.

These are our available options.

The only really appealing option is turning Principality into Tetraja, because we need that skill card for our next Strength request. However, I prefer to do these the old-fashioned way, so we won’t be doing that. If we did, it would consume both Principality and the Blank Card.

Same for this weapon for Morgana. We can’t actually make it though, because we don’t have a base gun to fuse the Persona into. For a while now we’ve been picking up “Black Kotaganas,” daggers for Joker that are far inferior to any other weapon. Those are the base weapons for fusion. We won’t be mucking around with this too much, but it’s my understanding that, like in Persona 3, you can make some gnarly shit here. We’ll eventually get around to showing this off, don’t worry. I just don’t have anything for which the reward offsets the minor annoyance of the cost.

Music: Layer Cake

If it’s too cold for you, put on a jacket, kid. So, whaddya want today?

Persona in hand, we visit Iwai.

There’s a job I need you to do. Don’t worry ,it ain’t that difficult. I’m sure you can handle it.
>Hang out with him
I’m gonna meet with a guy at the diner after this. I need you to sit close-by. When I give you the signal, call me. The signal is when I cough, got it? OK, let’s go.

Music: What’s Going On?

Wait, so that weird thing chained up in the diner is, in fact, a motorbike? What?

You’ve really changed, Mune-san.
Hey, don’t knock this place. It’s pretty decent, and cheap too.
Ha, this comin’ from the guy who beat the crap outta fifty rival gang members!

Wait, what?

You don’t need to exaggerate.
Anyways, what’d you wanna talk about?
Oh, right. How’s Tsuda-san doin’?
Same as always. Why, what’s up?
Oh, nothing. Just saw him ‘round the other day.
Hold up, didn’t you two cut ties when you left the family?

Family? What?

Why’re you askin’ about him now?
I mean, we were both young… I just figured it’s about time we bury the hatchet. I can’t just go up n’ talk to him though…
Ohhh, I getcha. You’re still tryin’ to uphold the ol’ code of honor, huh? OK, I’ll tell him you wanna meet up!
No, you fool. I just wanna end up in the same place at the same time. It’s gotta look like a coincidence.
In that case, Shibaura might work… Y’know we’re talkin’ about redevelopin’ it.

Hold on! No! That settles it! Not only does he seem to be an ex-yakuza member who apparently beat up fifty dudes, he’s getting involved in some shady land deal? Is Iwai secretly Kazuma Kiryu?

cough cough

Nah, it’s just a cold.

What? Your order’s all wrong? My bad, I’ll get back and take care of that straight away.

Mm, seeya.

Music: Suspicion

Masa’s still on the phone, right? Just stay quiet so I can hear what he’s sayin’.

Anyways, Iwai prolly heard about that deal of yours and now he’s tryin’ to squeeze some cash outta you… O-Oh, sorry! No, it’s… Yes. Sorry… Yes. I understand.

…Sounds like there’s some weird stuff goin’ down.

Y’know I was actin’, right? …At any rate, I honestly wasn’t expectin’ too much outta you. But it looks like you’re gonna actually be some use to me. I’ll be countin’ on you, kid.
I feel like my bond with Iwai is growing deeper…

Good work today. Order yourself somethin’ nice as a reward. Oh, and bring me the receipt so I can pay you back for it. Well, later.
I feel like helping Iwai with his work has honed my Proficiency

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m going to Book Town in Jinbocho. Can you make some time since it’s summer vacation? I’d like you to help me look for it.
Makoto’s inviting you out, huh? So, what’s it going to be? Do you want to go to Book Town?

I choose to respond later because I’d like to see what my options are for the next day first.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

However, it turns out that my options are rather negligible, so Book Town it is!

I’m actually thinking about looking into cognitive psience. I’ll give you the details later. Let’s meet up.
Futaba’s mother’s research, huh? We shouldn’t make Makoto wait. Let’s head out.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I doubt we will find any public information, but maybe an older academic journal may mention it…

I want to learn more about cognitive psience while we wait for Futaba to regain her strength. If only we could understand it more in depth. Maybe we could solve the mystery of the Metaverse. It would make traversing it easier for us, too.

Um, hello. Um… Goodbye.

Was there something you wanted to say to him?
Oh no, nothing in particular… I was just surprised to see him here. I didn’t mean to intrude between you two…
No need to be so considerate. He’s just carrying my books for me.

Makoto, you wound me! So cold!

…Is she a friend of yours?

Oh… Master’s a bit of an overstatement… We just play shogi together…
Is she the professional shogi player you had mentioned before? The master strategist? I admit I only know the rules, but I’m intrigued to learn how a professional shogi player thinks. Is that… a book on shogi tactics?
Oh, yes. I come here to purchase old shogi strategy books from time to time…
Pardon me for asking… Could you teach me some strategies? I believe this knowledge would benefit me greatly in the future.
Oh? Sure, if you’d like. Well, if it is about shogi, then… To attack, you will need to be creative with your approach, and sacrifice pieces with no remorse…
So, plan on enticing your opponent to focus on your sacrificial pieces so you can advance a counter attack?
Yes… You seem to have a talent for this. Another strategy I enjoy is to use bait pieces to draw your opponent to your side of the board.

Hmm, I see. That way you can surround them and…

I’ll catch up with you later. Could you look for the book we had discussed earlier?

I think we should go home for today.

I’d say that was a productive day, but we didn’t accomplish anything (and we didn’t even actually need any Confidant points with Hifumi or Makoto towards the next rank, whoops).

I wonder what’s going to happen…
Didn’t they say they would confiscate our possessions?
We have nothing to do with this! Why is this happening to us!?
How will the Phantom Thieves take responsibility for this?

Music: Beneath the Mask

Hey, you see the forum?
Yeah. People have been telling us to hurry up and protect the civilians…
They’re just saying whatever they want with no regard for the consequences.
God, I seriously can’t believe they’re going on about all that.
By the way, how’s Futaba…?
At this point, we are desperate for her assistance.
She definitely mentioned Medjed back in the Palace. I’d like to believe she’s planning something…
Even Makoto’s gone over to the “wait and see” dark side.
We don’t have much time left. I know it’s frustrating, but there’s not much we can do.

Second Maids restore HP by 10, and cannot be used in battle.

People on the internet have high hopes in these phantom thieves. What are your thoughts on this?
I can’t really condone it. Though, I may be somewhat responsible for that myself. Perhaps my remarks about the Phantom Thieves may have magnified their notoriety.
Hmph. Look at him, trying to act cool… Just you watch.

Music: Crossroads

Sorry, but let’s go somewhere else. You can give me the info later. We gotta get outta here quickly. Someone problematic might’ve found out about us…

This is really annoying… Where is that idiot?

Music: Suspicion

Crap… Hide!

What do you think you’re doing, making me look all over the place for you!?

That’s my line. Why isn’t your phone on? Are you doing something you don’t want me to find out about?
N-No, not at all! Ohhh, it looks like my battery ran out. I’ve been busy covering the Phantom Thieves, so…
You sure about that? I got a complaint from the higher-ups the other day. Apparently people have seen you snooping around recently… in places unrelated to the Phantom Thieves.

Who told them that…?
It doesn’t matter who! The board’s coming down hard on me for this. Now don’t make me ask you again, why are you sneaking around behind the company’s back!?
I’m honestly not. I just…

All right, I’ll tell you. Just promise me you’ll keep it a secret, OK?



Yup. That’s why I’m being so discreet about it. Who knows what laws we might be breaking. I guess keeping our tryst a secret is tougher than I expected. Maybe someone saw us out somewhere.
…For someone who specializes in fabricating articles, I’d expect you to be a better liar.

…Did he just imply she makes her stories up? Are we not going to address this?

I expect your resignation letter on my desk next week. If it doesn’t come, I’ll handle matters myself.

So what, you decide I’m lying and that’s that?
Give it a rest already. I’m annoyed enough as is for having to come track you down out here.
W-Wait… We’re totally dating, aren’t we, sweetie?

Why is this the first thing she thought of? In what reality would she be in less trouble for dating a minor? None of this makes any sense!

sigh …Fine, Ohya. But you owe me.

Ohya… Are you blackmailing him?

Her? No. At least, not yet.

I mean, let’s be honest. You don’t have the physique to be attracting high school kids.

Whoa, way outta line there, buddy!

H-Hey, that’s sexual harassment! And besides, our love is something that defies both age and logic.

I’m gonna vom.

…Whatever. Just make sure you don’t miss any deadlines, OK?

That worked!?

Of course. So… can we go now?
Just one more question. I could’ve sworn the reason you were sneaking around was so you could follow up on your old partner’s case.

Well, Ohya…?

…Is that so?

You lost all credibility when you started sneaking around like this… but fine. I’ll back off. But don’t go pulling any funny stuff, OK? The board wants me to keep a close eye on you. …You’ve been warned.

Music: My Homie

Thanks. That guy is one of the execs over at my job. Arrogant bastard, ain’t he? He’s the kind of guy all the girls at a bar would instantly turn down. Anyway… that was a real surprise.

Not only are you a good source of info, you’re not half bad as an actor either. You’re honestly the type of guy I’d wanna grab drinks with after work… Too bad you’re underage.
I feel like my bond with Ohya is growing deeper…

I’m gonna go ahead and spoil Ohya’s rewards, because it’s pointless: There ain’t no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. It’s all upgrades to her base skill, reducing the security level increase when we’re spotted, and making it go down more when we leave. Even her max rank skill is only a minor variation on the theme. It’s pretty trash.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. Don’t stop in any weird shops on your way home, OK?
I feel like pretending to be lovers with Ohya increased my Charm

Maaku gains Charm +3.

See ya later.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Nah, let’s build up a few more requests first.

We’re actually about to completely run out of Silk Yarns, which we need to craft Lockpicks, so we go down to the second-hand store in Yongen-Jaya and buy as many as they’ll sell us (3. They’ll sell us 3.).

Maaku gains Kindness +1 and Knowledge +3.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Listen, man. You’ve gotta stop being so passive-aggressive about this heat. I know I’m the one with all the money in this house, but we’re not buying a fan. Someone upthread posted about that fan death thing in Korea and it got me spooked, I tells ya!

Airports and bus stations are teeming with people carrying souvenirs…
Wow, look at how packed it is. Everyone’s so busy.

Music: Time to Repent

…I’m sorry. I’m not in the mood to teach shogi today… Um, could you join me for a walk?

Thank you. I was thinking of going to the area around Sky Tower today… Let’s head on over.

…The digital version of the weekly magazine.

Music: Suspicion

My father’s deteriorating health, and that he’s bedridden… The fact that my mother primarily supports us… They even reported that my mother works at a night club…

Which is… not untrue… But was it really necessary for them to write about all this? Capitalizing on a family’s private matters is just cruel… My family’s troubles have nothing to do with my skills as a shogi player… My mother was furious when she read the article… She said it’ll hurt her career, and that she’ll never forgive whoever wrote it. My father didn’t say anything… He just sat there listening to her… But he looked troubled… My mother told me that… We’d be able to easily quell these rumors if I were to become more famous. So now she’s even more insistent on having me do more TV and magazine interviews than before…

Although I can’t express that to my mother… She’s so happy for me. I always believed that if I worked hard as a shogi player, I’d be able to support us… But I never expected such a destructive article would be written about me and my family… Honestly, nothing good will come from being treated like an idol. People say I’m all looks and no skills. They’re annoyed that I’m in the press all the time. Terrible things have been said about me, suggesting I would do anything to become popular… I’m even starting to be shunned in the shogi world. That’s why my senior acted that way toward me. The real reason I practice in the church is that no one wants to play with me. My father used to practice with me from his sickbed, but his illness has made that impossible. Maybe I should stop playing shogi and just get a job… That way, my family won’t get hurt again…

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I love shogi… I don’t want to quit.

At the end of the day, I love shogi. I’d never be able to give it up. I was just confused because of that article and how my senior treated me… However, I think I can see my next move… thanks to you. …You’re helping me realize a lot about myself, outside of shogi.
I can sense a deep bond of trust from Hifumi…

…Let’s return to the church and play a match. That article has left me somewhat irritated. I’m going to use my secret move: The Eternal Abyss Yagura Gate, and turn the board into hell… …Well? Would you care to face me in a match?

Never change, Hifumi.

I feel like playing shogi with Hifumi has helped sharpen my Knowledge

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Thank you for joining me. Until next time…

Part 88

Part 88: 8/17-8/19: I Swear We’re Almost Done With Summer

The Phantom Thieves will do something about it!
Can they really? We don’t even know who they are.
It’s probably impossible. We’d need some sort of miracle…
If they could do something about it, they’d be gods!

Music: Tokyo Emergency

I got home late last night, and my wife yelled at me since I didn’t tell her where I was…
Ahaha! You do something naughty behind her back? Careful, or the Phantom Thieves might target you!
No, you moron. I was just drinking with co-workers. Must you always bring up the Phantom Thieves?

First thing we’re gonna do before we leave is save the game, so we can reload. Why? Because, of course, I want to see all the incidental dialogue, and I got paranoid about running out of time before it updates. We’re going to be spending our time today indoors, and we can’t reenter Leblanc once we leave for the day without spending time (unless it’s just to go to the hideout) (unless it’s night).

Be careful so you don’t get heat stroke! Today’s topic is “Ways to Beat the Heat.”
I swear this heat’s taken years off my life. And it doesn’t help that the seasons are all screwy.

I’m sure it’ll be fine. The Phantom Thieves will do something about it.
You really think we can rely on them? They have no obligation to save Japan.
That may be true… But would they really abandon someone in need?

It’s hot outside, so don’t push him too hard. He’s an old dog, after all.
…Woof! Woof!
Kotaro says he’s fine! We’re gonna help the Phantom Thieves!

This dog is gonna die by the end of the game and it’ll be super depressing.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

We’re pretty hosed.

So you think Medjed have a valid point? That the major corporations are making too much and therefore should suffer from this?
…Are you sure you want to say that? The sponsors will complain if they hear those comments…
Don’t worry. This’ll just make things more exciting. Be sure to edit them so they flow together!

However, I, the Sun God, will surely save them along with my apostles, the Phantom Thieves!
Sun God! Please order the Phantom Thieves to punish Medjed immediately!
N-No need to be hasty! I am waiting for the right opportunity, you fledgling!

That isn’t like you. Is it because of that thing going on between the Phantom Thieves and Medjed?
Yes! And I want something to happen! And then, Akechi-kun will be on TV to comment on it! He looks so good when he’s just talking!

Yeah? Well, if I’m here, that means you couldn’t handle it.
But… I was made project lead…

This is one of the requests we have currently. Unfortunately, we need to put in a bit of legwork to get the target’s name. We’ll get there soon.

I’ve already gotten… 100 numbers this summer.
Are you serious!? How many people is that per day? That’s insane!
Perhaps you could say I’m a Phantom Thief of Hearts…

There’s certainly nothing we can do. It’d be awful if Medjed set their sights on our company.
Exactly. Higher-ups like my hubby are who need to step in if things go south.
Sometimes, I’m relieved my husband hasn’t climbed so high in the ranks.

No, I’m OK. I still seem to be… myself. The Phantom Thieves steal hearts, huh? To be honest, I wish they’d take the heart of… you know. I guess I’ll try to persuade him by writing another letter. It’s better than doing nothing…

Aw, that’s so nice! Actually, I’ve always wanted to be an actress…
Yeah! I can tell acting is in your soul. I know you’ll become famous if you take our acting courses!
Hm, it seems a little expensive. I don’t have much money, so I’ll have to ask my parents…
No problem at all! I can get you a job where you can make lots of money in just a little time!

Tell me more, Fishy Hawker!

Have you reevaluated your home security lately? If not, now is the perfect time! We’re having a special promo sale of our total security systems. Join now for bonus benefits! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! When danger strikes, will you have the protection you need?

Yeah, it’s all over if they can destroy the infrastructure. Those hackers in Medjed know this.
If the economy takes a hit too, the current government won’t last either.
The Phantom Thieves might be our last hope. Maybe we really did take peace for granted, you know?

Now, we reload and craft… more Lockpicks! Woo! The double craft procs without my having to savescum this time, leaving us with 6 more, for a total of twenty. We will not be using all of these by the end of the game.

Maaku gains Proficiency +3, including a bonus +1 from the double craft.

And we rank up in Proficiency! Hooray, now we can open that goddamn door for Yusuke!

Music: Beneath the Mask

People are getting even more restless online too.
Are we done for if we lose here…?

Remember how we were going to try to formulate a backup plan? That sure went nowhere, ha.

Maaku’s right. Sorry for messaging you all about such weird stuff.
It’s OK. We all feel the same way.
I’ll try and make sure I don’t blow my cover.
As should we all.
It sounds like everyone’s starting to get anxious. But considering how fast the days are closing in, the best thing we can do for now is stay calm.

It’s only days until August 21st, the day Medjed will attack, and corporations are scrambling. With no sign of a response from the Phantom Thieves, some suspect they’ve surrendered or ran away.
Huh? We did not run away! And we’ll never surrender! Just watch and see what happens!

Music: Time to Repent

I don’t think my bond with Hifumi will deepen just yet…

Now, time for the lesson.

I feel like my bond with Hifumi will grow stronger soon…
Thank you for today.

And we head to the diner for what may be near the last time, because by my completely unscientific estimation we’re getting close to capping our Knowledge. So long, Weird Bike.

Maaku gains Kindness +1 and Knowledge +3.

And another rank up! Hot dog!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Oh… You’re talking about… What were they called? Medjed.
You should be ready for any new crisis. That’s why I installed all this new security software.
Well, I don’t have any info that’d be valuable to them. They’ll only go after the big companies.

With Medjed’s day of attack almost here, the anticipation over their showdown is at a fever pitch. People overseas are also showing great interest. Some are even betting on who will win. One bookie says that the odds are on Medjed’s side.
People are really betting on this? And they think we’re gonna lose?

Music: Crossroads

Speaking of which, the public’s starting to warm up to the Phantom Thieves. Your favorites! sigh I can’t gather any news because of the chief. He doubts that I’m dating a younger guy… Hey, should we try going on an actual date? Any beaches around here or something?


…Just kidding. You have some Phantom Thieves info for me again today, right?
I don’t think my bond with Ohya will deepen just yet…

Oh, I look forward to it!

I feel like my bond with Ohya will grow stronger soon…
OK, bye.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Here’s the pitch… Strike three! That’s his tenth strikeout today! It’s a heated pitcher’s battle with neither team scoring runs in the tournament’s final round…

Ah, that date on that calling card? What kind of crazy thing do you think will happen?
Just… All I know is that it’ll be crazy! They’re up against a world-famous group, you know.

“Alibaba won’t lose” or something. What kind of dream was that…?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

First thing we do is head on down to ol’ Book Town and buy the first book.

Companies seem to be on high alert. A lot of my customers have complained about how much more work they have.
Listening to people’s complaints is part of the job. And lemme tell you, everyone’s real stressed out. Still, I dunno if anyone should blindly trust a group that calls themselves the “Phantom Thieves.”

They don’t. They’re #Millennials.

I should be able to open the door with my current Proficiency.
You are a tremendous help. Let us return to Madarame’s house.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

However, the door appears to be jammed. What shall we do, Maaku?
I think I’ll be able to open the door with my current Proficiency
Maaku, you are capable of fixing it? …You never cease to amaze me.

You know, I lived here not long ago, yet it feels almost like the distant past at this point… Being here has brought back memories though. Whenever I acted out of line, I was made to sit calmly in this corner. Ah, and over here was a bookshelf, filled to the brim with various tomes. It contained art compilation books for the most part, but there were a few manga tucked away as well… At times I would take a break from my art to hide and read them… This is also where we would gather to eat when the atelier still had a large pupil count. Sensei is particularly fond of salty food, so…

Music: Alleycat

Why do I still treat him as my mentor? How long will I allow him to control my life…?

Y-Yes… My apologies. The truth of the matter is, I used to paint in this room… and I did it simply for the joy of painting. No matter what I took as my subject, my hands would move of their own accord to capture its essence… But back then, I only saw the superficial beauty of the world. I could not see the grime beneath. After learning the truth behind Madarame’s actions though, everything changed. I strove to fight back against the newfound ugliness I saw… To display my talent to those who mocked me… I needed to do whatever it took to validate my artistic ability… In that search for meaning, darkness took hold of me. …Ultimately, I began to emulate that which I had so deeply despised in Madarame. You know, Boss told me something very interesting when I was staying with you that one night at Leblanc… He said… he didn’t believe Madarame took me in for my skill alone. I suppose now that I think about it, there would be no way to know whether or not I would have been talented. …Maaku, why do you think Madarame decided to take me in?

Maybe he was impressed by your inability to stop talking, wow.

This is about the moment I realize that for the first time in the entire game I’ve forgotten to bring a matching Persona. Oh well! It’s not worth reloading, there’s ways around it.

It truly is a mysterious beast… …… Even after learning the ugliness of his true nature, a part of me still believes in my former mentor. I simiply cannot come to terms with the stark dualities presented to me… The humble house and that loathsome Palace… The kind teachers and the fiendishly deceptive artist… It seems even the workings of my own heart are inexplicable… What, then of my search for pure beauty…?

Is someone there? I’m coming in.
Hm? Could that be the police!?

Ah shit man, I can’t get caught with the goods on me

Who the hell are you?

Oh, that dude? Why is he trespassing on our trespassing?

Indeed. Thank you for our conversation back there. More importantly though, why are you here? I couldn’t help but notice the door was open on my way home from work.

So you… went inside? What?

Are you perhaps still caught in your slump…?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I know a great deal about you, Yusuke-kun. You’ve made a name for yourself by patterning your work after the beautifully detailed “Sayuri”… But that painting at the exhibition was… quite different from that. Have you begun trying out new styles?
If you’d like, I can advise you. Materials, themes, et cetera. You seem as though you could use a helping hand right now.
Most of your painting was done while living in this residence, correct? Your current lack of patron must be what is holding you back.

I’ve made a living investing in promising young artists like yourself, Yusuke-kun.

But… why have you chosen me? You criticized me so harshly back at the exhibition.
Because I feel you have talent. Now, my foundations can provide you an environment that will allow you to focus on developing your skills. If such a lifestyle interests you, we can talk further at a later date. As for today, I have business I must attend to… but I hope to hear from you soon.

My opportunity may have finally arrived… And it was all because you opened that door for me… Hm, it seems good luck is simply a characteristic of yours. You have my thanks, leader.
I feel like my bond with Yusuke is growing deeper…

…I must be going now. I’d like to think on this some more. Farewell.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Medjed is extremely dangerous. Judging from their past actions, they’ll make good on their threat. Of course, Medjed has only resurfaced because the Phantom Thieves recklessly provoked them. If the Phantom Thieves have any shred of decency, they should step forward and take responsibility.
He says it’s our fault? Can you believe how we got dragged into this?

I discover Shinjuku has a fucking acupuncture clinic, what?

This is an acupuncture clinic? Hm, so people get treatments with needles here for their health… I bet the drained and exhausted people in Shinjuku come here, seeking immediate relief…

Sadly, we cannot go inside.

Music: Crossroads

I don’t really mind it, but keep yourself in check, OK?

Let’s look into working here to fulfill that request.

Or is it that you’re interested in working here at night? A lot of different people visit this bar, so maybe working here could broaden your perspective.

You may not realize it, but you’ve got potential, young man. I can teach you the basics of how things are run here. Don’t worry, you won’t do anything illegal.

Working at the bar is a returning feature from Persona 4 Golden, and functions almost identically.

So, did you want to do some work for me today?

All right, go on and change.
Well, aren’t you a hard worker? Well, I guess it’s about time for me to be heading out.

It’s your first time, so things might be a little scary, but just try to relax. It’s easy work. I’ll need you to help with some chores around the bar. Washing dishes, cleaning tables, the like. I have to entertain the customers, so I can’t do those things myself. That’s why you’re here now! And there you have it. Explanation finito. Do you have any questions?

You’re underage, right? So please don’t touch any of the alcohol. No drinking it, of course, but that also means no serving it either. I’ll do that, don’t worry.

Let’s see… There’s just one of me, so sometimes I can’t pay attention to all my customers. Would you be on the lookout for those times? I’m sure they’ll want to talk to you, too. They’re all great people, so don’t worry. I’m sure it’ll be a good experience for you.

sigh Fine, I’ll ask it.

Ah… Are you interested? I can be your producer if that’s the case. …Haha, just kidding. I don’t want to break any adult entertainment laws, you know? What you’re wearing now is fine. Well, I guess I’ll have you start immediately, then. It’s almost time for the customers to arrive, so good luck.

I would have loved to see you all dolled up. Hey, there’s a customer who’s all alone. You should go check up on them.
Which customer should I talk to…?

Based on what customers are present, we can gain a corresponding social stat by spending the evening talking to them.

This might bore you, but I wanted to ask. What do you think of our nation’s economy? They used tax money as an emergency measure to restore the economy… But it only increased our nation’s debt, which in turn burdens us, the citizens… Is this really a good strategy for revitalizing the economy…?
Ugh, this is going to take some time…

I’m surprised anyone could be so long-winded. But you did talk about a pretty difficult topic. I’m sure you gained some Knowledge out of it.

Maaku gains Knowledge +2.

Oh, right, you were speaking with Nagai-san, right? He’s an elite banker. He talks a lot, but he’s got a wealth of knowledge. I bet you learned a lot by talking to him. Well, here’s your pay. Keep up the good work!

Pay’s good, but we can get guaranteed social stats from other repeatable opportunities, and in higher quantities.

All right, you should be going home. You’re still underage, and Shinjuku is dangerous at night.

We should go home. I’m getting sleepy…

Part 89

Part 89: 8/20-8/22: Welp, We Tried

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Well… fuck. We’re pretty much screwed here. Futaba still hasn’t woken up, Medjed’s on the loose, and the deadline is tomorrow.

Tell me about it, Morgana.

August 21st—the day Medjed says it will attack—is hours away, and Medjed has been unnervingly quiet. If an attack does occur, we cannot rule out the possibility of it triggering a global recession.
The deadline’s tomorrow, huh? It’s not a surprise that everyone’s panicking.

Music: Big Bang Burger March

Time for a stress burger.

This is the final task before you can ascend to the rank of Captain. Our store’s behemoth burger stands in your way! A meal of leviathan proportions…

Holy moly, is this burger a space elevator!? This doesn’t seem legal!

The Cosmic Tower Burger!

This burger is the ultimate embodiment of the limitless nature of space! The volume… the flavor… the calories… Every aspect of this burger is astronomical! If you can succeed at eating the entire thing, you’ll be presented with an extraordinary gift.
I wonder if anyone’s ever actually finished it…
Well then, it’s time to get the thirty-minute Big Bang Challenge started! Ready… Go!

Music: High Pressure

This is a tough battle…!
I don’t think you have the luxury of enjoying the taste. Don’t chew, just swallow!

Maaku, you scare me, man.

Y-You… You’ve done it again!

Music: Everyday Days

Since you managed to topple the Cosmic Tower Burger… I present to you… The higest-ranked certification available here: the Captain Badge!

It gives +50 HP. Kinda lame.

You are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain. No more challenges await you… But please do the challenge again and show us how gallant you are! We’ll be wholeheartedly awaiting your return!

You were so admirable, taking on such a daunting task with that intense level of courage!

Maaku gains Guts +1.

Your pace, your strategy of using well-timed drinks, and just the spectacular way you devoured it… Everything was perfect!

Maaku gains Knowledge +3, Charm +3, and Proficiency +3.

Bloated, mouth dripping with grease, speech slurred IatethebigburgerMakotoandnowI’mcharmingenoughtohangoutwithyouPLEASELOVEME
Come on, we should head home. I’m full just from watching you…

Music: Beneath the Mask

Dude, this ain’t just some normal oversleeping stuff! Our deadline’s tomorrow! If Futaba’s not up by then…
But can she really do anything even if she does wake up…?

Yeah… If she’s been asleep all this time, do you think she’s having some kind of long dream?
Hm, dreams are said to be the sorting of memories, after all. She surely needs ample time to face her troubled past.
Her past? You think she’s really facing all that shit right now…?
If that is the case… she would probably need a great amount more time to do so.

Well, just give us a ring if anything changes!
We’re counting on you!
I have to agree with Makoto. Who knows how this might turn out…

Music: Time to Repent

It’s even hotter this summer. Um, do you have some time today? I’d like to request a match with you.

Thank you. I look forward to it.

Music: Break it Down

The battlefield is mine… The Ultimate Togo Kingdom is complete.
All of my pieces have been taken… Hifumi has left me utterly defeated.
But to think you could stay standing after being struck by my Silver Infinity Sword… You’ve improved, considering that you endured the climbing silver so early in the match. The determination I’m sensing from you is a real inspiration. I must think of a new move… I’m afraid you’ll surpass me one day, if I don’t stay sharp.

He’s a very famous shogi player… I’m aiming to be the first woman to reach the pro ranking league. I’m sure it will draw a lot of attention, especially after that article… However, I don’t intend to lose. This is my chance to display my true skills. …I confess I am a bit scared, though.

However, that also means I have a chance of winning, even though my opponent is ranked higher. To be honest, I’m not sure how well my skills will hold up against a true professional…

So, um… there’s a move I want to try out. Would you like to play another match…?
Thank you very much. Strategically place your pieces in the enemy’s zone to increase your chances of getting gold. Be sure to use that tactic in your next match. For today, try and steal the pieces you want from me.
I feel Hifumi’s trust in me growing…

I’m not sure that this is what Hifumi meant by “getting gold,” but whatever. This is a very interesting and very useful skill. There are a lot of skills in this game that involve ambushes, or money, or defeating enemies quickly, so Narikin has some really fascinating synergies. The obvious one, and the only one we really have available at the moment, is combining it with Chihaya’s Money Reading to even further increase the amount of money we obtain.

Well then, let’s begin the match…

I feel like playing shogi with Hifumi has helped sharpen my Knowledge

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Thank you for the match. I look forward to our next one…

Are the Phantom Thieves even doing anything?
Hey! What are we gonna do!?
I should never have trusted the Phantom Thieves…
What’s going to happen tomorrow…?

I guess there’s nothing the Phantom Thieves could do…
Medjed must have been too much for them.
Stock prices are plummeting again…
Maybe Medjed’s true goal was…

Futaba’s still asleep too… This won’t be good…

Music: Alleycat

Today’s the day Wakaba passed. I do this every year… Here, I’ve got a cup for you too.

Futaba reminds me so much of her mother. She’s a smart girl. Doesn’t just go with the flow, either. Wakaba… Your work and your kid were so fulfilling for you… Why’d you have to die so suddenly…? …That reminds me, you saw me talking to that prosecutor-- I mean, that woman in a suit, right? I remembered you were real bothered by it. She might come back, so I guess I should tell you about it. That woman was trying to get information on Wakaba’s research out of me.
That’s what we heard in the Palace.
You don’t need to know what the research was about. Just know there was some trouble around it. Obviously, Wakaba got dragged into that as well. Now, they ruled her death a suicide… but I’ve got my doubts.

Doubts? Could she have been killed?
Supposedly, there were people who wanted to take her research and use it for their own benefit… Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t have a lick of evidence. That’s why I haven’t told Futaba any of this. I don’t want to cause her any more trouble.
It sounded like she had suspicions of her own based on what she said in the Palace.
Still, there’s one thing I regret. It was right before Wakaba died… She told me, “I think I might die.” I brushed it off thinking it was just a joke, but if I had just taken her seriously… sigh That’s another reason I took Futaba in… Redemption. She went through such horrible things. Those heartless adults just yelled at the poor girl… Hey… how do you heal emotional scars?

Kind of a big question, man.

Of course… Sorry.


Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

N-Never mind that… How did you get here…?
Uh… I walked.
…You’re OK!?
Was that bad?
Th-That’s not it! I’m just shocked to see you out of the house…
Uh… I’m sorry I worried you.
(on the verge of tears) …Ha… …It’s all right.
By the way, what’s the date today?
Eh? It’s uh… it’s the 21st.

Sojiro then walks offscreen, because I guess there was something more interesting going on over there.

Oh, I remember now. Medjed.

I heard someone’s tampering with the system.
Is it Medjed? No, it couldn’t be…
What are the police doing? They’re so incompetent…
Even the Phantom Thieves couldn’t stop them…

Music: Disquiet

Hmph, “Medjed.” Now, how do we cook them?

Roger that.
Hey, Futaba? We don’t have much time left. Are you sure you could do this!?

Is this a dream…? I’m going back to sleep…

It is NOT a dream! Get up! Say something, Maaku!

Now hurry it up!
…Eh, I guess it doesn’t matter. Let’s get cracking!

Time passes…

Hey, Futaba!
I don’t think she can hear me… Talk about intense concentration. This place is so messy… I’m surprised she can focus at all. Futaba? You should really clean your room a bit.

Oh well. Just waiting around is boring. Let’s clean the place up.

I don’t think a light dusting is gonna do much, Maaku.

Well, Futaba? We’re done on our end. Are you finished yet?

…… Guess we’ll just have to keep waiting…

More time passes…

Wh-What’s up? Something happened?
It’s finished.
Finished? What is?

We cleaned it.

Uh, who cleaned it?

Anyway, is it true? Did you really take care of Medjed?
I handled them, and someone else handled my room…! I don’t understand, but this is good!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Hey, Futaba! What’s wrong!?

She’s sleeping…


Well, it looks like it’s been taken care of. I guess we should get home and sleep too…

That has to be fake, right? There’s no way!
I’m scared… What’s going to happen?
Are the police taking action…? They’re ignoring it? Seriously!?
Still, I’m sure the Phantom Thieves will do… something…

Music: Beneath the Mask

She must have been quite exhausted. I can’t say I blame her at all.
If Medjed’s been affected, it will surely make the news. That should be enough to confirm whether or not the deed’s been done.
The why don’t we all watch the news together?
Yes. We should meet up at Leblanc as usual.
See you tomorrow, guys!
We should be in the clear now, right…?

Some citizens are trying to avoid going outdoors, and people have been in a constant state of worry.

What are they worried about going outdoors for? Do they think it’s going to turn into the New York scene from Fate of the Furious?

Many corporations have been working around the clock without sleep to prepare for the attack.
Nothing’s changed yet. All we can do is pray…

It occurs to me that I haven’t been showing off a particularly infamous part of this game, which is Morgana telling us to go to sleep on any day where we do anything of note. Most times you start in the attic instead of on the ground floor of Leblanc, you can’t go out at night. There’s some parts coming up that are particularly infamous for not letting us go out for a rather long time, but I just thought I’d start including these, so you can better understand the experience and why so many people hate Morgana.

No way… I can’t believe it…
This isn’t a joke, is it!?
They lost!? How could this happen…?

Oh no! Another lame cliffhanger that will be resolved in about twelve seconds, and which the outcome of is maddeningly obvious! I guess we’ll find out what happens… next time!

Part 90

Part 90: 8/22: This Update Has Been Hacked

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Boss! Hello!

Music: Alright

Yo, you look tired.
We’ve made ourselves at home.

The site’s main page now displays what is thought to be the mark belonging to the Phantom Thieves… Moreso, the personal information of a Japanese man, a possible Medjed member, was illegally publicized.
Aren’t these the guys people have been up in arms about?
Medjed has yet to issue an official reply. Furhtermore, their previously announced cleanse of Japan has remained unimplemented for now. Some speculate that they have taken this series of events seriously and ultimately canceled their plan.

Futaba didn’t really… do much, did she? Doxxed one person and hacked a website.

The group starts giggling and cheering quietly.

What’re you all smirking about…?

Well stop it. You’re gonna drive away all my customers.
After the commercial break, we will be asking guests from various fields about this turn of events.
But there ain’t any customers…?
Can it… My customers are on summer vacation too.

Ha. Poor Sojiro.

Oh crap, I just realized our break’s almost over!
There are still ten days left.
I wanna go somewhere, but we can’t just leave Futaba-chan alone.
Some things still concern me too, like that “research”…

Oh! Did you just get up?
Good morning.

It seems she’s cautious of us…
Hey, why don’t we go upstairs? If any customers come, she’ll be even more afraid.
Why don’t you go with them, Futaba? Have fun. It’s about time my regulars show up anyway, so I don’t want you guys loitering around my store.

Oh hey, this asshole again!

The issue I want to make clear is the attitude of the police, and more importantly, the government.

What do you mean?
Are they doing their best to find an effective countermeasure against these Phantom Thieves? Is it not the government’s duty to create a society where its citizens can live without worry?

Hey! Under the Phantom Thieves, you only have to worry if you’re an undesirable!

Unfortunately, the current cabinet is powerless. As such, they should be disbanded. I believe now is the time for me to risk my political career in hope of making a new reality. A new political system that goes beyond parties or factions… An ideal country of peace and order…
This politician seems quite promising.
I have to agree. I hope he can work to ease the anxieties of the elderly.
What do you think, Boss?
Hm? Oh sorry, I wasn’t listening.


Music: Interrogation Room

And Medjed was in turn defeated by her real-world hacking abilities? This does correlate to the facts as we know them… If he’s telling the truth, then Wakaba Isshiki didn’t commit suicide… Did a third party target her life with the goal of destroying her research…? Wakaba’s death was two years ago… That also coincides with when the incidents started occurring… Does this other Metaverse user that Madarame and Kaneshiro mentioned… really exist…? Earlier, I briefly mentioned about those psychotic breakdown incidents that have alarmed the public. All of a sudden, people will lose consciousness or become violent… A situation as incomprehensible as that can’t be explained away as “troubled social conditions.” …I suspect that these cases are all connected to a larger, man-made plot. The method involved always muddled the explication, but your story has virtually confirmed its viability.

Oh man, this is some fresh word salad. Who the fuck uses the word “explication”?

Although, I wouldn’t have expected a new criminal to come to light from your testimony… What did your group think of this other Metaverse user?

How self-centered of you. The Phantom Thieves tamper with people’s hearts without consent. How is that different? Well… no matter how you thought of them, there can be no doubting your resolve. Are those incidents because of you or someone else…? Either way, I will get to the bottom of this.
I feel like my bond with Sae is growing deeper…

Kunikazu Okumura… You should know who he is. …Considering what happened. Your testimony regarding this incident will be serious. I’m sure you understand why. Answer my next question carefully. What did you do to this Okumura?

Music: Wicked Plan

To think the cognitive version of a person would transform into a such a horrible monster and attack us… That means our enemies aren’t limited to Shadows.
I thought the other people were just victims, like the slaves at the castle or the walking ATMs.
Even though they seem to be alive, they’re only part of the backdrop… the environment. In other words, the Palace ruler determines the form and strength of their cognitions. I would have loved to ask Futaba’s mother how far along she was with her research…
Research, huh… She was lookin’ into that cognitive psience stuff, yeah?
If we put together all the information we’ve gathered up to this point… Abuse of cognitive psience can lead to death, and it may even relate to the psychotic breakdown incidents. Considering the “cognitive” aspect, I sense a strong connection between it and the Metaverse.
On top of that, the research might have been stolen and used by someone else.
You mean those guys that showed Futaba-chan the fake suicide note.
If that is the case, those people are unforgivable.
Hey, Futaba. Is there anything else you can remember?

Futaba comes back, with more food.

C’mon, no fair…
Hey, can I snag a bite?

Futaba stares Ryuji down.

Why don’t we take a short break?

Music: Suspicion

Even if Futaba is a genius, could she really crush an international hacker organization that easily?

What are you talking about, Makoto? This is anime. Of course she could.

The one who taunted the Phantom Thieves was a guy in Japan. I knew the Medjed members in Japan weren’t anything special, so I wasn’t worried.
How do you know that?
‘Cause I’m the founder.

Theeeeere we go.

Um… what do you mean? Should we take that literally?
Yep. It was only me at first, back when I was referred to as the hacker of justice. But since I stayed anonymous, a buncha guys from all over the world started using the name.
And those were the ones committing cybercrimes.
It was a hassle to expose all of them, so I just left them be.
Uhhh… so Futaba was the true Medjed, and we were freakin’ out over some weak-ass dipshits?

Yep. Seems like the threat has been completely undermined!

You should’ve told us from the start, Futaba.
I discarded the Medjed name a while ago. I’m Alibaba now.
Futaba, what do you want to do now? Since you know our secret, we’d like you to join our team.

Simple enough!

Just like that…?
This may even ensure our investigation of Mementos goes along smoothly.
Well… I guess.
Well, Futaba’s real amazin’! She’s gonna be a big help for us, huh?
Say, Futaba. How did you find out about us?
Where did you learn to hack?
When did you obtain the Nav?
I refuse to answer.
Futaba-chan sure is unique… Still, it’ll be a problem if she doesn’t open up to us some more.
At the very least, we need to be able to communicate normally with her.
What should we do?

Music: Alright

First, we’ll need to help her open up to us. If we each spend an entire day with her, maybe she’ll get more used to being around us.

I see. We do have the time, thanks to summer vacation.
We can begin tomorrow.
Let’s go to the beach! There’ll be tonsa people there, plus we got totally dried out in that desert.
That’s a great idea! I forgot I hadn’t gone to the beach yet!
Uh, excuse me…?
I’ll come by tomorrow. See you then.
Let me help as well. I don’t have anything planned.
Thanks. We can set a schedule with everyone else depending on when they’re free.

Futaba grabs Morgana’s face and begins pulling on it.

Music: Disquiet

What a weirdly patronizing and sexist thing to say, Akechi! Wow!

How can I stay calm about this!?
I understand how you feel.
Thanks to the incident with those hackers, people are calling us incompetent. And on top of all that, the Phantom Thieves are claiming justice is on their side. Don’t make me laugh.
Medjed was dealt with by either the Phantom Thieves themselves, or some avid supporter. There are no tracks whatsoever, so they must be quite skilled… Either way, the general pubic recognizes the Phantom Thieves as the subjugating party.
They’re gaining support and influence much faster than we could have anticipated…
It is indeed an abnormal situation. I’m beginning to suspect mass manipulation of some kind… It’s even possible that a powerful person is behind them, plotting the psychotic breakdowns…

It’s rare to hear you speak in that tone.

Music: Beneath the Mask

They were saying how awesome they think the Phantom Thieves are!
I’ve heard things too. It’s becoming a huge topic of conversation.

Yeah, it’s really all thanks to Alibaba. You were a great help.
It was nothing.
Oh, that reminds me… Remember that stuff about ATMs and banks just stopping? That wasn’t Medjed, was it?
Nope, that was totally separate.
So people were overreacting to mere coincidence?
Either that or those rumors were never true to begin with.
Hm, you seem to be quite talkative in these conversations.
Is that so? I’ll shut up then.

Great job, Yusuke.

I don’t think I get it, but I’m pretty sure she’s angry…
You gotta apologize, Yusuke.
Me? Why?
Hey, is this really going to be OK? I’m worried about how things will be from now on…

There’s no doubt about it! I mean, they took Medjed down. Even the guys who had been criticizing the Phantom Thieves basically have to accept them now! The news has been spreading like wildfire too. I’ll give it an extra boost on my site as well. I bet the approval rating will be through the roof tomorrow. Look forward to it!
…Why is he of all people getting excited about this? Well, the news really did draw a lot of attention. I can’t wait to see what happens.

So, our current sub-objective next to “Prove your justice to society” is “Rid Futaba of her unease.” Simple.

Anyway, this is one of the rare instances where we have our day consumed but not our night. For the next several days we’ll start in the attic, yes, but we’ll actually have the freedom to leave, holy shit! However, we’ll be spending our days helping Futaba because the game doesn’t want us going to Mementos right now until Futaba gets her codename she needs our guidance.

Even so, we should keep at it.

Temperatures are rising across the country, marking the hottest days we’ve had this summer. Today’s temperature is at a record high, and many are escaping the heat by playing in the water. Throngs of people could be seen at the beach near the city, enjoying the summer weather.
You have to go to the beach in the summer! We should go!

It’s not worth going to any beaches in Japan. They’re cramped and dirty; there’s jellyfish…
What about a beach outside of Japan? Let’s go on a vacation on a tropical island!
We don’t have to go now, right? It’s absurd to go somewhere hot in the middle of summer.

I don’t even like the beach or being outside in general, but holy shit, SEVER.

Mine say the same thing! My mom said not to get all proud and arrogant and stuff…
Yeah, right. Don’t listen to her. Grown-ups lie all the time.
I know! My parents were supposed to take me to the zoo the other day, but they broke their promise!

I wonder how they pulled it off… They really are amazing, huh.
Hey-ey, whatever happened to that Akechi dude? The Phantom Thieves buried that guy—total annihilation!

We should be relieved that nothing happened. What’s more ominous is the Phantom Thieves.
How so? I thought they did well this time…
Gaining power moves one closer to becoming an authoritarian. That’s just the way of the world.


Yes, I think so. Nothing bad actually happened, so it looks like we’ll all be safe.
They admitted their wrongdoing on their own. If our superiors could do that too, it’d be real nice.
Hahaha, that’d be great. It’d be even better if that happened in every company.

The Phantom Thieves are awesome! They’re like a manga come to life! But, I mean—we can’t rely on them for everything, right?
Huh? Why not? Stop lecturing us!

You were listening, huh? Scram if you don’t wanna get hurt. The more you struggle and resist in vain, the worse your pain and suffering, you know? Though, it’s always more fun for me when the other guy struggles… chuckle

They’re really somethin’ else. I wanna apprentice with ‘em.
I’m glad you’re finally getting it.
Yup. Lemme get ya somethin’ nice from the gift store back home—to show I’m sorry.
I take it back. You clearly don’t get it yet!

This is your chance to meet those mysterious superheroes, the “Phantom Thieves!” You interested?

Relax, this’ll only take a second. Just a few seconds, OK? We’re celebrating Medjed’s fall with a party event: An Evening Chat with the Phantom Thieves. Of course, the Phantom Thieves will show up as well! It’ll be a fancy dinner at not a bad price!

What? You scared of the Phantom Thieves showing up? What are you, chicken? Well, in that case, go home already, kid! Geez, I’m wastin’ my breath here!

He must be hurting so much inside. I wish I could cheer up my dearest Akechi-kun…
“My Akechi-kun,” my ass. Your sparkly eyes are hilarious next to your five o’clock shadow.
You’ve got nose hair sticking out too, you bushy-haired beast!


It’s a heavy burden, making my dream—OUR dream—come true. I was unable to shoulder that.
Yeah… I gotta work hard to make our dreams come true. You’re right, Mr. Asakura. But I know I can do it!

Music: Crossroads

Let’s talk to the same guy as last time.

I’d like to ask for a young person’s opinion on the recent fluctuation in stock prices…
…Well, you might as well humor him.

Maaku gains Knowledge +2.

I talked to a drunk guy and learned so much that I literally cannot get any smarter.

G-Good evening…
Oh, my… You look quite exhausted. Here, have a seat.

As soon as I talk back, he makes sure I know I’m lower than him. He insinuates he’ll demote me… After that, I’ll overhear him talking about me, calling me useless while I’m at work… And everything I’ve done, all the results I’m getting… Somehow, he’s taking all the credit.
That is the worst kind of workplace abuse. I cannot believe that man…
So many people have quit because of stress. And yet, the higher-ups all ignore it. Of all the terrible bosses I could get in the world, why did mine have to be Shinsuke Kishi? sigh Hey, Lala. I wish the Phantom Thieves could do something and help me with this…
Like how? Are you going to ask them to steal all your stress away?
Hahaha… No. I guess it’s impossible. But it’s nice to think about…

Maaku gets 5400 yen.

Music: Aria of the Soul

It seems you freed the heart of a frenzied girl and saved her from her haunted past. chuckle Another step has been taken to rehabilitation… You are progressing quite nicely.
Our master bestows words of praise upon you! You’d better feel honored!
By the by, more curious information has found its way to your ears.

At times it can feel like the translators really wanted to use a weird word or choice of phrase that ends up sticking out badly. “By the by” is not a thing an actual human would ever say, and don’t be a smartass and reply to that with “Igor isn’t human.” It’s creepy and weird in a completely separate manner from his own creepy, weird self.

A scientist’s research… It seems that world may secretly be known after all. Furthermore, that very research has been stolen and is now used by those with malicious intent… I wonder how this will change the approach you take toward your rehabilitation…

I believe I told you we would spare no expense in cooperating with you. Allow me to grant you a new power worthy of your current self.

Note: the game developers may have forgotten to add new power.

Though you have my aid, be sure not to let your guard down. Otherwise you may get swept off your feet…
I feel like my bond with Igor is growing deeper…

…We shall meet again in the near future.
Time to go, Inmate!

Part 91

Part 91: 8/23-8/24: Yakuza Seven

Everyone who commented saying “by the by” isn’t actually a weird thing to say: trap sprung, motherfuckers. I know you’re all actually 80.

And our percentage has increased once more.

Anon: become prime minister plz!!
Anon: imma buy ALL THE MERCH!
Anon: who the hell is admin?
Anon: They’re still suspicious.

Can you believe they actually took down hackers!?
It’s cool how they don’t reveal what they’re doing.
Who’s that guy that was criticizing them? Akechi?
It’s pretty lame to just criticize without doing anything yourself.

Anon: i knew it!! hahaha
Anon: I understand the praise…
Anon: Thanks, Phantom Thieves!
Anon: won’t help me, so fuck em

I love that last dude.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I haven’t seen them… What happened to them?

Open what?
The front door.
Won’t you come too, Maaku? We’re in front of Futaba’s house.
You wanna meet here… and not at Leblanc?
Isn’t that more comforting?
YYYou never mentioned this.
It would be nice if you could hurry down soon. It’s scorching hot out here.
You demon…!
Looks like we’re meeting up immediately over at Futaba’s. Makoto’s really going about this seriously…

Music: My Homie

Oh jesus.

Such avant garde design. You have excellent taste.

L-Let’s get started, shall we?

Yusuke turns, interested in something on the nearby shelf.

I’d like to simply have a normal conversation. That is the basis of true communication, after all.

Yes. You must be well-versed in speaking when you are student council president. Don’t think too hard about our conversation. We’re just going to talk about ordinary topics today.
And what do you mean by ordinary topics?
You know, things like food or the weather. Well then, let’s begin with food. What do you like to eat, Futaba?
Organic ones.
Um, that wasn’t exactly what I meant…
L-Let’s try a different topic! How about the weather? I heard that this heat wave is showing no sign of stopping…

She’s a shut-in, Makoto.

Dunno. I haven’t been out.
O-Oh, right…
Makoto’s getting overwhelmed…
Th-This is odd… It wasn’t supposed to go like this…



They appear to be quite shoddily-made.
They’re from “Phoenix Rangers Neo Featherman”! No… Yellow and Pink’s heads… And Red’s been hacked to bits… This is all Inari’s fault…
Your thief clothes were like a fox. According to Japanese folklore, foxes like inarizushi, thus Inari.

Oh boy, more impenetrable cultural references!

Rghhh, they were in the perfect poses too…! It was so much work getting them set up just right! You wouldn’t know aesthetics if it hit you in the face, Inari!


Some time later…

Mm-hm. Victory is great for action, and Neo’s got the best transforming suit. So cool.
Fascinating. Art depicts a flash of inspiration, but models offer a much different means of enjoyment.
Huh? Take a look at that—Futaba’s having a regular conversation.
It seems she doesn’t have a problem talking to others as long as the subject interests her. I suppose the topics I brought up were not the right ones.
So this is all I gotta do? What a breeze!
In that case, we should advance to the next step. How about we have her spend time in someone else’s room?
Yes. She hasn’t had many chances to leave the house yet, so that would be the perfect opportunity.
Don’t set the bar so high!

Hrrrgh… OK…
I’ve left tomorrow to Ann and Ryuji. Maaku will be there as well, so you’ll be OK.
Can I wear my mask?
I-I think it would be best if you didn’t…
There’s really no telling how tomorrow’s going to go…

Music: Beneath the Mask

She’s still got a long way to go, though. I wonder how long before she’s ready for the beach…

They’re talking all about how the Phantom Thieves took down Medjed. Mishima’s website has a shitton of comments flooding in too!
The news coverage has been pretty insane as well!
Yes, they have only spoken of the Phantom Thieves for the entirety of today.
We’ve been getting attention all over the city.
So… how’s the one who helped us take Medjed down doing?

(long pause)

Don’t complicate things further! Anyway, things didn’t go perfectly, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.
Tomorrow’s goal will be to spend time in someone else’s room. Futaba is a difficult personality to handle. Good luck, you two.
Shut it, Inari.
All right, it’s our turn next! Seeya tomorrow, Futaba!
We have so much to talk about! Oooh, I can’t wait!
Ann and Ryuji teaming up honestly worries me… but I guess we’ll see what they can do.

As of now, the kind of damage they were promising has yet to be seen. Meanwhile, people on the internet are celebrating, calling this a victory for the Phantom Thieves.
Whoa, this is huge! We won!

Now everyone’s describing them as saviors. Little much, don’t you think?
No way, they really are. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

…Hey, you! Yer one of those Phantom Thieves, aren’t ya? You’re under arresht!

Yeah… Even though yer criminals, ev’rybody lovesh you…

Can’t ya tell jus’ by looking? I’m the cop tha’s always walkin’ thish beat. Y’know? I’m, uh, from the MPD’s drivision of… Erm. Salute!

Arreshting people ish… It’s muh jooorb. Jus’ stay real still. Lemme cuff you. Wha’? I can’t find my handcuffsh. Shorry ‘bout that… Salute!

Music: Layer Cake

We’re going to hang out with Iwai tonight, because he’s cool.

It’s ‘cause we sell merchandise that can’t take the heat. If it’s too cold for ya, layer up.

All right, I’ll tell you about the shop. It’s a piece of cake for a gun enthusiast like you, right?

If you’re considered an employee, you won’t seem suspicious coming in and out of the shop, right? If you get what I’m sayin’, bring the goods to the back.

I’m s’posed to be runnin’ an honorable business here, y’know. …Though honestly, the customers’ve been runnin’ a little thin lately.

Some guy on the internet’s been claimin’ all my goods’re knock-offs. And once you’ve got a bad rap like that, it’s real tough to shake it.

Hmph, a kid like you…? …… …You goin’ through somethin’ similar? I guess you wouldn’t be doin’ any of this if you weren’t, huh… Don’t gimme any details though. I don’t wanna know. Anyways, I should prolly fill you in on what’s goin’ on here since you’ll be helpin’ me out. I’d bet anythin’ the guy behind that rumor is Tsuda. You remember his name from the diner, yeah? Truth is, he’s a lieutenant in the Hashiba Clan. The same clan I was in… back when I was part of the yakuza.

I want more than anything for Iwai to rip off his jacket and have like a full-back lizard tattoo or some shit. I know he’s got the neck tat, but it’s not the same.

I love the other two responses. So cowardly, especially in the face of information we already fucking knew. Besides, this is the point where we decide we’ve had enough? We’re buying illegally modified model guns!

Let’s just insult this dangerous former gang member to his face, then.

Anyway, Tsuda was my sworn brother back in the clan. I got some… unsavory business goin’ down with him now though.

Like Kiryu and Nishiki, or Majima and Saejima! Almost makes me think we’re going to get a lategame plot twist where it turns out Iwai gave Tsuda a gun full of rubber bullets or something.

Problem is, I’m a known quantity in the underworld. One bad step and I’d have guys crawlin’ all over me. That’s why I’ve got you around. You look normal, sure… but you got balls, kid. Makes you perfect for snoopin’ on Tsuda. …Hope I ain’t scarin’ you off with all this talk.

But y’know, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for idiots like you. Anyways, you get the gist of what’s goin’ on now, yeah? You’ll be workin’ with that in mind. I expect a lot from you, kid. …Oh, and I’ll add to the special menu, to thank you for gettin’ that info for me the other day.
It feels like my bond with Iwai is growing even deeper…

Part of the reason I haven’t shown off gun customization yet (besides it being hella expensive to buy and upgrade these guns, natch) is that the latest guns weren’t customizable, because we hadn’t ranked Iwai up enough. This rank should cover what’s available at this point in the game, though. We still probably won’t delve into this for a bit, but it’s worth pointing out.

Music: Suspicion

Huh…? I thought I told you to stop comin’ around here.

…Just go home n’ study, Kaoru. You’ve got entrance exams comin’ up, remember?
OK… I guess I’ll be going then…

Christ, this really is a Yakuza game.

He’s always askin’ me if he can help out here, always worryin’ about what I’m gettin’ up to. sigh But I prolly shouldn’t be tellin’ a kid like you about this… Well, you can head home for today. Nice work, kid.
I feel like helping Iwai with his work has honed my Proficiency

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

See ya next time.

Anon: too slow. hurry, do another
Anon: This is all a setup.
Anon: Plz steal my heart too!! x(

Music: Break it Down

There’re no customers.

We’re here!


So many snacks… What exactly do you plan on doing!?
Well, summer vacation’s the time when you lounge in your room all day.

Hahaha. Right. Only during summer vacation do I do that.

Yeah, and eating snacks is the best part of that!
You’re gonna get fat, y’know.
Shut it!
Hey, where’s Futaba?

Oh goddammit

Shit freaked me out… That you, Futaba?
Yup. Welcome.
Why are you wearing that?
Habit. Anyway, bring it!
Not sure I get it… but let’s do this!
Sheesh. Looks like today’s going to be another noisy day…

Music: Alright

For real, it was freakin’ amazing! There were girls all over me! …Wait. You don’t believe a word I’m sayin’ do you…?
Uh, it’s you we’re talking about here. There’s no way you were ever a chick magnet.
What was that…?
Agreed. As a member of the opposite sex, I sense no charm from you, Ryuji.
Plus, popular guys wouldn’t go bragging about that stuff to other people.

…Hey, are you even listening!?
There’s no point talkin’ about wedding dresses right now. None of us have significant others.
Yup. I don’t wanna get married right now.
Can we please talk about something else!?

Yeah, she doesn’t have any trouble speaking her mind. Seems totally normal to me.
I dunno what normal is… But if this is it, I’m happy.
I totally thought you were gonna be some weirdo, but I guess all that worryin’ was for nothing.
Mm-hm, I’m relieved too. I think things should keep going smoothly at this rate. By the way, what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?
How about we have her try helping around the store?

At some point this shifted from “help Futaba open up to us” to “make her less of a fucking shut-in.”

That’s perfect! It’ll be good practice to have her up in front of strangers.
Eep…! Nope, nope, nope! Showing up in the shop during lunchtime’ll be like, super-crushing hard mode!
You don’t have to deal with customers if you don’t want to. Maybe you could dry plates in the back?
Hrgh… Nrghhh…

…I’d be mad if you weren’t.
Then it’s all set. We’ll be rootin’ for you, Futaba!
Grrrr… You’re all gonna pay for this someday…

No, I don’t think those had calling cards…
You know, like, changing people’s hearts from the shadows!
Is it just me, or have there been more posts from foreigners lately?
Maybe I should make a request on that forum, too…

Anon: Their word is final.
Anon: Congrats on a world debut!
Anon: so proud of them

Music: Beneath the Mask

Our popularity’s gone through the roof! You guys gotta hear this! This cute chick said she wants to go out with a Phantom Thief!
But not you specifically, huh?
Not surprised. As a member of the opposite sex, I sense no charm from you, Ryuji.
You don’t gotta say it over text too!
What in the world were you all doing today…?
Girl talk at Leblanc. Er, more like chatting and snacking really.
So, she’s completed her objective for the day.
Next up is practice going out in front of people.
Wait, WHAT!?
You’ll be fine. Maaku will be with you the whole time. We want to ease you into it, so your first test will be helping out at Leblanc.

Thanks for the help.
You better make an effort tomorrow, Maaku!

It’s still not too late to hit the beach! It’s close enough that you can even make it a day trip!
That sounds nice. It doesn’t feel like summer without a beach trip. Maybe I’ll buy a new swimsuit.

Everyone’s dialogue has updated, including Sojiro’s.

No, it can’t be… It’s nothing.

…No, that’s not it. Be normal to her.

Music: Time to Repent

I can’t teach you shogi right now… or rather, from now on…

What’s the matter, Hifumi?

I’m… at checkmate right now. My only option is to concede… but… I can’t seem to give up… I’m not sure what my next move is after this checkmate…
Hifumi seems troubled… With my overflowing Knowledge, I might be able to show Hifumi her next move…!

This is the Rank 5 Knowledge gate, which we just barely managed to squeak by to meet. The text about our Knowledge helping Hifumi is completely irrelevant, for the record. It has absolutely nothing to do with the coming scene.

I feel like my bond with Hifumi will grow stronger soon, but….

Uh oh, there’s another gate besides just Knowledge in play here. Let’s see what it is.

What…? You’ll help me think…? Thank you so much…!

My mother told me that I should lose my upcoming exhibition match against the pro…

Music: Suspicion

It’s a “strategy” she devised… She says that if I lose to a man, I’ll get sympathy from women, and as a result get more female fans. Then when I make my comeback, I’ll become a symbol for strong women everywhere. That way, I can use the weekly magazine’s popularity against them and instantly become famous.

I feel my mother may be right. People do love a good comeback story. Coming from the TV industry, my mother does have great insight for entertainment. This time around… I couldn’t help but argue. It’s the wrong thing to do… I actually got into a fight with my mother. It wasn’t the first time, but… What made me sad was… I realized my mother doesn’t see me as a shogi player… She said that there’s no need for me to be putting so much time and effort into shogi… …And that once I become famous I can quit shogi and make money from my looks.


The only reason she continues to support my shogi career is so she can profit off of me as an idol. She doesn’t mind if I lose a match, as long as I build my reputation and make money. To my mother, shogi is just a vehicle to make me famous…

Even if it helped me to become famous and eased my parents’ burden… I don’t want to turn my back on shogi… a game that both my father and I love…

…If only that were possible. She’s the kind of woman who never changes her mind… She wants to achieve her unfulfilled dream of becoming a celebrity… through me. I highly doubt she would ever reconsider…

Wait, what are you doing Maaku

It’s… Mitsuyo Togo. What does that have to do with what we’re talking about…?
I need to do something about the target for Hifumi….


Is it just me or is it super fucked up that we’ve just decided to change the heart of our friend’s mother without their knowledge or consent and with no real risk of harm at play? I mean, it sucks for Hifumi but I’m not sure she wants us brainwashing her mom to get out of it.

Part 92

Part 92: 8/25-8/27: Nice Job On The Pedophilia, Bro

Anon: I understand the praise…
Anon: what a time to be alive
Anon: shit ain’t that easy

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

This will be a stressful turn of events…

Music: Alright

But I’ve never had her do anything like that before. Is she gonna be OK?

This isn’t the same as taking care of a cat, you know?
D-Don’t worry. I did graduate middle school last year… I-I’ll be fine if I just think of this as my first summer job of high school!
Well in that case… how about you wash the dishes? Just don’t push yourself too hard, OK?

Hey, are you all right?

Sure thing.


Phrase de blague mal traduite créée en ligne.

Man, smooth as always. What number Bond girl is this, Boss?

Jesus christ

It’s not like that.

You usually go for the older ones, right? It’s only natural you’d want someone younger sometimes.

Even ignoring the bit where this guy doesn’t know Futaba’s his daughter, this motherfucker’s basically going, “Congrats on banging the fifteen-year-old, dude!” Can we kick this dude’s ass already?

It’s like the Guatemala Peaberry coffee. Its acidic sweetness is akin to a breath of fresh air.
Sorry, we’re serving a blend today.

Not quite what I had in mind, but something, nonetheless.

Yo, here’s your coffee.
When in the world did she… Hey, Futaba. Haven’t I told you not to show up in front of people with that damn thing on? And be more polite when you’re bringing something to a customer.
H-H-Here is your coffee… sir.

Huh. Turns out this is pretty easy.
To think Futaba’d go out and talk to a customer herself… Mask aside, I’m impressed. Looks like people really can change.
Sojiro! Want me to bring coffee to more customers?
Mask off first.
H-Hrghhh… I’ll think about it.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Like hell we’d do that!
Why the question?
I overheard someone in the city saying they’re our acquaintance.
Talk about false rumors.

Well… yeah…

So she showed up in front of customers with that thing on…
Anyways, you better get used to it fast. You can’t be a phantom thief if you’re scared of people!
I’ll try my best.

They have stated they are “investigating it carefully,” with no mention of the Phantom Thieves. Many people have voiced their disappointment in the police, and…
The police really lost a lot of face. It’s really not their fault, though.

How is it not their fault? They didn’t do shit!

I’ve been waiting for you! You won’t believe what happened!

Now, please take a seat…

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I even managed to use my own powers to alter some fates that had once seemed inevitable…! I suppose all you really need to change fate is a strong will, like what you have. I wish I could do more though…


Music: Suspicion

I’ve been wondering… why are you so interested in Mifune-kun?

And that’s why you volunteered to apprentice under her? You must be quite a big fan… That aside, I have to commend your judgment in choosing Mifune-kun. Her fortunes are like a light, guiding lost lambs through the unending darkness ahead.
By the way, Hamiru-san… This man here is Fukurai-san. He’s, um… the chairman of the ADP. Oh right, you don’t know about the ADP yet! It stands for…

Our goal is to relieve the hearts and minds of today’s weary souls via healing events and seminars.

Uh-oh. I wiki’d the ending of the Gourmet King Social Link from P3, and I’m hip to your bullshit, old man. This sounds weirdly culty!

We also sell Holy Stones, the well from which our divine power springs. They are a large part of our business.
Fukurai-san, um…
That reminds me, Yokoda-kun was telling me you’ve been acting a little… strange recently. More importantly, it seems you’ve started falling behind on your Holy Stone sales quotas. Is everything OK?
Y-Yes. I’ll cover the decrease in revenue with my fortune-telling fees… …… Um, Fukurai-san… I, um… I’m not sure how effective these Holy Stones really are…
Excuse me?
Do you remember who showed you the way when you arrived here from the countryside, lost and confused? Do you remember who saved you when you were stuck working in a seedy club with no place to turn? It was me. Are you saying you no longer have trust in someone who’s done so much for you?
Th-That’s not it…
Then enough of this skepticism. Just focus on continuing your role as the Maiden of Relief. Read the futures of those unfortunate souls who come to us and lead them to salvation with the Holy Stones…

Hmph. There is no salvation for those who joke.
You don’t want things to go back to how they were… do you, Mifune-kun? Don’t you remember breaking down in front of me? Telling me how everyone called you a monster? If you don’t carry your weight as the Maiden of Relief, you’ll be exactly that… A monster.

…Fine. If you want to spend your time fooling around with this child, go right ahead. But don’t forget, Mifune-kun: The ADP is the only place you’ll ever belong.

I-I’ve never actually worked at a night club! I did get tricked into walking into one though… Anyway, the chairman is known for exaggerating details. …… You must think I’m weird, huh? All this talk about me being a maiden or a monster…

By the way, it was pretty amazing how we stood up to the chairman back there.

Yeah, “we.”

I would never have been able to talk to him about the Holy Stones had I been alone… But your strength helped me speak up. I need to be strong like you more often…
I can sense a strong resolve from Chihaya…

Even so, the chairman seems serious about the whole Holy Stone issue. He’ll make me pay a fine if I don’t meet my quotes… and there’s a huge penalty for resigning from my post… I suppose my fate is impossible to change after all… Anyway, I should close up for today! Good night!

Poor Chihaya.

That would be awesome! Why not make a request on the forum?
That Akechi is all talk, isn’t he?
Why is he so hostile toward the Phantom Thieves?
Right!? Some people just can’t read the mood…

Anon: c’mon, next!
Anon: Now everyone can be happy!
Anon: i bet it’s worldwide news
Anon: so popular… im jelly
Anon: I knew it!!! hahaha
Anon: Thanks, Phantom Thieves!

Anon: destroy all evil!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Huh? Do we not have anything planned…?

Honestly, I wanted to bring Futaba along with us…
We can’t just take her into crowds like that though! That’d be way too soon!
Sometimes drastic measures are necessary.
Such spiky words…
You know you’d need to do this someday, right?
Actually, Queen’s clothes have lots of spikes too. They’d prolly pierce my hand if I touched them.
I have honestly considered that possibility as well.
You too, Yusuke!?
Hey this sounds like fun. I wanna join in.
We’re talking to Futaba! This doesn’t involve you!
Note: Ann is cold to Ryuji.
Don’t take notes on this… Anyway, look forward to us coming over!
My heart’s pounding…
…Just what are they scheming?

Hey, miss! Want me to steal your heart?
Is that a pick-up line? Don’t make me laugh.
Apparently they’re even famous overseas! Isn’t that nuts?
I wish I could join the Phantom Thieves…

Anon: phantom thieves = godly!!
Anon: I have to accept it now…
Anon: better than the cops
Anon: A landmark win for justice!
Anon: Leave everything to them~
Anon: So who ARE these heroes?
Anon: The world needs to see this!
Anon: justice was w/the thieves.
Anon: hey steal my heart too!!

Music: Break it Down

Hrmm… I dunno. I can’t really tell.
People cannot change their deep-seated habits that easily.
Well, let’s just say you’ve made some progress for now.

Ack! S-Stop it! You’re gonna pull my cheeks off!
Man, those girls’re late. Who do they think they are, makin’ us wait like this?

Please excuse us.

Looking? Looking at what…?
A swimsuit, of course. For Futaba-chan.
A-A s-s-swimsuit!?
You don’t have one, do you?
No, but…
OK. Let’s have you try it on right now then.

You can’t go to the beach if you don’t have a good-fitting swimsuit. We don’t have much time left, you know.
Uh, but… Ummm… Uhhhh…!

Music: My Homie

I know, right? …There we go. It’s on.
What the!? This barely covers anything!
That’s normal for a swimsuit. Now, we just need to push these a little more this way…
Are you supposed to move them with that much force…?
You gotta put some oomph into this stuff… There! Good to go!
Whoa, even I’m impressed…!

You guys obviously can’t see it, but I’m vigorously rubbing my temples right now.

I wonder what they’re doin’ up there.
They’re… having her try on the swimsuit, right? What else could they be doing?
Futaba in a swimsuit, hm…? I suspect that would make a great painting. Perhaps we should ask Makoto about it?

I humbly request you do so as well.
Hell no!
You guys are such children.

Yeah, we’re goin’ to the beach pretty soon so they’re trying some swimsuits out.
Futaba’s going to the beach… I didn’t think I’d ever see her take that much interest in going outside again…
Well then, it seems we’re good to go with the swimsuit.
All flattery aside, I think it looks really great! Now you just gotta get rid of those round shoulders. Come on, straighten out your back.
She might be some trouble, but I hope she can make some great memories with you guys.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

All that’s left is for Futaba to prepare herself mentally.
I can do this. I can… I think. Maybe.
So you’re not confident.
Shuddup, Inari.

I doubt it’s anything good.
That said, we don’t have enough information right now… We’ll need to investigate more.
I’ll help out too.
Can we talk about this some other time? I’m so damn sleepy…
OK, good night then! Futaba-chan, good luck tomorrow too!

We need to work harder to help Futaba make some good memories.

Actually, never mind. It would be weird for me to wear clothes. Wait a second… Does that mean I’m naked right now?

Sooner or later, we need to decide what we want to do from here on out.

After the commercial break, let’s see if we can reveal some of the mysteries surrounding them!
Phantom Thieves are extremely popular among young people. I hear some even think of them like gods.

Here’s something we forgot to do: set up that game console we bought at the second-hand store a while back!

We’re not actually going to play it yet, but whatever.

Music: Crossroads

Why don’t you sit and wait it out? I’m sure you brought me some good info, right? The higher-ups are starting to get tired of one-off articles. You have anything good to share?

All right, let’s hear it.

Wait, we’re talking about Akechi? I’m only like Confidant Rank 2 with the guy, I really don’t know much about him! And what could she possibly be learning about him from me that she couldn’t find out by turning on the television?

I see… Oh yeah… There’s something I need to apologize to you about. You know, it’s part of my job to research particular things. Well, um… I ended up finding out about… your criminal record.

Whoops, Confidant over, guess we’re not a reliable source anymore!

I realized you weren’t just some ordinary kid back with my chief… So I did some digging out of curiosity… and I found a ton more than I was expecting. So… sorry about that. I have to say though, the ruling made in your case was really odd. Some kind of deal must have gone down behind the scenes to make sure that was the end result. That must’ve been tough for you to handle. You’re just a kid…

Exactly. I’m going to avenge my partner for-- …Whoops. Lala-chan, refill!
No. It’s your turn to tell the truth. You can’t go rooting around in the kid’s past and expect to keep your own secrets hidden.
W-Wait, don’t blame me for that! He doesn’t have anything to do with my private business…

I mean, it’s not like I don’t trust you… and hold on a sec! Why am I getting treated like the bad guy!?
Look, you’re gonna feel way better talking to someone who understands exactly what you’re going through. Besides, you’ll explode if you keep all that alcohol-fueled anxiety bottled up in you.
That’s true. And… I guess this is the fairest course of action for our business partnership, huh? Just… don’t tell anyone, OK? Back when I covered politics for my publisher, I had a partner who helped with photography… Kayo Murakami. We were a pretty well-known team in the industry. We blew the lids off countless scandals together. …That is, until that day came.

Music: Suspicion

We were on the trail of a certain bureaucrat, who was involved in a slush fund to support refugees. He kept himself pretty well guarded, so it was almost impossible to get any solid leads on the guy… Then one night, I got a voicemail from Kayo saying she had gotten hold of something big. But… that was the last I ever heard from her. The next day, that bureaucrat was found dead at a love hotel… and Kayo had gone missing.

The cause of death is unknown… The authorities couldn’t tell whether it was a murder or a suicide.

Where have I heard that before?

As for the killer…

Wait, if they didn’t know if it was a murder or a suicide, how did they accuse her of killing him?

That’s impossible though! She never would have slept with a disgusting man like that!

Right, because she was your “partner.” I think I see where this is going.

And more importantly, it’s pretty damn fucked up to make allegations like that without any evidence!
…Sorry. The case was closed, but we never found the truth…. And Kayo was labeled a professional disgrace. And since we were partners, the company decided it would be best to move me to another department. I’m going to prove Kayo’s innocence though. That’s why I’m conducting my own private investigation now.

But… thanks to all the info you’ve been giving me, I should have more time to focus on my investigation. I won’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers. …All right, we’re even now! I didn’t enjoy it though.
You sure about that? It’s been ages since I’ve seen you smile this much.
W-Well… maybe you’re right. I haven’t felt this alive in a long time. OK then, I’ll write a great article to commemorate our sharing session! “Exclusive: The Phantom Thieves’ Lofty Ideals in Connection with a Secret Society!” Haha, just kidding! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely come up with a better headline before we go to print!
I feel like my bond with Ohya is growing deeper…

Still… there’s just one thing that bothers me. There’s no doubt the chief is on to my investigation. Maybe we should keep acting like a couple so we can trick him. How’s that sound?

Please don’t make me your beard.

Oh, leave the kid alone. (to Maaku) Hey, it’s getting late. Shouldn’t you be heading home by now?

Anon: modern day robin hoods~

Music: Alright

Let’s see… Wanna eat together? Y’know, like how we had hot pot that one time.
That may be a good idea. It’ll be a great way to strengthen our intrasquad friendships.
I-I can do that!
OK, I’ll take a cola and an omelette with rice. Oh, and make that a large please.
I’d like the same.

No, but this is for Futaba’s sake.
…Fine. You owe me, got it?
I want the same. Extra large.

This is around the point that I noticed Futaba sits like L for some reason.

Damn, Futaba! I’m impressed!
Indeed, your appetite is quite nice to see. I much prefer that to women who don’t eat a lot.
…You’d better not be hitting on me.
How rude!
Sojirooo, help meee!
Will you stop that!?

Let’s go with that then…

Thank you.
I want iced cocoa!
(to Ryuji) You can’t handle bitter stuff either, right? Iced cocoa sound good?
Yeah, definitely! Extra cold, please!
Hm, I don’t think we’ve ever had a lunch this exciting.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Does it look like she can go soon?
Well, she HAS started to talk a lot more.
She’s made great progress compared to how she was at the beginning.
Thoughts, Futaba? Will you be able to do this tomorrow perhaps?



I should be good if it’s the day after tomorrow. I think?
We’ll go the day after tomorrow then!

I was gonna photoshop Futaba’s head onto the Statue of Liberty from the poster for The Day After Tomorrow but it would have looked really shitty and also I’m lazy.

Just let us know if you aren’t up for it, Futaba. OK?
It’s all right. I can do this.
Looks like we know when we’ll actually finish up now. The beach is finally within reach!

Time to feed the plant.

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

People continue to praise the Phantom Thieves, who are thought to have prevented the attack. The Phantom Thieves’ popularity, which began online, is expanding beyond the internet. Phantom Thieves have become a social phenomenon, with everyone around town talking about them.
Everyone’s really talking about us! It’s like we hit the big time!

Let’s read the book we bought at Book Town.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Learning about the spirit of the samurai seems useful, but this book looks difficult…


I didn’t really do Ohya’s link in my own playthrough, so I really appreciate getting to see it here.

Also, Lala is great.


Ohya’s story is pretty interesting, and yeah, Lala is straight up the best. Shame there’s no link with her.

I can’t help but hear Dr. Girlfriend whenever she talks, though.

Part 93

Part 93: 8/28-8/29: Please Skip This One

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Hey, are you there? Sorry, but I need your help with the dishes.
Help with the dishes!
Is Futaba here, too? That means we’re not only helping out at the cafe, but we’re also babysitting Futaba today too… Well, the faster we get started the faster we’ll finish!

Music: Break it Down

Orange juice. 100% natural.
(to Maaku) That reminds me, you’re going to the beach tomorrow, yeah? Go have fun, and make up for the fireworks. Just try not to cut loose too much.
Oh yeah, you wouldn’t know. He tried to go to a firework festival, but it got rained out. Not only did he get crushed in the crowd, but he came home looking like some kinda drowned rat.
Fireworks, huh…


Oh… welcome.
(to Maaku) Oh! You’re…

Music: Wicked Plan

Huh? You know each other? Wait, aren’t you…
I’m Akechi.
Oh yeah, the one on TV and stuff. So what brings you here, Mr. Detective?
This place is more than I imagined it to be. The atmosphere is wonderful. No wonder Sae-san recommended it so strongly to me.

I already told her everything I know. There’s nothing more I got for you people.
Oh no, that’s not my intention. I just came to enjoy some coffee.

Oh, you must be Wakaba Isshiki’s…

I’ll have whatever you recommend.
Coming right up.

Dude, Sae told you what she did last time she was here. Why the hell would you think Sojiro would be hospitable?

Music: Confession/Secret

…Did I bother you? My apologies. Apparently, my mother was in a relationship with some low-life of a man…

Um, what?

She was swiftly discarded when he learned she was pregnant… That despair would lead to her death.

I did not ask.

Thanks to him, I was passed from foster home to foster home. But, I do quite well by myself these days.

Good for you, buddy. I’d ask how you managed to gain enough of a good education and whatever else you needed to become a fucking police detective at the age of seventeen from those circumstances, but that never made sense in the first place and also I really don’t care.

Ah, yes. Medjed. …To thinks they’d be taken down by another hacker.

What is up with all the non-sequiturs, man? Is your brain a fucking View-Master, just randomly switching from subject to subject as if by the whims of a small, impatient, easily bored child?

I’m not sure whether Medjed was defeated by the Phantom Thieves themselves or an avid supporter…

Many kids your age seem to be fans of the Phantom Thieves… Do you like them too?
What’s the matter?

chuckle Thank you. Although I’d rather not be compared to people like the Phantom Thieves, if at all possible.

Mm, this is delicious. You get to drink this coffee every day? I’m incredibly jealous. I would never have thought you’d be boarding at this cafe… We seem to share some kind of bond.

Ehhh… I guess.

chuckle Thank you. I believe that fate brings people together. It’s strange, but talking to you is thought-provoking. Well… I think I found my go-to cafe.

Please no.

I feel like my bond with Akechi is growing deeper…

I always change the channel when I see him.
All he ever does is nitpick.
There’s no way the Phantom Thieves are the bad guys!
He’s so desperate. It’s kinda lame.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m outside Leblanc.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Can we? I bought some.

Mm-hm. I ran into Mona on the way back though.

If she can do that, she should be good to go. Plus she did a great job dodging that ace detective.

Hold on, Futaba. I haven’t even put out my cigarette yet…

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

C’mon, don’t get the smoke on me!

Hey… the cat doesn’t like the smoke! Keep the flames away from him.
Daaaaaang! I made a huge one! Sojiro, look! Look!
R-Right. Just be careful, OK? Memories of summer, huh…

N-Nooo! cough wheeze

Aww. That’s legitimately one of the sweetest scenes in the game.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’ll be good on my own, y’know.
I only ask that you try not to get separated from each other in the crowd, OK?
No worries. I’ve already made preparations for when that happens.
That don’t make me feel better…
Make sure you keep an eye on her. It’s tough enough going solo, let alone watching over someone else. Still, going to enjoy the beach… We can finally have a good time!


Air pressure continues to be high, and it’s expected that today’s sunniness will continue tomorrow.
Looks like we don’t have to worry about the weather! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

She must have wanted you to see that. I guess good things can happen when you least expect them.

At least we’re almost done with aojiru buying. Maaku gains Kindness +1.

Meanwhile, I haven’t made any progress… I can’t have that, yo! Listen up, yo! Check out my “Phantom Anthem”! Say Phantom, say Anthem/Say Phantom, say Anthem/Phantom Thieves are on the rise/But m’popularity’s takin’ a dive/They reached top, I’m at a stop/Got m’moms back in the countryside/Big city’s a hard place to reside/Passion in m’head, mess up I’m dead/Say Phantom, say Anthem/Say Phantom, say Anthem/ How was it, m’main man? Wasn’t my performance filled with passion?

Livin’ in the city costs a lot of dough, yo. That’s why I gotta become a big star!

I tried numerous times, but the “Empress” card keeps appearing. Last time, I felt that you were having trouble with women, but I sense something different now… A-Anyway, please be careful… Well then, what would you like to do today…?

Your fate is very… interesting, so I’d like to try a different fortune-telling technique… I’ve gone through all my books… Maybe I need some that are out of print. Where I can [sic] find some…? Oh, never mind. Let’s begin the verification test.
I don’t think my bond with Chihaya will deepen just yet…

Maybe I should invite her to Book Town…

Jinbocho? There’s a lot of used bookstores there… It’s a bit far, but let’s go! I wonder if the stores are still open…

Music: What’s Going On?

Hmm, there’s a lot here… Which ones would be good as reference?

But since I’ve never had, well, a “normal” job, I didn’t know what to say sometimes. Those would definitely be worth reading!

With those, you feel like just reading them is enough. You end up not actually helping yourself. So I want to learn the ideas in these, and be able to express them to help my customers.

That used bookstore’s sign says “Study of Destiny”! Wh… a fortune-telling specific shop!? Hamiru-san, let’s go check it out!
I feel like my bond with Chihaya will grow stronger soon…
I feel like this place could feel like a second home… Thank you so much for today.

Music: Alright

Make sure you don’t let any dudes try to hit on her.

Don’t do anything that’ll make you stand out, moron. Just act with your brains, OK?

Are you sure you’ll be all right?
It’s just a day trip! Don’t underestimate me!
R-Right… Sorry. …Guess I just have to let it go. Have fun, but be careful you two.

Beach (Don’t watch this)

Music: New Beginning

Sorry for the wait.

I know it’s nothing on the level of some of Persona 4’s awfulness in this regard, but jesus, keep it in your pants, Hashino.


Fuckin’ Ryuji.

Ann, at least, takes it like a champ. Almost uncharacteristically so, in fact.

Are we missing one…?

Oh these hi-larious antics the Phantom Thieves get up to, I tell ya!

Extremely Yusuke.

There’s nothing perfect about that.

Ugh, this update was all cops and sexualizing minors. Deliver me from this summer hell.


Don’t watch this one? That title’s probably exaggerating a little bi-
oh no

Part 94

Part 94: 8/29: And While You’re At It, This One Too

Music: Break it Down

There’s a lot of people here… Are you OK, Futaba?
i[/i] I’m fine. You guys are here.
It’s almost lunchtime.

Why don’t we eat lunch too?
I’ll go get some stuff for us then.

My staple food.

Music: New Beginning

What’s up Makoto? You ain’t eatin’ much.
Oh, um…
Not feelin’ well or something?
You just don’t get it, do you, Ryuji? When a girl’s in a swimsuit, she wants to look as slim as possible. Still, you’re worrying too much. Did you make sure to eat breakfast?
Mona lacks tact.
So, whadda we do now? Should we play some beach volleyball?
Oh, sorry. Us girls already made plans to ride a banana boat.
We could only rent a three-person one. Sorry.
Wait… Then what about us?
Keep an eye on our stuff.
Hell no! Why you gotta treat us like that!? We’re celebrities makin’ headlines! You should treat us better!

Uh, they’re also “celebrities makin’ headlines,” Ryuji. I don’t think they owe you anything.

I do think they’re not bad in the Metaverse, but in reality… Strange, isn’t it?
They can steal treasures, but they don’t seem like they can steal a girl’s heart at all.

Please don’t lump me in with Ryuji.

B-But… Lady Ann…

Oh, sorry. We’ll go now.

Banana! Banana! Ugh! The sea is hot!
Wait up! It’s dangerous if you run around like that!
Here comes a good wave!

We risk our lives bein’ Phantom Thieves. There’s no way we’re the same as other guys around here.

Shut up, dude! How many times do we have to fucking tell you?

Shouldn’t we be havin’ more good times in reality too!?

We’re special, man. Don’t you agree, Yusuke?
Well… if you put it that way, you may be right.
Ann and the others don’t get it ‘cause they’re always around us.
Hey, how do we get Lady Ann to notice how amazing we are as Phantom Thieves?
Well, we gotta steal… you-know what.

You moron, that’s a crime. What we’re gonna steal in reality are… girls’ hearts.
I see. I just need to prove my skills in reality as well…
Let’s steal all the hearts with the skills we’ve honed as Phantom Thieves! I’m sure girls will be all over us, considering the vibes we give off!
Very well, let’s do this. Pulling off our work in reality doesn’t sound bad.
It’s settled then. So… Mona, you’re in charge of watching over our stuff, OK?
All right, let’s hurry up and go.

All right, Operation Babe Hunt 3.0, let’s do this!

The approach…

…and denied!

This one seems receptive!

Suddenly, a wild boyfriend!

Back off before he kicks our ass!

Oh yeah, corner her by the water, this’ll go great.

Welp, we suck.

Music: Alleycat

I dunno… The ocean just looks kinda bland to me…

C’mon, it ain’t over yet! I’m goin’ for a miracle comeback!
Hm… I’ve sensed a presence staring at us for some time now. Are we being followed?

Yusuke can read further down the page and wants nothing to do with the next scene. What a smart boy.


Music: Everyday Days

Ah christ

What’re you doin’ here!?
Oh my! I can’t believe we’ve been reunited in such a stunning place!
Smells like destiny to me!

So, which of us do you think is more manly?
Wh-What’re you talkin’ about…?
Oh dear, your time is up! Sorry, but it was a trick question. The correct answer is… We’re both lovely!

Music: High Pressure

You interfered with our duties by not answering the question! I sentence you to… stripping! Oooh, my fashionista skills would be perfect for this! Hands behind your head!

The suspects are escaping! Catch them!

Goddammit, Hashino. Well, at least that’s the last time we ever see those two in the main story!

By the way, where’s Yusuke?

Music: My Homie

Oh hello. Lobsters. Of course.

While you were busy with your interrogation, I found these beautiful specimens on sale. And so, I decided to spend the last of my money on them.
Man, you’re real hopeless when it comes to cash… Wait, you were watchin’ us!? Why didn’t you help!?
Apologies, but I was entranced. The moment I set eyes on this distinct shape, I was in love. I haven’t had my core shaken as vigorously as this since the first time Ann entered my gaze.
Good for you…

C’mon, don’t lie to us, baby. How about you come for a nice cruise on our boat?
There’s going to be a party too. Tons of celebrities and industry people will be coming along.
Are you even listening to us!?

Huh, so you were serious about being here with friends.
That’s what we’ve been saying from the start!
Don’t you find it boring spending your time with kids like them?
It’s far more interesting than anything involving you two.
What was that?
Hey, let’s just let the children have fun with fellow children. We’ll be going now!

Thanks for coming in like that. Those guys just wouldn’t stop pestering us.

To be honest, I was nearly at my wits [sic] end.
By the way, where are Futaba and Morgana?

I was wondering about that myself.

We did tons of stuff today. All in all, I guess comin’ to the beach was pretty worth it.

Yeah, we got shot down repeatedly, almost got sexually assaulted, and chased off some creepy older dudes harassing our friends. What a great day.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)


Agreed. Let’s pack up.
Futaba seemed fine in the crowd too, so it looks like she’s overcome her last exercise.
Hey, Futaba. We’re goin’ home. Stop standin’ around and help us.

Music: Alleycat

All this time, I thought that it was my fault that my mom died.
It’s because everyone said that I killed her. Everyone looked at me thinking I was a murderer. I ended up hating this world. That’s why I shut myself in and covered my ears. I wished… I wished my mom would come back to life. Sometimes, I’d wake up and think it was all a dream. But nothing had changed in the world. That’s why I’d sleep again. It’d be a repeat of that…

How she’d work late into the night. How she’d wake up early and make me a boxed lunch every day. How she’d do her best to further her research. How she’d scold me for peeking at her notes.
It was cognitive psience, wasn’t it?
“The cognitive world can become distorted through desires. If it becomes distorted, a person begins exhibiting problematic behavior in reality. That cognitive world disappears when you remove its core, and further problematic actions stop.”
Isn’t that about Palaces…?
That’s the Metaverse! She knew about that?
It made no sense back then, but now I understand, after it actually happened to me. All I thought about was my mom. I was trapped in a cognitive labyrinth. I couldn’t get out of it. There was nothing I could do by myself.
That’s why you asked us to steal your heart? That’s a huge jump in logic in so many ways!
At first, I didn’t believe the rumors about the Phantom Thieves… That they steal hearts. But I overheard you accidentally. I learned that you were near me.
Overheard? Ah, the bug… So why were you listening in on Leblanc in the first place?
I had to keep an eye on Sojiro. Make sure he was actually working.

That’s a really dumb reason!

Talk about an awful hobby…

I thought, maybe the Phantom Thieves could cure my heart.
You could’ve just told us from the start…
You might’ve been wary of me if I asked out of nowhere. And besides, you could’ve been bad guys. That’s why I cautiously got in contact with you. I checked many times to see how you’d react.
Yes, you had us twisted around your little finger.
But, Futaba, you didn’t talk to anyone besides Boss for a long time, right? You must’ve needed a lot of courage to contact the Phantom Thieves.
…There were two reasons for it. One was Medjed’s taunt. The Phantom Thieves were so pitiful, it frustrated me. I would’ve been in trouble if they got disbanded too…
Indeed. You were our only hope.
The other was what I heard through wiretapping Leblanc. Sojiro was being blamed with lies, like abusing me… He was being threatened to spill everything about my mom…
Talk about makin’ shit up.

“Man, I wish I could find whoever did that and kill their whole family” – Ryuji, probably

It made me dad, and it hurt. I thought, I have to save Sojiro. I gotta do something.
So that’s why…

I didn’t think you guys would be taking such risks for me. I didn’t think you’d worry about me so much. I’m sorry that I acted like I doubted you guys.
Do you believe in us now?
Yeah. I can tell. You aren’t bad guys. That;s why I have a request. Let me join your team.
There’s nothin’ to join. You’re already one of us.
I’ll be honest. Changing people’s hearts isn’t my goal. I want to learn what happened to my mom… The reason why she was killed.
It was written in her notes. Should the self in the cognitive world die, the self in the real world would lose consciousness…
Is this about mental shutdowns?
Then, the criminal that Kaneshiro mentioned…
Yes, that could be the case. I don’t like pursuing this line of thought, but perhaps your mother’s Shadow was…
I don’t know for sure… But, right before my mom died, she didn’t seem right.
In what way?
No matter how much I talked to her, she wouldn’t answer back. And she didn’t jump into the road. It was more like she collapsed and fell in… That’s why I thought what was written in the notes was real and looked into it. I read books, checked theses that were released online… I even snuck into the networks of various research labs to look at their classified data.
That’s why you’re good at hacking. …What kind of brain do you have?
But, I didn’t figure anything out. My mom’s research was nowhere to be found.

I bet it’s them… Those adults in the black suits who read the fake suicide note.

If I stay with you guys, I think I can find out more about that world. Then eventually, it might even lead to those men in black. It’s a super-personal reason why I wanna join you… Is that OK? Or would I just be dead weight?
If anything, you’re dependable. Ain’t that right, Mona?
Why are you looking at me? Are you trying to say I’m inadequate!?
Well, she was more useful than you, as a matter of fact.
Hey, that’s inexcusable!
This is what our Phantom Thieves are like, but I hope we get along, Futaba.

Music: New Beginning

Let’s leave those two be… Why don’t we lose no time and decide on Futaba’s code name?

Um, did you hit your head? You’ve already referred to Makoto as Queen in a text chat.

It’s not cool if we called [sic] each other by our real names.
Joker, Skull, Mona, Panther, Queen… And I’m Fox.
In Futaba’s case… “Hacker” wouldn’t be right, would it?
Why don’t we go literal and call her “Goggles”?
Super lame. You’ve got no taste, kitty.
Haha, in your face!
(to Maaku) Do you have any good ideas for Futaba’s code name?

That’s you.
What would you want it to be, Futaba?
Hm… “Oracle.” With my vision, I’ll guide you all to victory.

In the original Japanese her name was “Navi,” but I guess Nintendo’s got the copyright locked down on their own annoying helper character names (do not @ me I know that’s not the actual reason).

Sounds great.
Then, Futaba’ll be Oracle.
But man, I never even dreamed that the rumored Phantom Thieves would be so close!
Same goes to you. To think you’d be the daughter of a Metaverse researcher… Talk about a mysterious fate.
Should we get going then?
Yup! Let’s go home!

Music: Desire

This should spur the Phantom Thieves’ support even more now. …… I agree. There are effective ways to use the Phantom Thieves… Now would be the best time to dispose of unnecessary trash… ….whether they’re connected to us or not.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I hear you’ve been keeping her company for the past few days. I appreciate it.

This is no longer a matter we can ignore.
Especially cause they might be the one who killed Futaba’s mom.
To be honest, I had considered the idea that they might be behind only the rumored psychotic breakdowns… But now it appears as though this person is killing people as well.
Technically, they’re making people have mental shutdowns, which then cause them to die.
That’s what happens when you kill someone’s Shadow, yeah?
Mm-hm? We were worried about it back with Kamoshida and Madarame, remember?
Psychotic breakdowns and mental shutdowns… It would make sense if the same person was behind them. The news never talks about the victims dying, so people only know about the breakdowns.
So this shit’s seriously a case! If that’s for real, whoever’s doing it is some kinda assassin!
I’m gonna beat the crap outta them…
I would suggest we be more cautious going forward as well. We still don’t know much, even about our Metaverse Nav.

Fuck, let’s just tell them about Igor.

A dream? You still half asleep, dude?

Fuckin’ Ryuji!

I wonder if that criminal is using the app too…
Futaba, this seems like your area of expertise. Do you know anything about it?
No, I’d never even heard of it before. I mean, it’s not really even an app. It’s more like… a mysterious app-like thing.
I see…
It’s OK though. I might not know much about the Nav, but I can still navigate you guys on the path to victory! I’ll guide you to whatever criminal you’re looking for. Mwehehe… You can rely on me!
Awesome, dude! You’re way more reliable than Mona!
Dammit, Ryuji… You always find the worst possible thing to say!

I feel kind of bad for this fucking cat, constantly getting shit on by Ryuji.

#Millennials’s popularity is still going strong. Merchandise of them has even been produced, and sales have been very good due to their appeal. With their popularity still rising, this Phantom Thieves boom will continue for a while yet.
They’re calling it a phantom thief boom! I’m so proud of us!

I don’t feel like my bond with Sojiro will deepen just yet…

Put your stuff down, and grab an apron. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

Music: What’s Going On?

I did just as he told me…

I feel like my bond with Sojiro will grow stronger soon…
Hey, thanks for helping out.

Music: Desire

That black thing was… me? …That can’t be true. I’m supposed to be human… I should be… If we get rid of the distortion in the depths of Mementos, I’m sure-- I’m sure it’ll all be fine…!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Oh, um… …My sunburns were hurting, and that woke me up! I was absorbing all the sunlight because I’m black. Don’t you get it?

You’re thinking that my entire body’s covered in fur, aren’t you? I’ve got none on my pads! By the way, it’s not like I’m bothered by this or anything… But hypothetically speaking, OK? What would you do if I turned out to be some weird… thing?

That’s… well… If what I saw from earlier is true, is it OK for me to stay with the Phantom Thieves…? And even if I’m with the team, I’m useless at the moment… It’s nothing. Well, I’ve gotten pretty used to my life as a cat too. And to be frank, this storage room isn’t bad either. Then again, I can’t wait to turn back to being a human so I can move out. Maybe I’ll live a life of luxury in a suite on the highest floor… …… But rather than becoming some weird thing, maybe staying as a cat isn’t so bad either… You and me made a deal, yeah? That means I can stay here… Isn’t that right?

Thought so… Don’t forget what you just said, OK?
I feel like my bond with Morgana is growing deeper…


Poor kitty.

Part 95

Part 95: 8/30-8/31: Gone Fishing

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

This isn’t a time for jokes.

You’re no fun, Mishima.

That old couple is so afraid of the threats that they don’t even want to open their theater. Anyway, our target is a guy named Yasuo Jochi. Let’s drive him off and save that old couple!
Hm, there might have been a change in Mementos because of all the Medjed stuff. If you want to go, now would be the right time! Let’s discuss with everyone at the hideout.

I had a really strange dream… It’s probably just exhaustion.

That kind of move tends to anger your opponent. Once provoked, they act very aggressively.
That doesn’t seem like a bad move to me, but… I suppose you speak from experience.
Plus, once you get the opponent that mad, it’s almost impossible to turn the situation around. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve-- No, never mind.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Their sales had fallen because of Medjed, but they came right back.
Hmm. Well, that’s nice. But Medjed only acted because the Phantom Thieves appeared, right? It’s only natural they fix this.

We’re getting lots of messages of support for our topic today, “Thank You, Phantom Thieves.” “Phantom Thieves are the best!” “I’d die for the Phantom Thieves!” Our phones are ringing non-stop!
So people think they’re big-time heroes. I wonder how long this’ll last.

Forever, baby! Only getting bigger!

What can I tell you? You don’t have the right to evict me, and I’ve always had my business here.
Come now, don’t use such a nasty word like “evict.” It’s more like an upgrade to a better location. What’s not to like? The money I’ve offered you should be more than enough.
It’s not a question of money. We’ve grown attached to this area…
…Listen up, you old coot. You better take the goddamn offer or we’ll stop playing nice.
What th–?
No one comes to this run-down movie theater. Just go out of business already. Besides, when a building’s this old, it wouldn’t be unusual for it to catch on fire, would it? Our patience is wearing thin. Think it over one more time with that thick head of yours.

Holy shit!

We need to deal with this guy quickly. Let’s meet at the hideout soon.

Wow, everyone’s really into the Phantom Thieves. They’ve been talking about it on TV, too.
Kotaro and I are friends, so we’re in the Phantom Thieves together, right?
That’s right. But don’t push him too hard, OK? We should stop taking him on these walks…

Aww. Listen kid, I declare you an honorary Phantom Thief. That may sound lame but being a real Phantom Thief kinda sucks, it’s better this way.

Next thing we’re going to do is save the game and go to Mementos, because it’s the very last Heat Wave day in the game and I want to show off the unique dialogue.

I… I think it’ll have an effect on Mementos… pant
What type of change would that have though?
I guess something to do with heat? I don’t know exactly…
The hell’s that supposed to mean?
I guess we’ll just have to go see for ourselves.

Getting into a fight from here reveals that Heat Wave will sometimes afflict the enemy Shadows with Burn.

We immediately reload our save from there and head back, because we have the one thing worse than Mementos in store for us today…

Music: Everyday Days


These are all the prizes we can get with various amounts of points from catching fish. The “Boilie” is all bait, the rods make it easier to reel the fish in probably, and the Black Robe and Black Rock can be fused with Personas. The Shock Charm nulls Shock, natch, and the Soul Vest is a top-class armor item that increases SP by 20. We won’t be getting it, because that’s a lot of points!

The attendant gives us 7 Small Boilie to start.

We can only catch small fish with our current bait.

It’s a slightly different system than P4 used, where now we have to land the bait in front of a specific fish to catch it. It’s also a lot worse!

There’s some decent-sized fish in the pond today, but we can only catch the ones so small you can barely see them in this picture!

We get a bite within about twenty seconds. This is by far the fastest I will get a bite all day.

Hold the button down, when it’s in the red, simple.

Oh boy, look at that whopper!

Six fish later…

It took me about ten minutes to catch seven fish. If that seems low, know that it felt like thirty. This experience with fishing is by far the worst, most tedious experience I’ve had with this game. Really, I just wish there were more fishing minigames like Okami’s if they have to exist at all.

Nice job. I know this was just for fun, but it seems like you actually managed to boost your Proficiency.

Maaku gets Proficiency +1. Fucking +1 for that. We are never coming back here.

He gives us 3 Medium Boilie.

We buy four more with the points we have and fuck off, hopefully forever.

Music: Beneath the Mask

The Phantom Thieves shocked the world by silencing a globally notorious hacktivist group. Their popularity goes beyond our own borders, with foreign media following them closely as well. Many are heralding them as “dark heroes” and “gentlemen thieves for a new age.”
Whoa… This is getting pretty crazy. So the whole world knows about us!

All anyone talks about anymore is the Phantom Thieves-- who they are, whether they’re good or bad… Startin’ to give me a headache…

Yup. I wonder why though. Does Morgana know anything?
I don’t know… I don’t even remember how I first learned about Mementos…

I see… Then there’s no way for us to find out.
It will likely become clear if we continue as the Phantom Thieves. The most important thing now is the identity of that criminal using the Metaverse.
That might be the person who killed my mom! I’m gonna find them, no matter what it takes.
You know, we used to be lacking in quite a few areas… But now that we have Futaba helping us, a great number of possibilities are now available.
Yes, we gained a fantastic addition to our team in the most unexpected manner.
Aw, you’re making me blush!
We’ll be counting on you, Futaba!
This feels way better than having some dumb cat guide us!

I know Morgana’s really just getting what he deserves, but I can’t help feeling sorry for him anyway.

Ummm… do you remember what happened last time? That man, Chairman Fukurai, visited me… If you have some time, can you stick around and chat for a bit?

OK… let’s go somewhere else.

By “somewhere else” you meant, “that bench across the street.”

But I’ve decided: I’m going to tell you everything about Fukurai-san. As well as the real reason why I decided to leave my village…

Music: Alleycat

I already told you about how it was a small, traditional town tucked away in the mountains, right? Well when I was young, I predicted a major earthquake. The villagers revered me a messenger of God… But when I kept predicting disasters, they started blaming me for everything. They said I was cursed, a monster… So I locked myself away. People would still come by to throw stones through the window though… Things went on like that for some time… until one day, an angry mob came and burned the house down.

Well, that escalated!

That’s why I decided to come to Tokyo after graduating high school. I wanted to change my fate… I didn’t know anyone, but I needed money… so I took the first job I could find at a small night club… I found myself surrounded by dangerous people… but that’s when Fukurai-san approached me. He’s a psychic too, you know.

For some reason, I doubt that.

He knew from a mere glance that I was a runaway who had just come to Tokyo. Then once I told him why I decided to leave my village, he immediately invited me to join up with the ADP. That was when he gave me the moniker of the Maiden of Relief. He told me that I possessed a divine power to save others from misfortune… That I could become more than the monster people saw me as. I… broke down the moment he said that. Hahaha… Deep down, I knew all along that the Holy Stones didn’t have any powers… But I thought I might be able to save people, even though I was a monster. Or perhaps because I was a monster… So the truth is, I was only ever selling those Holy Stones for my own personal benefit… …I’m a terrible person, huh?

I never thought you would overturn even that fate, Hamiru-san…

I’m going to expose the chairman’s fraudulent activities and wake the other members up to the truth! Thank you so much for listening to me today… If there’s ever anything you need to talk about, I’d be glad to return the favor, Hamiru-san.
I can sense a strong resolve from Chihaya…

Okay, Affinity Reading is huge. It’s the entire reason we’ve been blitzing through Chihaya’s Confidant. Why, you may ask? Well, it lets us add Confidant points to any Confidant we choose, whenever we want. Now, there are other ways to add points on days a Confidant might not be normally available, but critically, this is the only one that doesn’t spend any time. That’s right, there are no other ways to add points without spending a time block, which makes Affinity Reading crucial for adding points in between ranks. It’s worth noting that the actual amount of points added are rather small, and we can only do it once a day, and it still costs 5,000 yen. However, it’s still an amazing skill that will drastically reduce the amount of time we have to waste on Confidants that aren’t ready to rank up, if not to zero then pretty close to it. Besides, with Money Reading and Narikin, money will probably never be a serious issue again.

Now that I think about it though, just saying the Holy Stones are powerless won’t convince people. The ADP holds what they call “seminars” for believers… but it’s really just brainwashing. That’s why everyone thinks they’ll be unhappy without a Holy Stone. Honestly, I don’t hold any sway there, even though I’m the Maiden of Relief… Just who is the chairman…? Let me think it over some more. We can talk further next time. Well, thank you again for today!

Music: Beneath the Mask

We can’t leave this be…!

Well, this is truly our time to shine!

Didn’t answer my question!

Though this scoundrel has the same power as us, they’re triggering people’s mental shutdowns… If they truly exist, who can stop them? …Only us. This is getting interesting!

We’ve got a new addition to the team, so it’s time I flex my veteran skills!

Anon: Such annoying marketing
Anon: I’m totally sold now
Anon: I have to accept it now…

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Come downstaaairs!
What could it be?

Music: Break it Down

Of course. Not only can Futaba go out now, but your summer break’s almost over. We gotta do something.
I asked especially for sushi. You better be thankful. This place is supposed to be super delicious too.

Man, that thing never stops meowing, does it?

There’s no way they’d let us in with a cat in tow. Sorry, but it’s gonna have to be a no.

I do feel sorry for it though… Well, I guess I don’t mind bringing some sushi home.
He knows me so well! Let’s see. I want some medium-fat tuna, fatty tuna, salmon roe, anago, and, and… Oh, are you gonna be able to remember all this? You might want to take notes.

Music: Alright

Futaba is just shoveling sushi into her mouth.

Don’t wolf it down like that. No one’s gonna take your food.

Futaba begins to choke.

What did I tell you…? Drink some tea.

cough Hresfroomf!
Huh? …Restrooms? They’re that way.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Back in the day, she, her mother, and I used to go eat out often… This brings back memories… I had completely forgotten about it too…

Welp, time to resume.
Hm? You’re still going to eat?
I’m all full. I’m throwing in the towel!
Which is it…?

Check please.
Comin’ right up!

That sushi was so good… Today’s was pretty good too. I hope the three of us can come again sometime.

When should we do this again? I wish she could have had today’s sushi too… …… I want to find out what happened to Mom… I won’t forgive the guy who triggered her mental shutdown. So, you better help me out.

Welp, looks like I’m covering it after all. Don’t worry Sojiro, I piss 120,000 yen out of my penis.

Looks like we won’t be getting sushi to go.

Music: Wicked Plan

Huh…? Wait, where’s my sushi? Where’s my fatty tuna…? Where’s my anago…?

If only Sojiro had more money.
So that’s why…

This fuckin’ cat is taking it from all sides lately. It’s hilarious.

Oooh, washing down our sushi with some ramen? That sounds stylish, but we can do that another time.

You’re a nice guy. OK, it’s late so let’s just meet there! I know how to ride the train after that trip to the beach, so I can get there fine. Well then, I’ll be waiting.
Wait, we’re meeting in Akihabara? Is Futaba really going to be OK? We’d better get over there.

New spot unlocked.

Music: Home Electronics Store

Is she not here…? Try checking around.

Futaba is scared and crying talking to a cop? We’ve taught her well.

Hey, over there…
Did you run away from home? What’s wrong, little girl?

Music: My Homie

Uhhh… Ah…
That looks bad! What are you gonna do!?

Yeah, hurry up!


You’re not lying, are you?

Fuckin’ cop!

…Very well.

S-Sorry… I thought I conquered my fears back at the beach…
What happened?
There wasn’t anyone I knew with me, so I panicked. Felt like my heart was gonna pop… I got so scared all by myself… then I just sorta curled up into a ball… Then all these people started staring at me… and the police came… and then it was all over…
Look, Futaba. If you’re ever in trouble, just call Maaku.

You don’t have to. Urgh… Couldn’t even go buy a game by myself. I’m a failure…
But I’m OK outside as long as it’s with Maaku. …Is he some kinda key item?

I’m not okay with being objectified like this.

I’ll try and get better at navigation if you do!

Yeah, a deal! That good with you?
I should accompany Futaba when she goes out from now on…

Music: Interrogation Room

We also know that this would’ve been impossible unless you had a skilled hacker… …Who was doing this!?

You know. You know the answer to this. I TOLD YOU.

Music: The Spirit

This is one of many holdovers from Rise’s skillset in Persona 4 Golden, and while I’d argue Futaba isn’t quite as broken as Rise was due to the lack of one specific skill, this is still a ludicrous thing to give for the first rank of Futaba’s Confidant. We’ll go into what exactly it can do next time we go into Mementos or a Palace, just know that this thing isn’t balanced at all.

Anyway, the Hermit arcana represents introspection and inner guidance, as well as isolation and withdrawal from society when reversed. It’s about what you’d expect for a card called “Hermit.”

Music: What’s Going On?

Hm? Where?

Need. Buy. Game.
…Weren’t you bawling your eyes out just a second ago?
Yeah, but I have my key item now! Victory conditions met! C’mon, let’s roll!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)


What!? That’s incredible, Futaba.
I-I guess…
I just hope you can keep that up. Maybe you’ll even be able to go to high school someday.
…Well, that’s enough of that. I bet you’re exhausted after dealing with all those people, huh? Let’s get you to bed. (to Maaku) Hey, we’re gonna head back.
Sojiro and Futaba walked home…

Music: Beneath the Mask

Aw, you’re making me blush.
I’m not talking about you!
No, this is definitely thanks to Futaba silencing Medjed.

Right? This shit’s like, the perfect motivation! Everyone’s got high expectations of the Phantom Thieves. Let’s make sure they’re answered!
On top of all that, this case has shed light on something important.
You mean that criminal. Well… I suppose at this point we can refer to them as the one behind the mental shutdowns.
That’s the one who killed my mom…
We can’t leave them be. Let’s talk more in detail about this tomorrow at school.
Wait, what the hell!? School starts tomorrow!? You’ve gotta be joking.
Why would she joke about something like that…?
I thought we had another week! I didn’t do any of my homework! Eh, I guess it’s fine. It’s not like it’ll kill me or anything.
I hope you understand what will happen if you don’t do it.
So I gotta pull an all-nighter tonight? Gimme a break…
Looks like Ryuji’s gonna end up getting punished for sure.

Maybe for you.

Tons of people have been accessing the forum too.

Are you curious? It’ll send people’s wishes directly to you guys! Well, I hope you’re excited. It’ll be up and running tomorrow.

For as much of a dweeb Mishima is, the times you get to fuck with him are some of the best parts of this game.

Why? We’re both going on the school trip. In any case, look forward to the new function. I’m sure it’ll be exciting!

Akihabara is a famous tourist spot. The chaotic atmosphere there is really something.
I’m actually really into retro games, and I always visit the used game stores in Akihabara. I always get excited when I find an old game console at antique shops, haha.

That’s easy for you to say, you weren’t editing fifteen updates in a row of fucking nothing happening.

Fine, it’d be kind of overkill if they let us out today after the sushi trip and going to Akihabara.

Music: Aria of the Soul

chuckle It seems you’ve formed a contract with another new ally. …This is the owner of quite a different type of power. It will help guide you all to further heights as thieves.

chuckle Worry not. You are steadily approaching the realization of your goal. This is not necessarily to prove so, but I shall increase the number of Personas you can hold at once. From here on, your tale will make great progress… Hone your powers even further, and prepare for the time that will soon come. …I expect great things from you.

Finally, we get our last upgrade to our Persona stock. Now that we at last have 12, it strongly lessens the stress of having to meddle with our Personas for resistances or matching arcanas for Confidants. Even a meager upgrade is good because the Persona limit can feel very stifling, especially in comparison to the mainline SMT games, which let you carry like forty demons at once.

…Until we meet again.
It is time, Inmate. Return to your world.

Part 96

Part 96: 9/1-9/2: Wherein I Waste Everyone’s Time By Fucking Around For Half The Update

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Ooh, a uniform!

You look great. Surprisingly.
Futaba says she’s going to shift to living a morning person’s life.
A healthy mission starts with a healthy lifestyle.

In regard to the so-called “Phantom Thieves” events that have been a hot topic among the general public… The prime minister held a press conference at his official residence to address the problem.
The government acknowledges the current rumors of the group called the Phantom Thieves. We are currently confirming facts with the police and wish to deal with it in an appropriate–
Even the prime minister’s talking about the Phantom Thieves?
They’re allies of justice, after all.
They change hearts, huh…? I wonder if it’s true.
Looks like we’re finally being recognized across the country.

In all honesty, I think you guys are managing great. It’s all thanks to my amazing guidance. Let’s find clues on that case as soon as we can too, and resolve it ourselves. …For Futaba’s sake too.
…You two really get along, don’t you? You’re gonna be late if you don’t get going soon.
Good luck on your student duties.

We’ve even received messages about how the Phantom Thieves are all students talk about these days.

I thought it was just an ordinary website…
Lately they’ve added a polling feature to ask who you’d like to see have a change of heart.

Goddammit, Mishima. Was that your big new idea? I can’t see this going wrong, no sir.

Given people’s heightened expectations, it’s been receiving a lot of votes.
Huh… Maybe I should go vote for our company president. “Change his heart so he’ll raise our salaries!” Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Not like I did anything during summer break. I gust stayed in and played online games.
Nothing you could’ve done this summer would’ve topped the Phantom Thieves! Hacking Medjed back and all the other stuff—it was totally nuts!
Everyone online was waiting for the deadline to hit. People sure do love the Phantom Thieves. Speaking of, have you checked out the Phan-Site recently? They added a bunch of new stuff, including the option to rank people to get a change of heart.

Music: My Homie

It’s like, it always ends right when you get used to a life without school. …Then again, I guess we had some fun things this year.

Kawakami clears her throat loudly.

All right, let’s begin homeroom. Let’s see. We’ve just gotten back from vacation, but starting next Monday is the school trip.
Oh yeah, that’s right.

Music: Alright

Hawaii!? That seems like kind of a big deal. You’d think someone would have brought that up at some point in the last half year.

Make sure that none of you cut loose too much, OK?

The students become rowdy.

OK, settle down! That concludes homeroom.

You can speak English, right?
Basically, yeah.
That’s amazing!

I forgot how shitty my portraits for some of these generic students were, yikes.

I lived over there, so it’s nothing that special.
Hey, if there’s something we’re not sure of in English, can we ask you about it?

Theeeeere we go. Everybody wants something.


Despite both of our phones clearly going off, this conversation does not appear to include Ann.

Is it the same for you? Talk about being popular. Anyways, now that a new semester’s started, let’s have another operation meeting.

Shouldn’t you text the others about this and not just me?

Maaku and Ann look at each other. I suppose Maaku is psychically transmitting that information to her.

Rankings, huh? Sounds interesting!
All you do is vote? Isn’t that kind of pointless?
You never know. They might be looking at it.
I’m sure the Phantom Thieves will steal their heart!

Music: Wicked Plan

Futaba! Did you come here by yourself?
I went to get her since I got out of school early.
What a patronizing Inari.
Well then, let’s get talkin’. Whadda we do now? Should we go after another big target?
That’s important too, but what about that villain in the cognitive world?
It’s almost certain that this person exists. What’s more, they’re inducing mental shutdowns… We certainly can’t turn a blind eye.
Yeah, but we don’t got any clues… But! You know how we’re totes popular right now? Everyone at school’s talkin’ about us, and not a day goes by when you don’t hear about it on TV either! We totally made it big, don’tcha think?
True. The rankings on the Phantom Aficionado website have been crazy too.

Huh? What the hell!? First place… keeps changing by the second!
People are voting around the clock, after all.
If we go after these guys, I’m sure we’ll score some big cash at least once!

Oh, yep. Totally. Cash, the most important thing in this enterprise of ours. Can’t think of any other reason we got into this.

What would you use money like that for, Maaku?

I’ve never heard of a phantom thief that saves up money!
Are you fine with that, Futaba? Even though it’s related to what happened to your mother?
It’s not OK! I’m definitely gonna punch that guy…!
The culprit forcing mental shutdowns… If you think about it, there’s no bigger target than that. If we can change his heart and get a confession outta him, we’ll be on top of the world for real. Should we reveal our identities then? I bet chicks are gonna be all over us!
Whoa, whoa, you want us to show our faces…!? …I guess that might be OK?
I see. If the true culprit confesses, the existence of the Metaverse will become known… There would be no need for us to remain in hiding in such a questionable manner…

Being “unknown” is the allure of being a phantom thief.
But considering the hype now, it’s gonna be one hell of a huge deal if we pull it off!
Are there really no clues regarding those mental shutdown cases? If I remember right, wasn’t the older Niijima sister investigating it?

Wait a minute. We, the player know that Makoto’s sister was the prosecutor who came to Leblanc threatening Sojiro, but we didn’t know that was tied to the mental shutdowns, did we? Furthermore, how on earth does Morgana know that they’re the same person? Makoto’s been rather quiet whenever it’s been brought up, and as far as I can recall barely talks about her. How does anyone know any of this? The only explanation I can see is that Kaneshiro’s Shadow mentioned Sae’s first name, and then Akechi mentioned Sae in passing the other day, but that’s a rather large leap in the characters’ understanding, especially for a game that feels the need to explain eeeeeeeverything.

Yes… I can pry and ask about it. But she’ll just tell me to mind my own business and get angry with me.

She’ll probably do that anyway, Makoto. You’ve got nothing to lose!

If you can’t ask her, wanna just extract that data?

Does she have a personal laptop or something?
Don’t tell me…

Just stick this baby in, and it’ll clone the internal hard drive! It’ll even bypass the OS password!

Why did you think you would need that when you came here today?

You’ll have to plug it directly into her laptop though. Can you do it?
Sis does bring her laptop home sometimes… But I’m not comfortable going that far…
Ooh, is Futaba gonna do something amazin’ again?
Are you scared of seeing how your sister truly feels?
No! …Of course not. …Fine, I’ll do it.

Makoto takes the device.

Music: Disquiet

Holy shit, I just noticed this dude’s ear! What the fuck is wrong with it, it’s so small!

But I gave a gag order in regard to Mr. Kamoshida’s case… P-Please wait! Please give me some time! I will find evidence on the Phantom Thieves for sure! I couldn’t have made it this far, had it not been for your assistance, sir… so… Please… Please let me–

The caller on the other end hangs up.

Poor Fake Billy Zane.

You know, sometimes I think twice about making voice actor jokes because of the fact that this is an entirely visual medium but for some reason the fact that the references I’m making have literally zero play whatsoever due to the format just makes it funnier to me.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Still another six months ahead of you. Keep yourself in check, got it?

Yes, if you look away for even a single moment, the order changes completely.
It’s hard to decide who to actually go after!
They’re flooding in!
We can choose anyone we want!
We should wait for now though, it will surely cool off soon. More importantly, how are things on your end, Makoto?
Sis isn’t home yet. She may not come back at all tonight.
Man, just think how great it’d be to narrow down our targets!

Even you, Maaku…? …I suppose I’ll do it.
Let’s leave this to Makoto. I’m sure she’ll be able to pull it off.

Oh, you’re thirsty for something, all right.

Many celebrities have started posting public apologies on their personal blogs and other outlets. The general opinion is that the reason why they are doing this is the Phantom Thieves. The rationale is that they will be spared by the Phantom Thieves if they apologize preemptively.
Some people are just confessing what they’ve done wrong on their own? They must be scared of us.

Heading over to the second-hand shop, the owner has something new for us. Let’s buy this broken laptop. Now, we don’t have any means to repair it as of yet, so we’ll have to save that for another time.

We skipped two (well, more than two) summer hangouts that would have unlocked some new spots, so we buy the top two books for the purpose of unlocking them later.

Remember waaaaaaay back when I mentioned we wouldn’t be able to rank up Sojiro for a while? Well, Rank 5 of his Confidant is only accessible after 8/22, or after Futaba first joins. We hit Rank 4 something like two or three in-game months ago, so it’s been a long time.

Thanks. Futaba’s coming to eat today too. I’ll get the curry ready. I’m leaving the coffee to you.

Music: Break it Down

How was the curry, Futaba?
Delicious! I’m gonna be dreaming of that stuff tonight!
Um… did it taste the same as you remember it?
Yup. I feel like a dummy for not wanting to eat it back when I was depressed about my mom… …Oh yeah! The first episode of this brand-new anime I wanna watch is airing tonight! I’m outta here!
Eyes in front when you walk, OK? No spacing out. You ran head first into a pole last time you went for a walk…
Well you stubbed your toe on the dresser the other day! Aw crap! It’s gonna start! (to Maaku) Making like a leaf, and—Eh, screw it. Bye!

I don’t think that’s how that expression goes, but whatever.

And what about you?

Now then… there’s something I should probably tell you. Here, take a seat. I’ll pour you some coffee.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

You might’ve realized it by now, but that genius was Futaba’s mother… Wakaba. In other words, that curry is one of the last remaining connections Futaba has to her mom.

I first met Wakaba back when I was doing work for the government. She was real trouble, let me tell you. Logic prevailed over emotion for her, and she had an intricate knowledge of the human mind. I thought my pick-up lines were the best in town, but not a single one worked on her… Heh…

It was almost impossible to keep up with her. Men are idiots though… We spend our time chasing after things we can’t get. Wakaba rejected me time and time again… but there was one instance I managed to surprise her. And that was when I gave her a plate of my homemade curry. The very next day she came asking all about the ingredients and what goes into the cooking process… Then just a few days later, she handed me a scientifically-enhanced version of my recipe. …It was incredible. She had used my curry as the basis, but it was miles better than anything I made. Curry was Wakaba’s specialty from then on. Naturally, Futaba grew to love it in no time as well. But then after Wakaba’s accident… Futaba stopped eating it entirely. The flavor would make her remember the pain… I’ve heard even smells can bring back memories too. But… that curry was the only point of connection I had with Futaba. That’s why when I took her in, I vowed to keep this recipe alive until she could eat it again.

The whole idea of pairing the curry with a nice brew is thanks to Wakaba’s refinement too. Despite how introverted she seemed, she was extraordinarily perceptive of the people around her… I never even told her about my love of coffee. She figured it out just from looking at me… That was when I realized she was totally out of my league. Not likle I really stood a chance to begin with though. She already had Futaba by then, after all. This might seem like any old curry to most people, but there’re tons of emotions crammed inside. So, uh… make sure you keep the tradition going.
I feel like my bond with Sojiro is growing deeper…

Futaba’s waiting for me at home too, so I should probably be heading back. Make sure you clean up before you go to bed.
I can see the compassion hidden beneath Sojiro’s actions… I feel my Kindness growing…

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Oh yes. Thank you for the coffee last time. It’s a lovely cafe. I haven’t relaxed that much in a while.

I could tell. You got pretty candid back there.

That’s nice of you to say. Especially lately since it seems I’m hated by those who support the Phantom Thieves… Anyhow, it seems your school’s in trouble.


The media is reporting that the whole school was involved in the cover-up about that gym teacher. Those unfortunate students were made victims all because adults valued their own conveniences… This is unforgivable, no matter the reason. …Let me know if you need anything. I’ll do my best so that the case is wrapped up quickly.

Looks like Shujin’s back in deep shit.

I read an article about Shujin in a magazine… “High School Horrors: A School-wide Cover-up.” Seems the administration turned a blind eye to that abusive teacher. It’s all so hard to believe…
The principal claimed he didn’t know what was going on, at first. We’re talking about children’s lives—people like him are the ones who should answer for this.
I don’t like the way they’re looking at us…

How can you even see them from inside that bag, cat?

Music: Break it Down

The media’s gonna come to our school. At least be a little interested in it. “Cover-up by faculty and principal of Shujin Academy, where the Phantom Thieves first appeared.” It’s been a huge deal already. I wonder what’s gonna happen to the principal now. Anyways, we made the right choice goin’ after big targets! Everywhere I go, people’re talkin’ about us!

Ryuji makes for the door…

And blocked by Girl with Watering Can!

I’m sorry!
Oh no, I’m fine.

The girl walks away.

The Phantom Thieves are on fire right now, so I wonder if I got a chance if I asked her out…? It sucks that I can’t just say I’m actually a Phantom Thief to anybody.

She didn’t even have a name, Ryuji. We’ll never see her again.

Music: Wicked Plan

Okay, so this scene is obviously here because they realized, “Oh shit, we accidentally implicated Kawakami in the Kamoshida mess,” which they bring up and then… do nothing with. It’s actually kind of more damning than if they’d just ignored it because her failure to give any kind of explanation or alibi here means it’s not at all irrational to assume that she did know something, whoops!

Even if the police ask you anything, you better not make irresponsible comments to them! Seriously, why does this keep happening? All my relatives are gonna call me again…

Chastising children for gossip and worrying about its affect on your personal life is totally the appropriate response to finding out many of your coworkers were involved in a plot to protect a child abuser and implied rapist! I’m just going to pretend this scene doesn’t exist because despite her Confidant being hilariously inappropriate I actually like Kawakami as a character.

You know how the police have been coming to the school again because of that incident? So, a number of the senior faculty are going to be called in for questioning… And that day just happens to overlap with the school trip.
…Yes, I’ve been told so.
Now, this came up at the faculty meeting, but the plan is to have third-years to act as our proxies. I’m so sorry to drop this on you, Niijima-san, but we’ll be counting on you.

You know… A lot of the second-years this year happen to be… unique.

“We’ve got two delinquents, fine, but someone’s gotta keep an eye on that Mishima loser.”

You must have your hands full with the entrance exams, but I’m sure you’ll be fine with your grades. Don’t worry. There’ll be a couple more people going besides you!
…If that’s the case, very well.

I’ll go ahead and pass this news on then/

Music: So Boring

Perhaps it’s due to the negative comments he made about us.

C’mon, you don’t gotta pity a jerk like him. By the way, how’s it going, Makoto? You get into your sister’s data yet?
I think she’s been busy. She didn’t come home at all yesterday.
That’s problematic.
What’re we gonna do? We can’t do a damn thing till we get that.
Don’t rush me. I assure you, I can handle this. More importantly… everyone at school has been on edge since that tabloid article. Please be careful not to stand out, OK?
You don’t gotta tell me twice!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Even more talking to do, because everyone’s dialogue updated… again.

I’m surprised that they’ve gotten so famous. Nobody even believed they were real at first.
I’m embarrassed that I used to be a fan of Akechi-kun… Now it’s all about the Phantom Thieves. I’ll cheer them on as much as I can!

Was that incident with Mr. Kamoshida just the beginning?
A stand in Shibuya Station was selling Phantom Wafers. It was already close to selling out. I guess that’s just how popular the Phantom Thieves are…
Phantom Wafers!? I wonder if I can buy one on the way home…

Inquisitive Girl and Foodie Girl will often talk about new limited-time items for sale.

Damning with faint praise.

I’ve been seeing it everywhere I go lately. I really wanna buy some P-Thieves merchandise! Just looking at that glorious logo makes me feel a little braver. Those guys are seriously awesome! Man, this is crazy cool. I’m gonna take a picture! Hamiru drew it, right? It’s like, the best drawing I’ve ever seen. I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins! Nice going, Hamiru!
Our fame is going through the roof! Where’s it gonna stop…?

I think I’ll interview you too, Hamiru-kun. What’re your thoughts on the article?

I totally get you! The teachers can’t be trusted. I wish they’d be more honest with us. Of course, I’ll continue my coverage for the newspaper club.

Well, at least we’ve still got the Phantom Thieves. They’re so in right now!
Yeah, there’s SO much merch for them. Maybe I should buy some.

But if that happens, that’d be a real problem for us. What about our futures after high school?
Although in a different era, there have been middle school graduates who became prime ministers. Diligence can overcome any shortcoming. Effort is what’s most important to rise to the top.

No one cares about our tournament coming up!
Is now the time to worry about that? We have to do our part as captains if we really want to win.
Why did I come to Shujinnn? Ever since this year started, it’s been nothing but drama.

Just when I thought it was all over. I wish I never came to Shujin Academy…
Let’s ask the Phantom Thieves for help. I’m sure they can take down the principal for us.

I heard you chased away some reporters who snuck into campus. Good for you, Sensei!
I’m part of the school staff, after all. We can’t allow any harm to come to our students.

Unless it’s one of the teachers doing it.

The other teachers have been kind of useless since the Kamoshida thing, so I’m really impressed!

Nobody knows who I really am, though. Heh… If they only knew.

O-Of course, I beat them at their own game. With the internet, hacking skills, and computers! They were powerless once I started typing at breakneck speeds of 100 words per hour! Muahahaha!

What a fuckin’ idiot.

These are but a small sampling of the new reactions to our latest caper.

Just who are they, anyway…? Honestly, the idea they exist creeps me out a little bit.
The police, prosecutors, everyone in the government’s up in arms, trying to find the Phantom Thieves. It might not be long until those Phantom Thieves are finally caught.

Alright, I didn’t explain how this store worked previously because I wasn’t aware. It gets a new related book every time you do the corresponding activity for the first time, like batting, fishing, watching movies, etc. We’ll buy this Essence of Fishing book, even if we don’t plan on ever going back there.

We’re here to try out this fancy new Affinity Reading.

Please think about someone you want to become closer with.

We didn’t have enough points with Yusuke for the next rank, so let’s try to get his affinity up.

This reading will cost you 5000 yen.

OK, heeere I gooo…

We did not get enough points to get Yusuke to the next rank, unfortunately. We can do this once a day, though, and do the same person multiple times, so it’s no big deal.

Next up, we head over to Akihabara, the newest and last of the areas this game lets us free roam around in. Check out that sweet anime car, by the way.

You mean the stuff on the Phantom Thieves, right? They jump on the bandwagon now and call it news?
The stuff they’re reporting is so old. They’re months behind us. TV really is shit.
True, but the people watching it and causing a ruckus are shit too.

Man, fuck these guys.

Stocks. I put all our savings into stocks ato get our money to JUMP UUUP!

This guy owns.

We saved that money together! You can’t just do things like that on your own!
Don’t worry! I invested in Okumura Foods. They’re expanding overseas, so their stock price is going up.

Oh yeah, you should totally buy when the price is going up, what a good plan. It’s how I made my bitcoin millions.

Haha, most out-of-towners say that. Been here my whole life, and even I think it’s strange.
Next I want to meet… How do you say… The Phantom Thieves?
Dunno if I can swing that. What’s the deal with those guys, anyhow?

Foreign Barker and Foreign Tourist need to meet and strike up a friendship. Or fall in love. One or the other.

Gah! Please don’t complain to the cafe! That doesn’t count! Aw, man, I got mistaken for a mugger the other day, too. What the hell am I doing wrong? sigh This job is impossible. Why the hell do I even do it?

Electric Town has a variety of interesting shops!

This PC Tool Set will let us fix that Broken Laptop we picked up earlier.

A capsule vending machine? Oh, so you can get these guys with 500 yen… Why don’t you try testing out your luck?

Now, thankfully, interacting with the capsule machine does not spend time for some inexplicable reason like in Persona 4.

This capsule says it’s uncommon. It’s not a big win, but it’s no huge loss, either. sigh I just don’t get it. Why do people want these?

This, pachinko, and gacha are the closest things in this society to true gambling, but I suppose that we could ask the same question of slot machines.

What am I so mad about? I can’t get the guy I want in this capsule toy vending machine… I want the figurine for “Mothman,” but he hasn’t been showing up… Tell me if you ever get one. I’ll trade you a figurine I have for it.

Hot dog, let’s go for it!

This capsule says it’s super rare! Y-You’re amazing!

We eventually get one… twelve attempts later. That’s actually probably on the low end, considering some of my other tries at this, so 6,000 yen is a low price to pay. We get four more Decked Decarabia (uncommon), one Kinky Kin-Ki (rare), two Gear Girimehkala (uncommon), two Die-soujou (common), and two Mini Dominion (common) before getting a Mossy Mothman (super rare).

Th-That’s the Mothman figurine! Wow! His fur looks like it’s real!

Um, I thought I was trading for a figurine, not a fucking piece!

>Let’s trade.

Eh, sure.

Thank you, thank you so much! This is so awesome! It’s so fluffy…! Ah, sorry about that. Here’s your Model Gun, just like I promised. If you get another Mothman again, please bring it to me!

Now, considering the amount of effort we just put in for a rather low-grade gun, this may not seem worth it. However, this is one of the best (and only) ways to get Model Guns in the game, which are used for weapon transmutation. If you fuse the correct (endgame, naturally) Persona into one of these, you’ll get a monstrously powerful upgrade to the relevant character. This is just the most blatant example, but Makoto’s ultimate gun gives her +10 in all stats, it’s crazy. Sadly, we can only get five Model Guns from this gentleman before he starts offering something else, but it’s still great.

Now that we’ve given him what he wants, he’ll also start trading for the other figurines we’ve got, in descending order of rarity. Some of these trades are far better than others. Kin-Ki gives us Revivadrin and Life Ointment, which we can just buy, so not that great.

This is the good one. For Girimehkala he’ll give us Strawberry Curry and Mystery Stew. Strawberry Curry restores 100 HP while lowering defense and our accuracy/evasion rate, which is… bad. Mystery Stew, on the other hand, reduces all three parameters… but restores 30% SP. Considering Dekunda exists, costs 10 SP, and can eliminate those debuffs in a single turn, this is an amazing item, even if it can only be used in battle.

For Decarabia he’ll give Muscle Drink (30% HP restore, Attack up, Defense down) and Odd Morsel (30% HP restore, Attack up, Hit/Evasion down).

In the trade for Daisoujou he’ll give us a Fulfiller (cures Hunger, weirdly missing from the wiki list of items) and a Coolifier Pad (cures Burn, we already have like twenty).

Finally, for the dreaded Mini Dominion, he gives us a Dr. Salt NEO, just because we went to the trouble of bringing it. It restores 20 HP. Fart.

Now, Akihabara also has a few other points of interest that we didn’t see today, like a games shop, an arcade, and a maid cafe (that we’ll never visit because we’re already maxed on Charm), but there’s no real reason to visit them at present.

We’ll get fired if we go too far… Let’s just cover the Phantom Thieves fad like we were told.
This is definitely good news. The more we praise them now, the more fun we’ll have later.
So we build them up now only to bash them once they fall? Do you think it’ll be that easy?
We’ll worry about that when the time comes. Right now, we just stir and keep stirring!

Everyone admires the Phantom Thieves… They’re the ones fighting the battles, after all.
Nrgh! What are you trying to say? They win thanks to the power I graciously provide them with!
All you do on rainy days is sit inside your holy place and surf the internet…

I dunno. If the Phantom Thieves didn’t, my boyfriend and I wouldn’t have fought.
I hope you didn’t say something like, “Poor Akechi-kun” in front of him. That’s it, isn’t it?

Wherever I go, I hear about these phantom thieves. They’re being called modern day heroes. If I asked phantom thieves to help me, I wonder if they could clear the haziness in my head… sigh In my clothes, I’ve found some money and a bloodied knife. This isn’t the first or second time… The stretches of time that I have no memory of are getting longer. No one understands my problem…

Poor guy.

I’m excited. It’ll be my first time overseas. I heard Big Bang Burger has an exclusive menu in Hawaii!
Don’t fall for marketing hype so easily. It makes you seem information illiterate.

God, everyone in this game is a jackass.

Everyone’s all about the Phantom Thieves now. They’re all anyone on TV talks about.
I told my hubs he should sell a Phantom Thieves-inspired burger. Don’t you think it’d be a big hit? One must always have their finger on the pulse.

FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY, get a special PHANTOM THIEVES BURGER at your local Burger King! It’ll steal your heart through the magic of cholesterol!

We pick up some of those Phantom Wafers we heard about earlier while we’re out, considering they’re a steal for how useful they are.

Out into the world, huh? That reminds me. Anna, Dorothy, Nora… I wonder if they’re all right.
S-Senpai, don’t tell me you’ve already gone international!?
That’s all in the past. Just forget what I said.

Oh, it’s Futaba. Let’s see what she wants.

Oh, right. Um, well… Sorry about what happened in Akihabara. I really messed up…
Futaba looks really depressed… Maybe you should cheer her up.
I should be able to find the words to comfort Futaba with my current level of Kindness

This is the Rank 4 Kindness gate.

This may be a good opportunity to deepen my bond with her…
That police officer… He was a way higher level than me…

Yeah… I guess you’re right… I mean, I still managed to buy some stuff after that. But that was only ‘cause you were there… Anyways… …Can we go up to your room? I wanna talk to you some more.

OK. Let’s go, Maaku.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I think I wanna try going somewhere else sometime. …It really sounds like Sojiro wants me to go back to school. But online classes are better for studying! I wouldn’t even have to leave the house.

Fuck school, find any way you can to get out of it.

Though… I dunno if Sojiro’d really consider that going to school.

…… Um, to be honest… I really do wanna go back. …Do you think I’ll be able to?

I… I’m gonna do my best!

Music: What’s Going On?

My mom used to have me do that all the time. She’d write all my goals for the month, like cleaning the house or running errands for her.

Your mom died two years ago, meaning that she had you running errands at like, 13 or younger? Wow, irresponsible!

Then when I’d finish one, she’d mark it off with a big stamp. She always used to write comments too… Those were the best. Oh, and once I finished all my goals, she would take a day off work to spend time with me. It’s decided then! I’m gonna make a promise list! Time to get my ideas ready!

So, these are my promises. 1. Go somewhere with lots of people. Getting used to big crowds is key. 2. Go to school. I wanna see what the inside of a normal high school looks like. 3. Learn about my generation. I definitely need more info… 4. Have a normal conversation with a stranger my age. …How’s that?

I’m not setting a deadline for this, by the way. I wanna try and finish all of them someday! You’re gonna have to help me though. I’ll work even harder with my navigation in return!
I can sense Futaba’s trust in me…

This might seem pretty useless to the casual LP observer. It’s actually fucking amazing. While there are some… odd properties to the Mementos map (like the inability to scroll it at all in any direction), knowing where the treasure chests are from the outset is great. That’s not even the best part, though: the game functions that let you warp automatically to the next or previous floor aren’t tied to having opened the appropriate door, just to having the stairs on the map. In layman’s terms, it means that if this procs, you get to skip the entire floor. Considering how bad Mementos is, this is incredibly welcome.

If I finish all the promises, do you think I could have a reward…? I know it’s kinda weird to ask… but having a reward waiting at the finish line will totally push me onward…! Anyway, I got this! …… Though I’m kinda exhausted from making the list, soooooo… Tomorrow. I got this… tomorrow. Welp, I’m gonna make like a hedgehog and roll outta here!
Futaba went home…

Part 97

Part 97: 9/2-9/3: The Worst People In The Game

Music: Beneath the Mask

You some kinda misfortune magnet or something? Just don’t bring any bad luck down on me, got it?

No, my sister still hasn’t come home.
Mannn, she’s seriously that busy?
Probably because of us.
So, uh… do you still want to go through with this…?
Yes. I can do it. Hold on, I have a message. It sounds like she’s on her way home.
All right! It’s finally time!

Understood. I’ll report back tomorrow.
Oooh, I can’t wait to see what comes of this…

But who did it? Could #Millennials be possibly involved? We investigated to try and get to the bottom of this.
Wow, everyone’s so interested in the Phantom Thieves. Make sure you don’t blow our cover, OK?

I’m gonna murder all the rich people, old man, and you can’t stop me.

By the way, is your house ever going to get air conditioning? Maid outfits get too hot during summer and really cold in winter. They’re so impractical. Oh, well. Does your room need cleaning, or did you need me to cook for you? I provide all sorts of services! But, um… there’s stuff I need to talk to you about, so would you request me?

I’ll be heading over right away, thennn. Please wait for me, Master!

…… But I have to say goodbye to it today.

Music: Alleycat

The thing is, I’ve decided to quit! …My boss found me a part-time job that pays better than this one.

Oh no.

Takase-kun’s guardians keep increasing their demands… …So this is just what I have to do.

Takase-kun’s guardians say the only way to apologize to Takase-kun is by paying them. If that’s not true, then what’s the right thing to do here…? I wonder if I can escape all this if I quit being a teacher. People like me have no right being a teacher. If I quit on my own, I won’t have to pay them… That’s why I’m going to quit both my teaching job and my maid job… What do you think?

But did I really decide it on my own…? Now that I think about it, it’s too late for me to stop being a teacher. If I really felt bad for what happened, I would’ve resigned the day he died. And yet, I still felt the need to teach… I wonder why I feel that way even now.

…Hamiru-kun. …… Oh, that’s right… I decided the way to apologize to him was to make sure there won’t ever be another student like him. Because I might’ve been able to save him if I hadn’t been afraid of rumors or labels back then. I wanted to become a teacher who takes care of her students. That’s the mindset I had! But now, I spend all my free time at part-time jobs, just so I can continue working as a teacher. I put the critical work of a teacher on the back burner, so I could make “apology” money. That’s where it all went wrong… I can’t make things right with Takase-kun like this…

I’ll be the teacher I aspire to be… That’s the right way for me to make amends to Takase-kun. From here on, I refuse to pay them any more money! And that is my answer! …Well, what do you think?

…I learned that from you. In a way, you’re MY teacher. …Haha, just kidding.

This fall on Disney Channel, experience the heartwarmingly funny tale of the teacher who might just have more to learn from her students than the other way around! [sub]and also she’s a prostitute[/sub]

I feel Kawakami’s trust in me strengthening…

I’ve been so worried about making money that I haven’t been paying attention to my students. Especially to you. I averted my eyes from you because you were labeled, just like Takase-kun was… But from now on, I’m going to protect you too. As your teacher, I will never betray you.

The first option here is hilariously weird and line-crossing, even if it fits with the tone of the conversation better. Therefore I went with the second option, which is basically the equivalent of responding to “I’ll defend you with my life” with “Cool,” and just seems ridiculously non-chalant.

I’ll speak with the Takases. I’m not going to run anymore. Everything should be fine as long as I talk to them face to face. All right, it’s time for me to go. Thank you… I’ll see you later. Good night.

Music: Days of Sisters

I’m listing up the evidence that’s been taken into storage. It’s a chore that any part-timer could do. I don’t have time to waste on something like this… I felt like my irritation would show on my face at the office, so I brought it home.
Sorry to hear.
The Phantom Thieves case isn’t so easy that I could pursue it in my spare time… The media keeps making a ruckus about it, so people have been wary whenever we make inquiries. Why, I couldn’t get anything out of a man who seemed to have intel… I even tried threatening him.


All I did was question him a bit harshly.

It’s unclear, but I think it’s possible she’s talking about Sojiro, in which case this is a hilarious understatement.

Oh, I almost forgot… I’ll be going on a school trip starting next week… The senior faculty are being questioned, so I’ll be going in their stead…
Sounds good to me. The school will owe you for it. It won’t get in the way of your entrance exams, will it?
Not at all. …Feel free to take a bath first. I… need to study.
OK. I think I’ll do that.

Music: Disquiet


A progress bar appears onscreen.

This should do it, right?



I want to change my toothbrush.
I-I bought a new one already! It’s on the shelf!



An extremely soft thud can be heart from the bathroom, so quiet I had to rewind the video and turn my volume all the way up to hear it. There’s zero chance anyone playing this on a TV would have heard this, is what I’m saying. Also Sae’s been in the tub for maybe twenty seconds at this point.

It’s so close to being done too…!

What is it?
I bought a new bath salt. It’s on the same shelf, so would you mind putting it in the tub?
Not at all.

The process completes.

Music: Suspicion

I’m not entirely sure I did it correctly though…
Oooh, I’ve been waiting for this! Gimme, gimme, gimme!
I have to head to school right now though…
Whoa! My bad! Bring it right after then. I’m gonna punish you if you’re lateee!
Looks like it went well! I wonder what we’ll find… Oh! Before that, we should get over to school!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

He knew all about Kamoshida, but kept his mouth shut. Ridiculous…
Well, let’s vote him up on the Phan-Site. I can’t imagine the Phantom Thieves wouldn’t go after someone so rotten. I’m sure other teachers knew, too. Anyone who did deserves a change of heart.
Yeah… But, wait! What if it messes up our school trip? Maybe we should wait until after.


Music: So Boring

Your destination is none other than Hawaii. I hope your passport isn’t about to expire. You’re heading out on Wednesday, so there’s no time to get a new one printed.


Anyhow, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time sightseeing in Hawaii more if you have more knowledge.

Fucker, I’m MAXED

Now then, Hamiru-kun. Look closely at this picture.

Yes, really. That’s his name.

In this famous statue, he’s holding a spear in his left hand, but what does he have in his right?

We’re gonna get sued.

That’s correct. He’s actually just holding his hand in the air.

As an aside, it seems that this statue is not of King Kamehameha himself.

I want you all to know that “Kamehameha” does not set off my word processor’s spellcheck. Dragon Ball is real, y’all.

After Kamehameha’s death, another king commissioned the statue, using a boy from his court as the model.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

I hope you will make the most out of your five days there. Let me just say that I have a fondness for macadamia nuts, so…
Souvenirs, huh… I definitely wouldn’t want to get some wooden figurine. I can’t understand why people would send things like that as gifts…

I repeat, Hamiru-kun, please come to the Student Guidance Office.
That sounded like Kawakami. I wonder what’s up…

Hmm, what could Kawakami want with us during lunchtime?

I told them… that I’m not going to pay them any more money!

Good for you!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m going to devote myself to being a great teacher! No matter what others say, I won’t waver. So, thank you for giving me such good advice. I just thought you should be the first to know…


Music: Desire

Tch, him again?

How rude… I guess a student is only as good as his teacher. Obviously you lack a proper education.
You thought you could just call and say you’re not going to pay anymore? Who do you think you are?

Wait, I thought she said she was gonna do it in person? Guess she got cold feet?

It’s what I decided, for Takase-kun’s sake. I’m going to make sure there won’t be any more students like him, who…
So you’re just trying to get out of your responsibility? I bet you don’t even care about Taiki! How are you still a teacher? Maybe we really should sue the Board of Education! Are you OK with that? A teacher who caused her student to die would surely cause a scandal.

If you want to take legal action, then go ahead. Regardless, I’ll continue teaching. I’ve decided that that’s the best apology I can make to Takase-kun. Paying money to you two is not the solution, to say the least!
Hmmm… Along with suing you, maybe I should tell everyone about your little secret…


How did you…!?
Oh? So I’m right, am I?

I mean, the amount of money you’re paying us can’t come from just a teacher’s salary. Well? Shall we head on over to the faculty office?

Hah! A teacher working in the sex industry? You’ve definitely done it this time. How unfortunate for you that you thought you could just leave Taiki’s matter unsettled… You know what you have to do now, right? Pay up! And don’t ever call us again with this garbage about stopping the payments!

Music: Suspicion

I know! But what am I supposed to do…? ……

Now there’s a plan.

Kawakami appears to be deeply hurting… I need to do something for Kawakami…

…Who? The Takases? The husband is Toshio-san… and his wife is Hiromi-san… Haha, I could never forget them. I send them money every week…

Please don’t. A Shujin teacher asking the Phantom Thieves for help would be…

Who said anything about the Phantom Thieves? I was going to break into their house and kick them until they stop moving. Holy shit, what awful people.


Just forget everything, OK? If you think about it, I’m right back where I started… ……

Haha… Class is about to start… I need to go.

This is just heartbreaking.

I need to do something about the targets for Kawakami…

Man, that was depressing. Time for some whiplash!

Music: Wicked Plan

If we’re gonna lay low, we might as well enjoy it. Aww, look at this one! Gigantic sea-turtle sightseein’ on some beach.
Come on, food’s more important than some turtle. You really don’t find steak this big and thick in Japan! Also… mahi-mahi? Is that some kind of fish? Think it’s good?

I thought Ann’s deal was sweets, not meat. You’re infringing on Chie’s gimmick!

It seems that it’s the season for schools all around. We’re going on our school trip as well.
Yeah? Where you guys goin’?
I believe it’s Los Angeles.
Ahaha, that doesn’t suit you at all, Yusuke! I bet you wanted to go somewhere like Nikko or Nara.
Anywhere is acceptable. Natural mineral pigments used for Japanese art was also originally imported.

What country’s that…?
Our place.
Wait, are you scared of airplanes?

I dunno guys, it’s so hard to pick, and I’m just a little distracted by the fact that my homeroom teacher is being forced into selling her body against her will to raise money to pay her blackmailers. That’s still pretty fresh. But I’m sure whatever you fucks are goofing off talking about is pretty important too.

We’ll make sure to buy a souvenir for you.

Just no wooden figurines. He hates those, apparently.

Ooh, here comes some interesting data.

Music: Disquiet

But it says “perpetrated” and “connected.”

Actually, it’s not just about people having shutdowns. Looks like she’s inferring that the psychotic breakdown incidents are connected to the same case.

Flashbacks to previous events made completely meaningless by the fact that none of it’s in fucking English!

How long do you think it’ll take to analyze all of it?
Hmm, there’s a lot, so it’s not happening overnight. But I’ll manage by the time you guys get back. I demand souvenirs from Hawaii and LA for my reward.
I don’t really get all this, but you’re as amazing as always, Futaba! I guess it’s called an information war? It’s so high tech and modern, it kinda reminds me of a movie.
We’re the Phantom Thieves, so it’s not that big a deal. I mean, I can turn into a car and stuff too…
C’mon, don’t try and compete with her.
What did you say!?
You’re fine the way you are, Morgana. Like, you’re cheeky cute?
Cute… Lady Ann… I…

I can’t wait to see how much the Phantom Thieves’ popularity has increased by then!

Music: Beneath the Mask

You’re really sounding like a teacher right now, man. What’re you even saying that for?
Didn’t I tell you? I’ll be coming along.
The teachers have asked me to chaperone the trip in their place.

Yes. I was worried about how many troublemakers will be there.
Are you talking about us!?

Wait, what? I just said I’m glad she’s coming and she immediately turns around and insults me?

But why are they having you go at all, Makoto?
It seems some teachers have to stay behind to deal with that tabloid article. So, they decided to get a couple of third-years to act as additional chaperones. It seems a few others besides myself will be going as well.
Oh, I see.
Either way, this overseas trip has been truly long-awaited. I expect leaving Japan will be a great eye-opener for us. This is a wonderful opportunity, so we should be sure to enjoy it.
Don’t forget souvenirs!


…Things have blown up in my face ever since I criticized the Phantom Thieves. Sae-san even warned me to watch what I say to the public. I suppose their popularity is beyond my imagination… I should think more before I open my mouth. I must be going now. The coffee was delicious.

He’s a sharp kid. Why don’t you try learning from him?

Donning a cloak of wind, a Feather Arrow will cleave the sky! Revive and fight Phoenix Rangers! Next episode… “Feather Pink’s Victory.”

Let’s get another Affinity Reading.

Yusuke again.

And we can rank up next time we see him, perfect.

Music: Layer Cake

I barely use a PC ‘cause I’d be in trouble if it got hacked. So, you’re here ‘cause you saw my message, right?

This time, I’m going to have you gather some info. You’ll be on your own though. I gotta take care of some other business.

The guy you’re lookin’ for is homeless, but he knows what’s up. He’ll be somewhere in Shibuya. Get info on the “rumor about the underground deal,” and don’t act all suspicious. I gotta take care of some other business, so I’m countin’ on ya, kid.

Y’know you can find anything you need on the internet, right…?

Music: Suspicion

…Who sent you here?

As funny as it would be to immediately narc on Iwai, nah.

Sure. Anyway, I’ll tell you… but just this once. You’re gettin’ into some shady business here. All right, just act like I’m mumblin’ to myself, you got it? No promises I’m gonna say anything useful either.

Apparently something big went down with a huge Asian investor. Deal was worth about… 100 million yen.

I’m fucking serious you guys, Iwai’s Confidant so far just seems to be a random mishmash of every single Yakuza game.

Though you’d figure something that massive woulda got more people talkin’ about it… Maybe they leased some kinda high-end club to keep it as private as possible…? I didn’t hear a thing about that though.

It’s nice to hear that comin’ from you, Tsuda-san.

Music: Desire

All right Iwai, I’ll take one of everything you showed me today. I’ll need an entire arsenal. How long would that take?
Depends on how quick the parts come in. Some stuff’s prolly gonna have to go through customs… How long things get stuck there’s totally outta my control though…


…That’s right.
Well then… if you don’t deliver on time, I might just have to let Kaoru-kun in on your little secret.

God, what is it with today and blackmail?

Tsuda-san, please…
I wonder, how will an adolescent boy like him react to finding out his father was in the yakuza…? I guess if things go sour, we could always try to sell him again…

I’m sorry, what?

Fine… I’ll put a rush on your order. Happy now?
Very much so. Well then, I look forward to hearing from you again… soon.

Music: Suspicion

sigh Sorry you had to see that. Anyways, how’d it go today? You learn about anything good?

Huh. So someone made a big deal with the Hong Kong mafia worth 100 million yen… And it happened sometime ‘round New Years… …Wouldn’t surprise me if Tsuda had somethin’ to do with it. I hear he’s been braggin’ all over about a big score he made right near the start of the year. I’ve gotta do some more research into it myself…

But, uh… another time, yeah? Man, I can’t wait to see the look on Tsuda’s face. It’s been ages since I’ve felt this excited. And it’s all ‘cause of you, kid. Turns out you’re pretty useful.

Well, I’m gonna head home early and spend some good ol’ quality time with Kaoru to celebrate. Damn fine job again, kid. Get on outta here.
I feel like helping Iwai with his work has honed my Proficiency

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

I’ll see ya next time.

Part 98

Part 98: 9/4-9/6: I’m A Baller (Because I Think The Earth Is Round)

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I wanna do that stuff. Can you come with me?
I’m eating now. Maybe I should respond later…

You got an invitation from someone? Want to go upstairs and reply once you finish eating? …And I have to say, that curry the chief is so proud of smells absolutely delicious.

Isn’t this kind of interesting?
Akechi’s a detective, right? He seems kind of incompetent.
He talks big, but he doesn’t even do anything.
Ugh! I hate people like that. They’re all talk!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You’re really raring to go! From the sounds of it, this guy is a frequent cheater. Lately he’s been focusing on a popular shooting game called “Gun About” and ruining people’s fun. According to the post, he mostly spends his time down at the arcade called Gigola on Central Street. It might just be a game, but cheating is inexcusable.

Oh, yeah, totally. This sounds completely reasonable and not like a fucking small-time waste of everyone’s breath. Jeez, seems like next we’re gonna move down to targeting manspreaders and loiterers.

A nasty gamer… It’s definitely possible he’ll exist in Mementos. Mishima said he’s at the arcade on Central Street, right? Let’s go see what this is all about.

Maybe we should take care of what we can before then.

Hmm, Hifumi sent us a new message.

I’m going to Los Angeles for my school trip.

Oh, that’s right. Hifumi goes to the same school as Yusuke, doesn’t she?

This is my first time overseas, so I’m a little nervous… We will continue with your lessons if I return safely…

Foreign media outlets around the world have been reporting the fall of Medjed. Around the world, the Phantom Thieves are being praised for saving the world from this threat.
This is making the news in other countries too, huh? I never thought we’d come this far.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

This time, we’ll try Iwai.

Do you have some time? I wanna get cracking on that promise list I made.

Then let’s form our battle plan. Step into my office, Maaku.

Music: What’s Going On?

The first one is “go somewhere with lots of people.” Ooh, I’ve got the perfect place!

You’re going to Akihabara? …Be careful out there.

Music: Home Electronics Store

I just figured out what this song reminds me of and it’s the fucking BRODYQUEST music.

Not as good as Inari though. He’s got a particularly pervy view on art.

There is a ruckus behind the pair.

Music: Tension

Wh-Whoa, what’s going on!?
There’s a super-limited sale at the PC section!
Three terabytes for only five hundred yen!? What a steal!

This seems like a trick, considering the last three terabyte drive I bought cost roughly 22 times that.

That’s gonna sell out in seconds!

They’re all defective, you rubes!

The crowd swarms!

Aaaand we’ve been separated.

There are just… so many people… Hrgh… I don’t know if I can last much longer…

Maybe I should go look for Futaba…


There you are! I… I, I, I…

Music: My Homie

I didn’t think I was gonna see you until the end of time… But then I thought about you while I was wandering around the store, and bam, a wild Maaku appeared!

…Hm? Wait a tick, I just finished a promise! “Go somewhere with lots of people”! Well, am I awesome or what!? It’s all ‘cause of the Three Terabyte War though! Oh, and ‘cause you brought me here! I, Futaba Sakura, hereby thank thee!
I can sense Futaba’s innocent joy…

I think… not being with you is kinda scary, Maaku. All right then, I’m gonna add another goal to my list: “Being OK without you around.” It might be a long questline, but I’ll finish it someday! …Phew, I’m tired.

We’ve been here for maybe ten minutes.

C’mon, let’s go home!

Music: Beneath the Mask

What’re you talking about!? Analyse that data!
My PC’s doing all the work. That leaves me with nothing!
We are preparing for our school trips. None of us have the time to entertain you right now.
Oh, shoot! I need to go shopping!
All we need is a toothbrush, right? What’re you panicking for?
There’s a lot I need! Shampoos, lotions, conditioners…!

Ann is confusing to me, because in conversations like this it’s implied she puts a lot of work into her appearance, and then in her Confidant we find out she doesn’t give a fuck about modeling, eats whatever the hell she wants, and generally just wings it.

No, I should bring three. Inspiration may strike at any moment in time… Now regarding canvas size, bigger is better, yes?

Yusuke reminds me of all the notebooks I’ve bought over the years to collect my thoughts or write off-the-cuff that I’ve never once actually used.

What’re you asking us for!? What I mean is, you shouldn’t take shit like that with you!
Being able the talk to each other openly like that must be nice…

We spend most of our conversations dunking on each other, cat. It’s not that nice.


No… Just cram school. No anime or video games. All my friends played soccer without me…
During summer break, I’ve been looking up the Phantom Thieves on my dad’s computer.
Oh, the Phantom Thieves fan site!? I wanna see it too!

Now, we’ve actually maxed our Knowledge, so you may be wondering why I’m bothering to consume the dreaded vegetable drink. Well, if we don’t buy this week’s aojiru, the drinks won’t cycle, meaning that next week’s aojiru will still be Knowledge. Still annoying that I’m spending 5,000 yen on nothing, but there’s naught I can do about it.

Pretty much, thanks to the ruckus kicked up by those phantom thieves. I hope they keep this up. It makes things easier for me when the police are so focused on them. Just messin’ with ya. chuckle Work’s been goin’ well for me. You wanna try hiring me for somethin’ too? Just leave your info and the cash in the trash bin. Disappearances. Accidents, you name it, I do it. I won’t leave a single shred of evidence behind, just like how the Phantom Thieves do it! Haha!

Depression and suicide are on the rise, and the young workforce is being crushed on a daily basis. The evil that permeates the corporate world has filtered down into society… Hello, Hamiru-kun. Stamina is important for public speaking as well. You’re still young, but take care of yourself. It’s almost time… I’d appreciate it if you could be around afterwards today. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you about what this concerns…

…Right. Yeah, I remember. [sub]shitshitshit[/sub]

How’s your availability?

Thank you. A speech about the Phantom Thieves…

Oh, right. Duh.

There are some things I want you to hear, so please come and listen to it.

Music: Alleycat

Thank you. I appreciate it, but…
I know. You’re not going to be my right-hand man, right? Don’t worry, I won’t pull any tricks. Feel free to talk about being falsely accused. I’ll handle whatever comes from it. I saw Kuramoto’s grandson around here somewhere. I bet he’s curious about today’s speech.
I haven’t spoken to him since we last met.
This speech should serve as your response to him.

He’s going to talk about the Phantom Thieves, right?
I couldn’t care less about him. I’m just interested in hearing about the Phantom Thieves.

Will do.

What are you doing, Toranosuke…?
Setting aside whether their actions are right or wrong… There is one thing I can safely say about the Phantom Thieves. A belief with conviction… has the ability to move a person’s heart.

Music: Sunset Bridge

I was a fool 20 years ago. It’s no wonder that I was considered a failure as a politician. However, because I was accused like that, I was able to understand the suffering of the weak.

Why am I in politics? In the past, it was merely for personal gain. But why do the Phantom Thieves continue to change hearts? I believe they do it for the world and its people. And in choosing to do justice for others, they had no choice but to disguise themselves. No matter what the world says, I fully support them. I’m just an average citizen. However, I will continue to voice my beliefs. I may not be able to become a Diet member this election… And I may not be able to affect change during my lifetime…

I will be happy, as long as I can be a meaningful stepping stone for the future of our youth!

Fuckin’ Tora, goddamn.

So you have no intention of accusing old man Kuramoto?
That’s right.
Sheesh… such a heartfuelt speech for someone your age. People are probably laughing at you as we speak. I doubt any of them were moved by your words. …I might be the only one in this entire city who was.

Proceed as you wish with your candidacy. I’ll take measures to ensure the party backs you. Within the limits of my abilities, of course. …Goodbye.

The Phantom Thieves…

Perhaps, it’s the effect of you moving my heart.

The Phantom Thieves… The power to change a person’s heart… I don’t possess a special power like they do, but I won’t lose to them when it comes to conviction. Speech is my only weapon. Just my voice and my words. That’s how I win people over. Thank you for sticking by my side, Hamiru-kun.
I feel like my bond with Yoshida is growing deeper…

Contrary to what I thought, getting your heart stolen isn’t such a bad thing. If he’s a member of the Phantom Thieves, then… Ah, I’m talking to myself again. Another bad habit of mine. Time to finish up for today.
…Good job.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

What is the “Phan-Site”?
Ooh, they have new merch!

This isn’t part of our licensing agreement!

I mean, even the harshest TV commentators are praising them. A lot of celebrities are talking openly about the Phantom Thieves.
The Phantom Thieves fight for the people! Anyone opposed to them is just behind the times. Just look at that Akechi kid. He’s catching a ton of shit for what happened with Medjed.
“Justice can’t exist so long as the Phantom Thieves do”–big talk from someone who can’t even catch them. Even politicians are claiming the Phantom Thieves are dangerous… They’re all full of hot air, though. The Phantom Thieves are totally trustworthy.
Looks like people are coming around to us…

You know what is a big deal? My Gun About rank going up.
Gun About: The Super Real? That’s the one with the gun-shaped controller, right? Everyone’s talking about it.
The multiplayer’s sooo good. The arcade on Central Street has it. So does the one in Akihabara. You should give it a try sometime. I played against someone really good the other day… I couldn’t land a single shot on them.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

I kinda miss when no one knew who we were…

Why? This is awesome!

Let’s head into the library to get a new book with Futaba’s addition to the team.

Now, to the arcade to investigate reports of this cheater.

I’m playing Gun About right now, so don’t bother me. (to Flustered Gamer) Hey! Did you get change yet!?
It, um, it won’t take my 1,000 yen bill!
Oh, now’s my chance! The cheater’s logged in! Hey, hurry up and bring me back some change!

Some people online found his real name on a social network site, and now they’re all raging. I think his real name is Yoshikuni Nejima. That dirtbag is 40 years old without a job. Well, I’m gonna crush Nejima and be a hero.
But you don’t seem to be winning at all.
Shut up! Just go and bring me back some change already!
So that’s the malevolent player that Mishima was talking about… He’s the infamous cheater. It’s one thing to cheat if you’re playing alone, but it’s wrong to mess with other people like that. We got his name, too. It looks like Yoshikuni Nejima is going to be our next target.

Hey, I know the Phan-Site is basically all doxxing, but it’s pretty messed up we’re relying on doxxed information to resolve the terrible, horrible issue of… a fucking video game cheater, right? This is so far below our pay grade at this point it’s absurd. The powerful and just Phantom Thieves… intervening on behalf of a gigantic entertainment corporation so they don’t actually have to moderate their service! Also, this is an arcade game, right? How is he downloading cheats?

You got some time? Let’s keep going on that promise list.

OK, then let’s hold a strategy meeting in Leblanc. Don’t worry, there aren’t any customers around right now.

Poor Sojiro, then.

Music: What’s Going On?

Pretty hard stuff for the second boss…

Oh, um… Never mind. Just go have some fun.

I think my heart’s gonna pop out of my chest…

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Wh-What are you doing here!?
Ummm, well…

…… Well, do you want to come in?
Ummm… Can I use a Goho-M instead…?

I’m sure you’ll be fine. Most of the students have already left, and all the teachers are in a meeting. Oh, and I’ll join you. I can use my position as student council president to avoid any problems that may arise.

You’re incredible! If I’ve got you two with me, this place is gonna be as easy as fighting a trash mob!

This “gamer talk” thing Futaba does is conspicuously absent in story scenes and seems to have been invented wholly for her Confidant. It’s pretty weird.

…I’m not sure I understand. That’s a good thing, right? Anyway, come on. I’ll show you around the school.

Lunch… That reminds me of this time I was the only kid who didn’t get a pudding with my meal… Oh, and this other time I ate a strawberry with ketchup on it… I didn’t notice ‘cause they’re both red. It was really gross…

Futaba strikes me as someone who’d be really into Soylent.

U-Um, anyway… the cafeteria’s pretty boring, huh? Let’s move on.

We have all the regular academic fare here: textbooks, encyclopedias, study guides… But we also have a few manga and light novels at the request of some especially vocal students.
So many books…
Do you like to read, Futaba?
Mm-hm. Back in elementary school, I memorized the titles of all the books on a shelf in just one glance. The other kids thought I was making it up when I told them though. But then when I recited all the titles to prove it… they just laughed and called me a freak… …Am I weird, Maaku?

Yes. I mean, uhhhhhhhhh

…I don’t wanna be talented if it’s gonna creep people out. Ugh… School is the worst…

W-Well, should we move along…? Only the classrooms remain… though on second thought, maybe we should pass on those today. …… Shall we head back to the entrance?

Don’t be. It’s my fault… I remembered all that sad stuff on my own…

It was really more weird than sad, to be honest. Does thinking about the traumatic concepts of “lunch” or “books” really cause that much pain? How do you live like that?

I guess dwelling on the past is just a bad habit of mine, huh…?

So… you do it too, Maaku? That means we’re the same!
Honestly, Futaba… It’s clear how much you’ve improved recently. You would never have gotten so worried about this before.
What I mean is, worrying about something is the first step toward changing it. Coming to school like this is a huge breakthrough, Futaba. You’re doing great… Right, Maaku-kun?
Wait, so you’re happy with me even though I got totally depressed…? Hmmm… Is this like that saying about when life gives you lemons?

No, not at all.

Maybe I could make lemonade for the Phantom Thieves! Er, figuratively speaking.
That would be wonderful.
Aw yeah!
Futaba seems enthusiastic…

Position Hack is a great skill when it procs, which probably won’t happen all that often due to a weird quirk with the skill. Whenever you start a battle, there’s a chance it can go straight into a Hold Up… including if you get ambushed. In fact, based on what I remember, it may even activate more often on enemy ambushes.

Now, I mentioned there was a “quirk” with Position Hack. Well, it may seem like it doesn’t proc frequently, which is not due to the actual percentage chance but the simple fact that, for some odd reason, unlike pretty much every other similar skill in the game, it doesn’t work when you ambush the enemy. I don’t know why; maybe the devs thought it would just be too broken if that was the case. It’s just kind of a bummer because the vast majority of encounters in this game will be initiated via ambush.

It also has great synergy with Chihaya’s Money Reading because it lets you start the battle with an All-out Attack, potentially activating the money boost instantly. Unfortunately, it has no such synergy with Hifumi’s Narikin because they’re mutually exclusive: Narikin requires an ambush to activate while Position Hack requires that you don’t.

I’m sure you would make a lot of friends if you decided to come to school now, Futaba.

Oh, uh… Nothing!

Makoto nods, says a few more words to Maaku, and leaves.

Anyways, let’s retreat for now. What’re you feeling for dinner? How about curry?

80% of my meals at this point are curry. Please help me, I’m literally dying of malnutrition.

Time to make like a rabbit and hop on out of here!

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m not giving you any money, OK? And don’t worry about getting me a souvenir or anything like that.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is concerned it will make landfall and is monitoring its path.
A typhoon, huh? I hope the plane will be OK.

School trip canceled, it’s the Persona 3 cultural festival all over again!

Ohya this time.

And no rank up is in the cards for us tonight (heh).

Oh, it’s nothing. I was just daydreaming a bit…

Let’s get a-fixin’.

Getting this thing to work won’t be easy. Fixing this will take quite a bit of time.

Music: Everyday Days

I see… So all computers are essentially made up of different components that are assembled.

Repairing such a complex machine is sure to have improved your Proficiency.

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

Music: Dark Net (Also known in English as Tanaka’s Shady Commodities)


Here we sell wonderful and rare items that are not circulated among the general public! Curious about something? You’ve got access! Want something? You’ve got access!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. From weekly appearances on Japanese QVC hocking bullshit like fish and real, actual swords to some super-sketchy dark net site only accessible via a Tor browser that only accepts sixth-tier cryptocurrencies even your libertarian cousin’s never heard of. Vertcoin? Get that mass appeal shit out of here!

Music: Everyday Days

What the heck? It just went to that site automatically. Was it configured to do that beforehand? Shady Commodities…? So it’s an online shopping site?

As cool as Tanaka is, I can’t help but be a bit… disappointed, I guess? I mean, when I bought this piece of shit for the purpose of fixing it I kind of assumed it’d be full of weird porn. Buying a broken laptop from a second-hand shop is like the modern version of finding a dirty magazine in the middle of the woods, right?

Well, we should check it out tomorrow, though. It’s late.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You know the rankings that are popular nowadays? Are you interested in them too?

You’re not interested…? Are you the type to go against the trend? Did you know my name is listed too? It’s apparently due to my recent disapproval of the group. Before I knew it, I turned into a bona fide villain. Still, I thought that if I became a target, I could figure out their methods. The idea was appealing when I thought about it. Of course, there’s no guarantee I’d be safe. You should check out the list sometime. …Well, talking any more will make us late. See you later!

It comes with a sticker, right? There’s so much Phantom Thieves merchandise all of a sudden. Although, if you ask me, “Phantom Thieves” isn’t a very cool name.
I dunno, I like it. It’s so mysterious. Do you think it’s a bad idea to post my name to the Phan-Site to get a change of heart? I just want to meet the Phantom Thieves…

Jesus Christ!

Music: So Boring

Tomorrow night, you will depart from Japan. Eight or nine hours later, you will arrive in Hawaii. However, you can’t forget about the time difference. Hawaii is nineteen hours behind Japan.

Therefore, it will be the morning of the 7th when you arrive. You leave the night of the 7th and arrive the morning of the 7th… Your mind and body will panic. When humans become jet-lagged, they lose their sense of time. Have you ever looked at your watch and felt like the second hand stopped for more than a second? Here’s a question for you, Hamiru-kun. What is the name of the phenomenon where the second hand looks like it stops moving?

I could totally just pick The World. There’s nothing stopping me. I don’t need the Knowledge. …Fuck, fine.

(for the record, the percentage of people who picked that answer is zero. Philistines)

Correct. A brief moment of disconnect exists as your eyes move and your brain perceives what you’re seeing. The true nature of this phenomenon is your brain tries to fill that space with an imagined perception.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

You leave on the 7th and spend four nights there, which means you’ll leave on the 11th. But when you come back to Japan, an entire day will have passed. Meaning, you return on the 12th. Farewell for now. The tropical sun is too bright for my eyes, after all…
He’s staying behind, huh?

Yeah, we’ll still be in Japan at that point…
Ryuji! You know you’re not leaving until tomorrow night, right?
Wait, for real!?
Enough of the chitchat. You should be concentrating on class.
I don’t care about that after what I just heard. I’m totally outta motivation to work…
Sounds like business as usual.
Welp, time to research sightseeing spots in Hawaii!
You got over that pretty damn fast!
Oh yeah, are there any famous places in Los Angeles?
It has a vibrant art scene as well. I expect the trip will prove quite stimulating.
That don’t hold a candle to Hawaii’s beaches though.
There are a multitude of fabulous beaches near Los Angeles as well, you know.
Huh? It’s close to the ocean…?
Do you… know where LA is?
Well it’s the capital of America, so… in the middle somewhere?

That line consistently fucks me up.

What about Hawaii?
Dunno. Some ocean, I guess?
You’re hopeless!
How long are you all going to keep this up!?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

How so?

And Ohya again.

This time, we get results.

Then we follow with a Money Reading. Yes, we can get multiple readings in the same say, we just can’t do the same one twice.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

And next time, we’re finally going to go to Mementos to deal with our huge pile of requests!