The Conversing Persons E3 2018 Streams



E3 is just around the corner…

Want to watch the many games that you both want and not want be announced with some unnecessary voice over from a group of people who just are happy to comment on beards? Want to avoid the insightful Twitch chat on the main stream pages like the plague? Well, come to the…

Conversing Persons E3 Stream! Now without a clever, punny name!

In these streams will be myself (Brad the Mad), Something Fawful, Theweirdomaxim and GAm3CrAzY. We each have our own hopes for the streams and are looking forward to all the various shenanigans that happen when you get someone uncomfortably trying to be overenthusiastic while wearing professional clothes on a stage.

We will be covering all of the streams (except for the PC Gaming Show with which we have no clue what it actually is) as shown by this rather fancy and cleverly created graph. No credit to us, we’re just nicking it.

The stream will start one hour before each presentation starts. We will be using this time to warm up, tech check to the brim and give our hopes and predictions.

We also have good, old fashioned BINGO! Each stream has it’s own card for you to have fun with at home. There are many silly squares to check off, all you need to do is click! If you want to play, be sure to let us know! Here are all the cards:
(Keep in mind this is a Javascript based thing, closing the page and re-opening it will forget your shaded blocks! Be careful!)

If you want to come and hang out, go to! This will be the place to check out all the streams. It might also be useful to follow me on Twitter just in case something happens! I will also tweet out when the stream starts!

Happy E3 everyone! We hope to see you around!


Got to love the default browser Directory page. I was too lazy to make a nice page for the bingo card selector.

Also credit to this guy for the press conference time graph thing. Apparently there’s been new conferences that have shown up since we planned this thing. We’re probably not doing them.

As additional bonuses, if you’ve checked out the bingo cards you’ve probably noticed some of the things don’t make any sense, and we also have a confusing card based rating system that will inevitably confuse us!


This is gonna fun! For those who don’t know, we do this annually, and crrrraazy moments happens on our end! But with the Bingo set in placed… I feel like we are going to have a bit too fun, just a bit…


i wonder if se will be a trainwreck again