The Complication of Final Fantasy 7: Lets blindly stumble through Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Well here we are! its finally here after 8 years the promised reunion has arrived and what better way to celebrate than to do FF7…ALL OF IT!


In the city of Midgar the Shinra corporation controls every facet of daily life by using Mako energy to power everything. A splinter cell of the eco terrorist group AVALANCH want to take down Shinra and save the planet from them. Their newest recruit is a mercenary called Cloud. This is their story…

Who are we?

Why I am yerpal Hal and I have managed to rope in all of my co commentators from my three lps thus far for an nostalgic playthrough of this game!

So why blind?

Mostly as I wanted to experience this warts and all without a patch. Partially cause I had planned an entire run through of all the compilation games and its cool to start with a bang.

of course with it being a blind run that means I may miss some things. in fact I definatly may have missed a certain summon at a later chapter of the game. So yeah sorry in advance this isn’t gonna be a perfect run.

wait did you say ALL of the compilation?!?

Yes! as well as remake i will be fully playing through the original 7 at first as bonus so people can see how the remake handled their original scenes. But as soon as the remake ends we will be continuing the original til its end. Before crisis never came out outside of japan so thats a nope. As for crisis core and dirge of cerberus? well I will be forcing kazan to watch the cutscenes of both with me at perfect times in the main story. I have no idea how we will handle last call and advent children though…but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


Well I want to ask. I die like a lot late game and was curious if you wanted me to keep the deaths in or not.

other than that its time to board the hype train and as a certain man once said “there ain’t no gettin off it!”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

R-1: The reunion
R-2: Eco terrorism
R-3 Sector 7
R-4: Filter quest

R-1: The Reuinion

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R-2 Eco terrorism

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R-3 Sector 7

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R-4 filter quest

in which we play yakuza

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