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Hello there everyone, I just thought it might be nice to share twitters. Making it easier to network, keep up with fellow LP’ers, etc. I spend most of my time on twitter(Sadly) and I figured some might prefer to use that as well so I just thought, why not? It might be helpful for those who have a smaller online presence and want to branch out more. So feel free to shamelessly plug your twitters here.

I am MxTolvo on twtter.


Hey there! I’m also a Tweety-place addict. I’ve been waffling for a while on whether to use my main account for game stuff or not, but I finally decided to make one exclusively for games so I’m not bugging my mostly-non-gaming followers with “Hey, I’m streaming!” posts. Just finished setting up at MaxNChachi.


You can find me at @wottermelon where I mostly post LP updates and complain about getting owned all the damn time!

(I also talk about video games sometimes, I guess.)


I use it primarily even though I’ve been trying to get myself to use Mastodon more. @frozentreasure on Twitter is me (and if you use Mastodon you can find me at


Okay, so I don’t actually make any LPs, but I wouldn’t mind making more friends through here and I also use Twitter constantly.

If you want to find me, I’m @DanteReborn and I’ll be tweeting (and retweeting) about… Uhhh… Whatever I feel like.


I’ve been using my Twitter for the Youtube auto-posts when I publish videos, and also random bad jokes that pop into my head, ranting about politics, and other stuff I’m surprised anyone wants to read. Now with approximately 95% less depression! It’s IAmNidoking for anyone who wants to check it out.


I’m @Andy_Benandy. Don’t follow unless you want uninformed political “jokes.”