That's A Dead Kid...Yep. The Petscop Spoiler Thread.

:tw: Petscop contains themes of child abuse, child murder, pedophilia, incest, sexual assault, and kidnapping. If there is anything else that needs a warning, please let me know so I can add it. :tw:

For the uninitiated, Petscop is a creepypasta video series revolving around a strange video game. Instead of hacking or editing an existing game, however, its creator(s) decided to create an entire fictional game. The series can be found here. I personally think it’s more neat than scary, so check it out even if you’re a little squeamish. You should probably watch the whole show before reading the thread.

The series went on an unannounced hiatus for six months, and it suddenly updated on Christmas Day. Since then, I’ve been wanting to talk about what on Earth is even going on in this show.

Being an obtuse horror series, Petscop lends itself well to theories. The plausibility of these theories varies wildly from person to person, but don’t be afraid to share your wackiest ideas. If you want a fan-made “encyclopedia” of sorts for fact-checking, you can find that here.

But I don’t just want to hear about theories; feel free to talk about anything Petscop related. I’d like to here about what you think about certain parts of the series, or if something struck you about it. I’m personally fascinated by how well Paul pulls of the “mediocre Let’s Player” persona. It manages to be the charming sort of awkward commentary, rather than the grating kind. Do you agree?

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It’s certainly the crowning achievement of the “:gonk: haunted video game :gonk:” subgenre of internet horror, I think precisely because it doesn’t really try to be overtly horrifying. It’s more of a mood piece, and the atmosphere inside of the game is pretty spectacular.

Paul’s minimal commentary also works in the show’s favor I think. I like that he sounds like a normal dude who’s documenting this weird lost game, and not somebody specifically trying to show things off. I don’t know if this should count as spoilers so I’m putting it behind the wall just in case. The insinuation that Paul has either stopped uploading to the channel or was never doing so in the first place is the big mystery I’m interested in. The bits that are being censored really plays into that for me, I’m excited to see where the series goes and how they justify not giving us that information now.


My absolute favorite aspect of Paul as a character is that every time he walks into a new room, he immediately picks up all of the jewels, THEN he inspects his surroundings. Like, the jewels have no stated purpose whatsoever, no one in the plot has even brought them up at all to my knowledge. And yet, even when a sentient being is trying to communicate with him, he’s like “Oh, hold up ghost, gotta get my GamerScore™ up.”

I know this sounds sarcastic, but I genuinely love that part of the mystery is “What’s up with this guy? Why is he acting like this?”


Theres a new video out, by the way.

Happy Birthday Belle

So, when can we stop calling it the “color theory” and start calling it the “color indisputable fact?”

Jesus Christ, this video sent me hurtling down a rabbit hole. I was convinced that Belle was Paul’s mom, but I’m not so sure anymore. I don’t think the timeline matches up. I do find it interesting that Belle’s main source of comfort during her captivity came from “Pall,” and we now have a narrator by the name of “Paul.” I thought for sure that Belle had named her son after Pall, but now I just don’t know.

I’ve been assuming that all the text in Petscop was written by Rainer, and this quickly made Rainer my favorite character. I can’t get over this edgy college kid who made a video game for the purpose of harassing a serial kidnapper while comforting his victim(s). It’s really neat to see this sort of story with a sympathetic game creator, rather than a malicious one.

Also, Rainer said he started work on the game in '96, but Toneth’s dev notes include a comment from Mike, who died in '95. Does this mean that Mike helped Rainer make the game as a ghost? Did Rainer go out and recruit a ghost to help him make his video game?