TG Game Recruitment: Synergy In The Fantasy Workplace

Hello! This is a recruitment thread for tabletop games. Just make a post with the system, number of desired players, a description of the game, and how to get in contact with you (Discord, Skype).


  • Keep discussion off of the thread.
  • Edit filled games to show that recruitment is closed.

Thank You!


Planning on running some Paranoia premades if anyone is interested. Aiming to do this on Mondays at around 10 PM starting on the 27th for 2-3 hours. Will most likely be playing XP or the 25th anniversary edition. One person is interested so 5 more players would be the max amount on a first-come-first-serve basis. Shoot me a message through here and I’ll probably set up a Discord channel or something to get this all squared away.

e: forgot an important detail. Previous experience with Paranoia is not necessary but if you want to get up to speed, look at the Wikipedia page for the game. I’ll be making characters with you directly. Indications of knowledge of the rules is treasonous and punishable by death. Have a wonderful daycycle.