Tails swears here and it's not great - Let's Play Sonic Epoch Advance

TW: Suicide attempt, major depression in a character. I will update this TW if I see anything else as need be.

Hello, good day, good morrow, welcome to the Sonic Epoch Let’s Play, covering not just the Game Boy Advance version but diving into the PC versions as well. Before we start our journey, let’s look briefly into the early 2000’s. Mind the swirly special effects, we’re going into a time when the Sonic fandom was especially strong.

This goes back as far as 2000, when the first demo was released. Sonic Epoch was described as an “interactive movie” on first release, and it certainly focuses on cutscenes. The game was released in DOS format in two versions and then directly in Windows 95 version for the third. Unfortunately, I’m not equipped to run the latter nor get a Dosbox or VM running for the former yet, but for now we’re going to focus on a fourth version.

Enter the Game Boy Advance version, which the main developer even admitted was more that he wanted this project to be done and complete. Not a bad reason at all, although the aging has brought certain issues up, including new aspects of the plot that are /pretty bad/. Still, it’s been completed and even seems to run on an actual GBA quite well.

Now, before we begin, I want to first focus on the characters appearing first, by which I mean bring up some of the characters we know and how they are more so in the SatAM universe.

Sonic the Hedgehog (16)
Proclaimed by everything and everyone as the Fastest Thing Alive, including the theme song. Sonic is the best bet in the Freedom Fighters’ efforts against Robotnik with his rebellious attitude and mastery of his incredible speed. He’s arrogant to a fault but recognizes he needs to put his ego aside to make sure the day is saved and Robotnik’s forces take a loss, bringing the fight ever closer to victory.

Sally Acorn (15)
A princess before Robotnik’s conquest, she doesn’t give her royal blood a second thought as she leads the Freedom Fighters in their battles. She boasts considerable knowledge in technology and tactics, as well as attempting to keep a cool head when dealing with the various attitudes of the group.

Miles “Tails” Prower (10)
A junior member of the Freedom Fighters, Tails looks high up to everyone in the Freedom Fighters and wants to fight aside, but the others want to keep him safe and make sure he has something of a childhood. He idolizes Sonic and wants to be as heroic as he can be.

“Doctor” Julius Robotnik
Once a beloved ally of King Acorn, Sally’s father, Robotnik soon brought his machines to take over Mobius and rule it with an iron fist (or at least the robotic one he got because of Sonic). Ruthless, cruel, deadly, this is easily the darkest version of Robotnik/Eggman yet, and fitting enough voiced by Jim Cummings! Was assumingly killed at the end of season 2 to be replaced by Naugus.

Nephew of Robotnik. During the first season, Snively tried so hard to appeal to his uncle’s demands and temper tantrums, but once the second season started he was fed up with it. The cancelled third season would have dealt with him teaming up with Naugus, an extremely powerful wizard, before switching sides multiple times.

Fun fact: If not for Naugus’ laugh, the eyes at the last scene of SatAM were rather Sonic-like, almost hinting instead at Metal Sonic. Sonic CD did come out the previous year!

WARNING, THIS EPISODE CONTAINS A SUICIDE ATTEMPT. The specific screenshot is blurred but only that one since it’s a plot point for here and the next post.)

Let’s start this show then.
Snively: Oh, yes, sir, all preliminary tests ahve been successful. There’s still a minor concern about a critical high energy tolerance that may or may not cause problems.
Robotnik: What type of ‘intolerance’ are we facing here, Snively?
Snively: Provided all energy levels of matter sent through the teleporters remains at nominal levels, there should be no issues. However, based on the principles we are using for the teleportation, a level of energy that is… Sir, I seriously think you should take this into consideration!
this completed to my original specifications within the hour.
Snively: But sir…!
Robotnik: Now cease your senseless yakking or I’ll see to it that you’re the test material.

)Yup, we’re not even told what the thing is that Robotnik is testing! We’re going straight into the Freedom Fighters on their latest mission instead!)
Sally: This is the place!
Sonic: You ready?


And welcome to the first level, everyone, we’re invading a small base filled with dog robots
Our pause screen holds some mystic items at the top (I do believe they’re recovery items) and some elements at the bottom… yeah those are the Sonic 3 style shields. The flame shield doesn’t work completely like in Sonic 3, you need to be holding forward to get that boost, but hey, it’s a shield with move benefits.
Our first boss is unfortunately extremely basic. The ratbot walks across the screen and its main defense is you can’t hit it while it’s blinking after a hit. I’m serious, its main defense is its mercy invincibility. It can walk into you but otherwise, yeah. No fun wrecking ball to swing around.
And that’s the end of that. Bosses explode nicely.
Sonic: What’s one power reactor to another? Let’s just slam, jam, and scram!
Sally: We really shouldn’t act too harshly, Sonic. I must make sure it’s safe…
(Oh come on, in the cartoon Sonic would already be pounding at the door.)
for testing!
(Seriously, you left SONIC UNGUARDED?!)
Snively: Yes sir. I’m making the final calibrations now.
Sonic: (Oh man! How am I gonna get me and Sal outta this one…? … Stall?)
(You can tell this was made in the early 2000’s by the overuse of ellipsis)
Sonic: Yo Snively! What are these things, anyway?
Robotnik: Insolent rodent! These machines are none of your concern!
Sonic: I was talkin’ to Snov’ley, Lard Butt!
Robotnik: You fool, Hedgehog! Don’t you even care that we have your dear Princess’s molecular configuration in our hands!?
Sonic: I’ve got something in my hand that’ll make you kiss your sorry Robuttnik goodbye!
Sonic: Showtime’s over, Doc!
(Literally all Sonic did was bounce the ring in front of him, jump at Sally, knocked her aside and took her place as he grabbed the ring again.)
Robotnik: Snively, activate them now in their uncalibrated state!
Robotnik: Snively… why isn’t the hedgehog dematerializing?
Snively: Um, well, sir, I believe the hedgehog’s Power Ring’s radioactive properties are not able to be properly disassembled by this system…
Robotnik: Meaning…?
Snively: Women and lackies first?
Robotnik: Snively, you fool! What have you done!? (runs off)
Sally: Sooooonnniicc!
(some screens from the show shoot by made to look like reactions to Sonic’s disappearance)
Sally: And that’s what happened… so many years ago… I don’t know why you had to be taken from me, Sonic…



What a way to show how edgy you’re going for here, Jesus Christ. )
Sally: I found a way out… Sweet laser pistol demise…
This is so messed up. I know people like the dark atmosphere of SatAM but this is just absurd.
Anyway, speaking of swearing, let’s end on this joker.
Enter 20 years old Tails: angry and cursing.

Next time, we’ll also talk about differences in the original DOS/Windows 95 version, including the opening there that includes a character not introduced yet in the Advance version.

That freaking Tails… we’re in for a ride here, aren’t we?

Well, I guess the title didn’t lie. Tails did swear and it wasn’t great.

That said, I can’t decide if I prefer to think of Goth Tails’s voice just staying exactly the same as the cartoon, or sounding vaguely like future Strong Sad.

Well, as they say, no time like the present.

Sally: So close…
Tails: What the hell’s the matter with you, huh? As if I don’t do enough!
Sally: I tried so hard… Every day… and still… it never ends.

(I am going to wear out my Period key halfway through transcribing this LP)

Tails: If you’re talking about you and your moaning about the guy who screwed us all, I couldn’t agree more.
Sally: Poor little Tails, you were so hopeful, so full of spirit! A driving force for us all.

(I imagine Sally just does exposition all the time and Tails just gave up long ago and goes with it)

were driving any force then you wouldn’t be sitting on your ass in a hellhole like this.
Sally: … so why don’t you let me go?
(The screen shakes a bit and the lights flicker a bit.)
Sally: What was that!?
Tails: … damned if I know.

(Did you not just bemoan how she was just sitting around all the time?)

Sally: … I… I have to know. I don’t know why, I just have to go out there! I’ll take the sewer and… and… work my way around the sewage plant!

(Hoo boy, this does not sound any bit like Sally’s characteristic of cautious, carefully planned routes and subterfuge. I know it’s been years but at least retain some personality.)

Tails: Oh? And you’ll deal with the sewage plant worker bots!? You leave this shack and you’re on your own, you know that!? … Did you have to take the gun with you!?

(I’m getting The Room vibes)

Alright, we’re in Sally’s first stage. Her style is not being as fast and she has a long range weapon. Not being fast is actually a really good thing because these stages do not give you good enough warning time for enemies, which was already a criticism of Sonic games. Here, the flat platforms and less refined engine means you’re going to be taking hits or, even more often, taking a dive into pits. Sally can fire regular shots or charge it up, simple yet effective.

We have our first miniboss, a Swat-Bot. They were pretty tough stuff in the cartoon, so makes sense just one is enough to be a miniboss. Unfortunately it’s mostly down to exchanging gunfire and if you can get the timing down you can jump over the blasts (Not that it deals much damage with a blast). Anyway, they hold keycards so we can progress.

So, let’s take a look at this obstacle. That platform actually moves side to side. You’d think it’d be harder to get around this area, but don’t worry, there’s also springs at the bottom of the pit there. Oh, and falling in doesn’t even cause damage at all.

This part is an instant kill however.

And this just has springs! I think there was actually a hidden powerup in this area in the DOS version. Oh, and there’s the checkpoint marker.

Now for an actual boss, the Sewer Gator Bot. Its main pattern is it lurks below the sewer water, splashing about until Sally manages to walk over the right spot to cause it to jump up and fire shots at her, allowing her to attack back. Charged shots make quick work of this since you’ll have plenty of time trying to get it out of the water in the first place.

Sally: My hero… my love… what… happened to you?

(Sonic critiques Sally’s dialogue)

Sonic: And where am I?


Sally: I know! I’ve become a totally wasted shell of the youthful princess you once loved… after you had vanished I had lost all hope… in our… cause…
Sonic: Uhh, that’s not what I was getting at, but yeah, I knew that.
Snively: Snively.’ You’d think that a guy smart enough to grow back his own hair would find a way to get rid of his uncle. Oh well, I suppose this is as good a place as any to set up my equipment. Perhaps I should examine for trace gases first.
Snively: This… this is impossible! I thought for sure he’d have been disintegrated! And yet… oh my. Big round guy won’t like this at all… he’ll roboticize me or worse… I must get rid of the hedgehog at all costs! Damn!

Sally: And… I tried to raise Tails, but… oh, I was a horrible caretaker! He’s just angry, depressed… I’ve done nothing right!

(Except he isn’t depressed? He’s cynical and jaded, but he never came off as depressed.)

Sonic: What’s happened to you, Sal’? Robotnik’s messed with your head or somethin’. C’mon… let’s go home. You’ll see. Knothole will be there, and so will everyone else. Even Tails, who’ll be happy to see both of us!

(Oh so very happy!)

Sonic: Oh man, what’s going on!?
Tails: (gag) I think… huuuuhhh, I’m dying…
Sally: Are you blind?! It’s Sonic! He’s come back to us and I know you’re happy to see him.


Tails: You’re… crazy. You’ve… lost it! (cough) Look, lemme go, alright? You’re more dangerous than I am.
Sonic: (This… can’t be happening. Is this for real?? My little buddy is all grown up? And a total jerk? … and Sal’s attacking him after he attacked me?!)

(Yeah this is a weird shot. I’m sorry, this is also part of the two’s relationship subplot.)

Sally: … home. We’ll be safe there…
Sonic: Home… Knothole? Tell me it still exists!
Sally: remember…
Sonic: No… no, this ain’t right. This can’t be!
Sally: Oh, c’mon, Sonic… let’s leave here. All I can think about is all of them…
Sonic: All of who?!
Sally: Please… let’s just go where it’s safe.

So yeah, remember the OTHER characters? You had Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine, Ari, Dulcy, Lupe, yeah that colorful cast. All gone! The DOS version did have plans though. Originally, the rest of the Freedom Fighters were rounded up and roboticized except for Tails and Sally, and part of reaching the good ending was to find them and free them, although this being a dark morbid game freeing means killing them, except in Antoine’s case where he seemed to just off himself with his sword? More reason I need to try to get something working to capture footage of the DOS stuff.

Actually Ari didn’t get roboticized, I’ll get into that next time, because I also need to talk about how the first version was more SegaSonic friendly, and Ari’s role was originally filled by Knuckles instead!

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So, gameplay wise. That gun is… I can’t even read its sprites against the backgrounds because it’s dark on dark. Which could also be said for the tone of the game thus far, but, in both cases it’s falling apart because of that lack of contrast. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t read well even against a light background.

None of the characterization makes sense, also that’s not a “shack” it’s clearly a screenrip from some random corridor in Robotnik’s giant complex from the show.

but hey… did I just see Sally, mantle something?

Like, grab a ledge that you can then pull yourself up from? If so that’s a surprising bit of foresight. I fully expect there to be no slopes in this game, since it’s somehow a Sonic fangame with no rings in sight and with health bars of all things. Also because slopes are much harder to program into a platformer than most give them credit for, going in blind. And yet, mantling… weird.

Reading this feels a lot like the time I watched someone stream Toonstruck at like 12:30 in the morning. I had no idea that game existed, and I was watching in bed so when I woke up the next morning I wasn’t entirely sure if it was real or not.

See the difference is, there’s fun to be had with Toonstruck. It’s weird and arcane and doesn’t make a lot of sense and sometimes it tries too hard, but it tries too hard in ways that are charmingly earnest. It’s not the best game ever made but it’s a worthwhile little experience for what it is.

I’ve seen what must amount to about five minutes of gameplay and I can already tell this game is a joyless husk.

I thiiink I remember the DOS version of this game, or at least an extremely early demo of it, unless there was another game that sent Sonic to the future and made Tails tall and bitter.

I seem to remember that the early version didn’t even have Sally in it at all, and followed Sonic’s perspective strictly. I think it also played closer to a traditional Sonic game, but I could be mistaken.

Have a lot of other Sonic fangames tried to run in emulators? I can’t think of any examples from when I followed them more closely, but it has been a while since I’ve checked in on any of them since the mid 00’s.

There’s been a few games of future Tails being a pain, and then plenty of old fan games of present Tails being a pain. I say this later in the update, I feel it was a common theme back in the day from people that didn’t like him for being the cute kid.

There might have been an early version just of Sonic, there were old logs talking about how at one point it would have taken place much further in the future where Sally was too old to fight and Tails was instead her doctor.

Snively: Why did the hedgehog have to show up!? I’ve got to think of something to do about this…

Snively: ‘Specially noted’ roboticization cases… certainly one of these ex-citizens ought to prove to be a substantial threat with emotional leverage to match!

(Wh-what? Also, if you’re trying to keep Robotnik from noticing why are you firing up the databases all willy-nilly?)

(Voice only) Ahh. Snively. It’s about time

(Plus he has camera lines it seems, or at least able to interrupt whenever he pleases.)

Snively: G-g-good evening, sir.
Robotnik: Down to business, Snively. I’m too busy to speak long. What caused the crater out by the sewage treatment plant? You know I cannot afford any setbacks in any areas.

(I can’t think of any reason why he has a sewage “treatment” plant aside to justify Sally’s starting level.)

Snively: No, of course not, sir! Well, I assure you it was not any rebellious attacks from Freedom Fighter groups, not at all!
Robotnik: … of course it wasn’t. I hadn’t even suggested that. What is going on out there, Snively? And I hope you tell me it was a gas pocket.
Snively: Quite right, sir! A large gassy explosion from a ruptured line! It will be fixed in… two hours!
Robotnik: …

(So remember how Robotnik was usually, well, immediate in telling Snively to shut up, and direct? I get he got his goal of world conquest but generally that doesn’t mean he’ll stop having a hair-trigger temper, even if Sonic isn’t part of it)

Robotnik: Your presentation seems to be lacking its normal preparation, Snively. But very well. I will expect a follow-up report in two hours.
Snively: Oh, dear, I just hope this plan works…

Sonic: roboticizied… how could this happen?
Sally: It’s what we didn’t know that (sniff) got us. I mean, my God Sonic, I never wanted it to happen. I knew we had to keep fighting in your honor. I couldn’t… let my feelings stop us from doing what had to be done.

(In case you were wondering, no this game does not even come close to passing the Bechdel test. You barely get to meet a second woman total and that’s I believe halfway in.)

Sally: The matter transporters that Robotnik built were set up secretly at points around the Great Forest. Bots came from all directions, it was impossible to –

Sally: to cry and I should be so happy…
Sonic: I’m… sorry, Sal. I don’t mean to, but… Oh, I know I’m not good at the touchy stuff. Umm… it’s the way you’re actin’… the Sally I knew had all the stuff upstairs and could take care of some serious Robuttnik. And I always knew she’d help me… well, keep on the road and get things done right. If that Sally turned into you, then… I know it must be that I seriously screwed up.

(Sonic came SO CLOSE to noticing her personality was nothing like the show.)

Sally: What do you mean you screwed up?? It was an -accident-, something horrible that happened, and… and…


(Okay for once I’m glad Asshole!Tails is here to stop this scene. I’ve redone this scene a couple times to plan the updates and you’re missing out on the music which is stock-sounding Sad Times music.)

Sally: Oh, what are you talking about, Tails?
Tails: Oh, c’mon! Don’t act like you don’t know what you just figured out! If your Great Sonic was in an accident and then just shows up out of the ‘blue’, so to speak, then that only means one of two – either your blue boy turned yellow or you have yourself an imposter.

(What I don’t get is why Tails is so angry yet seems to lean more towards the imposter bit. You’d think he’d be using that level of aggression knowing his once-idol only now reappeared after the world went down the gutters.)

Sally: Uuurgh! Why is it that -everything- I do is always so wrong? I tried to be a good mother for you, Tails. I tried so hard…
Tails: Oh, fuck you, Sally. ‘I tried hard’, ‘I tried hard’. I had to take care of you most of this time and you should know that. Fuck it, I’m leaving this dump. Sal’, go ahead, hang out with your poser. I don’t need you anyway.

So, let’s talk about the first difference between the Advance version and the original DOS versions! The GBA version really wanted to play Sally up as some fallen saint figure, who lost her shining knight and doesn’t know what went wrong. The original did clarify why Tails swears a lot: Sally ended up getting sick of young Tails asking about where Sonic was and what was going to happen and let loose a cluster of Fucks and rage against him, causing him to withdraw and no longer ask.
I don’t really understand why they left that out, although I do think it had to do with how weirdly common it was between 2000 and 2008 for some very vocal people hate on Tails especially for the crime of being a kid, so Adult Tails tends to be a bit of a mess in those things. Like here!

Sonic: to somebody like that. It’s not your fault. Robotnik caused all of this.
Sally: But… what if… I mean, maybe I really am that horrible of a person. Oh, I knew I should’ve just-

(I’m cutting this off but it references THAT scene from after the time skip. So Sonic gets her back on her feet and tells her if Tails was serious he’d have left long ago instead of just now in a huff.)


(Same here. And now we’re gonna get to Sally recounting what happened the day the Great Forest was ambushed.)


(And we finally have one character acting like he usually did)

Sally: … it’s… never a pleasure, Doctor.
Tails: You big meanie! I don’t wanna be a robot! Let us go!
Robotnik: Hahaha! What’s that? Let you go? To where? Your forest is no longer safe. Your home is destroyed. Tell me, boy, how can you be better off not under my care?
Sally: Stop torturing the child, you monster!
Robotnik: Indeed I must appear to be a monster. But, back in the glorious days of the past, little rodents didn’t talk back.

(Funny, those “glorious” days you were fighting for King Acorn, remember Julius?)

Sally: Okay, Robotnik. You’ve won. The Great Forest is gone, all the other Freedom Fighters have been captured… take me too if you must. It doesn’t matter anyway… there’s nothing left for me here. But why must you hurt Tails? He’s too young to even understand his suffering.
Robotnik: Ha! Yes, I am proud to see there are still rodents who beg for mercy from the hands of Man. Well, princess, luckily I’m feeling generous today. I’m willing to let you and the small one go, so long as you march outward and never come near my machinery ever again.
Sally: … I’m confused. You’re a creature of lies, deciet, and ulterior motives… there has to be a catch.
Robotnik: Well, no, not as far as I’m concerned. However, what you must realize is, a normal, functioning roboticized citizen is unable to think or feel for themselves. Most higher-order brain functions are disabled and replaced with the control circuitry. The point being, princess, if I roboticize you and the fox, the two who were closest to the hedgehog, you will merely become robotic slaves and this all ends very anti-climatically. But if I let you live… you can remember for the remainder of your lives just exactly what you’ve lost; your friends, your love, his effective father. You have destroyed everything and are left with nothing. I am still in power and fully capable of continuing under my own discretion. For the rest of your life, princess, I expect you’re going to ask ‘Why?’ As enjoyable as this meeting has been, I have some other Freedom Fighter groups to eradicate to make sure that your pathetic resistance remains minimal. Good day.

(That IS an ulterior motive! You wanted total victory, which you explained comes from having a climactic ending on your hated foes!)

So this actually ended up being longer than I expected even with the cut lines, so we’re just going to brief on the next part: actual gameplay again.

We’ve got a map now! Our goal is uhhhh oh. I see a problem.

You can just bypass the levels. They also say Clear but we haven’t played them yet, guess it’s supposed to mean that’s the objective?

And if you get under the small shadow of this UFO, you’re pulled directly into another level.

Where you got to make like the Brave Little Toaster or else get crushed for an instant death! There’s also an incinerator at the end of the stage where if you run in you also automatically die! By the way, you can’t leave this stage until you beat it, if you forgot to save and don’t have save states to rely on this can be extremely nasty.
But we’re not going that way yet. You actually do need to clear out this series of levels first. I think. We are looking for the personal scrapyard of Robotnik, after all. So let’s instead show off the final bit: Hitting Start does send you to your base.

What a weird sign.

And here we can switch characters. Rather inefficient but hey. I haven’t seen how Sally works with the incinerator belt but I’m not in a rush.

So let’s recap. Sonic and Sally are going to Robotnik’s Scrap Yard up north to find the prototype teleporters. They don’t have any other leads or know if there’s an energy source to redo the time effect. The Time Stones might be in effect but they don’t seem to be anywhere (And might have been used up in the one SatAM episode where they try to stop Robotnik’s initial conquest?)

Also next time hopefully we’re going to finally meet Sonic-2, a character that was introduced originally after Sonic’s very first stage as well as the original plot around him, and a bit more talk about the overall plot so far. Who is Sonic-2? Well, the first DOS version he was portrayed by Metal Sonic so… yeah.

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well, at least one character sort of acts like they’re supposed to. you be you, past Tails.

the world map seems to be based off of Chrono Trigger’s AD 2300 map, but very linear, going by your screenshots. maybe that’s just a feel thing, though.

also what on Earth could CC36 even mean, what? I get the feeling that isn’t going to be explained.

Hello, this update is thanks to two factors:

  1. I’ve been sick since Friday night so I haven’t had much energy to work on projects
  2. The game file is glitched! Oh boy!

So yeah, that screenshot of the sign? That is actually the endgame password: There’s a keypad to the right of the bottom of the base that you put it in and you descend and fight the final boss (And the game is beatable at this point even with the broken boss patterns and trying to ever land a hit). It’s rather odd, too, because I did the data-erase stuff, it went through fine, but I should have known that the code being up meant I wouldn’t be able to proceed, most likely the flags for the stages weren’t reset correctly.

For the time being, I’m posting some snips of the stages from Sally’s side, and oh boy are there flaws.

The first stage is a dead forest complete with perfectly fine water. Sally’s stage involves going through a lot of the water. Swim? Oh no, we run through desperate to find air pockets (Or use a Water Shield).

A fitting example that this game is not made for Sally, you HAVE to take a hit on those spikes to get the shield. You can fire through the walls but, well, as you can see you have to take a hit on those other spikes as well.

Let’s talk about the Water Shield: Just like Sonic 3 you bounce when you hit Jump in the air, and you can breathe fine underwater. The bouncing, however, is more than useless: It hinders. You will immediately go down even if you didn’t jump, so if you walk off a cliff and tap Jump you’re going straight down, which is great in places when you otherwise could avoid damage if you kept going forward from your running momentum.

By the way, the Teleporter plotpoint of pods being hidden in the Great Forest justifies the mechanic being here in an otherwise mostly-nature stage.

Both those Monitors contain 1-Ups. The idea was the inside one Sally could get and Sonic could get the outside since they take different paths up the tree (Sonic bounces on branches outside, Sally is climbing the inside with even more water). But like I said, you can just shoot through the wall and claim both.

And here’s the most bullshit part of Sally’s path: I tried so hard to try to reach that platform but the only way I was able to get up there was glitching the water physics: By timing your entering/submerging just right the game will not register you leaving the water, which does have SOME bouyancy at least. However you also get stuck with not being able to breathe unless you have a Water Shield, and there are a LOT of flying enemies as you climb.
I have no idea if the Fire Shield disappears like in Sonic 3 upon hitting water, or the Lightning Shield. I’ll find out soon.

And our first proper end of stage without a boss has you spin a sign. That Monitor contains a Health Up, increasing our life guage a fair bit. Given the obstacles, yeah you’ll need it.

Oh yeah, forgot to show Sally’s overworld sprite. Weirdly she has the hair over one eye thing going here.

Well, here’s where things got a bit lazy. This is the scrapped Snail badnik from Sonic 2. It doesn’t do anything except flip in the air if the player gets close.

And here’s where things get bullshit: also removed from Sonic 2 are Redz. In this version they explode into chunks upon destruction that damage the player, which means Sonic is pretty much always going to get hit. They also hit HARD.

So what now? Well I’m finishing editing the next Mouse Guard episode first, but after that I’m going to hunt down a different source with the game and get back to this spot. If things differ enough I’ll post screenshots of Sonic’s side of these stages, but when we come back I’ll be going back into the story because, again, we need to meet Sonic-2 as well as check in on our two-tailed cusser.