Tabletop Gaming Subforum

I believe that a subforum or area for tabletop gaming - D&D, World of Darkness, wargaming, board games, etc. - would be a great idea. People have done successful LPs of this stuff, podcasts like Six Feats Under, and gaming streams. However, they’re definitely not traditional LPs, either screenshot or video, and discussion of them might get confusing if they’re just in the general game chat stuff. Play-by-post games are also a definite possibility but I don’t know that they’d necessarily all be fit for the general LP stuff since those are…not traditional, again, since many posters would be involved with them. So, again, it might be confusing.

Or not! Maybe it won’t. But either way, I think a subforum is a good idea.


Personally, I’m in favor of it, if only because TradGames on SA is still modded by The Coward Ettin (also the looming specter of Lowtax), and /tg/ is, well, /tg/.

Ettin is a cool dude but increasingly busy these days with KS stuff, selling his game and no longer giving a shit because there is no way to even begin to do more on SA than try to contain things to their own awful threads.

I kind of stopped paying attention to a lot of what goes on in, say, the chat thread because the chat thread is Imp Zone Lite.

Anyway, weird and dumb forums drama.

I’ve actually been wondering about whether tabletop LP’s would be permitted for a little while now. My fiancee and I have been playing Mansions of Madness 2E (it does have digital content in the form of the companion app, but it’s still a board game at heart). I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how that could be a compelling LP, and would love to give it a shot if there was community interest.

I definitely remember some LPs of tabletop games, beyond the whole Six Feats Under group. The SA board wargames people have done some well-received ones of both solitaire wargames and user-participation-heavy conventional ones.

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Agreed – a place for “Actual Play” or whatever you want to call it is always nice; the collaborative stories that come out of them are for me at least often the most memorable of anything LP related. That and there’s def room for production values as well, if people wanted to try to spice it up.

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As someone whose SA posts were 99% made up of FATAL and Friends (I was thinking about doing another readthrough there before the whole Lowtax debacle happened earlier this month and I suddenly felt unsure if it was right to do so), I wouldn’t mind an alternative place to post about roleplaying games without feeling awkward about posting there.

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I’d also like to make a tg recruitment/looking for group thread, and don’t really know where to put it.

I’m also in favor of a Tabletop Games subforum, maybe as a subforum of General Game Discussion. Either that, or as its own separate subforum with a separate subforum under that for play-by-post. Unless this forum software can do nested subforums like SA can, where TradGames is a subforum of Games and The Game Room is a subforum of TradGames?

Either way would work, whatever makes the most sense for the LP Zone.

I’d like to make a thread about my current tabletop system obsession, Blades in the Dark, but I think that’s probably too niche to go in General Game Discussion, which is mostly video games for now.

Ok, the staff has discussed it, and for the moment we probably won’t have a tabletop games subforum. For now tabletop games discussion can go in the general games subforum.

If there end up being enough tabletop-centric threads, however, we will give tabletop games their own sub. We just don’t want to open up a whole new subforum if it’ll just have a handful of threads in it.

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