Summon Night

Summon Night (U)-3

Welcome to Summon Night Swordcraft Story!

I played this and its sequel awhile back and it has been a good while, so reliving it will be a blast!

Hope you enjoy experiencing this as much as I did when I first played this. Also, no spoilers in the chance you’ve played this!

Summon Night (U)-4

So, we start off with a choice of protag. Their default names are Cleru (Male) and Pratty (Female). From what I remember, dialog is different for which choice you make and is a nice touch if you ask me. I’m probably just going to be Cleru.

Summon Night (U)-5

Our hero lives in a town upon water. Sounds like a paradise if you enjoy hearing waves and possibly seagulls or other water birds. I’d love to live here to be honest!

Summon Night (U)-6

Hark, a voice! I never thought about it, I wonder how many games in general start with the protag asleep.

Summon Night (U)-7

“Huh…? Five more minutes… Zzz…”

???: …cup…
Cleru: Zzzz… Make up? With who?
???: Are you listening to me?! Wake! UP!
Cleru: Zzzz… Oh, it’s just Mom…

Summon Night (U)-8

I kinda like this name. Has a nice ring to it.

Amariss: The opening ceremony is today! Remember?! Now get DOWN here!
Cleru: …That’s today? Uh-oh… I have to get ready… In a couple of hours…

Yeah, you’d think you would have more pep to you on a day you were likely wanting to be ready for!

Can I really talk though? Either I’m like this or I can’t sleep at all when I await a big day I look forward to.

Summon Night (U)-9
Amariss: What’s that? AHHHH!!

Oh crap.

Summon Night (U)-10
Cleru: Are you okay Mom!?

Summon Night (U)-11

And we get control of the character! Not much to do however… Except-

Summon Night (U)-12

Ignore her for a moment and grab this! Regardless, only thing to do is go downstairs.

Summon Night (U)-13
Cleru: …Hello?

Summon Night (U)-14
Cleru: Huh? Wasn’t you that screamed?
Amariss: Of course it was! I just wanted to make sure you were awake.

Prankster mother…

Summon Night (U)-15

Understandable reaction.

Cleru: WHAAAA!!

Summon Night (U)-16

Falling down stairs. That’s gonna leave a mark…

Summon Night (U)-17

Mother of the year material.

Summon Night (U)-18

And there’s the mark it’s gonna leave.

Amariss: That looked like it hurt! Are you alright?
Cleru: Yeah, I’m okay. Just a little embarrassed, that’s all…

Summon Night (U)-19

I…have no response to this.

Amariss: Are you trying to make me worry about you!? Because it’s working!
Cleru: Of course I didn’t forget! I’m fine.

Protags can immediately recover from injuries after all! …Only in cutscenes.

Summon Night (U)-20
Summon Night (U)-21
Summon Night (U)-22
Summon Night (U)-23

Totally didn’t transcript lazy here, nope.

Summon Night (U)-24

Anyway, this is where you name your protag. Feel free to leave name suggestions if you want, along with if you’d rather see Cleru or Pratty.

Summon Night (U)-25

Little tidbit here, if the name isn’t the default, protag won’t have a name over the dialog box the whole game, that I remember as well.

Amariss: Next question! What is your job?
Cleru: (Why is Mom asking me such silly questions? That fall must have looked worse than it felt…) I work for a Craftknight of course!
Amariss: And what do you do for this Craftknight?
Cleru: I’m his apprentice.
Amariss: And what does this Craftknight do?
Summon Night (U)-26
Cleru: Satisfied yet?
Amariss: No, not yet. What is MY name?
Cleru: That’s easy. Amariss.
Summon Night (U)-27
???: That’s not my name!
Cleru: Stop fooling around!
Amariss: I’m just kidding. You’re fine.

I love the touch of her name changing to the ??? again just for the joke.

Summon Night (U)-28
Summon Night (U)-29
Summon Night (U)-30
Summon Night (U)-31

OH NO! I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning! Wait, that’s not right…

Summon Night (U)-32
Cleru: Today is the opening ceremony ofthe tournament that determines the new Craftlord! The Craftlord becomes a knight of Wystern, ghe legendary city of swords…and is given the honored task of guarding Parista, the sacred spirit of the holy sword. I never thought I wouod be chosen to participate in the tournament. It almost feels like a dream… But now that I’ve been picked, I’m going to win the tournament, just like Dad!

Where is Pops anyway?

Summon Night (U)-34

Better skedaddle then!

Summon Night (U)-35
Amariss: Here…take this with you.

“It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!”

Cleru: What’s this? A good-luck charm? It looks kind of old.
Amariss: That is your father’s lucky charm. I made it to protect him.
Cleru: You did?
Summon Night (U)-36

Oh…that’s why we aren’t seeing him…
![Summon Night (U)-37|240x160](upload://tZE5ZzW58NgdnPgdOyOYqa4J1F.png
Summon Night (U)-38
Summon Night (U)-39
Summon Night (U)-40
Summon Night (U)-41
Cleru: Okay Mom.
I accidentally missed that line.
Summon Night (U)-42
But now we have the charm!
Amariss: You’d better go. You don’t want to miss it! Good luck…
Cleru: You can count on me!

We get freedom to move again. Not much to do again except talk to Amariss a little more.
Summon Night (U)-43
And to grab this.
Summon Night (U)-44
Summon Night (U)-45

I don’t remember using it, but we’ll find out down the line!

Summon Night (U)-46

This is all she says. So we better get going!

Summon Night (U)-47
Summon Night (U)-48
Summon Night (U)-49

We’re definately heading there ASAP!

Summon Night (U)-50
Summon Night (U)-51

Water Scooter in action, the steps were where I could get on and off it. Would be pretty fun to ride one in real life though! Anyway, time to arrive to Central Tower.

Summon Night (U)-52
Summon Night (U)-53

I feel you Cleru. I get nervous about ceremonies and gatherings in general.

Summon Night (U)-54
Summon Night (U)-55
Summon Night (U)-56

Hmm, a dialog option. Forget what these affect past dialog, if they do. Let’s be polite!

Summon Night (U)-57
Summon Night (U)-58
Summon Night (U)-59
Summon Night (U)-60
Summon Night (U)-61
Summon Night (U)-62
Summon Night (U)-63
Summon Night (U)-64
Summon Night (U)-65
Summon Night (U)-66
Summon Night (U)-67
Summon Night (U)-68
Summon Night (U)-69
Summon Night (U)-70
Summon Night (U)-71
Summon Night (U)-72

With that, we are free to roam again. Or rather go progress the opening here.

Summon Night (U)-73

Fascinating design of this walkway. …What? Just trying to make conversation.

Summon Night (U)-74

Welcome to Central Tower. Let’s see what these guys have to say.

Summon Night (U)-75
Summon Night (U)-76
Summon Night (U)-77


Summon Night (U)-78

I like the asthetic here.

Summon Night (U)-79
Summon Night (U)-80
Summon Night (U)-81

Ah, my apologies good sir. Good day.

Officer: Entry Ticket please.
Summon Night (U)-82
Summon Night (U)-83
Summon Night (U)-84

Finally made it. Hopefully we aren’t too late!

Summon Night (U)-85

Yeah. The game also gives us some freedom? We can only talk to the people right next to us though.

Summon Night (U)-86
Person: Hey, you!
Summon Night (U)-87
Summon Night (U)-88

Huh? Can be honest or ask what that is… Let’s ask!

Summon Night (U)-89
Summon Night (U)-90


Summon Night (U)-91
Summon Night (U)-92
Summon Night (U)-93
Summon Night (U)-94

R-Right… Perhaps we should get one of those.

Summon Night (U)-95
Summon Night (U)-96

Alright, everyone shh. Officials are talking!

Summon Night (U)-97
Summon Night (U)-98
Summon Night (U)-99
Summon Night (U)-100
Summon Night (U)-101
Summon Night (U)-102
Summon Night (U)-103
Summon Night (U)-104
Summon Night (U)-105
Summon Night (U)-106
Summon Night (U)-107
Summon Night (U)-108
Summon Night (U)-109
Summon Night (U)-110

Sakuro looks like a character I know of and I have no idea who. It’s kinda bugging me.

Summon Night (U)-111
Summon Night (U)-112
Summon Night (U)-113

Well screw you too then buddy.

Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4

Yeah you tell him whoever you are!

Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4
Summon Night (U)-5
Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4
Summon Night (U)-5
Summon Night (U)-6
Summon Night (U)-7
Summon Night (U)-8
Summon Night (U)-9
Summon Night (U)-10

Sounds like a decent deal. Hmm, I’m definately ready to get forging!

Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2

Insert Zelda Item Get tune here

Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4
Summon Night (U)-5
Summon Night (U)-6
Summon Night (U)-7
Summon Night (U)-8
Summon Night (U)-9
Summon Night (U)-10
Summon Night (U)-11
Summon Night (U)-12
Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4
Summon Night (U)-5
Summon Night (U)-6

Eh, some people may argue about that Sakuro.

Summon Night (U)-7
Summon Night (U)-8
Summon Night (U)-9
Summon Night (U)-10
Summon Night (U)-11
Summon Night (U)-12

After that, it dumped me back out into the second floor lobby. Time to go see Master Bron! Maybe he won’t be so wordy…

Summon Night (U)-1

Refreshing change of scenery after that cutscene, huh? Also, don’t worry. I’ll see about a better way to get all the dialog out with less eyestrain. Anyway, back to heading back to Silver Guild.

Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
“Sakuro kept talking!”
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4
Summon Night (U)-5
Summon Night (U)-6

Well, heck yeah! I feel real confident!

Summon Night (U)-7
Summon Night (U)-8
Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3

Way to crush a kid’s confidence Bron. Then again you don’t want him to grow an ego…

Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4
Summon Night (U)-5
Summon Night (U)-6

Somewhere im Gensokyo, Rumia felt a disturbance.

Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4
Summon Night (U)-5
Summon Night (U)-6
Summon Night (U)-7
Summon Night (U)-8

Another bit of freedom. Least it helps take a break from the dialog, even if only for a short while. What could Bron have in mind?

Summon Night (U)-1

Who are you? Bron, please explain.

Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4
Summon Night (U)-5

Met- I mean Guardian Beast? Well, hey lookee there!

Summon Night (U)-1
Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3

Okay, I’m going to cut it here for a few different reasons!

  1. Let’s be honest. It’s gone on long enough!
  2. I want you guys to have a bit of input for: Cleru or Pratty and the Guardian Beast! As well as their names! There’s a few options depending on a few questions the summoner asks. They are the following:
    Summon Night (U)-6
    Summon Night (U)-7
    Summon Night (U)-8
    Summon Night (U)-9
  3. I already overwhelmed myself and possibly you, the reader, with the length of this.
  • Cleru
  • Pratty

0 voters

  • Zantek
  • Sugar
  • Kutty
  • Rasho

0 voters

Bit new to LP’ing so, advice is appreciated if given.

Well, the votes resulted in…Pratty!
Summon Night (U)-1

Now to highlight dialog differences I saw.

Summon Night (U)-2
Summon Night (U)-3
Summon Night (U)-4
20210330_194527 Mother! Are you okay?


Are you kidding!? Of course not! Who put those there!?

Summon Night (U)-5
Summon Night (U)-6
Summon Night (U)-7
Summon Night (U)-8
Summon Night (U)-9
Summon Night (U)-10

That’s generally the changes between Pratty and Cleru in dialog. So that should give you the rough idea. Anyway, let’s skip to the summoner!

Summon Night (U)-11

20210330_194415 Why’re ya so surprised? Did you think ya would win the tournament all by yerself?

20210330_194527 No… but I’m not sure a Guardian Beast is something I deserve to have. I was taught that only a skilled Craftknight should possess a Guardian Beast.

20210330_194415 The only way yer gonna win this tournament is if you stop playin’ by the rules. Take the Guardian Beast. Yer gonna need it.

20210330_194527 Yes, Master!

20210330_194415 Do what you came here to do Summoner.

Summoner: Indeed, Bron. Tell me, Child.

20210330_194527 (I’m getting nervous…)

Summoner: What do you think of Shintetsu?

20210330_194527 (What a strange question. How should I answer it?)

Summon Night (U)_1617240668598

This could depend on how long he was in the protag’s life if you ask me. Likely she could want to know more about him. Also no profiles appear here so, I’ll do the same.

Pratty: I always hear about the respect that was afforded by my father, but I know very little about him. I want to learn more about what he did, and who he was. And I want to be a person as respected and loved as he was.

Summoner: Bron, it seems that Shintetsu’s child was raised well.

Bron: Of course, Summoner! This child was raised by Amariss!

Is it just me or is that Bron’s crush on her seeping out?

Summoner: The bonds between parents and their children are very special.

Pratty: What do you mean?

Bron: Yer mother was the best teacher ya could’ve had. She taughtya how to survive, an’ how to thrive.

Summon Night (U)_1617241260572

In a way, both of these could be true at the same time. But, let’s say she looked after Pratty all the time.

Pratty: My mother was always there to look after me, and to help me do my very best. To keep my mother safe, I must become as strong as my father.

Bron: Ya make that sound real sweet, but don’t worry yerself 'bout it. I’ll protect Amariss for ya!

Do I need to get the bat Bron? You know the one I mean.

Pratty: You don’t need to do that, Master. Infact–

Bron: Did ya say something!?
Pratty: Uh… no.

Bron: Right. Now let’s get ya a Guardian Beast!

Summoner: One more Question.

Pratty: Alright. What is it?

Summoner: Would you rather have a stuffed animal or a robot?

Pratty: …Oh, I get it! If I say robot, you’re going to summon some type of mechanoid, aren’t you?

Summoner: Indeed, but it is impossible to know exactly what kind of creature will appear.
Pratty: Okay. I choose…

Summon Night (U)_1617242075730

Didn’t think a big difference was that everyone is more wordy with Pratty… Anyway, only one answer to say with who technically won the poll.

Pratty: I’d rather have a stuffed animal. They’re just so cute…

Would have to agree, I find some cute. If designed right. Also Bron seemed to get agitated at this choice.

Summoner: Are you ready? Let us begin the ritual.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Summoner: I need something that is important to you in order to call forth a Guardian Beast that is bonded with you.

Pratty: Something important… Oh, I know! The good-luck charm!

Bron: That was yer father’s charm! How did ya come to have it?

Pratty: It was a gift…

True and I felt like Bron secretly was hoping to get it from our mother instead.

Summoner: Alright. Now take hold of the Summonite Gem.

Pratty: Summonite Gem? What’s that?

Summoner: The magical stone with which a Summon Beast is called forth. Focus your thoughts…and wish for a Guardian Beast to aid you in battles. Concentrate!

Pratty: Yes!

My mind wanted to picture him saying “Concentrate!” to her while leaning closer for a moment in hopes to drive it home while she just responds like that to make him stop and I don’t know why exactly it did this.

Summon Night (U)_1617242876135
Summoner: Hear me, noble beast! Hear me and submit to my power! And now, shout thy name! The name of the new bond! Thy master shall be…

Pratty: Pratty!!

After a flash of light…

Summon Night (U)_1617242989921
Summon Night (U)_1617242994209

20210330_194527 Wow! What, what! What is he!? He’s cute!

???: Kutty!

20210330_194415 Well! What a surprise! Ya summoned Kutty.

20210330_194527 Huh? What’s so surprising about it, Master?

20210330_194415 Kutty is the Guardian Beast that your father used to command.

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194415 This can’t be a coincidence. My hunch is that the bond b’tween him and yer father was so strong that he sensed the child of Shintetsu summonin’ him. Anyway! Follow me to thesecond floor and I’ll show ya yer new workshop!

20210330_194527 Let’s go, Kutty!

20210331_221556 Kutty!

Summon Night (U)_1617243604118

20210331_221556 Kutty!

Summon Night (U)_1617243642437
Summon Night (U)_1617243646470
Summon Night (U)_1617243652452
Summon Night (U)_1617243657150
Summon Night (U)_1617243661767
Summon Night (U)_1617243666446
20210330_194527 So… Kutty? Do you want to go upstairs?

With that, he does the RPG trope of vanishing within the MC instead of following behind. The game also says we can talk to him by pressing Select. Anyway, we should go see Bron and our workshop. Apologies for the lack of real commentary. Openings/Prologues tend to have little going on.

Summon Night (U)_1617244320187
Bron: Only tournament entrants are allowed into the workshop on the second floor. And your workshop is here.

Pratty: Alright.

Summon Night (U)_1617244549028
20210330_194527 This is my workshop!

20210330_194415 I hope ya like it… B’cause yer gonna be working here day and night from now on.

20210330_194527 Are you kidding!?

20210330_194415 Don’t ya wanna win the tournament? Don’t ya wanna be a Craftlord? Then stop complianin’ like a spoiled little brat!

20210330_194527 But… but…

20210330_194415 Yer mother agreed that ya should live here durin’ the tournament. So the decision has been made for ya.

How many of you don’t see tournament, craft, Craftlord, Guardian Beast, and/or Bron talking about Amariss the same anymore?

20210330_194527 Yes, Master.
20210330_194415 Why are ya so depressed? Yer followin’ yer father’s footsteps, just like ya wanted! ya should be proud, not sad!
20210330_194527 Yes, Master!
20210330_194415 Now it’s time to teach ya my secret techniques of weapon-forgin’.
20210330_194527 Seriously!? Wow!
20210330_194415 Except that I don’t got the time to teach ya right now, 'cause I’m too busy.

Sounds like you want to actually play favorites to me.

20210330_194527 What!? Come on, Master! I’m a fast learner!
20210330_194415 I’ll let ya know when I’m ready to start yer lessons. You can hang around 'til then.

20210330_194527 Alright.

Bron then exits and…

20210331_221556 Kutty.

20210330_194527 Hey, Kutty. Want to go outside?

20210331_221556 Kutty :musical_note:

20210330_194527 Where do you want to go? How about the park?

20210331_221556 Kuu…

20210330_194527 How about Central Tower?

20210331_221556 Kutty…

20210330_194527 We can’t go everywhere. We need to choose just one!

20210331_221556 Kutty!!

20210330_194527 Ouch!! Cut it out! We’ll find someplace you want to go, okay!? (He’s a ferocious little terror when he wants to be…) Okay. So… Uh… How about the harbor? That doesn’t make you want to hit me, does it?

20210331_221556 Kutty :musical_note:

20210330_194527 Great! Let’s go!

Summon Night (U)_1617253583645

This is a nice transistion image. Kind of serene. Could make you want to curl up and watch the waves or the stars.

Summon Night (U)_1617253593962

20210330_194527 Listen up, Kutty! Let’s board the ship!

Sounds like a risk to me, being so late and whatnot, but what’s some fun without a risk?

Summon Night (U)_1617253898966

20210330_194527 It brings back memories of the trip Father and I took to Vance, a long time ago. Father brought you to more places than he did me. The two of you must have had some wonderful adventures. I really envy you.

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194527 I’m not jealous, mind you. Well…perhaps a little.

20210331_221556 Kutty.

20210330_194527 Hey, Kutty…if I become a Craftlord, I’ll take you all over the world. We’ll visit more places than you and Father ever saw. Okay, Kutty…

This game loves putting those often doesn’t it?

Summon Night (U)_1617254244209

20210330_194527 Kutty?

20210331_221556 … … …

Case in point about those.

20210330_194527 He fell asleep! He must have been tired… Good night, Kutty.

Summon Night (U)_1617254694753

Time for the training to begin!

Summon Night (U)_1617254701778

20210330_194527 Where should I start? Master said that he was going to teach me a new technique before the first match…

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194527 Sure. Let’s go ask Master.

Summon Night (U)_1617254912673

20210330_194527 Oh, Master! I was going to see you… … Hey! Don’t just barge into a lady’s room without knocking!

Er, Pratty? Did you see a door to the workshop or am I crazy?

20210330_194415 Quit yer jibber-jabber! This ain’t no inn!

20210330_194527 Grrr…

She would probably look adorable when mad. Some people do and I will never fully know why.

20210330_194415 The folks from Central Tower have arrived. Behave yerself.

Officer: Hello, hello!

Summon Night (U)_1617255780889

Officer: Greetings, Pratty. I have a delivery for you. Here is your “Labyrinth Key”. Show this key to the guard in the first floor of the Central Tower, and you can enter the Labyrinth. I must get going. Excuse me now.

20210330_194527 So this is the Labyrinth Key…

20210330_194415 That Labyrinth under the Central Tower is a treasure mine for Craftknights. If yer gonna be a skilled Craftknight, ya gotta find yer own materials. That’s all I gotta say.

20210330_194527 But, I heard that there are tons of Summon Creatures and Stray Summons protecting the Holy Spirit Parista from evil in the Labyrinth. Isn’t that right? I’m a bit scared…

20210330_194415 A skilled Craftknight needs to be a master at wielding weapons as well as makin’ them. Ya gotta be able to handle 100 or 200 strays by yerself!

20210330_194527 You’ve gotta be kidding!

20210330_194415 Yer gonna be a Craftlord, guardian of the Holy Spirit Parista, right? Either way, if ya ever end up being a Craftlord, you’ll be going to the shrine of Parista every month, located in the depths of the labyrinth. If ya can’t make it to the Holy Spirit, you’d be shamed as a Craftlord.

20210330_194527 I agree with you on that…

Always a catch to these things, huh?

20210330_194415 Anyway, the battles already begun! Get with it! Alright! Let’s begin! I, Master Bron, will teach ya the secret techniques of crafting weapons!! The very first weapon yer gonna craft is this!!!

Summon Night (U)_1617256750457

Yeah, we don’t get to know exactly what it is yet.

20210330_194527 Yes! I’ll do it!! Woohooooo!

20210330_194415 …Now ya got me worried. Kutty, I know I can count on ya.

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194415 Now, let’s see if ya remember the basics of makin’ a weapon.

Summon Night (U)_1617257076788

I certainly don’t remember how either of these go. Guess we’ll say we don’t.

20210330_194527 Hahaha… I don’t remember a thing!

20210330_194415 Gah! What’ve you been listenin’ to!? Ugh, alright… I’ll teach ya this once more, and don’t forget this time!

20210330_194527 Yes, Master!

20210330_194415 First, collect items that can be used as weapon materials. Next, heat and smelt the items using the forge, and separate them into four kinds of mineral ores.

20210330_194527 Umm… Which one is the forge again?

20210330_194415 What the!?

Summon Night (U)_1617257594980
This here’s the forge!! The big thing you’ve been staring at everyday!

I thought that was a baker’s oven!

20210330_194527 Yes! I get it! (H-He’s really mad… I better watch what I say…)

20210330_194415 Getting back to the subject… Then, use the right combination of ores for each weapon technique and combine them in the forge. Smite 'em all into shape with yer hammer to complete it! Ya got that?

Got it memorized?

20210330_194527 Yes! I’ll give it a shot, Master!

20210330_194415 First things first. Go get yerself some materials.

20210330_194527 Hee hee… Now I can go make my own weapons without getting pestered by Master anymore…

20210330_194415 Hey! I heard that! Anyhow… Go buy some “Iron Ore” at the Item Shop this time.

20210330_194527 Um, Master? Weren’t we supposed to gather materials from the Labyrinth at the Central Tower?

20210330_194415 Aye, that’s correct. But were ya gonna head in there without any weapons?

Summon Night (U)_1617259034065
Summon Night (U)_1617259038935
Summon Night (U)_1617259043126
Summon Night (U)_1617259047001
Summon Night (U)_1617259051248
Summon Night (U)_1617259054627 Summon Night (U)_1617259057529
Summon Night (U)_1617259062153
Summon Night (U)_1617259067216
Summon Night (U)_1617259070078
Summon Night (U)_1617259073689

So yeah, we have to go shopping as our first real objective. Sounds easy enough!

Summon Night (U)_1617259082061

Fun fact: When I originally played this, I didn’t know these were save points. I thought they were just decoration without a purpose. Glad I found out before things got too rough…

Hope to see you in the next part!

Continuing the discussion from Summon Night:

Welcome to part 3!

In this part, we’re gonna see about that Iron Ore sale. Which, speaking of… Pressing Select brings this little convo up!

Summon Night (U)_1617465007919
Summon Night (U)_1617465112805
Summon Night (U)_1617465117439

So good to press it if you need a reminder of what your objective was. Good way to not be intrusive with dialog. Anyway onward to the Item Shop!

Summon Night (U)_1617465296814

Summon Night (U)_1617465303847

A hop, a skip, and a jump one would say. Also pretty basic, but effective, way to label what’s sold here.

Summon Night (U)_1617465428226

She looks familiar. But another time, we need that material!

Summon Night (U)_1617465473658

Pratty: Um, do you have any iron ore here?

Shop Owner: Oh, I’m sorry. We just sold out of it.

Patty: You gotta be kidding!

Shop Owner: See that girl over there? I sold her all we had.

Pratty: Are you really sure that you have nothing left or hidden in stock?

Yeah that sounds-

Shop Owner: I’m afraid not.


Pratty: What are we going to do now? We don’t have enough to buy anything with the money we have now…

20210331_221556 Kutty?

20210330_194527 What’s the matter with the girl? Oh! You’re thinking we should buy some from her? Hmm. What should I do?

Summon Night (U)_1617465854014

Never hurts to ask, yet she could be a rival since she got some…

20210330_194527 No, I can’t do this…

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194527 Hey! Wait a second!

20210331_221556 Kutty! Kutty!

Summon Night (U)_1617466176448

20210330_194527 Okay, okay. That’s enough Kutty. Excuse me… Could you sell us some iron ore, if you don’t mind?

???: What’s this all of a sudden? You… Have I met you somewhere before? Ah! I remember you now. You were at the opening ceremony…

20210330_194527 Yup! You have good memory. Do I stand out that much?

???: No, it wasn’t that, but… …Hmm. I was just surprised someone as spaced out as you had the guts to enter the tournament.

20210330_194527 What!? What do you mean by that?

???: Just as I said. And, I’m not going to sell you my iron ore. Your fault, slowpoke. I don’t have time to mess with you. I’m going to the Labyrinth now. See you!

5 days later, a Slowpoke feels irritated by that comment.

Summon Night (U)_1617466783039

20210331_221556 (Sigh…)

20210330_194527 Anyway… Let’s go talk with the master about this.

20210331_221556 Kutty!

Summon Night (U)_1617466900845

Turning back to the shopkeep, there is a few things, but we can only afford one Bandage. The basic healing item of this game. Mineral Ring ups ATK by 5 and the Bracelet gives the same amount of DEF. I’ll hold off for now. Should be okay without the bandage.

Summon Night (U)_1617467123144

Summon Night (U)_1617467153980

20210330_194527 Actually…

Alright Bron, here’s what happened… The game has a quick fade here.

20210330_194415 What? They were compeltely sold out? To a mean girl?

20210330_194527 That’s correct. She said “I can’t believe that someone as spaced out as you could enter the tournament!” or something like that…

20210330_194415 I see… That’s gotta be Sanary.

20210330_194527 Sanary?

20210330_194415 Aye. She’s one of my apprentices here at Silver Guild, and is competing in the tournament. She’s a contestant, just like you. I told her about the sales as well.

20210330_194527 How come…

20210330_194415 What’d ya expect? Ya aren’t the only trainee here. I gotta be fair, ya know.

20210330_194527 That’s for sure.

20210330_194415 Anyway… Sanary tends to be tough on others, so I can imagine she picked on ya, too.

20210330_194527 But, don’t you think that she could’ve sold at least one of her ores?

20210330_194415 Nah, what Sanary did was correct. Ya two are rivals now. The battle’s begun in and out of the arena.

20210330_194527 Yes…

20210330_194415 Well, there’s no use in worryin’ 'bout that now. Yer gonna hafta find yer own materials in the Labyrinth.

20210330_194527 Huh!? Wait a second! You told us that it’s too dangerous to go there without any weapons! Can weat least borrow a…

20210330_194415 Shut yer trap! If you wanna be a Craftlord, never ever say yer gonna borrow a weapon that someone else made to go hunting for materials!

Weird rule/law if you ask me. Should be no shame in asking for assistance, but alas I suppose.

20210330_194527 Errr…

20210330_194415 Besides, ya already have the mightiest Craftknight weapon of all.

20210330_194527 Huh?

Summon Night (U)_1617468269114

That smug grin as he says this. Just sells his point don’t it?

20210330_194527 But this, this is just a hammer we use for crafting!

Here comes an amazing line.

20210330_194415 Now, listen carefully!! This hammer can forge not only a weapon, but also…

Summon Night (U)_1617468453970

Yeah, he goes to convince you your hammer can forge a woman. (Or man if you’re playing Cleru)

20210330_194527 …Huh?

20210330_194415 Isn’t that right, Kutty?

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194415 Alright! Ya all understand? Now get going!

20210330_194527 No way!?

Summon Night (U)_1617468625289

Summon Night (U)_1617468629431

Summon Night (U)_1617468715748

Now we can bonk things! This doesn’t have use just yet. Let’s head to the Labyrinth.

Summon Night (U)_1617468775681

Here we go.

Summon Night (U)_1617468831269
The Labyrinth is way too dangerous. I can’t let you go down there unarmed, even if you are a Craftlord candidate escorted by a Guardian Beast. Come back after you’re properly equipped.

Patty: I have a weapon…

Officer: Where?

Pratty: This… hammer!!

Officer: That’s a smithy hammer isn’t it? You need to take care of your tools as a Craftknight.

Pratty: Weapons aren’t the only things that this hammer can forge… It can forge a woman! (…Did that work?)

Officer: …You’ve got guts kid. Those are bold words…

Pratty: Uh…

Officer: Well said! If you’re willing to go, I’ve got no right to stop you! Go show us how far you can go with just a hammer in hand!!

Pratty: Y-Yes, sir!

Officer: Don’t worry! If something happens, we’ll tell your folks how brave you were!

Pratty: Huh?

Summon Night (U)_1617469549131

We can finally enter!

Summon Night (U)_1617469602956
Summon Night (U)_1617469606410
Summon Night (U)_1617469610081

Welcome to the Labyrinth! This is where we’re going to be spending a good amount of time. Generally, all our materials come from here. Let’s walk around a bit.

Summon Night (U)_1617469727479

20210330_194527 I never told you to “give it to me!” Oh, and my name is Pratty!

20210403_130905 Well then, why are you exploring the Labyrinth with only a hammer?

20210330_194527 Hehehe! A hammer is the mightiest weapon of all!

20210403_130905 Are you crazy?

20210330_194527 Crazy like a fox!

20210403_130905 Right… Well, if you’re that determined to get materials, I might help you… I’ll give you a quiz, and if you answer correctly, I’ll give you the materials I found earlier.

20210330_194527 Wait a second! Don’t just make things up!

20210403_130905 Now, now. You don’t have to thank me yet. Here’s the first question! A female Craftknight is greater than a male one. True or False?

Summon Night (U)_1617470277219

From what I remember, she does give you something. I don’t remember entirely the right answers, but I think at the end you have to say the opposite as the other MC.

20210330_194527 Of course, a female one is greater, right? (…I think that’s what she wants me to say…)

20210403_130905 You sure got that right! Now here’s the second question. A female Craftknight looks cooler than a male one! True or False?

Summon Night (U)_1617470515103

20210330_194527 I think a female one looks cooler.

20210403_130905 You’re right. Male Craftknights are all just brutes with muscles all the way up to their brains.

The Supreme One would take pride in his muscles. Regardless of what he’s using them for.

20210330_194527 (With the exception of my father, that is.)

20210403_130905 Now the last question! I, Sanary, will be the one to win the tournament. True or False?

Summon Night (U)_1617470849780

Feed her ego if you want the item, else give her the middle finger.

20210330_194527 Sanary?

20210403_130905 Yes, you’re correct! But… You don’t really care, do you? You have the nerve to throw away the pride of a Craftknight just for a few measly materials?

So what if I do? Some people would probably do worse for less.

20210330_194527 What’s that supposed to mean!?

20210403_130905 If you don’t have the will to win the tournament, why don’t you just stay out of it!?

20210330_194527 What the heck!? I’m pissed!

Something funny about that line in particular to me. Probably how she says something PG then immediately forgets what censoring is.

20210403_130905 Game over! No presents for the loser! See ya!

20210330_194527 Errr, what a meanie! She really got on my nerves! She really ticked me off, but… No use complaining about it now. Let’s move on!

20210331_221556 Kutty!

Now that we can finally actually do things, let’s pop that chest open that was probably bugging some of you that whole time!

Summon Night (U)_1617471516936

Freebie bandage! Part of why I didn’t buy it from the shop.

Summon Night (U)_1617471564885

FINALLY getting to how battles work! A to attack, B to do the selected action under the bars, L would swap weapons had we had any others, and R scrolls through the bottom bar. Red bars are, obviously, HP. The green bar is for something later. You can escape battles by moving against either the left or right edge of the battlefield. A little green bar starts to fill and when it’s full, you’ve escaped. You can also jump by pressing up.

New Enemy: Slimes, pretty generic beginning enemy. Even at the max of 4 in a battle they don’t even bother you unless you get close.

Summon Night (U)_1617471979755
Not bad EXP though, for the start of the place. Sometimes enemies may also drop items, as per usual for rpgs. Not sure what influences bonus exp though. Maybe how fast or well you did.

Summon Night (U)_1617472121435

Here’s our pause menu. Everything is pretty self explainatory.

Summon Night (U)_1617472197797

However, did you happen to notice the 5 gems in the corner of the battle HUD? Those are what we use to call upon Kutty. Only 5 times per battle. That x1 next to Enchant Wind is how many times it can be used entirely. It does not replenish between battles automatically. We have to rest to replenish that.

Anyway, This seems like a decent place to end this part. I’ll do some grinding between this and the next part. Next part we’ll have more dialog to sit through and may start a new interaction for you viewers to have say with!

Stay tuned for when we next meet!

Summon Night (U)_1617723694085

And welcome back! After a few levels, let’s head this way.

Summon Night (U)_1617723791847

Summon Night (U)_1617723797132

20210331_221556 Kuu…

20210330_194527 She seems a bit different, though… A little more gentle…

Sanary: …Who’s there?

20210330_194527 Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to disturb you or anything…

20210403_130905 I don’t mind… This place isn’t mine, so I won’t tell you to leave.

20210330_194527 Really? Thanks…

Summon Night (U)_1617724042401

Summon Night (U)_1617724077671

20210403_130905 Hmhm… My sister took me to this place a few years ago. I always wanted to come back here again… I wanted to make it here without my sister’s help… That’s why this place is special to me. Everytime I come here, I can feel that I’m getting closer to her.

Always something fascinating about someone that previously seemed loner or mean showing a softer side.

20210330_194527 Ahh. You really love your sister, don’t you?

20210403_130905 I do. Well, I’ve chatted long enough. I should get going now. See ya.

Summon Night (U)_1617724364268

20210330_194527 Maybe Sanary is a good person after all?

20210331_221556 Kutty?

So yeah. I think Sanary could be considered either a tsundere or possibly a himedere? Either way, time to open that chest to the right.

Summon Night (U)_1617724423730

Pratty: Dumb slimes. Get out of my way! I wanted to open that!

Kutty: Kutty!

Pratty: Yeah, you’re right. Better to just knock them out.

Summon Night (U)_1617724696899

And we finally find some iron ore!

Summon Night (U)_1617724820656

This comes up if you try to go further. You’re gated, so only thing to do is go make the first weapon.

Summon Night (U)_1617724981462

Pratty: A pincer attack? They’re smarter than they seem.

Kutty: Kutty.

Pratty: No less of a threat still.

Slime: You try being the basic of the basic enemies and see how you feel being treated less than a pebble.

Pratty: Wait you can actually talk?

Slime: I mean… (blurble)

Summon Night (U)_1617725051107

Back in the workshop, your bed is a decent place to rest up. Inns can work too. As they explained before, go smelt items like the iron ore then use the materials to make your weapon of choice.

Summon Night (U)_1617725327920

It at least tells you what item makes what. Does make it easier to know what item you’re after for what material.

Summon Night (U)_1617725426243

Summon Night (U)_1617725432284

Not much option. This little knife or dagger will do nicely, since a weapon besides our trusty hammer.

Summon Night (U)_1617725568594

You hammer away while your GB does magical stuff for a little while and then…

Summon Night (U)_1617725572451


You got a Novice Knife! It’s pretty basic, but a good first weapon! Try it out sometime!

Summon Night (U)_1617725695957

I do like the touch that the color fills in once you’ve made it. Prepare for more words!

Summon Night (U)_1617725858963

20210331_221556 Kutty!

Bron: Hey! So ya completed yer first piece.

20210330_194527 Master!

Summon Night (U)_1617725986212

20210330_194415 Let me take a look! Not bad. I guess this’ll pass… Kutty almost did all the work for ya, though.

20210330_194527 It’s all good! It’smy first finished weapon, so I’m happy!

20210330_194415 Always remember that feeling, Pratty! This satisfaction you have now will push you to make better, finer pieces. Keep at it!

20210330_194527 (Hmm, I wonder if my master is praising me?)

Summon Night (U)_1617726341265

20210403_130905 Well, well. I should have known it was Pratty making all the ruckus around here.

Summon Night (U)_1617726403241

20210403_130905 What? It took you all this time to make your first weapon?

20210330_194527 Wh-What’s wrong with that?

20210403_130905 There’s nothing wrong, but… You’re such a slowpoke! You think you can win with that kinda pace?

20210330_194527 !

20210330_194415 Cut it out, you two!

20210403_130905 Yes, Master. I guess it was unladylike of me. Pratty is a bad influence…

Leaning more towards himedere now.

20210330_194527 You’re the one acting childish, Sanary!

20210330_194415 Hey, you two… When I say stop, STOP!

He’s going father mode now! Everyone be still!

Summon Night (U)_1617726788824

Officer: Hello, hello. I’m sorry to bother you, but…

20210330_194415 Whaddya want!?

Officer: I’m here to deliver the notice for Pratty’s first round in the tournament.

20210330_194527 Waaah, it’s already here!

20210330_194415 Well, don’t just stand there. Hurry up and take it.

Summon Night (U)_1617726978483

Officer: The opponent for the first round is Chaves from the Gold Guild. You can reach the battle arena from the first floor of the Central Tower. Speak to the offical at the end of the hallway and he’ll guide you to the tournament arena. Oh, there is something else you’ll need to remember. Only one weapon is alloaed to be used in the tournament! Therefore, please come equipped withyour favorite weapon! Good luck!

In other words, be sure to equip your best weapon. Unless you have a favorite, I suppose.

Summon Night (U)_1617727219295

Summon Night (U)_1617727318465

20210403_130905 Well, good luck and do your best.

Summon Night (U)_1617727352897

20210330_194527 What is Chaves like?

20210330_194415 Hmm… He’s not that strong of an opponent, but… With the weapon you have now it’ll be tough…

20210330_194527 Do you think so?

20210331_221556 Kuu…

20210330_194527 I see…

20210330_194415 Alright. I’ll teach ya one more technique.

20210330_194527 You’re mighty fat and generous today, Master!

He a chonker.

20210330_194415 What’d you say?

20210330_194527 I said you’re really generous today!

Nice save!

20210331_221556 Kutty!

Summon Night (U)_1617727764123

So we a choice of the other 4 weapon types. I’m gonna grab…knuckle. After this point, every time we craft a new weapon we can go talk to Bron and get another technique!

Summon Night (U)_1617727878275

Summon Night (U)_1617727881428

Summon Night (U)_1617727884287

Summon Night (U)_1617727888063

Summon Night (U)_1617727893606

Summon Night (U)_1617727896125

Summon Night (U)_1617727900663

Summon Night (U)_1617727903486

Now we have about complete freedom finally! Within reason, we can go whereever and do whatever we want.

Summon Night (U)_1617728140376

Okay after this cutscene…

20210330_194527 Huh? What brings you here, Mother?

20210330_194356 I’m just checking to see how you’re doing. Oh, it looks like you’ve decided on a partner.

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194527 Do you know him, Mother? Have you two met before?

20210330_194356 Of course, I do. Kutty used to be your Father’s Guardian Beast.

20210331_221556 Kutty, kutty!

20210330_194356 You should pay respect when addressing his name.

20210330_194527 Alright.

20210330_194356 With Kutty at your side, you’ll be just fine. Hang in there, Pratty.

20210330_194527 Uh, sure!

Summon Night (U)_1617728533198

And she’s off. NOW we have the freedom for real.

Summon Night (U)_1617728635965

Now that we have the Novice Knife, the green bar has a number besides 0! That’s the weapon’s durability. They can break in this game, just using them or blocking with them decreases that. They break and…well that shouldn’t need to be said right? So, be careful with them! Don’t worry though, it replenishes after every battle unlike MP. Weird if you ask me.

Summon Night (U)_1617728864140

The hammer would only do about 7 or 8, maybe 10 damage at most. So now slimes are even less of a threat. Ignore I took damage myself, I struggled to get the screenshot.

Summon Night (U)_1617729000129

Floor 2! Not much different here sort of, so not much to say here.

Summon Night (U)_1617729046459 The door to the left holds…nothing.

Summon Night (U)_1617729074925

New Enemy: Spell Sword
These guys are actually kind of dangerous at the moment. 120HP and likely won’t take much from this dinky knife. If you want to take them on, be cautious. If not, no shame in running.

Summon Night (U)_1617729279019

Nearly broke my darn weapon!

Summon Night (U)_1617729296934

They do drop something we can’t make use of just yet.

Summon Night (U)_1617729300055

And are a good way to get some nice exp this early. So that’s your risk for fighting them.

Summon Night (U)_1617729462480

This is part of why you’re forced to grab this. There are times you must cross water.

Summon Night (U)_1617729522226

New Enemy: Pumpkeeno
100HP and is basically a slime with a new coat of paint. It jumps rather than slide around. That’s all there really is to them.

Summon Night (U)_1617729633509

New Enemy: Gremlin
At 100HP like Pumpkeeno, they aren’t too much harder. Their gimmick is they have two attacks, a basic headbutt and some fire that hits multiple times. Long as you’re paying attention (at least this early), they’re just as threatening as slimes/pumpkeenos.

So, of all the enemies so far, Spell Swords are most dangerous.

Summon Night (U)_1617729957455

Now for non-enemy stuff. These crates and barrels are why you can use your hammer in the field. Break them open for items, possibly. Something they’ll have nothing at all.

Summon Night (U)_1617730058524

Case in point… I got nothing. They respawn everytime you enter the Labyrinth however.

Summon Night (U)_1617730175750

Inside that chest we saw at the entry, more Iron Ore!

Summon Night (U)_1617730207904

What could be inside this door?

Summon Night (U)_1617730212886

A chest!

Summon Night (U)_1617730216024

Score. Now we can make that knuckle weapon and possibly a 3rd weapon!

Summon Night (U)_1617730336773

Wonder what that guy is there for, and that green spot looks familiar…

Summon Night (U)_1617730380955

Summon Night (U)_1617730385371

I like that the GB actually pops into battle as well. I’m just showing this off because why not.

Summon Night (U)_1617730390231

Now my knife is glowing green!

Summon Night (U)_1617730505328

But now I need to heal, least I still have that bandage!

Summon Night (U)_1617730581223

More breaking to be done!

Summon Night (U)_1617730689686

Summon Night (U)_1617730695179

Summon Night (U)_1617730699450

Summon Night (U)_1617730701762

Summon Night (U)_1617730706566

And then when you bonk the teleporter with your hammer…

Summon Night (U)_1617730711025

Now we can go between the entrance and floor 3!

Seems like a good place to stop. Story doesn’t progress until we go take care of that arena fight after all.

I want to ask you all something again. Which weapon(s) do you want me to use in the next part? Only up to 3 can be equipped at a time! See you when that comes out after the results are out!

  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Spear
  • Knuckle
  • Drill

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Summon Night (U)_1617986385882

Welcome back to Summon Night!

Let’s move into the fight, shall we?

Summon Night (U)_1617986468938

Summon Night (U)_1617986473273

Or…not. Yeah, you have to only have one weapon equipped.

Summon Night (U)_1617986539638

Well then. I’ll go with the knuckle. Also, that Toy Ring increases ATK by 1.

After unequipping the knife and spear…

Summon Night (U)_1617986632361

Summon Night (U)_1617986664033

Of course I am!

Summon Night (U)_1617986688014

Summon Night (U)_1617986691647

Summon Night (U)_1617986749625

Silent type eh?

Summon Night (U)_1617986779339

Go ahead and get the joke(s) out of your system. I know some of you are thinking it!

20210330_194527 (Master Bron said he wasn’t that strong, but that’s gotta be a lie! What am I supposed to do?)

20210331_221556 Kuu…

20210330_194507 Will you be summoning your Guardian Beast, Chaves?

20210409_125038 I don’t need no beast… I can handle this myself.

Ow, the edge.

20210330_194527 Why, you…!


20210330_194527 …Kutty.


20210330_194527 …Alright!

20210330_194507 Are you both ready?

20210409_125038 Yes, I am.

Avdol is that you?

20210330_194527 Yes, I am!

20210330_194507 As Craftknights of Wystern, fight with honor and dignity!

Keep this line in mind.

20210330_194507 The fourth round of the tournament! Chaves against Pratty… Ready… Begin!

Summon Night (U)_1617987349818

Summon Night (U)_1617987355943

Boss: Chaves

He’s definately the sturdiest foe so far with that 190HP. Note that 70 durability. Remember what I said when I first got my Novice Knife? That applies to him as well!

There are two ways for this fight to end, HP hits 0 or a weapon breaks. Honestly, I find Chaves kind of annoying for a first boss. He either slams his sword down edge first or does some kind of poke focused around the tip if you’re right next to him. The slam you can avoid by being in his face, but the poke is more annoying since it’s the faster move and he WILL spam it if you let him.

Summon Night (U)_1617987708649
The slam.

Summon Night (U)_1617987715556
Being in his face to avoid it.

Summon Night (U)_1617987723450
The freaking poke.

Summon Night (U)_1617987802032


After a bunch of guarding his poke…

Summon Night (U)_1617987871366

His sword broke! Keep in mind, you HAVE to win this of course.

Summon Night (U)_1617987943237

If Cleru, he holds his weapon in the air in celebration.

Summon Night (U)_1617988013650
He drops good exp. If I was about level 5 or 6, he would have dropped around 800. He’s pretty much a guranteed level up, maybe two if you’re a tad underlevelled. There’s a reason I wanted to break his weapon over just pummeling him to death, I will get to that later.

Summon Night (U)_1617988172690

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194527 Thanks, Kutty!

Now pick that thought back up about fighting with honor and dignity.

Summon Night (U)_1617988228336

Summon Night (U)_1617988272036

20210409_125038 Neither the quality of her weapon nor her skill to handle it let her win this fight! It was all because of the Guardian Beast! No contest! No contest!! No contest!!!

I want to note 2 things:

  1. He didn’t use his own as he said he didn’t need it.
  2. I didn’t summon Kutty at all!

20210330_194507 Silence, Craftknight Chaves.

20210409_125038 What!?

20210330_194507 Have you forgotten the Craftknight code, the three tenets of Craftknighthood?
A sword is not strength
A sword is not skill
A sword is not fellowship
Recite these words and think over what you have done wrong.

Byakuya Togami and Edward Elric’s fusion/lovechild has spoken!

Summon Night (U)_1617253583645

Summon Night (U)_1617988633058

Summon Night (U)_1617988638397

20210330_194527 Ahh… I feel relieved…

20210331_221556 Kutty!

Bron: Yo, Pratty! You here?

20210330_194527 Yes, Master.

Summon Night (U)_1617988857093

20210330_194415 Hey there! I heard ya won the first battle!

20210330_194527 Hehehe, yeah! Are we celebrating that by any chance?

20210330_194415 Don’t be a fool! Ya only won the first round!

20210330_194527 Uh…

Early pop-offs, never a good sign.

20210330_194415 Besides, others around ya are waitin’ to compete. Most of them won’t make it past the first round. And even if they were to win, there can only be one champion.



20210330_194415 If yer gonna become a Craftlord, learn to watch yer surroundings. Think outside yer shell.

20210330_194527 I understand…

20210330_194415 That being said… Ya deserve yer celebration today, for winning the first battle. Keep up the great work, Pratty!

20210330_194527 Thank you, Master!!

Summon Night (U)_1617989245172

20210330_194527 …Alright! I guess I’ll got for a walk! (Where should I go?)

Summon Night (U)_1617989302900

I didn’t want to spoil this, but maybe I should have added this as a poll. Would be boring to make this part short and leave this out… I have no clue what this affects to be perfectly honest. Let’s go with Sanary.

Summon Night (U)_1618025710290

Summon Night (U)_1618025762145

Summon Night (U)_1618025767885

Summon Night (U)_1618025771003

20210403_130905 Congratulations, Pratty…

20210330_194527 Hehehe. Thank you. You saw my match today?

20210403_130905 You fought well. Do you remember ehat Master Sakuro said? A sword is not strength, A sword is not skill, A sword is not fellowship. A Craftknight’s true strength can’t be judged by the quality of his weapon, the skills to use it, or by the strength of his Guardian Beast. Only when one is endowed with all of these quanities can one be considered a good Craftknight… You proved yourself today that you really are the daughter of Craftlord Shintetsu.

20210330_194527 Hehehe.

20210403_130905 By the way, what brings you to a place like this?

20210330_194527 No particular reason, but… I was just recalling the time I met you here…

20210403_130905 … I see.

Okay side bar real quick. This feels like the start of a friendship or maybe even more to me. Anyone else feel the same?

20210330_194527 Actually, I was going to exact my revenge on you here if I ran into you, but… You seem a little upset. Anything wrong?

Cue there’s no need to be upset

20210403_130905 Uh, not really, but… I feel a little nervous… To tell you the truth, I’ve recieved the notice for my first match today, and I’m really nervous… So I took a walk to calm myself down…

20210330_194527 (Hey… Sanary acts pretty tough all the time, but she has a real cute side to her, too.)

20210403_130905 Why are you looking at me like that? You’re grinning at me… I bet you think I’m cute when I get all girly, don’t you?

20210330_194527 (Whoa, how’d she know that?!)

So I’ll take this moment to bring this up. Back when you’re getting your Guardian Beast, if you get Sugar as Pratty, Sugar will actually kiss her and Pratty thinks to herself that that was her first kiss! Just an interesting tidbit.

20210403_130905 I don’t mind. I’m not embarrassed by it. I am a girl after all.

20210330_194527 Yeah. I can see that.

20210403_130905 I’m going to become the cutest and coolest woman ever!

Hey, all luck to ya on that.

20210330_194527 I see… I think I now know why you try to act so tough all the time…

20210403_130905 You’re a strange one…

I wouldn’t take this as an insult, I embrace ny weirdness.

20210330_194527 You think so…? You’re basically saying, to become a proper girl, she needs to be able to do anything a boy can do. Am I right? That’s a really tough thing to do, but good luck! I’ll be cheering for you!

20210403_130905 It’s none of your business…

20210330_194527 Hehehe, sorry. Say… I’m hungry. Would you like to come and eat with me?

Summon Night (U).st1

20210330_194527 Oh…

20210403_130905 That’s what I SHOULD say, but I wouldn’t mind joining you two for the company.

20210330_194527 Really? Are you sure?

20210403_130905 Yup! Let me tell you something. No proper girl can refuse an offer for a good meal!

The screen then fades out and shifts to the next day.

Summon Night (U)_1620118471828

Summon Night (U)_1620118505514

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194527 I have to keep practicing. How else am I going to compete with that new record?

Bron pops in.

20210330_194415 There ya are, Pratty! Come with me!

20210330_194527 What must I do, Master Bron?

Summon Night (U)_1620118691045

20210330_194415 You’ve gotta work, of course!

20210331_221556 Kuuu?

20210330_194415 Of course ya can come along! Now let’s go!

20210331_221556 Kutty!

Summon Night (U)_1620118798934

20210330_194415 Oh, didn’t I tell ya? I’m headed for Vance! I’m personally deliverin’ some weapons that were crafted by me, the Silver Master!

20210330_194527 Vance!? So you’re sailing across the sea?

20210330_194415 That’s right! I’ve gotta get my ship ready for sailin’, and I need yer help. Follow me to the harbor!

Summon Night (U)_1620119023762

20210330_194527 Yes, Master Bron! Come on, Kutty!

20210331_221556 Kutty!

Summon Night (U)_1620119110749

We’ll meet up next time. This part dragged on long enough I’d day since in the middle of Sanary’s scene I left for a while (didn’t help Gensokyo Wanderer and SAO Fatal Bullet kept my attention, Disgaea 5 starting to take it back as well since 6 comes out soonish) and finally came back to finish it.

Anyway, hope you’ve been enjoying regardelss and hope to see you next time when we head to Vance with Bron!

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Summon Night (U)_1622614449799

Let’s start this part off with something I mentioned last time, why I broke Chaves sword over just beating him.

Summon Night (U)_1622614464385

Just an opening of the weapon type menu and selecting Sword Type…

Summon Night (U)_1622614609878

Sort of cheap, but red material isn’t that easy to get right now. As you can see, I can make his sword! I’ll see about making it to show it off sometime, if I don’t I forgot to.

If I head back to the dungeon, there’s still nothing new as that guy won’t let me pass. So only thing we can really do is go see Bron!

Summon Night (U)_1622614847975

Pratty: Maybe I should go inside and buy a couple bandages at least.
Kutty: Kutty.
Pratty: Never hurts to have more than you think you need, Kutty!
Kutty: Kutty!
Pratty: Don’t get that attitude with me! I should wash your mouth with soap for using that kind of language!
Kutty: Kuu…

Summon Night (U)_1622615109539

Little bit north and a little to the left of the item shop, we find what is probably an inn. You can’t rest here, but you can buy these drinks! Wheatgrass Juice heals 200 and Banana Smoothie heals 300. However, I’m going to stick to the bandages since they heal 150 and can be used in battle. Maybe I’ll stock a few of these later when I can get money easier. Always bites when your wallet in an RPG feels too tiny, but alas that’s how it is sometimes.

Summon Night (U)_1622615377524

This is, what I assume is, an independant or branch of a blacksmith, or rather craftknight. Nothing happens if you try to interact. Craftknights don’t use someone else’s weapons after all!

Summon Night (U)_1622615495030

Anyway, back on track to see our teacher.

Summon Night (U)_1622615511392

Anyone else enjoy being around the ocean/sea? I enjoy going to a beach. May have said it before, but I would probably like living in a town like this.

Anyway, Bron is just ahead. Prepare some popcorn, a snack, or a drink because we’re about to have some dialog!

Summon Night (U)_1622615822072

20210330_194527 (This…) Kutty! I didn’t know this ship belonged to Bron…

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194527 …You don’t understand anything I say, do you?

20210331_221556 Kutty!

20210330_194527 Don’t get angry! I didn’t insult you! I was, uh, complimenting you! I was complimenting the way you don’t understand me!

20210331_221556 Kuu?

20210330_194527 Hey… You CAN understand what I’m saying, can’t you?!

20210330_194415 What’s wrong?

20210330_194527 It’s nothing, Master. When do we set sail?

20210330_194415 So yer not gonna mention that you were aboard my ship without askin’?

Oh crap, busted!

20210330_194527 Master! How did you know?

Pratty, he could be bluffing making you rat yourself out.

20210330_194415 B’cause it’s my business to know everythin’ about this ship! Now stop talkin’ and come aboard!

20210330_194527 So you don’t care, Master?

20210330_194415 I don’t care that ya used my ship…but I care ya used somethin’ that belonged to someonr else without askin’.

Fair point Bron. That is quite rude.

20210330_194527 I’m sorry, Master.

20210330_194415 Fine, fine. Now quit mopin’ and climb aboard!

Summon Night (U)_1627350501326

:musical_note:Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me lads!:musical_note:

Summon Night (U)_1627350504912

Land ho!

Summon Night (U)_1627350510082

20210330_194527 Yes, Master!

20210330_194415 Good! I’ll meet ya there.

Summon Night (U)_1627354525640

Inset Zelda Item Get tune here

Summon Night (U)_1627354531525
He’s gone. Kutty? Do you know where to find the weapon shop?

20210331_221556 Kuu?

20210330_194527 You don’t know, either? That’s alright. We’ll just have to look around until we find it. Let’s go!

Summon Night (U)_1627354743106

Finally given control again! Maybe this could be a time to stop. I forget how eventful every plot point this game is and I don’t want to drag a part on for too long.

Sorry for the super late update, been distracted and unmotivated. Next time we’ll deliver this shipment and see what lies ahead. See you next time andhope you enjoy the LP so far!

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