Suggestions for Strategy/Turn Based RPG LP's

Hey there, I’m rather new around here and I thought I’d ask the forum if they have any suggestions for S/TB RPG games that would be fun to 1) Play 2) Record and 3) Have a good story. I may have missed this topic whilst scrolling through the forum topics that are currently here, if I have, I apologise for wasting anyones time, I’m just looking to expand my repetoire of games and wish to go down the RPG route.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Well, if you’re still around, that depends on what platforms you have to work with. If you’re thinking about the greats like Final Fantasy Tactics. Tactics Ogre, Disgaea series, etc those have most likely been covered to death already. Give more deets.

Theres also the Tales of series which is generally pretty good. It all comes down to what kind of consoles you have like stated above

If your looking for something unique and probably overshadowed by a lot of other RPGs you might want to try the series Growlanser. Do know that there are only two games that were translated for western release. Being the 4th game(a port/enhancement) and 6th one(PS2). Both are accessible through the Playstation store.