Streaming with The T: Link to the Past Multiworld Randomizer!

Hey everyone. Me, Maximum Tomfoolery, and FlamingRok are gonna play a Link to the Past randomizer multiworld. If you aren’t familiar with the idea:

In a randomizer, all the items in the game world are shuffled around from their usual places. Places on the map that were once useless may now have the key item you need. Knowing the layout of the world and where all the chests are located is key.

In multiworld, multiple players play at once, in worlds linked to each other. Any player’s items can be in any other player’s world. So Player 1 might have some of their items in their world, while other of their items are in Player 2’s world, and they must rely on Player 2 to find those items. The game isn’t over until all players have everything they need to beat the game.

EDIT: Stream over, was a bit of a clusterfuck so I won’t bother with an archive. Will stream again soon!