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Last time on Vesperia we lost the airship after Yuri got blown away by Estelle, now we’re gonna hike all the way back to the capital.

Rematch of the Millennium
(Dragon Quest XI Postgame, Stronger Monsters)

This ends Saturday.


Odell Beckham Jr. is headed to the Browns! Also KINGDOM HEARTS DREAM DROP DISTANCE is starting in about 15 minutes!


Picking up from where we crashed in Vesperia.

Pacman 2 speedrun exhibition then finishing DQ11 then ???

Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother


Going live and starting OHPW, our wrestling federation, in about 15 minutes
You can still submit characters here

Here’s today’s matches:
#1 Super Samio © vs. Weeb Weaver for the Jabroni Royale
#2 The Fun Gang vs. Fallout Boys
#3 Undeddie Guerrero vs. Kayu Zakisaka
#4 N-T Punk vs. Hobo One Kevodki vs. Harmony Gray vs. Grace Thoruson
#5 Kelsey Slaughter vs. Anna May © for the Bunny Title :3
#7 Manic Misanthrope vs. Rosette © for the Darkweight Title


Last time on Vesperia, Yuri fucking died; this time on Vesperia we sidequest.


Showing off Call of Cthulhu, a game all about using as little animation as possible.


Continuing Vesperia, last time sidequest, this time main story but also sidequest and also Yuri is now strong.