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Gonna (try) to stream some VR games.

Fun times were had. Dwarves like their orange juice in martini glasses. Who knew?


I’m live now starting Bayonetta 2. Come and have a chill out on your Monday evening.


Gonna do some Dead Cells Nightmare Difficulty (4 Cells) runs in a bit. I will probably die, but I hope I rip and tear.
Come join me here:

Gonna do more VR stuff!

Fruit Ninja sucks. Knockout League is exhausting to me but owns. I Expect you to Die owns.


A day late and a darkness short. Tonight we begin our journey to Kingdom Hearts 2! Join us in about 15 minutes!


Yesterday I failed to beat 4 Cells difficulty in Dead Cells, I got two good runs, though!

I’m nothing but stubborn, so join me for some more Dead Cells in a few minutes on my twitch


We’re hunting a Rathalos today in Monster Hunter World. I’ll probably die.

I was right. I died. But I also killed a Rathalos and a Diablos, so that’s neat, I guess.


Another Bayonetta 2 stream, hopefully going to get a couple of levels done.

Come and chill!


Gonna be doing some high rank missions in Monster Hunter World tonight. Maybe grab some drinks later as well.

We’re done! And we managed to kill some pretty darn cool monsters. A good time was had!


LPFWA, a Wrestling E-Federation where AIs duke it out! Starting in 15 minutes on Twitch:
You can join the thread here: LPFWA 2k18 - Killing the Business Since 2013
Character Submissions are still open:

Match 1: Face © vs. anilEhilated for the Buscus
Match 2: A tree (0) vs. Freddie Hope (6) - Z1 B-Block
Match 3: Dash Rendar (3) vs. Thundercat Chris Pine (4) - Z1 A-Block
Match 4: Brutal Baroness vs. Hell-Ena vs. Kara vs. Samus for No. 1 Contenderships
Match 5: Fruitsniffer (6) vs. Toad (5) - Z1 A-Block
Match 6: Lotus Aura (4) vs. Lore Convoluter - Z1 B-Block
Match 7: Schir vs. Nuffkins © for the Bunny Title :3
Match 8: Majestic Goat-Man (6) vs. Palpatine (6) - Z1 B-Block
Match 9: Kylo Ren (6) vs. El Catire Arrecho (2) - Z1 A-Block


Doing a bit of an early stream with some Monster Hunter World. Gonna head to the Everstream for the first time today!

Done for now. Good hunts were had.


I’ll be playing Guacamelee 2 blind in about 10 Minutes.
Join me here:
Please no spoilers or hints unless asked


It’s time for Prime 2 with the Metroid Trilogy! Come join Goodguy and me as we poke our heads into Dark Aether and say hi to some old friends!

All done for today.


I would like to make some, ah, Progress, in La-Mulana 2:


It’s time for Prime 2 with the Metroid Trilogy! Come join Goodguy and me, we just got the dark suit and super missiles and now it’s time to trudge through a swamp!

Done for today, maybe more on Wednesday.


Hey guess what we’re playing Sonic Adventure 2 in about 10 minutes LETS GOOOOOOOOO


Gonna start with some Beat Saber, then move on to I Expect You to Die.


Doing some more Bayonetta 2. Come and watch if you’re interested!


Having a couple of drinks and playing some more Monster Hunter World.

We fainted twice but managed to kill a Nergigante. All is good.


It’s time for Prime 2 with the Metroid Trilogy! Come join Goodguy and me, yep, still swamp but the gravity boost takes the edge off.

Started a bit late, but we’ll do a lot more come Sunday.