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Gonna continue playing Nioh in a 10-ish minutes over at


It’s a new episode of Retro Rank Rhapsody!
Title: The Will Wright Way to Build a City featuring SimCity (SNES)
In this final episode of building the lists, we look at the final list, Planning, and what better way to christen the Planning list than by looking at the definitive city-planning game, SimCity! So let’s start our city and hope for the best against poor city-planning, budget cutbacks and…Bowser!?


LPFWA, a Wrestling E-Federation where AIs duke it out! Starting in 15 minutes on Twitch:
You can join the thread here: LPFWA 2k18 - Killing the Business Since 2013
Match 1: The Masked Man © vs. John Cena for the Buscus
Match 2: Garbo Barba vs. Samus vs. DCB vs. Konami
Match 3: Angus McMutton vs. Dr. Ham
FPWW: Krimsh vs. Punchy
Match 4: A tree vs. Fruitsniffer © for the Bunny Title :3
Match 5: Kara TPW vs. Tolvie
FPWW: Eight-Way Chaos feat. Kung-Fu Mari
Main Event: Jumpy-Chan vs. Nadira © for the Kawaii Title


I’ll be streaming some more Nioh over at in 10-ish minutes
After some cleanup we’ll be heading into the third region of the game.


Another round of Chain of Memories will begin shortly. take a break from speedruns with something nice and slowwwww.


Gonna wrap up Region 4 and heading into Region 5 in Nioh
Should be fun!


It’s that time again! Time to play some card games and lose our minds. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories stream goes up in 15ish minutes!


Streaming more Nioh right now.


Goodguy3 and I are going to stream some Xenoblade 2, we’ve just made it past Mor Ardain, I’ve played it to completion, while Goodguy is blind and I’ve shown XC1 and XCX to him.

Stream done.


More Nioh in a second!


The Anniversary show for LPFWA, my Wrestling E-Fed that started 5 years ago starts in 15 Minutes:
You can join the thread here: LPFWA 2k18 - Killing the Business Since 2013
LPFWA '13: Sabateini vs. Schir
1st Match: Masked Man © vs. Schir for the Buscus
2nd Match: Face vs. Lotus Aura
LpFWA '13: Kadorhal vs. Rath
3rd Match: IGgy vs. Macro Man Keynes
4th Match: Lady of the Lancet vs. Nadira © for the kawaii Title
5th Match: Hell-Ena vs. Jumpy-Chan vs. Yelizaveta
LPFWA '13: Fruitsniffer vs. Ultigonio
Main Event: Nuffkins vs. Fruitsniffer © for the Bunny Title :3


The kingdom hearts dont stop, no matter what! We’re live in 15 minutes!


Goodguy and I are going to stream some Xenoblade 2, we’re currently escaping the Land of Cutscenes, Indol.

All over thanks for coming!


Continuing through the Nioh DLCs in a few moments. Come join me here:


Continuing to blunder through Romancing SaGa 2 as best I can. My current emperor’s name is “Walrus”.



Continuing Mother 3!
Now I know why this game will never be localized.


Playing some Kid Icarus and Castle of Illusion for my LP Project!


Last time on Xenoblade 2, we escaped the Land of Cutscenes and found a bigger turtle, but now our waifu is gone* and we need to find ourselves another blade. However, the worst dungeon in the game is sitting between us and it.

*NG+ may prevent gone waifu syndrome.

All done!

Gonna play a charming looking game called Life Goes On: Done to Death
Game owns


It’s time for the 24hr FCancer charity! Swing by and use !fcancer in chat to help support a worthy cause! Lots of activities on the agenda for today, so get in here and throw cancer the big middle finger! Love ya!