Star Wars Spoiler Thread

Hi I want to talk about star wars with cool and chill pals.

Nothing is off the table if you haven’t seen the new Star Wars please don’t read this thread.

Post your hottest takes and coldest, most logical theories here, friends.

It’s a Good movie and Star Wars fans have never ever actually known what they really want out of a main Star Wars film.

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I have some criticisms of The Last Jedi, but overall I really liked it! I do think it felt like they put too much in it though.

Also I’m glad Bigger Luke theory is now canon.

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I think my favorite part of TLJ was Yoda’s scene. I missed him being a little jackass like he was in Empire.

I think this might be the most toyetic Star Wars movie yet. But it felt less like “let’s shove in a bunch of aliens and vehicles so we can make toys out of them!” and more like “let’s make a bunch of fun designs so fans will want toys of them.” Porgs were a great idea and I laughed every time one was on-screen.

I’m glad that Rey’s parentage is resolved and I like the way it was handled. It was never a hidden riddle for the viewer to solve, it was a part of her character, and now she’s come to terms with it.

I’m also glad Snoke went out like a fucking chump.


I really liked how they resolved Rey’s parents. It (and the bit with the kid at the end) ties into a piece I really like with some Star Wars fiction of that the Force doesn’t just disappear with the Jedi or is something that is only passed through blood.

I’m glad Snoke went down, super evil villains are good and all but these films are so much more about Kylo and Rey’s character arc.

I tweeted some thoughts about it. Not great at analysis but wanted
to get some thoughts out there! Going to copy for convenience, formatting looks weird though.

#starwars spoilers I guess? Potentially? I really really liked TFA and TLJ. For me, TFA was very much about running away from your problems, responsibilities, consequences. And for me, TLJ was about tearing down the idea that you’re important because of your bloodline/heroism.
In the sense that, step out of your own head for once and acknowledge the people around you. Reminds me a lot of what Harry Potter (I know, I know, read another book) had to go through; a gut check of "yes you might be important but this sure as hell isn’t your fight alone"
Let go of the idea that you are special or chosen and acknowledge that a bunch of other people are playing very important parts, and sacrificing as much or more for the cause. Sort of tempered by HP literally being so important, but seems like Rey won’t end up like that.
I think I tend to identify strongly with media about not being so frickin self absorbed. One of my favorite things about the new Bladerunner, one of the many reasons I love Final Fantasy X and The World Ends With You.

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I really enjoyed Last Jedi. It took a lot of risks, even some that didn’t really add up to me, but overall I feel they added to the film instead of detracted from it. And the cinematography was amazing, there was some outstanding shots in the movie that are going to stick in my mind for a while, particularly with Luke gazing upon the sitting suns, or Rey and Ben using the Force with Luke’s Lightsaber between them.

I like The Last Jedi a lot personally, but there is one thing in particular that annoys me: that hyper drive crash into Snoke’s ship. Like, it shouldn’t have worked, and it completely changes the rules of space combat.

Just, imagine a hyper space missile now; all X-wings have hyper drives so it shouldn’t be too expensive to just have a unmanned mass with a hyper drive to crash into things. A single fighter’s worth of resources should be enough to take out a star destroyer. The most dangerous and easiest to access weapon in the galaxy is a large commercial freighter now. Maybe it’s just the transition between spaces that’s dangerous and getting into position and timing everything is too difficult to make it a practical weapon but then it really shouldn’t have been able to be done by a lone woman on the fly.

It also makes the scenes in films where fleets jump into hyper space seem incredibly dangerous. Previous films made it seem like jumping to hyper space was a very fast and safe even in close proximity to other ships. Now it required intricate planning and timing making sure everyone makes it through without cataclysmic failure. Not that it didn’t require it before to make sure no one crashes into each other in the first place but at least it wouldn’t have risked entire fleets getting destroyed by a single mishap.

Also maybe Holdo should’ve told her underlings about the plan to escape to the salt planet (forget the name of it now) before they start doubting her and attempting stupid risky plans and mutiny.

The whole premise, that they can’t outrun the First Order in sub-light is kinda daft, how did they get out of fighter range in the first place if they’re not faster than the First Order? Oh well, I can suspend my disbelief but it wasn’t great if you think about a bit. Somehow their accelerations match so that the Resistance can’t get away and the First Order can’t catch up.

Still I liked the movie a lot. But I think I like pretty much anything Star Wars so I’m not a great judge.

EDIT: ALSO why did the shots fired by Snoke’s ship arc?? They’re in micro gravity and they’re firing energy blasts. Grumblegrumble.

Well, the real issue was that they couldn’t escape the First Order’s tracking systems. Sure, the Resistance fleet was faster, but only barely. Even if they widened the gap for 18 hours, I assume that it was trivially easy for the First Order to keep track of them–especially since they figured out how to track someone through hyperspace.

There was also a tweet about Chewie being Rey’s dad and it was really good. But I can’t find it now.

I like The Last Jedi a lot personally, but there is one thing in particular that annoys me: that hyper drive crash into Snoke’s ship. Like, it shouldn’t have worked, and it completely changes the rules of space combat.

Yeah I was thinking the same but I just figured that Snoke’s ship probably never bothered to put up any sorta shield that woulda just meant the ship have just smashed into that.

Also why dear god are there so many articles entitled "WHO’S THAT BOY AT THE END OF THE FILM!!!"
I didn’t think we needed to sit down with everyone and explain the meaning of that scene to stop them from starting theories on if he’s Luke’s lost child (again).

Ehh, fair enough. I just don’t think it’s the strongest premise.

I forgave it because it was their largest ship. An x-wing would have just splatted against a capitol ship like that and wouldn’t have done anything, bhe rebellion ship had enough mass for it to just crush through the entire thing.

Also it looked cool.