Stand-Up Comedy

Who’s your favorite stand-up comedian? What’s your favorite routine, stand-up special, etc that they’ve done? Feel free post them below.

My all time favorite is Steve Martin who hasn’t done stand-up in decades but his absurdist style still feels fresh every time I hear it.

I also like Sarah Silverman, Bo Burnham, Christopher Titus and of course Mr. Conductor (George Carlin).

I haven’t really kept up with stand-up comedy too much in recent years but I’m always open to find some new joke czars.


Dylan Moran, especially his first stand-up release, Monster, was a breath of fresh air for me.

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Oh yeah. I totally spaced on Dylan Moran. He’s great. I love his delivery. He can say the weirdest stuff with the straightest face.

Oh my gosh yes Dylan Moran is great. His incredibly surreal mental imagery combined with how matter-of-factly he says it is excellent.

Going along the same route, I feel as if he was at least somewhat inspired by Dave Allen, a fellow grumpy Irish comedian:

Personally (and I know I’m biased here, being from Scotland), Billy Connolly has been one of my favourites of all time. Here he is telling fart jokes, like any upstanding citizen would do:

Last but not least I only recently discovered the late Mitch Hedberg, and I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of him sooner. His rapid-fire delivery cracks me up:

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Here’s three of my favourites - one about video games, one about 19th century science, and one about a physical affliction that I, too, suffer from.

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When I have more time I’ll think of more. Comedy is good.

I love stand-up comedy, and I always try to write down jokes for the next time I hit an open-mic, because I can’t just do the jokes over video games all the time.

But here is some of my favorite bits -

Iliza Shlesinger had one of my favorite bits regarding the show Shark Tank, that made me bust over with laughter

Aziz Ansari also does a bunch of great jokes about video games, but it’s hard to find any full bits online.

I really love Hannibal Buress’ more honest approach to stand-up.

And finally Greg Davies, one of my favorite British comics, just absolutely hilarious!

Hannibal is great