Staghorn's House of Art/Games/Writing/Some Music?/etc.

Hi, I’m Staghorn, and I create shit. I create a whole bunch of stuff, actually, of all sorts. Here’s where I’m gonna post it, in a completely haphazard fashion.

Well, for the time being, I don’t have much besides art, but when I do make more things, here’s where you’ll see it.

Anyway, what I’ve made the most of is pixel art. I’ve made maps for Arcade Pit (only one of which was used)…

I’ve also done pixel art for resident Lisa player and cool guy thevoiceofdog (in addition to some other Lisa-inspired pieces.)

And finally, I’m also working on an as-of-yet-untitled vampire game, of which I’m working on the art piece by piece.

(sorry about this one being white on white)

I also do non-pixel art, and once I buy a drawing tablet, I’ll likely do a lot more.

Anyway, once I have some more stuff to show off, you can see it here, and it’ll be rad.


I really dig your little pixel tableaus especially! Animation’s something I admire from afar but feel too intimidated to do myself.

My latest piece - art of some LPers/streamers I like.

(Up top from left to right is Psychedelic Eyeball, Smite, and PAMaster. Down below is Catsworth and TieTuesday.)

Another piece I did - this one a mouse done in a Mike Mignola style. (Not a bad first attempt at the style, I’d think, but I could almost certainly do better.

I got a drawing tablet! I’m on the tired side so I did a quickie of a cyclopean fellow.

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