SSLPs: Flow vs. Post size

Right now I’m doing an SSLP of a game that has multiple ‘stories’, each one is the same story, but told from the perspective of a different character. This means that there ends up being overlap in dialogue from story to story. My question is, should I leave it in to make the LP flow better? Or should I cut it out entirely and reference a previous update to cut down on the number of images.

Example: Julie went and visited John and told him about her new dog. See update 2 if you want to refresh yourself.

I’m personally leaning towards keeping it in, since it might get out of hand later on when I’m on character 5, but I would like to hear other opinions.

If it’s going to happen a lot I’d suggest linking the previous scenes. The “best” way would be to structure it chronologically but that would be an absolute clusterfuck to plan out and you’d have to prerecord pretty much the whole thing, and you lose the flow the game wants you to have.

I’d say throw a link the post with that scene in it. If you want to get fancy, with these boards you could put each scene in a seperate post so you can link direct to that scene, even.

This is what I came up with if i were to go the cutting things out route. “chaos goes and pays MOMO and Ziggy a visit and asks them what they would like him to buy. If you want to reread this scene, check out Update 1: Images 4-10”

I could also hide it in a dropdown as well, that might be a better way to go.