Sped up 30 fps to 60 fps in Premiere?

I’m trying to make a vid in Adobe Premiere, and I’m using 30 fps video.
I’m speeding up the 30 fps vids to like 1600%, and trying to output 60 fps video, since I should have a lot of extra frames already getting skipped over in the video, right?
How do I achieve this?

(I already tried just exporting at double the FPS, and bitrate, on the output, but it doesn’t really play well, at all.)

Nvm, figured it out. Had to change sequence settings.

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Can you share how you did it? I’m curious.


Once, you’ve updated your clips’ Duration/Speed to whatever you want.

You gotta go to the top left options and go, [Sequence] > [Sequence Settings]

Then you gotta change the editing mode to custom, and then you’ll be able to update the Timebase to 60fps.
Then voila, you should have everything ready.
But, don’t forget to accommodate the higher fps with increased bit rate, otherwise your quality is gonna take a hit.