Social Media Mockthread: "pls unban, sincerely the father"

We have all seen examples of internet idiocy and there is no shortage to the stupid things people put on social media, so bring them here and we can mock them together, it’s therapeutic!


  1. Censor people’s real names, do not dox your friends! (unless poster is a public figure or celebrity)
  2. Do not touch, no instigating, no internet detectives
  3. All site rules apply

This thread will occasionally contain some horrible opinions like the Political Cartoons Thread so…
:tw:: Racism, Sexism, Ableism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Islamophobia, all the phobias! etc. :tw:

To start us off




Steam Forums:


Poe’s Law and all, but I’m 99% sure the Christians for Michele Bachmann page is a parody.

Reading the title reminded me of stuff like that happening all the time on the Xbox Live forums.
It was always funny to have someone make a huge post claiming their innocence because something that was in no way ever their fault, and then the people from the enforcement team coming in and posting the stuff that caused them to get banned.

I guess I should have known that the reference was from a person banned from some sort of gaming community.

MMMMMMmmmmm yessss terrible Steam Posts


Does Craigslist count?

If not, then have some Facebook classics:


This thread is still young, but it already has signs of becoming a “let’s point out political opinions we disagree with without actually making an argument” thread. That non-ironic trigger warning, brah. Hopefully we can steer this more into the territory of actual comedic brain failures.

Gonna be fair here there’s been three posts with content so far and one of those actually has “political opinions” and that’s in the opening post.

Try just posting content you want to see instead of wagging your finger.



It’s everybody’s favorite manchild!

He’s glitched or something I think

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Having a discussion with an aquiantance on the twitter’s about how he will only use “he/his” or “she/hers” or a name as opposed to “they/theirs” - I missed it but someone else pointed it out with the comment “would you though” haha


Trump starts a meme

WeRateDogs makes meme into a hat

WeRateDogs rethinks cashing in on a meme. Donates half of profits to PP.

Weirdos get upset over donation to PP

WeRateDogs issues an apology about getting political and plans to match the PP donation and send it to a local shelter.

This Rick and Morty promo thing is soooo fucking dumb:

At least some of them are getting self-aware about it.