So You Want to be a Hero, Let's Play the Quest for Glory series!

Don’t copy that floppy.

Don’t worry, I’ll be playing a Lawful/Good-Idea character.

Well this is to the point. There is need of a hero and…

Wait a moment.

That’s more like it.

Welcome to Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero!

Quoth Wikipedia:

Quest for Glory is a series of hybrid adventure/role-playing video games, which were designed by Corey and Lori Ann Cole.The series was created in the Sierra Creative Interpreter, a toolset developed at Sierra specifically to assist with adventure game development. The series combines humor, puzzle elements, themes and characters borrowed from various legends, puns, and memorable characters, creating a 5-part series in the Sierra stable.
The series was originally titled Hero’s Quest. However, Sierra failed to trademark the name. The Milton Bradley Company successfully trademarked an electronic version of their unrelated joint Games Workshop board game, HeroQuest, which forced Sierra to change the series’ title to Quest for Glory. This decision meant that all future games in the series (as well as newer releases of Hero’s Quest I) used the new name.

Originally released in 1989 as Hero’s Quest which was the version I played as a little kid, Quest for Glory is one of the most groundbreaking games ever made not only from the perspective of genre-blending but from the perspective of game-design philosophy. Sierra games are rather infamous for being obtuse and frankly cruel to the player, often requiring a sequence of specific actions that if not achieved -exactly- as demanded will kill the player. Some of the more infamous examples require the player to reach a point that they can’t advance from, die and start over from an earlier point in order to secure what is needed to succeed as if the character of the game had some kind of precognition. Leisure Suit Larry 2 is one of the most egregious examples of this.

However this is because when those games were made, games were made by game developers, not game players. Through an intention to want to branch out into new things, Roberta and Ken Williams attempted to hire a notable Dungeon Master of some kind from the D&D community. This didn’t happen. What did happen was that through a string of stalling and other inanities, a woman named Lori Ann Cole was hired by Sierra and despite their best efforts, she wrote and directed what would now be known as Quest for Glory. Her husband Corey contributed to the programming. Lori herself actually hated adventure games.The two of them had tabletop RPG experience from both ends of the table and what Lori brought to the video game table was the idea that results can have variation and that the player being bullied by the game master or the computer game is not a particularly endearing or satisfying experience.

This mindset brings us one of the most important games in interactive fiction.

But I’ve prattled on enough for the time being, there’s plenty more to say but for now, on with the show!

With an office name like that, I sure hope so.

This isn’t covered in much detail, but the idea is that shortly after we entered the valley that we’re in, an avalanche came down and blocked the only way in or out. For the foreseeable future, we’re stuck here.


I saw this sign on a tree somewhere over… well… somewhere and it had the royal crest on it and a bug which I could’ve sworn was an arachnid and then…

Wait, I’m getting sidetracked! If there’s heroing to be done, I should have a look around!

Here we have the entrance to the town of what we will very shortly confirm is Spielburg, which when rammed through German comes out to “Game Town”. It is simply though aptly named and most people would instead assume it was in reference to the film director. The entrance to town has an exit to the east (seen as south in this image due to the perspective) and roads to the west and north. In what is apparently an extremely compartmentalized building, we have the town’s local lodgings in the Hero’s Tale Inn. The Sheriff’s Office and the business on the right are not accessible.

To the west we have the Adventurer’s Guild Hall, what is assumable a store that deals in magical paraphernalia with a big eye that will follow our movements. There’s also a little old lady in a rocking chair and what is presumably her residence.

As we head north, the Sheriff will call this out to us. I dunno what Dragon’s Breath is, but it can’t be that bad, right?

Heading north will cause us to hit a corner with a farmer’s market run by a young centaur lady who seems rather polite, a proper storefront and what appears to be a private residence.

Following the road from here leads us west were the signage would indicate a tavern, a butchery and a bakery. The latter two are inaccessible, but we could mosey on in to that alley between the tavern and butchery.

But that will conclude the tour of the town. For now, dear thread, we have some decision making that I’ve glossed over!

Quest for Glory allows the use of three character classes, Fighter, Magic User and Thief. While usually I would say go nuts and pick one, I’ve been playing a Magic User in my weekly streams and I’d really rather do something else for it. Ultimately I will go over the differences in content and puzzlery for the classes not picked, but we’re going to be doing the main run as either a Fighter or a Thief, which I will leave to a poll.

Here we have the base stats for the Fighter. You will note the “Points Available” bar. We can allocate stat points to any of the scores here. If we have the score already, we will spend 5 and raise the score by 5. If we do NOT have the score however, such as that 0 in Magic, then we will have to spend 15 points to buy into the skill which will set it at 5 and it will cost 5 to raise it from there. It should be noted that if you have a 0 in any skill after character creation, you can not have that skill, ever. It will be permanently and irrevocably 0. So saying, it is not at all necessary to take cross-class skills as every class can complete the game with only their default skills and they will usually only receive Puzzle Points (The score at the top right of most of the screen shots) for completing a puzzle that uses their native skills.

This is the Thief’s starting loadout. It is likely rather clear that the Thief has the most skills of all the classes and if you do the math is the only class capable of having -all- of the skills, albiet at the cost of being very weedy and unspecialized at outset.

For the sake of completion, these are the Magic User’s starting stats. Just to reiterate, I will not be playing a Magic User for my main run.

“Hey, blondie”


“I’ve been talking to you.”

Oh! Sorry! I was just thinking about stuff.


Post name suggestions in the thread in Bold. If you vote for a class, please post what, if any, cross-class skills we should take. Otherwise I will not take any cross-class skills and just run the class as normal.

  • Fighter
  • Thief

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It also stands to reason, we have a lot we could be doing. What do we do first? Sequence breaking suggestions are allowed if you can give me a good narrative reason to justify them.

And of course, please do not post gameplay or narrative spoilers.


“You thought you saw the deadly “Can’t read text boxes on stream” bug but realized that it was just the harmless southern variety. You squash it under your boot and put your VGA vaccine back in your pocket.”

Incidentally, I upped the framerate and selected a different down-scaler and the stuff goes fine now.

Well that’s nice I suppose.

Well, I would suggest that, as a thief, you take the two skills that it’s missing, assuming that it means you can show off more options throughout the game.
And since this is a fantasy setting, I feel we have an obligation to go right for the inn, it even says hero right on it!
As for a name, how about Held?

How about Erana’s Dad for a name so that way we complete the circle and make everything canon.

Parry skill for a Thief is pretty useless, at least in this game. A Fighter starts with a sword and shield, but a Thief or Magic User only starts with a dagger. Maybe with really high skill, you can successfully block with a dagger, but you’re going to take a lot of damage getting to that point. Dodging is a lot more reliable.

Magic on a Thief is a good combination, but it makes the character nearly indistinguishable from a Magic User in the long run. Handy for showing the magical solutions to puzzles in a single run-through, not so great for a “definitely not a Magic User” playthrough.

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Thanks to @Frankomatic for the suggestion via Twitter for a name that’s actually a name and not buffoonery.

Thief won by a landslide so that sneaky portrait is indicative of this career. Someone asked for a rainbow character, so here we are. I boosted muscle stats to start with because losing to a goblin is just sad.

The Inn was the first place suggested we check out. It’s not a bad idea, but there’s also not much to do here for the time being. For now, this is Shameen who will be someone we’ll be rather familiar with in the future.

ask about Shameen

Well that’s unfortunate. He mentioned food, so we’ll approach the chair and sit

Shema comes in with her own theme music that represents the two of them in general. I forgot to take a screenshot of just what the meal you can order consists of. It does however cost 3 silvers. It is at this moment I realize that I haven’t taken a screenshot of our inventory. Whoooooooops. Next update.

Food is an invisible counter in this game that can be largely ignored. As long as your carrying rations it’ll never run out and eating food from other sources such as the Inn will satiate you for rather a bit.

Oh hey, Shameen. You said you’re from Shapier right? I think I remember hearing amazing stories about huge trade caravans. Do you mind if I ask about the caravan?

Who is that?

ask about Abdulla

Aha. That’d be about sunset. We should come back then. It’s still Midday

In the meantime, let’s poke about the town and see what else it has to offer. The eye over the magic door will follow your movements and the door will dissipate when you walk into it.

How PG-13 for 1989. Well, it’s a store, so let’s approach the counter.

When you do so, lightning rolls through the clouds at the top of the screen and then strikes behind the counter revealing the proprietress. The winged fellow on the shelf to the left also stands up.

Zara’s not kidding, this shop largely exists for the benefit of the Magic User and little else. We do have the ability to -use- magic but we’re not particularly proficient or trained to do so. For the sake of the score, I ask about Damiano 'cause it’s a little funky for a sleepy little town like this to have a mini-devil that belongs to a pentagram-countertop toting wizard.

This however is all we’ll really get out of Zara. She has little patience for idle chatter and if you don’t actually attempt to conduct business she’ll decided to just up and leave again through the lightning.

So instead we’ll head over to the Adventurer’s Guild hall.

Ooh! Book!

read book


Well, we’re here, we’re now, we’re the new wannabe in town. Let’s sign the guild registry.

With a flourist~

There also seems to be a help-wanted board. Let’s look at the board

Hm. On the one hand there’s a bunch of jobs. On the other hand half of them have been here for quite a while. Apparently these are big problems that have yet to be solved. Let’s talk to the guild master a bit.

Cursed!? How? Will I have to mark the frame of my door with a symbol? Or or or… sacrifice my first born? I haven’t even made it to first base!

ask about cursed

Well that’s a lot to digest. The baron’s probably the authority around here, let’s ask about the baron

So then the brigands are the big problem around here.

ask about brigands

We did see something about that. But that’s so old and you said that this place is cursed. There was a goofy name you mentioned.

ask about baba yaga

A hero you say! Why I’m into that market! But uh, well that’s kinda one of those nebulous things. What do you think makes a hero?

Well I don’t have a whole lot of any of that right now, but I’m still starting out so I should be hero material in no time! Thanks guild master!

As we rush out of the guild hall in our youthful exuberance, our tour of the town resumes. We make it up to the farmer’s mart and decide to chat with the young centaur tending the stall.

ask about farm

ask about vegetables

ask about fruits

Oh, my favorite! Here’s a bunch of silver and I’ll just take all I can hold. Good thing these are small… they’d be heavy otherwise. Hm. While I’m stocking up I should probably head to that store over there…


Equipment sounds good, what do you have?

Flasks? Auntie Emily always had a flask but that was something she’d never tell me about…

Fair enough, I’ll take two. So you mentioned daggers?

Ooof… that’s… that’s a bit steep right now. Uh, rain check? You mentioned food? I don’t like going hungry.

Well, that’s probably a good value but uh… oops, dropped one… I have a bunch of apples from that nice girl outside. So here’s some silvers for the flasks and I’ll come back later when I can afford some extra daggers. I’ll uh… be needing them.

Heading out from the store we find that alleyway that we saw earlier.

In the alley is a beggar. Well Uncle Ollie always said to help the less fortunate.

give silver

Don’t go out at night? Why not?

Uuhh… Thieves you say? W-what do you know about thieves?

So the thieves are out late? Well it’s a good thing it’s day time. No way a thief would be out here right now. No way.

But… what was that about Night Gaunts?

Well hopefully I don’t either then. Thank you for the tips, I think I’ll be moseying off now.

Uh… okay? Why does everyone keep saying that…?

Maybe I’ll look into that… To the tavern!

Well I’m here and… suddenly I’m not thirsty. I’ll just kinda, you know keep to myself and mosey on over to the bar and…

look under stool

Oh look! someone carelessly littered and defiled this fine establishment! Allow me!

pick up paper

Oh. Oh no. I’ve stumbled on a dead drop. I gotta get outta here, quick!

It is still Midday. We’ve seen more of what the town of Spielburg has to offer. I’ve keep things simple and to the essentials for the most part. If anyone would like to inquire further about a given subject with a given person, ask and I shall do so.

Also, what shall we do next? There’s several requests on the guild board to consider, we can nose about for more information or we can try our hand at exploring the wilds as long as we’re back to down before nightfall.

Well, I’m assuming that Baba Yaga is a witch of some sort, so Zara could have something interesting to say about her; and maybe ask at the healer’s about the ring before going in the wilds? In case that’s where it was lost.

Obviously, we’ll want to start off with a nice, steamy mug of Dragon’s Breath. What kind of Hero pays any attention to NPCs, anyway?

Go to the Healers Hut.

Sorry for the late update. A friend bought me Factorio and I found my time spent optimizing inefficiencies on my fictional workload resulting in inefficiencies of my actual workload that caused a back-up. Whoops.

And to the person who wanted to move Dalton into suicide, we’ll have a death-reel at the end of the game so please keep suggestions to actual efforts of progress.

Also, here’s the current state of our inventory.

Now the best suggestion this update was to ask Zara about Baba Yaga seeing how both seem to be magically inclined and thus she might know something. We begin with Dalton heading back into Zara’s shop.

Ask about Baba Yaga

Tell me about this curse.

Well that’s interesting. Who is Erasmus?

Wizard -and- Spellcaster? There’s a difference?

Huh, so then are there any other spellcasters around?

Huh. Changing subjects a bit, you mentioned the Baron. Any thoughts?

Fair enough. Making a hag mad sounds like a bad plan.

By the way, You don’t really look much like the rest of the townsfolk. Why is that?



Well, this has been a lot of help. Thanks Zara. Bye.

Now then, there were some notices from the healer so I should get check with… Wait.

How do you get to the healer’s? Sheriff Schultz?


Hm. Hilde mentioned a farm. Maybe they share plants?

Hey, Hilde, do you know the Healer?

Thanks Hilde.

Following the path out of town to the north, we find ourselves here.

No sense wasting time taking in the sights.

open door

Oh. Well then.

knock on door

Why yes, I am new and… Wait, ‘healthy for an adventurer’?

Ah, of course. I saw the notice for components at the guild hall. What do you need exactly?

Oh hey, Zara was mentioning Faeries but was kinda vague. What can you tell me about them?

Ah. Good to know. Oh right, you’re looking for a ring right? I saw that poster at the guild.

Well, I’ll keep an eye out for it. Oh by the way, everyone just keeps calling you by your job, what’s your name?

Alright then. So Amelia you mentioned potions, what kinds do you make?

So you mentioned Erana, Zara was talking about her. What’s Erana’s Peace?

Aha. A clear objective for some pocket change.

Speaking of money, it’s a good habit to take in the surroundings. Never know when you see something valuable.

Wait a tick.

What’s the critter?

Hold that thought.

Let’s have a look at you…

Hm hmm. Better take a closer look.


Some time and diligence later.

Now then, let’s see what’s in here…


Haha, nimble work for a nimble hero!

Give ring

You’re quite welcome. Just happened to find it around.

All in a day’s…



Well, wasn’t expecting THAT. No matter, that merchant should be at the inn now…

Right on cue.

Hadn’t really taken the place in before.

Seems humble enough.

That’s uh, most unfortunate. What happened?

Yow. That’s… violent. And rough. I’m looking to take down the brigands, what can you tell be about the leader?

A Minotaur? I’m uh, a bit new to this.

That’s… bizarre. So what about the warlock?

So a short guy. Hm.


My manners. I’ve heard your name from Shameen, but I don’t think we’ve been introduced. I’m Dalton.

Well, let’s think positive! Tell me about your homeland!

Well, dang. Sorry. Um, how about the Katta?

You know what.


Shema, I would like to order a meal.

Here, friend. You may have it.

Haha, it’s fine.

Ooh, neat.

Well, I don’t know about powerful, but if I’m successful here… I think about your offer.

It’s been a pleasure meeting you Abdulla, but I feel the night air calling to me. Good evening.


Tip-toe on over aaaaaaand…


Hello fellows. Check it out, I can rub my stomach and pay my head at the same time.

'Fraid so.

You got it.

You Crusher? Antwerp.

Sounds rough.

Fine, fine.

Hello Boris, one license please.

Thank you.

I’ll see what I can come up with.

You were talking about the brigands?

A spy?


So I’m new here, what can you tell me about the guild?

Works for me. So what’s with the red guy?

And shady back there?

And how about yourself?

You got it, Chief. So, anything in particular to keep in mind around here?

What about the Sheriff?

Sounds about right. Got any tools of the trade available?

Got it. I’ll head out and consider my prospects. See you, Chief.

Thank you, Shameen.

And here we are. The current state of Dalton and the following of events to their conclusions thus far. His primary statistics have gone up slightly, with Agility getting the largest boost. The biggest change here is the jump of Climbing which resulted from about 20+ attempts to climb the tree and the town wall a couple times. Originally I noodled with a mini-game in the Thieves’ Guild, but then it went over the time I could hit the bed and I -really- wanted to end the update on the bed in the inn, since that’s a puzzle point.

Zara is a good source of information that is difficult to come by otherwise and is one of the better choices to get leads from early on.

For the record, you -can- fence the Healer’s ring, but you don’t get any points for that specifically and the reward isn’t as good so I skipped that. Besides, the kiss and the response thereof is worth it alone.

So we’ve got some leads on where to proceed from here and we’ve been informed of some places out in the forest worth checking out. What is Dalton’s next move?


Go to the castle, and then Erana’s Peace.

I’ll second going to Erana’s Peace. Gotta go learn about powerful magic from someone much better at magic than we are.

… Which I guess could be a lot of people considering Dalton’s stats.

Always good to see a Quest for Glory LP :smiley: Following this with eager anticipation.

Also voting for Castle and then Erana’s Peace

Let’s get a better feel for the area before we get too involved with doing stuff. Check out Erana’s Peace.

Day 2. Dalton’s Log. I’ve spoken to several locals and gotten a broad idea of the state of the valley. I made contact with both guilds, I’ve signed and I’m licensed. There’s a castle to investigate and we know where it is.

It’s right over thar.

There is a guard on the wall patrolling back and forth.

It sure does. Hello, Mr. Guard?

Yes, I am.

What’s your name?

Thank you. Mr. Karl, what can you tell me about this castle?

So how about this gate?

Well I’d like to enter. Can you Open the gate?

Thank you.

Time to have a look around.

To the west, we have the Barracks.

The main gate is to the north.

And the stable is to th-

What? Work?

Uh, er… Sure.


Well, that’s one way to make a living. So… that horse. It won’t stop staring at me. It’s kind of creepy…

…I see.

So what can you tell me ab-

Fine. I’ll talk to someone else.

The screenshots don’t convey this very well, but the guard that’s actually speaking will have a short facial animation before they speak.

So I’ve heard. What can you tell me about the castle?

Oh. So who can I get some answers from?

Ah. So who are you two?

Alright, thank you for your time. Time to round out this tour.

Hello there, I’m seeking to be a he-

Geez, fine. Rude.

Oh, hello.

Hello there. Might I ask your name?

What weapon do you master?

…I see.

I generally try to avoid it when I can, but I do when needed.

Well, some practice couldn’t hurt. Here.

So we haven’t seen ‘proper’ combat yet, but the keys here are the same. Up is attack, Left, Right and Down are Parry and a pair of Dodges.

When you make an attack that lands, the Weapon Master will be pushed back a pixel. When he does so, you’re pushed back.

You do not take health damage for this, however you do burn through Stamina.


Well, that was a workout.


Well, time for the most important command in the game.


Resting takes up some time and restores your stamina. Your Health and Magic Points will come back over time so you will recover a bit due to the passage of time.

So let’s talk to Karl. Good starting subject is Baba Yaga since she’s the source of the trouble.

So when this happened, Else was lost. What happened to her?


So what about the Baronet?

I think I’m starting to see why the Baron sees no one. The guild listing mentioned a Brigand Warlock. What can you tell me about that?

So a more of a trickster than a wizard. Alright. And you mentioned a man named Yorick?

So he’s probably gone too. So what is the castle’s take on the Brigands?

I see. What about their leader? The bounty on the guild board was rather high.

So the leader is worth that bounty. The valley is in a pretty rough state.

That’s… actually rather sad. Well then, time to get to work. Thank you, Karl.

Apparently there was a farm north of town, may as well check that out.

Hello there, friend. What would your name be?

Ah, so you’re Hilde’s father. She mentioned the farm being north of town.

I can imagine. Actually I have a question. Your farm is outside the city walls, aren’t the brigands a problem for you?

Wait, the leader saved you?

That’s… odd. Well, fortunate for you. I suppose if there’s no town there’s no trade to raid.

Speaking of trade, how’s business?

Well, I bought a bunch of apples, haven’t had any yet but with that kind of pride I look forward to it.

Well, you know much more about that than I do, so I’ll be on my way.

Well that’s someone new.

Hello there, what would your name be?

… I see you’re an enterprising sort. Fine. Here’s a silver.

Well, knowing where Baba Yaga would be useful. Here.

That’s fine, I’m not interested. You mentioned goblins however. Take a silver.

So north-west is dangerous territory.

Err, that won’t be necessary.

Hell, here’s a silver. What’s your name.

Alright then. I’ll be going now.

Well, that guy was shady. Anyhow, Erana’s Peace was said to be due north of town. I don’t know if I’ll find anything particularly useful for driving out the brigands or dealing with Baba Yaga, but at the very least, I can get some of those flowers for some extra pocket money.


I don’t particularly like fighting, but since you insist…

A few quick thrusts up under the goblin’s armor later…

I may not like fighting, but I’m not about to lose to the likes of you.

Whew… This is a good part of why.

Hmph. Hardly worth the effort.

Hm. No further north from here.

I suppose I’ll just head straight for now.

I suppose I’ll just head north for now.

Oh my…

I see why this place is called Erana’s -Peace-.

Well, even if I hadn’t been told that stone makes it clear just where I am.

… I -am- kind of hungry.

Hm, these wouldn’t make very good travel rations.

…On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind coming here again for more of these.

Oh right, the flowers.

And that’s where we’re going to leave Dalton for now.

Working the stable and sparring with the Weapon Master has given Dalton a reasonable boost to Vitality, so he’s a bit sturdier than before.

We’ve asked more questions, learned about more places and it’s nearing evening. Should Dalton head back to town, or explore the northern end of the forest some more?


Heinreich’s farm is a lot more impressive looking in the remake.

So yeah go explore the forest I guess.

“Stefan von Spielburg”, har har. Very clever.

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Since it’s almost evening, I’d say go back to town. There’s probably more information to gather before nighttime shenanigans.