SITE POLL: Should we allow comments in completed LPs?

Currently users aren’t allowed to comment in threads once they have been archived in the “completed let’s plays” section. This decision was made because we figured there probably wouldn’t be much interest in posting in completed threads and because it would make the moderators’ lives easier.
This is a poll to gauge whether there is significant interest in posting in completed LPs. If there is we will consider reversing the decision.

##Should Users Be Allowed to Post in Completed LP Threads?

  • Yes! I think people should be allowed to post in completed LPs
  • No! I don’t think people should be allowed to post in completed LPs

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Maybe eventually be able to archive completed LPs but for now let people talk after they are done playing.

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Is there any way to leave it up to the thread poster’s discretion? It’s possible that some people would want to allow further discussion on their archived LPs and some wouldn’t.


I think it would really benefit anyone just stumbling upon a completed LP for the first time and wanted share thoughts and comments on it. Especially SSLPs where there isn’t a youtube comment section available.


I’d leave it at the OPs discretion. I don’t see harm in Completed LPs getting comments.

Alright, think that’s enough input - @dijondujour let’s add a rule where when someone asks us to archive an LP we’ll default to closing it unless they tell us to leave it open for comments. Sound reasonable?

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Yup! Sounds good!