Silent Hill Crying Corner

Why is this thread not here yet?? A ridiculous oversight. :silenthill:

Talk about Silent Hill games in here!

  • Questions/bitching about the series? Do it.
  • Theories and musings about the games’ themes/symbolism? Yeah, man.
  • Posting dorky fan films and fan fics/art? Sure. (As long as it’s not porn.)
  • Crying about how there will NEVER BE ANYMORE OF THEM EVER except maybe a pachinko game? This is definitely the special place for that.
  • Circumcision conspiracies? Up to the mods I guess, idk.
  • O my god wher Eddie get pizz from??? WHERE PIZZA??? :pizza:

Here’s a poll too cuz I wanna try it. WHO IS THE SILLIEST PROTAGONIST? And please maybe discuss your favorite ridiculous/inadvisable thing they’ve done.

  • Harry
  • James
  • Heather
  • Henry
  • Travis
  • Alex
  • ShatMemz Harry
  • Murphy
  • Those dinguses from the Arcade shooter??

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It let me vote on 2… I couldn’t decide between Henry & Travis okay

e: apparently people do not agree with throwing TVs being silly :worried:

I can’t figure out how to vote for Alex twice.


ShatMemz Harry. That weird comment about condoms in that cabin stuck with me worse than Pyramid Head in SH2.


When you have a dedicated “Cheryl” button, I feel ShatMemz takes the cake.

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I was thinking James really likes sticking his arm into places where arms don’t belong which is a silly thing, but you all make a pretty compelling for ShatMemz…


                              -Sam Barlow, BAFTA Award Winner

I shall contribute super old fanart of when Harry trips on the stairs in front of houses in SH1.


Dang, I forgot about that. I think I blocked the game from my… Damn it.


Kids love the magic show.

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god almighty, that line.

Also oh my gosh that avatar =]

Shatmemz Harry is a big weirdo, but Alex is virulently goofy. His silliness just leaked out of him and reshaped the world in his image.


I’ll never delete this image. I have it backed up in like five places.


I’ve never played a Silent Hill because I’m not so secretly a big stupid baby who doesn’t like horror games because they’re scary.

However I do have to say that Harry’s pretty silly.

I wanna say the only intentionally super goofy is probably Heather, but Alex and Harry take the messy cake.

I voted for Tina and Eric (dinguses) but I would actually posit ShatMemz Cheryl as the unavailable but most correct option.

I voted Travis because he’s a furry :wink: Also because it’s a bit silly how he just punches the fuck out of enemies and can carry 100 tvs in his pockets.


For me, the silliest always seemed to be Heather, maybe it was all the self-awareness (refusing to reach in the toilet) or maybe it was the UFO ending always seeming the silliest to me in SH3, so she got my vote.

As for favorite symbolism, it didn’t actually occur to me for some time the connection between Pyramid Head’s great knife and Angela’s knife. He doesn’t actually wield it until James himself sees Angela holding the knife in the apartment building, and with his reaction (and the way you can increase the ‘in water’ chance by examining it) it obviously felt emotionally heavy holding onto it. Also interesting to note that once he sees the portrait of the Executioners with the spears instead of the knife, PH no longer wields it. I think that just proves that the great knife is just James’ mind reacting to Angela’s kitchen knife.

Blurred out spoilers for SH2 just in case


I’ve always liked Henry. The voice actor and the character model combined to make him look like a guy who you just woke up, who has the flu, and is wandering around trying to remember what he got up to do in the first place.


It really pains me how many of you are overlooking Silent Hill’s reigning “Not The Brightest Bulb” champion, Henry: