Sights Uncena: Two Watch WWE, One Watches Twitter, Let's Recap



Welcome to Sights Uncena, the First, Only, and (God Willing) Last Wrestling Podcast on the Internet!

Sights Uncena is a podcast where, along with my good friends Dup (who you may know for the LP of Battleblock Theater we did together) and Zen, we attempt to recap the week in WWE but with a bit of a twist. I’m the guy who watches Smackdown Live, Zen is the guy who watches Raw, and Dup occasionally glances at Twitter. Come take a listen to three good pals chatting about the ridiculous world of sports entertainment!

Who we are:
JetGrind is your host, the guy who watches Smackdown, and the most knowledgeable about modern day wrestling in the group.
Lover of all things fighting games, Zen is here to get hyped when Raw gets good and crack jokes when it gets bad.
Dup doesn’t know shit about wrestling and gets minor details from social media, but is along for the ride and maybe if Lady Luck smiles, Twitter will prove helpful.

Episode 1 (Week of August 21) - Chip and Dip:
Episode 2 (Week of August 28) - Everyone’s Dead, Jim:
Episode 3 (Week of September 4) - Go Directly To Jail:

All feedback is welcome!

Let's See How Long Our Friendship Lasts in Battleblock Theater

the world will never understand the mystery of making out like chips and dip


Sorry it’s so late, shit happened so we had to record a day late and then editing took a while, but Episode 2, Everyone’s Dead, Jim is out now!


The new episode was late again because Destiny 2 is very very good. That said, Episode 3, Go Directly To Jail is out now!