Shin Megami Tensei // World Is A Fuck, Kill Em All


I should really play SMT4 Apocalypse. If Etrian Odyssey 5 comes out before I get around to it, that will end up eating my JRPG attention instead :fearful:


Well, if you’re American, it’s on sale in the eShop right now.

(Well, if you could call $40 for a 3DS game a “sale,” anyway.)


Especially considering the physical copy has basically been the same price on Amazon for a bit.


I’m in what i think is the second to last big dungeon

If all the bosses are going to be as ridiculous as Odin i’m gonna be mad, 'cause i had to step up my fusion game just to get past him


Holy shit, the final boss is a beast :fearful:

Thought going all Divine Powers would make it easy, but YHVH is hard to beat! Doesn’t help that I have no way to counter smirks in Nanashi’s team and my MP consumption is less than optimal

Guess it’s time to go back and fuse some more? Or maybe go to Twisted Tokio and tackle the Fiends?


It’s been awhile for me since I fought that boss, so the only advice I can give is to make sure that your team of SMTIV characters are fighting optimally. Using them well can turn the fight from impossible to hard


It’s probably way too late for any tactics advice, but in that final boss battle I loved the cut-ins. You’re denying divine nature with the power of friendship and it works. Not so much him resetting his weaknesses in the second form.


Actually it isn’t, i just got distracted by other games and went to grind for othe monsters just to get something with the smirk debuff and try getting more of the fiends :sweat_smile: so advise away!


Oh, I definitely don’t check this often enough. I don’t know how useful this will be, but:

Conserve your MP, especially for the SMT4 team, and among them, especially for Isabeau for her multi-target healing and -dynes for hitting any weakness you expose. The first time I wiped against him, Samurais running out of MP was a big reason why, especially since MP restoration kind of sucks in this game. Concentrate is good for conserving, but might get wiped by his buff removal. This isn’t such a big deal, since survival is easily more important than dealing damage in any one turn.
Godslayer’s Blade is probably the best thing Flynn can do unless you’re in a dire need of support. Its resistance-lowering effect can and will even give the boss a weakness if you luck out, and then you’ll have all the turns you need for support. Plus, you know, it always strikes a weakness. I’m pretty sure it can miss, but it’s a low chance unless there’s serious Suku going on. This is also the reason why you usually want to spend several turns setting up and only start dealing damage later, aside from the usual buffing. Keep in mind weaknesses will reset when YHVH changes forms, so you’ll need to do this all over again.
On the subject of buffs: Dekaja and Dekunda are really important, and debuffs on him are more important than buffs since they work on turns for both teams. This also means debuffs on [i]you[i] are trouble, since with the team switching every turn you won’t have time to remove them after your turn is done. He can remove both buffs and debuffs, but won’t do so every turn (I don’t know if there’s a pattern). Debilitate is good, but keep Dekaja/Dekunda around too, as he can give out multiple levels of buffs simultaneously. Nanashi can use Dekaja/Dekunda Stones to conserve MP and skill slots and when YHVH is at +2/+3, it’s definitely worth doing over preparing a nuke. Samurais don’t come with spell stones IIRC, but I’m pretty sure Walter and Jonathan get de/buff removal. Rakukaja/Sukukaja on yourself is also good - when in doubt and at 0, go with Rakukaja, though at this point you’re probably Luster Candying all stats anyway.
Magaon is useful (Walter has it and you might want to, as well), but I managed without it by just removing the buffs and debuffing him anytime he used that crazy all-buffs-and-smirk-on-himself move.
Re partner, I went in the first time with Hallelujah and… he was pretty bad, as he’s mostly about dealing damage. Take Navarre or Asahi for support, depending on if you’re covering buffs or healing more with your own demons.

Whew, I think that’s all I remember off-hand. I went in with basically a random bunch of demons I was using then, so I don’t really have fusing advice. Phys resist might help but other resistances are not a big deal, since most of the damage is almighty.


Can confirm, this is good advice


Turns out the Nintendo Switch project was SMT V after all!


I can’t wait to see what they do with this, after how good SMT 4 and Apocalypse were!


Now confirmed for the West. Officially translated trailer below.


The Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night second preview trailers have been released:

Some observations:

  • P5 Hero finally has an official name: Ren Amamiya (the manga name is not canon). They’re reusing Makoto Yuki for P3 Hero
  • Both games will use the 3D models instead of 2D sprites in story mode, like in Persona Q
  • Gameplay looks the same as P4D
  • The thumbnail for P3D has a character that is either a recolor of Aigis, Metis with blue eyes instead of red, or another new anti-shadow weapon. I don’t see FeMC anywhere
  • At least in Japan, the two games will be bundled together in the PS Vita and PS4 special editions, which include DLC costumes, a 4 CD sound track, and some art thing. The PS4 version also comes with P4D, digital-only and now on the PS4.
  • P3 spoiler: Shinji isn’t in the trailer. Of course, he could be DLC.
  • P5 spoiler: Akechi isn’t in the trailer. Of course, he could be DLC or there might be a surprise.

A Persona 5 the Animation trailer was also released, although it is region locked on YouTube. There’s a rip here:

Finally, a few days ago, these odd videos were released for PROJECT Re FANTASY. They’re something all right.

Bonus: Yuki Kawamura, Shihoko Hirata, and Lyn sing Silent Night.


I am very excited to see the new fashions in P3D and P5D. I’m glad Makoto looks punk as hell.