Second Verse, Same as the First? - Let's Play Mega Man X2

It’s time to go back. To the past…again. Let’s party like its 1995, and then tell me how it went because I wasn’t around at that time.


6 Months after the events of Mega Man X1, X and the rest of the Maverick Hunters have all but stopped the Maverick threat. Pursuing the remaining Mavericks however, we find out that not everyone from the previous game is going to stay dead.

Welcome to Mega Man X2. The sequel to the highly popular and praised Mega Man X for the SNES, X2 looks to expand the story while sticking to the true blue bomber of the futures gameplay, albeit with some added bells and whistles.

This will be played of the X Legacy Collection, released in 2018 for PC, XBONE, PS4 and Switch, and will be a 100% playthrough. Let’s see if X2 has what it takes to stack up to the original.

Our pursuit of the Mavericks 6 months later leads us to a reactivated Reploid factory, alongside the greatest companion in all of Mega Man X, Green Biker Dude. Will his help be enough to combat such deadly new adversaries as a Sponge, and a Gator? Probably not

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Our hunt of the Mavericks continue, as we catch wind of our new threat, the X Hunters, and begin to search and destroy them as well. Featuring Bubble Crab and Flame Stag.

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The Mechanical Mayhem continues into part 3, as we blast our way through another of the X Hunters, Overdrive Ostrich, and Morph Moth.

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Its not over yet, as we cleanup the last of the Mavericks and X Hunters, in preparation of finding and storming their base.

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Mavericks have been mauled, but the X Hunters are still alive and kicking. We head to the Arctic to take the fight to their base.

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And here we are at the end of the road. Sigmas back, but wait, is that…?

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