Screenshot LP image hosting?

I couldn’t find it on these forums, so I’ll ask it here: is there a preferred image host for screenshot LPs? Are there any issues that I should know about when choosing an image host such as availability issues?

Imgur is decent. I use LPix but I’m unsure if that’s going to continue to be viable after leaving SALP.


The problem with LPix is you need an SA account to really make use of it, and some of the people here don’t have one.

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I suggest Imgur, too. I also suggest making an account so you can keep your stuff in tidy albums.


Is there any way we could convince Baldurk to make LPix work for here too?

It seems like it would be incredibly rude to baldurk (who already does way more than anyone really should for the purposes of hosting and archiving LPs) to be like “yo we don’t feel like using the forum that you have everything set up for, can we use your bandwidth anyway?”

That’s something that someone will have to ask him. Worst he can do is say no.

I don’t see how he’s being rude? That looked more like a legitimate concern about putting more of an unnecessary burden on baldurk.

Sorry, should say “that’s a needless oversimplification”, not quite sure why I said that

I think it’s just a friendly jab, given the quote in context isn’t in fact about that person, so let’s not get carried away.

Back on topic, it’s is baldurk’s storage and what it’s used for is up to baldurk. As for using our storage, having a 80 GB system means if everyone uses it, we’ll probably have to look at upgrading the system as it goes.

Imgur isn’t too bad, but I do remember them blacklisting a forum I was on once because everyone used Imgur to share all their screenshots of their games.

I think you’re thinking of waffleimages or one of the old pre-imgur hosts… Just like Vimeo banned all LPs for not being art.:staredog:

If I remember right, Imgur has started throwing a hissy fit lately that people are hotlinking to images instead of to the page they’re “hosted” on.

Aww, not again.

That explains why they’re making it harder to get at the direct link lately, I guess.

Yeah, no idea here. imgur used to be okay. I’ll be using LPix for my current LP until I finish it. Would be cool if baldurk were on board here, though, that’s up to him entirely.

Webhosting is real cheap these days but if thats not an option I’d say just go for imgur. Also if you want something a little more fully featured than Rightload, you can get ShareX and point it at any number of image upload services, including your own webhosting.

Thanks for the replies, everyone. Once I’m done editing images and writing commentary, I’ll give Imgur a shot.