runtch plays videogames live

Hi I’m runtch! You may know me from such classics as (INSERT CLASSIC HERE). I showed up on slowbeef’s and diabetus’s streams once or twice and tend to make an ass of myself there.

“But runtch, you handsome devil,” you start, "when do you usually stream so I can catch your quality content?"
I usually start 6 or 7pm EST, definitely on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Fridays and Saturdays. Every other day is usually a gamble.

"Ok runtch, you have managed to convince me that you may be worth my time, where can I find you?"
I can be found at twitch dot television, and I usually upload streams to You Tube

Currently on my agenda is playing through Resident Evil 0

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I haven’t had much time to stream nowadays mainly because of my schedule. I am going live now to test out a potential stream schedule and see where it takes me