Rerolling Around At Th-AAAAAAA, SPIDER!! Let's Play Super Monkey Ball 2

The Best Monke Game, and the best Ball Rolling Game, Super Monkey Ball 2 released less than a year after the original Super Monkey Ball, and yet is still held in high regard as the gold standard of the series. Its bigger, tougher, more varied, somehow has EVEN BETTER music, and is a game I hold near and dear as one of my all time favorites, and starting today, I figured it was time to share why.

This will be a full series covering every aspect of SMB 2, ranging from its exceptionally random yet entertaining Story Mode, the true test of ones skill Challenge Mode, and the slew of fun Minigames at the players disposal, all with attempts to at least explain and attempt to show the speedrun way to solve many of the games most challenging stages. Hope you enjoy the ride.

For now, we will be alternating between Story Mode, Minigame Mode, and once the appropriate worlds are knocked out of Story Mode, Challenge Mode. We begin with World 1, Jungle Island!

Let’s get rolling, time for a detour for Monkey Race 2

Taking a slight detour to showcase how Challenge Mode differs from Story Mode with Beginner Difficulty compared to World 1

Time to heat things up, its World 2 time!

So I gave these monkeys boxing gloves. Let’s see what happens if I dump them in a ring

Back to Story Mode! This time with my favorite world, World 3, Under the Ocean!

Its finally time. You know it, you love it, you might be bad at it, its time for Monkey Target 2

Oh no. Oh No. OH NO

While I’m still recovering from Arthropod, let’s play a round of pool!

We’ve gone beyond your normal everyday Monkey Ball 2. This is…ADVANCED Super Monkey Ball 2

Now that I’ve recovered from Arthropods nonsense, back to Story Mode for World 5!

So, who likes bowling? I do, but that doesn’t mean Im good at it

We went bowling, but now its time, for SOUP

So uhhh…You like Golf? Good. I don’t

I got sweaty from Golf. Luckily, World 7 of Story Mode is here, time to do some laundry

I was afraid of getting to this point, but its now or never. Its time, for Boat

We’re warmed up from boating, time to chase down the bad doctor to Clock Tower Factory

Against my better judgement, we are gonna give the Monkey a Gun this episode

We got the gun away from the monkey. By Sending it to SPACE

Monkey with a Gun was popular, so we brought it back. With more guns. AND FLIGHT