Remaking a Classic - Let's Play Ocarina of Time 3D

Ocarina of Time. Heralded at the time as one of if not the Greatest Game of all time, and still holds the highest overall review score of any game. And yet, these days its more common to see people talk shit about it, saying its outdated, overrated, and undeserving of its praise.

But what if we were to remake a classic

Ocarina of Time 3D, the version that I grew up with (Feel old yet people? The remake is 12 years old this year) and in my opinion, the superior version overall. Painstakingly remade by Grezzo for the 3DS, OoT 3D takes the original classic and cleans it up for a new generation, bringing in improvements to the originals control scheme, menus, even dungeons, all for a refreshing spin on the world of Hyrule.

This will be a 100% playthrough, covering all sidequests and content available, with the exception of Master Quest as that is an entirely seperate mode with its own save files. Uploads are 3 times a week, hope you enjoy.

A new adventure begins, and this time, IN GLORIOUS THREE D

Time to enter a trees insides…Ew

We escaped from dead tree, so now we do what any sane person would. Break into a castle to hang with the Princess

We’re taking some detours but we do eventually manage to find our way to Kakariko

You ever see a rock monster dance?

We’ve gone out to pasture. Oh hey, another girl!

GREAT! I can’t wait to bomb some dodongos!

Remember kids, if something seems suspicious, BLOW IT UP


Saving the world? Screw that, I gotta get fishing!

Oh no, we got eaten by a fish, my fishing trip has come back to haunt me!

We got all the stones, time to me-hey where you going?!


We’re OLD. You know what that means…Adult Weapons!

Watch for the shadows of monsters that hang from th- OH GOD

It has finally come. It is time, for TENNIS

Ah, a hero’s best friend. FROGS

Back at the ranch we didn’t have to worry about Ganondorf, just an ugly dude

Link, what do you have there? A KNIFE! NO

Fire Hot