Quoting Posts Does Not Preserve Text Formatting

Bold/italics, hyperlinks, etc. all appear to be discarded when you quote a post. Also using CTRL+Z to undo typing doesn’t seem to affect quotes.

Yeah, I noticed that, it’s a bit annoying. But by clicking on the upwards arrow on the top right you can jump to the post in case you need a link or something. You can also expand posts if you only partially quoted one. This doesn’t restore formatting but it’s a useful feature regardless.

I wish it’d preserve the formatting, though.

This looks like a general issue with Discourse, and it looks like a feature request has been around for a while. It’s apparently quite a bit of work preserving the formatting.

There’s a bit of a hacky plugin solution in there, but it’s unlikely to work given that it was written in 2013 and the codebase is likely to have changed a lot since then.


Replicated this. Looks like something we can’t do much about, since Discourse relies on the browser to provide undo/redo functionality, and that behaviour differs between browsers to the point that Discourse doesn’t provide any custom undo/redo of its own.