Questions about a SSLP of a PS4 game (solved)

So, I would like to eventually make an LP of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Given the nature of the game, I feel that an SSLP would be the best way to show it off. However, it is a Playstation exclusive, and I have yet to make a single LP.

What would I need to make an SSLP of a PS4 game?

I COULD just take screenshots with the PS4, but that leaves a watermark and is difficult to time and take multiple screenshots in succession.

My idea would be to transfer a video of the gameplay footage and take screenshots from there. Is this feasible?

Things I Have: a six year old MacBook Pro, the game, and a PS4

Things I Assume I Need: a capture card, video editing software

PS: I have read the guide to LP hardware/software but it mostly covers video LPs not screenshot, and I am a baby who needs extra guidance. Thanks in advance!

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A capture card definitely, and video editing software definitely. You will also want to make sure your capture is high enough quality to be crisp and clean, and you’re going to want to look into proper image sizing to maintain the correct aspect ratio.

Screenshot LPs of anything basically come down to the following basic workflow:

  1. Record yourself playing the game, in video if at all possible. You’ll need video to make gifs anyway, and it’ll make your life a million times easier when it comes to picking screenshots.

  2. Use a media player of some sort to pull out your screenshots. I use AvsPmod, some people use VLC, and I think you can do it in Premiere and Vegas if you really want to go for the big guns.

2.5) Do any post-processing you need to for your images. Resize them, convert to jpgs, rename them, etc. I highly, highly recommend Irfanview for this.

  1. Write up your updates in your text editor of choice. Notepad, Notepad++, Word, whatever floats your boat. I find the easiest way to do this is to format it like this:


Blah blah blah witty text


And then once you have all the images uploaded, you just copy/paste the link to the appropriate image.

  1. Upload your finished images via Rightload or a similar program, put the links in your update, and verify everything is working right before posting.

If you’re working off a console, then you’ll need a capture device to get the video feed from it, but other than that, the process is the same. It just makes getting your source material a little more complicated.

E: For the sake of completion, my update routine looks like the following, from start to finish:

  • Record my Wii U via Elgato HD
  • Write a small script to pull the source video into AvsPmod
  • Pull screenshots and write the update concurrently
  • Resize and rename all the screenshots with Irfanview
  • Upload all the finished screenshots to LPix via Rightload
  • Toss the cutscene videos into MeGUI and upload to Youtube
  • Add screenshot, video, and music links to the written update

Thanks a lot! I’ll check out the stuff you mentioned.