I like puzzles. I figured it’d be fun if there was a puzzle thread where everyone worked together to solve them. Feel free to post puzzles here!


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Here’s an example of one of my favorite types of puzzles.

PennyDellPuzzles have a lot of decent puzzle variety, even if they rarely add anything new.

Get cracking!

Well let’s get the easy ones out of the way, 16 is FOOL-PROOF, 18 is SUS-PI-CIOUS.

6 is OP-TI-MUM and 13 is NAT-U-RAL


2 is HAT-TER-AS!

Edited because whoops, accidentally formatted the first time around.

Yeah oops I have the problem of “immediately sat down and did the whole thing so now it kind of feels like cheating”.

I’ll toss in the one that I actually had to go back and re-do because there were a couple configurations that work for it but one messes up other answers: 4 is LUX-U-RI-OUS

Here’s what we’ve got so far.

Oh, 12 would be OP-ER-A, wouldn’t it?

Opera sounds about right. 7 took me a bit until I just tried listing off Midwest states, I think it should be NE-BRAS-KA?

9 is IM-PER-FECT, is it not?

17 is UR-DU

6 Spiny succulent? CAC-TUS!! :cactus:

15 is likely O-THEL-LO. And I think 3 is I-BE-RI-A.

8 DE - COR
14 EC - O - NOM - I - CAL

There was only one clue left, #11, so I went ahead and answered it myself. It was “Naples”.

Phil Condit - “None of us is as smart as all of us.” What an appropriate comment for this thread! Great job by everyone!

I’ll do another puzzle in a bit, but if anyone else has a puzzle, feel free to jump in!

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Here’s another favorite of mine, Anagram Magic Square.

7 SLIDE - 4th row, 1st column.
8 RINSE - 4th row, 5th column

21 ELMER - 4th row, 3rd column
23 IDEAL - 3rd row, 4th column

Also: for anyone who liked the previous puzzle, I’m fairly fond of 7 Little Words on Android (and probably iOS but I’ve got no actual clue). It doesn’t do the “everything makes an acrostic at the end” thing, and it doesn’t break neatly into syllables just 2-4 letter chunks, but it plays pretty similarly.

The base free pack and the also free dailies provide a pretty solid amount of stuff, and that’s all I’ve gone with, but there’s microtransaction packs if that’s your thing. Sunday daily is always themed which is kinda neat!

Yeah, 7 Little Words is on IOS as well.

9 OWLET-4th row, 2nd column
13 NOISE-1st row, 5th column
16 HASTE-3rd row, 1st column