Previously Completed LPs

I don’t think I saw anywhere a mention of this, so: what’s the ruling on making a thread for a completed LP from another source? The issue with them that made them not allowed on SA was that they didn’t allow for regular discussion as the LP would proceed, and would come across as a shameless bid for attention. Is the general consensus still something to that effect?

I don’t think there’s a consensus yet, but I would like the opportunity to show off some of my better LPs that I don’t think gained much traction on SA.

I think it’s only been determined that it’s fine to post already in-progress LPs right now.

This might answer some questions! Follow the steps for archiving your thread- it is a little vague on whether completed let’s plays transplanted from somewhere else are okay, but you won’t know unless you ask!

I posted a completed LP and had it archived by the mods without any issues. I believe there was talk about a grace period for transitioning finished LPs to this site, but it’s probably best to check with the mods themselves.

I think we can mention @moderators if we need their attention on clarifying these things.

Please don’t ban me if I’m wrong

You rang?

Our rules on posting completed LPs are relaxed for the time being to allow folks to migrate over to these forums. In about a month or so we’ll reinstate the “Don’t Dump” policy, but that doesn’t really apply here - I want this forum to also serve for LP archival and organization. If you follow the process we’ve laid out in our rules posted above, you won’t get into any trouble. Just post your finished LP in the main LP forum, tag it properly, then contact us mods and we’ll put it into #letsplays:completed

Also, If you have a specific question for the mods you can either (at)moderators in your post, or, preferably, you can send us a DM. If you don’t know you can send a DM by clicking on your avatar in the top right hand corner of any page and then clicking on the mail icon in the menu that appears. Make sure “moderators” is in the recipient line.