Post Removal Limit

I’m not sure if this is already a feature, but I’m curious if there’s a limit to how many posts a person can delete/flag for removal per day or in general. Do mods have ultimate control over it?

It’s a handy feature for when you post in the wrong thread or whatever, but I’m thinking back to SA where people would pitch a fit and go back and edit all their posts to be just a dot.

That’s still potentially an issue, but it’s a lot more confusing when a post vanishes completely and there are responses that didn’t quote it. At least with edits you got a sense of who they were talking to.

But if a person goes so far as to say they never said [deleted post], that’s a whole nother disciplinary kettle of fish.

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Cosigning this. Putting a cap on withdrawing more than n posts in a given time frame shouldn’t inconvenience people too much normally but might be an important antiabuse mechanism.

There’s no current cap to how many posts users can edit or delete, but:

  1. We can see every action a user performs in our logs, including edits/deletions of posts/topics.
  2. Deletions are kept for 24 hours after they’re deleted - we can see what was posted by reverting the delete. Any post deletions will be publicly visible as the post will clearly say “This post has been flagged for deletion and will be removed soon”.
  3. We currently have an edit history set up so that if someone edits their post, anyone can click the yellow pencil icon in the top-right of the post to view exactly what was removed/added.

Minor gripe I guess, I like the post limit time limit but it might be too long? I don’t know. I admit, I made a lot of threads and now I have to wait. (They’re good threads, Brent!) No new thread I have to post is so imperative that I can’t stand to wait, what is it, ten more hours though so maybe it’s fine? :shrug:

What’s the thread limit per day?

I think it’s three new threads but I’m not sure. I wasn’t keeping track.

How dare my long ass shitposting be contained. Free speech, etc.

Seems reasonable enough when you can reply to other threads unlimited.

Agreed. More important to be involved in other active threads than just shitting out loads of new threads. I’m okay with it. Not even sure if the time limit is too long, imo. It hasn’t ruined my life yet. Oh no, I had to wait half a day to post my food thread, censorship!